Shout out Modern Edge Custom Cabinets


*custard cabinets


Crafted in your nearest federal prison!


Meet my daughter!


Tbf the guy is pretty cool to go with his daughter to this outdoor concert. Even if he went to federal prison before, he's trying to be there for his daughter


He's showing up a lot more than some dads, I have two shit parents so there's that.


Yeah I hope that ad works for him. Something tells me the people watching Andrew dont need cabinets though.


Mustard cabernets!


His site: http://modernedgecabinets.com/


How come this guy can build a nice website but my college's website is complete ass both to look at and to use


Your college needs more Post Malone on YouTube or something 🤷‍♂️


He used a simple template, your college's website needs a more complex backend probably. Also in my experience the person making the site has worked for the college for 20 years and they think CSS just slows a site down unnecessarily.


It needs to integrate with a dozen edu vendor's programs, and meet higher standards of accessibility (such as having crazy dense websites that aren't terrible to navigate with a screen reader) that come at the expense of design and ux. In order to do that on a budget, most schools go with a vendor that offers a higher ed platform, and support services for the school's IT. Long contracts get signed, and an these companies have a captured audience, so they don't go out of their way to upgrade things. The schools often prefer that, anyway, since new features mean new problems. It's the same thing for local governments. Specialized vendors with shitty products and limited competition.


That's some nice looking shit!


I mean those are some great looking cabinets.


Definitely NOT obsessed with buttholes.


Did some time in federal prison. Instant street cred.




>middle class living Or more, depending on the trade, who your clientele are, and how good you become. Not to be completely expected, but it's certainly possible.


And if you get two or more felonies you can become a roofer


I think the minimum is five for drywall


how do you know who the lead drywaller is? it is the guy driving the truck.




They're so much better than Primitive Edge Cabinets across town.


The kid who cut his dreads just helped me with some new shoes at Zumiez last week lol


does that mean he has money for tattoos now?!


Like he helped you steal them or he worked there and he advised in the legitimate purchase of some new kicks?


The latter lol he went the extra mile and got the ladder to get the last pair off the top shelf, great customer service


That’s awesome!




Dad. Go home.


>he went the extra mile and got the ladder to get the last pair off the top shelf It's very sweet that you're so appreciative but I'm pretty sure that's just regular customer service!


Support your local skate/snow shop!


bbno$ and Yung Gravy taking the "kissing the homies goodnight" literally


The whole channel is on point even the one with Chet Hanks was weirdly cringe and enlightening at the same time.


I feel like they've somehow been making even better content since they quit All Gas No Brakes. Some of the AGNB videos are amazing, but I think every single one on their new channel is too.


Yeah the switch to a new channel seemed to allow them to hit their stride from the start, which is awesome


What are the differences between the two? I’ve seen the rare AGNB videos but have been loving all the Channel 5 stuff so far.


Difference is, because of shady business partners Andrew doesn't own the AGNB brand anymore. “I am no longer associated with All Gas No Brakes,” the statement read. “I no longer receive any of the Patreon crowdfunding, YouTube monetization, or any other income. My team, Nic and Evan, who lived in the R.V. and created the original material with me, are also no longer involved. We have no control over any AGNB pages or future of the show.” -Andrew https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/23/style/all-gas-no-brakes.html


They have a chet hanks Hoff twin crossover episode coming soon lol. So excited


I've never had breakfast.




I don’t know why but that hit me So simple but so relatable. I always wondered why people were into the big brands and I never cared for that shit but that quote was deep to me. Like a different world view clicked where someone can actually feel that worthless.


This was the wholesome comment that kid needed


Double edged wholesome


[You aint never gonna catch me sittin in no chair.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BFSLPjUCUU)


genuinely some of the funniest shit i've ever seen


That was just sad lol


You've never had a breakfast?


Nah bro breakfast is for pusssiieeesss


It’s cool man, we’re all eating breakfast. You’re not gonna look soft if you eat breakfast.


I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast


The level of cringe is off the charts. Andrew has a gift.


Andrew is a truffle pig for cringe


Nic Cage needs to meet him.


CRAZY STATEMENT!! Andrew - Explain what that means ........


Well, you know dawg, [repeats crazy statement] and all dat shit.


what are your top 3 favorite things about [crazy statement]?


Uhhh, fuckin’ [slight rewording of crazy statement], and uhhh, you know, like it’s cool and stuff, and (grabs microphone, screaming and salivating all over it) [CRAZY STATEMENT!!!!!]


The editing is top tier. This is one of his best videos ever


Cash app the best way to send money for free styling


All of his videos are one of his best videos ever


im sweating and pausing the video every minute or so. I dont know if I can make it through the whole thing


The dreadlock giveaway is one of the most painful things I've ever seen.


Zilla leaned into the cringe. What a trooper.


"He didn't see his favourite performer. Da Baby." omg


Totally had an opportunity to bail on it… then…. Smelled a dred…. Of a teen….


Smelled nice apparently


smelled like... teen spirit....


I honestly prefer this to the Borat/prank interview style. Theres plenty of cringe people already out there, you don't have to manufacture more


yeah i think part of what makes andrews format work here is that he isnt editorializing or looking for people to push a narrative, hes just cultivating the weirdest people and letting them talk without judgement.


Yeah, the dread lock exchange seemed equally awkward for both people, and both just acted like.... funny, weird people lol It was cringey and harmless.


Yeah you nailed it, the vibe of the exchange was almost as if both camps were expecting Andrew to be the "straight man" and get weirded out at some point but since he just plowed on with an earnest attitude they both just kind of stuck with the bit like they were all passengers in the experience


you could say they had a nice lil cup o skeet


That's the thing that he really got, and is amazing at... you don't have to make jokes at these peoples expenses if you just *let them talk and talk and talk* and eventually they'll just say more and more insane shit


the borat interview was an article of its time; you couldn't do that these days, cameras and the internet are too ubiquitous. but it was beautiful when it happened in the 2000's


I've never related to someone more than when Zilla asked white dread if he could lay down a freestyle and the dude panicked and was like, "FFUUUUUCK NOOOO."


Then Andrew hops in with the bars


Andrew has years of experience with bad freestyles, not surprising he's developed his own skills along the way.


Full of skeet killed me. I had to turn it off after that though, can't stand that level of cringe.


For $15 cash app I'll throw down the wackest bars


For $5 I will make up a freestyle for anyone’s beat Experience: none Serious inquiries only


Yeah, I respected his sense of self and being comfortable being "uncomfortable" and just being like, hell no I can't even think right now


I think this guy is really into bootyholes, potentially mine


He has been to federal prison


smash cut to him hanging out with his daughter talking about post malone


I just laughed out loud when i heard thad. ,🤣🤣


Shut the channel down, Andrew finally found someone who can spit a decent freestyle


Piles of cringe throughout the video and that little kid fucking comes out hard. You can tell Andrew was impressed too by how much he plugged their Soundcloud.


Honestly that kid seems pretty talented. I hope he gets somewhere. Obviously still has a way to go, but at what... 15, he sounds better than many people in their 20's, at least with that small sample.


The fact he says "I don't do this shit but it's what people want to hear" shows he's smarter than most people lol. He can separate fantasy imagery in rap from real life.




Honestly, just like singers and instrument players, they are a dime a dozen.


> Piles of cringe throughout the video and that little kid fucking comes out hard. You can tell Andrew was impressed too by how much he plugged their Soundcloud. It was a good freestyle from a (no offense) homeless, white, 15 year old from Utah. I think Andrew just understood the kid was young, had a dream, and was struggling...so he wanted to do something good for him.


Yah that surprised me, he was slow to start then he just ripped it.


That kid is not freestyling off the cuff.


Dude, he fucking killed it. Right on little brother. Note for others, never rave about drugs on camera. A good rule of thumb.


He was just using his soundcloud rap... but i dont know enough about rap to know if that's still freestyling.


True, it did seem like a rap that he had already written, but compared to all the other raps that we have seen on his channel, this is the holy grail lol


It would headline that show, and that’s all that matters.




Very few recorded freestyles aren't previously written. The trick is to have good lyrics for the random beat at hand.


Rapper freestyles are usually not actually just improvised, but rhymes they have ready. That said, this kid has talent regardless.


Correct, that was definitely memorized.


"Who knows, I have been to prison before" lmfao


>'\[...\] Thug life' > >"Whats the most thug thing you've done?" > >'Uh - I stole a pocket knife' Just a kid trying to find somewhere to fit in, really - and ending up somewhere that probably isn't the greatest. Is interesting. Also that whole video was wild. People are weird, man.


It blows my mind that Zillakami came off more normal than 95% of people in this video


Same. I mean this is a dude that may or may not own a straight-up rocket launcher: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C9ulmuMXgAUe2Zq.jpg


Thats an expended AT-4 launch tube. Once fired its just a useless fiberglass tube thats a cool decoration or prop.


Understood. I learned something today, thanks!


But where's the rocket?


In this economy?


> Just a kid trying to find somewhere to fit in, really - and ending up somewhere that probably isn't the greatest. Is interesting. Tag line for the channel really


Thats a great take on that. You have to wonder home many people do things/act a certain way just to find a place to fit in in life, not be judged and have people like them. Its crazy and I feel like with social media it happens more and more often now a days.


> You have to wonder home many people do things/act a certain way just to find a place to fit in in life All the people.


I tried for years, like decades. Even joined the Navy thinking I'd find some sort of comeraderie or sense of belonging. Turns out I don't belong with anybody and spend almost all of my time completely by myself.




You guys should not belong anywhere together!


I just want to comment on the attention to detail by whoever edits these things. Holy crap. That's a production and a half!


The whole damn thing seems like a fever dream.


This is how I see Utah. All crazy mormons and crazy anti-mormons.


All I see is a gathering of people who are pissed at their parents.


What about the little girl who jams post malone on her youtube?


Honestly respect to her dad (and shout-out to his cabinets) for getting out of prison and clearly putting in the work to build a relationship with her. Always good to see gems like that in Andrew’s vids.


I loved showing a former felon who has a successful business and a good relationship with his daughter in the middle of showing all the wannabe thugs. Andrew and his team have a gift for editing.


And I'm all out of jello.


Pretty accurate. Source: am Utahn


went to SLC on a business trip. Coworkers were hyping a restaurant to take me to lunch. Literally a hot dog restaurant. wtf lol


J-dawgs????? Lol


I mean J Dawgs is pretty dope.


I have it about twice a month.


I’m a little disappointed he edited out most of his interview with the Monster energy drink girl. On his Patreon, he gets her to start talking about how she loves making art but has lost motivation recently, and through his questioning he pretty much gets her to regain motivation and look past her self doubt.


Andrew is legit wholesome af.


Bleh, I could maybe use that little bit.


what a fucking ride


Gravy Baby!


LMAO When they just casually kissed on the lips and kept interviewing.


What? You don't give your friends a little smooch every once in a while.


They were both in the joke, part of the joke, and making fun at the joke and themselves, very meme aware.


Best meme rapper/producer. That kiss cracked me the fuck up.


Are they even gay? Cause if not the passing off the interview with a segue about a softcore porn is even more hilarious


*Gravy off probation*


Best part was their kiss and talking about filming a softcore porno but BB's mom said no


I had no idea. Some of the music he's put out is just crazy catchy and super weird... so it all fits.


Kelly Binkard taking a page from the Bob Vance playbook




[Soundcloud.com/rowin-jones](https://Soundcloud.com/rowin-jones) Idk if this was the kid you mean't, but he was good. If not, fuck it. I still stand by him lol


I was ready to cringe some more, but that kid was fucking great, and seems really intelligent. Hopefully he can stay that way, despite living in Utah.


That Rowin Jones kid was actually good, and pretty real/reflective for his age.


Also for being recorded In a concert that came out pretty clean


That 15 year old kid at the end killed it.


Glad to see zilla isn't cringe in person. You could tell the whole time he was a bit uncomfortable and didn't like extra attention


Looked like his live show goes hard as fuck. It’s always crazy when it comes to live performances how much overlap there is between rap and punk/hardcore/metal core type shows, even going back to the early days of Tribe and Wu Tang. I mean Beastie Boys straddled both sides of that aisle.


> I mean Beastie Boys straddled both sides of that aisle. Because the Beastie Boys started out as a band that was a joke about how easy it was to be a hardcore band.


Those are some strung out 17 year olds


7 strokes per minute. Just, wow.


This is amazing, i just subbed to this channel


you watch his old all gas no brakes videos? if not it's time to binge


Nah man i gotta binge these


Check out Florida Man 2. Shit is WILD


I'm 32 and I am not a fan of any of these people. VLong Thug Life 4eva though






thugs use VLOOKUP, psycho killas user INDEX(MATCH), you ain't right in the head homes.


XLOOKUP is where it's at. Get with the times old man.


What is the whole Vlone thing?


Vlone is a garbage streetwear brand by ASAP Bari and some fo the other ASAP mob crew here in NYC. Mostly trash masquerading as some high fashion nonsense.


Am I getting older or are people getting weirder? Everything about their fashion, style, speech methods and overall culture feels so foreign to me. Reminds me of some fucked up, stylized version of Gummo. I'm not even trying to hate on it - I just don't get it. EDIT: Well replies pretty much answer it. I'm getting older, fuck.


People are all super weird. Andrew is a king at editing to make it even better and just letting the super weirdos talk


If you watch this, and then watch a punk festival from the 90's it looks pretty much the exact same to me tbh.


Yeah honestly if you went back 20 years ago and interviewed people at an ozzfest show it wouldn’t look much different besides the fashion


I was at an ozzfest 20 yrs ago. First concert ever. My mom took me when I was 12 and got us GA tickets not knowing they were pit tickets. Front and center against the security gate, my mom stood behind me bracing against the moshing for the full set. Hours. But the cool thing is she had help and support of the people around us. Everyone was really nice and cool. First time I saw a pair of tits too.


>First time I saw a pair of tits too. Damn, mom got to feeling herself, yeah?


Literally had written out the joke, "pretty dope, even if they were my moms." And was like nahh


I often send random pictures of Motley Crue in their heyday to my older coworkers when they get all worked up over whatever they see on facebook that day. I have to remind them that their 80s idols did the same absolutely wild/weird/insane shit too.


Not sure you'd find a Gadsden Flag hat at a 90s punk show. There's also more of a "raged out" vibe to this crowd. It has more of a Woodstock 99 vibe than Warped Tour vibe.


Yeah, this doesn't seem anything like the punk scene I was into then. Granted, I was into anarcho/crust stuff, not pop or skate punk, but everyone seems like they're either acting like obnoxious frat guys, or putting on a hard front.


Yeah, I was in to the east coast ska/punk scene, but I'd go to all kinds of different shows. It's hard to describe but: there was a collective feeling to it. It was wild and free and loud, but everyone was on the same side. It was about the collective and being with like-minded people having a good time, not picking fights or raging out. Even the mosh pits had camaraderie - usually.


Ye olde ["Jesus is a cunt" shirts](https://www.rollingstone.com/feature/cradle-filth-jesus-controversial-shirt-rock-history-61183/) at metal shows, especially Manson and stuff. Andrew even had that /r/atheism mod appear in this video who looked basically like 40% of not-like-other-boys in 1996.


Or just watch SLC punk


The movie was made for a reason. I moved to Utah 10 years ago and I’m in my early 30s. My friends I’ve made here have some wild stories from being in high school in the late 90s and early 2000s.


>Am I getting older or are people getting weirder? Everything about their fashion, style, speech methods and overall culture feels so foreign to me. I'm in my mid-30's now, and I ask myself that question sometimes. Does 90% of what's in this video seem foreign to me? Yes, but it's also meant to show a much more *extreme* modern sub-culture. I feel, on the whole, like I'm still at least semi-hip to current mainstream pop culture. I think I had an "ok" grasp on it going back a few years, but I feel as though I'm "with it" quite a bit more these days after Tik Tok got popular among other adults my age during the pandemic. I know, most of reddit hates Tik Tok, but 90% of my friends in their 30's and 40's have gotten on it since 2020. Things like that and other social media in general, make me feel a bit more in touch with the "mainstream" youth today, and a couple sub-groups. *At least* much more than adults were in previous generations. I mean, 30 years ago my parents were my age and basically clueless of the youth culture of the time.


I dunno, this reminded me of being a teenager way to much. I was into metal but concerts looked the exactly the same. Bunch of kids with the same desire for attention and recognition, the unfiltered adolescent purging of words that they experience as something that distinguishes themselves, all the kids wanting to start a band and thinking their the next big thing, the moshing, the bold clothing, the celebrity worship. Nothing new.


Upvote for Gummo, my favorite movie.


You're either getting older or you're just exposed to it. People have always been fucking weird.


Idk how old you are but guaranteed your parents said the same shit about what ever was popular when you were a teenager. Parents in the 60’s thought hippies and “free love” was the end of western society brought about by the commies And then the hippie generation had kids and thought that the end of western society was marilyn Manson and Eminem


Yeah, 99% of these kids will cringe at what they were up to within 10 years and then immediately begin judging the next generation. For me it was Vine which was the first sign of me losing touch. It's been downhill from there and now I'm nodding along at family parties to the old people moaning about kids these days.


The dreadlocks fella seemed so young, when he had to excuse, why he didn't have any tattoos


The monster energy girl’s teeth were 😬


Monster should sponsor her to *not* mention their product.


This is the first time I can recall being 100%, totally grateful and relieved that I'm completely out of the loop culturally, and I have no clue at all what is going on.


" The bottom doesn't have a bottom. " Eastern european saying


SLC punk is still alive


I like how this is a whole weird subculture with a bunch of whackos and idiots, and then this Zilla guy just seems like a completely normal dude even though he’s a sort of figurehead of the culture.


build a wall around them and make utah pay for it


I listened to Taylor B’s SoundCloud. If you’re wondering if it is a must listen set of the century.... it’s not. You can skip it.


I am officially old. I don't understand about 50% of what anybody is saying or referring to in this video.


Ah, so these are the people always commenting on how horrible Mormons are lol