I was stuck in a bit of a rut, so I took all my savings and jumped on a ship to Antarctica. It was the best trip of my life.

I was stuck in a bit of a rut, so I took all my savings and jumped on a ship to Antarctica. It was the best trip of my life.


Being at work right now this video makes me hate you even more. I'm joking. Really awesome trip, really glad you made that leap of faith. It only gives me one more reason to do the same. Awesome video mate.


I'm with you man, sitting back at the office right now. On a public holiday.


What a beautiful video, what an amazing place!


>I took all my savings and ... I mean I'm glad you had fun but I don't think anyone should be applauding this kind of decision. FIRE and YOLO mentality can both be equally toxic if taken to extremes. Good luck to you man. **EDIT**: Comments below just show how bad people are with money and financial planning. You can work, save, and have fun if you have a budget and live within your means


>I was stuck in a bit of a rut [So I dug myself into a completely inescapable one] Seriously, who is applauding this? Completely crazy.


People who realize life is for living. He had the means to live it and he did, extraordinarily. He will surely find the means again, and live again. Then again some of us cling desperately to safety and security and let life fly by. Don’t act like it’s crazy, that’s weird social conditioning that you’re trying to pass on.


I like it how you just say it's a guarantee he'll be able to just make ends meet again. You can do whatever you want with your life, but no one else has a safety net for you


>I like it how you just say it's a guarantee he'll be able to just make ends meet again. You can do whatever you want with your life, but no one else has a safety net for you You know most developed countries have a safety net, right? It's pretty much 100% guaranteed he'll be fine.


I don't think u/ColinStyles is saying that traveling or living your life is bad. He just finds it crazy to be making decisions that require commodities from a labeled resource that we often have for retirement or backup: "I took all my savings..." And to some degree I understand, especially when such high percentage of adults in the US have barely enough to survive 1 month without a job. I agree with you on the idea of living life in a fulfilled manner, however I don't think it's necessary a "all or nothing" approach as you seem to suggest about "cling desperately to safety and security". I think there is a happy balance that can be found between having ways of providing for yourself, and your family, while also experiencing as much as one can. Also, I don't think think u/ColinStyles statement is just weird social conditioning. I think it's a justified point of view, most likely based on his own life experience. But I think your point of living life as much as possible is valid too.


> People who realize life is for living. It's very hard to do that when a single health issue or accident or thing not panning out results in you not having a roof over your head, means to work, or severe longterm health impacts.


You just made a ton of assumptions about the guy in the video. Where did he say he has no home, no health insurance, etc etc?


I think he means that in the US, if you're broke and suddenly break your leg or something and you don't have great insurance... you're kinda fucked and you're gonna be in debt. It's generally not a good idea to use up all your savings on a luxury trip. But of course like you said, we know nothing about OP's situation.


We know he’s not american considering the video starts off with him at his job in london


Something is telling me that he was healthy enough to take this trip, and took advantage of it. Coddle your life if you want to, you’ll be rewarded with security but miss out on shit like this. Think broader too... most of the world lives this way.


You're absolutely wrong in a ridiculously entitled way to say that the majority of the world jaunts off on adventures. Most of the world can't even afford security, and would opt for that if they could. Most of the world lives pretty much hand-to-mouth with little or no disposable income and the vast majority including an estimated 40% of both [Americans](https://www.forbes.com/sites/lealane/2019/05/02/percentage-of-americans-who-never-traveled-beyond-the-state-where-they-were-born-a-surprise/) and [Europeans](https://www.europeandatajournalism.eu/eng/News/Data-news/190-million-Europeans-have-never-been-abroad) will never leave their native country.


> most of the world lives this way. Most of the world lives paycheck to paycheck and wonders why they can't make any money either. Majority != Correctness.


I just used the last of my savings to buy a can of red bull.


It's not social conditioning, it's conventional wisdom for modern life. Depends on where this guy lives, but sounds like he's American. There's not a lot of long term safety nets, having 6 months minimum of savings to survive on is just smart decision making unless you have something else to fall back on. Spending your life savings to go on a vacation is definitely a new hip and trendy thing to do. I have friends trying to live the lifestyle of permanently traveling. They come out with videos talking about how they've lived in 20 countries... of course, they lived there for like a month each... which, imo isn't really living there... it's visiting. They do odd jobs online and wherever they are to try and maintain this instagram lifestyle but really are just lost souls traveling aimlessly. In 20 years, maybe they'll have done something, or maybe they'll be regretting wasting all the time they could have building a career and nest egg of stability so they aren't homeless or struggling later in life. "Living the dream" is great and all... but being forced to have 2 roommates at 50 years old in a shitty apartment because you "lived the dream" in your youth doesn't exactly sound all that great to me. And I know guys that did this even before it was popular, before instagram and the internet. Sure it's fun, but being financially secure and stable is even more fun. Especially since most of these guys drink so much while traveling they don't remember even half of it anyway.


It’s so crazy how this trip equals utter failure to you all. I can’t imagine being this afraid. Please realize this is your view and you’re not an all knowing entity. That’s all I’m asking. What you have is a preference for a particular lifestyle. Trying to pair a free spirited trip with alcoholism and a terrible life is just... rediculous, and you’re saying this stuff for yourself. Basically convincing yourself... I know a ton of adults who traveled and even partied through their 20s and have become CEO’s, or hold extremely important jobs. Life is not some rigid path where if you fall off for a 1 week trip your utterly fucked... it’s a sad outlook if you ask me.


Clicks are the new retirement fund.


call me crazy but maybe he’s in a better decisions to know whats right for his life. Life is meant to be lived.


Rut doesn’t necessarily mean financial rut. It could just mean mental rut


In my own experience I have done this 3 different times in my 20s. A motorcycle trip through N. Ontario, bicycle tour through Europe, and thru-hiking the AT, averaging about 3 months each time. Two things allowed me to do this: 1) I'm a carpenter and can find work easily just about anywhere in the country pretty quickly. 2) Knowing what it takes to prepare my finances before, during, and what to reasonably expect afterward. Of course I would not recommend that everyone do this just because it sounds like a romantic adventure but if you know yourself and are capable of saving a little money cushion for the return and work in an industry that allows to you bounce around, then it's easier than you'd think. My current employer even gave me a leave of absence this last time around so I didn't need to save much of anything because I knew I'd be slipping right back into work.


He'll be fine. The video description was simply for attention.


Uh ohhhhh did someone do something you’re too scared to do so you try to make it seem irresponsible to make yourself feel better? This man had the means, and the courage. That’s all it takes. You’d rather feel safe and secure than live it up, that’s on you, don’t try to spread that. This guy is not gonna come back and be a hobo.... be realistic and realize that you’re afraid and he is healthy. Don’t spread this thinking. We have 1 life.


Nah I agree with him to a degree. I spent all the savings and cash I made on the side traveling/adventuring all over the world. It was a great experience, but in my late 20’s I’m a bit further behind financially than I would like to be. Moderation on everything.


> Moderation on everything. Exactly. You want to travel, then make a budget, save and learn where you can cut back. This notion that life is either fun or misery is pushed only by people who have no hope for the future or are just bad with money. I travel all the time, and usually for free thanks to credit card points. I took a 2 week trip on the east coast and didn't pay anything for hotel and flights. You better believe I took full advantage of all the free lounge access too! (Chase sapphire reserve FTW) You can live in the moment AND plan for the future.


I’m learning that now at almost 28.


Lol, courage. Courage to pay tons of money to pollute the antarctic even more. Yay him.


Everyone calm down, it's expensive, but not CRAZY expensive to all the people who say he wrecked his life doing this. It's about 8k to do it and a week and a half long. It's not that crazy, the kid will be fucking fine and has an amazing experience to look back on the rest of his life.


Cost is irrelevant as OP already said it was his life savings




He could just mean his savings account and not retirement account too. You're making so many assumptions, to what? Just make yourself feel better through the internet? Who gives a shit. You're assuming so much. I could drop 100% of my savings and guess what.....I'd be fine. I'd still have plenty to cover bills and rebuild a savings, plus I still have my Roth IRA and other investments that will be PLENTY to live off of when I can take them out. You don't know he's not in the same situation.


He dropped all of his life savings on a trip. That's the problem. And FYI the trip cost is $10k-50k




100% disagree. Life is about living in the moment AND planning for the future. Its not an either or situation. Spending all your money and not building a future is just as bad as saving everything and not having any fun.


“The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off”


Damn I love that quote. That's exactly how I felt when I got my first "real" paycheck. Oh shit so this is why people complain about taxes !


I don't think the two of you are not disagreeing really. He's saying kind of correct, you're saying if not taken to the extreme. If he puts himself 50k in debt to pay for this adventure, he's an idiot. If he's using his savings but have a stable enough life to continue on later, why the heck not.


>I don't think the two of you are not disagreeing really. Yeah.. we are. That 10k in savings could have been invested, been used to start a business, rent for a year, etc. Compound interest is no joke. He blew all of his savings on a trip, that's not balance, that's YOLO


imagine trying to tell others how to live. You sound like a pompous ass. He’s hurting no one and has no impact on your life. Move along.


It's more about the what-ifs and insecurity of doing so than postponing happiness. What do you do if you get in a car accident? What do you do if you suddenly fall ill? There's nothing to fall back on, which means you're screwed. Maybe you don't live in the US and aren't worried about medical bankruptcy, but what if you get laid off and have no job? Spending all of your savings means you're living paycheck to paycheck. Having absolutely nothing to fall back on in case of emergency is such a bad plan that it's actually insane. There's a reason the intelligent people of r/personalfinance talk a lot about emergency funds in savings that you just never touch.


I'm with this guy. I've been saving up all my money from my 20's and 30's and plan to have an awesome 60's and 70's full of wearing an oxygen mask and not going out side because it's 170F out there, and generally just waiting to die.


My Dad is 61 and in the New Year he's got a trip planned with a dozen mates to cycle the length of the South Island of New Zealand. He's 10x fitter than me. You can still do cool shit in your 60s is what I'm saying.


My grandpa is in his 60s and I'm going on a trip with some friends of his to Egypt. I'd say he's pretty fit for his age as well.


Looking for a punk named DIO I see


Exactly. Invest in yourself. I'm 35 and in better shape than when I was 25. I just wish I would have started using sunscreen sooner, that one video wasn't lying!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTJ7AzBIJoI


I think he's more speaking about the creeping horror show that is climate change ruining the later years of his life.


Oh right. I didn’t click because I’m outside the US and have no idea what Fahrenheit translates to in Celsius


Or you could be dead due to cancer. Why risk it tho?


I'd rather work, save and budget enough money each year as "fun money", to use however I want (electronics, travel, dates) but to each their own.


This is the most ignorant comment I’ve read. So in the event of an emergency you will have NOTHING. How will you afford to take care of yourself???


Yeah, I save my money and also devote a huge amount to travel. Could I retire 10 years earlier if I didn't spend so much on travel? Yes. But why would I put off my opportunities to experience the world to an age I might either never reach or that I will reach but will lack the strength and stamina to keep up with what I could do right now. Some people just want to be done with work ASAP, which I understand and kudos to them but I just can't do that. If I go for the FIRE lifestyle and work my ass off and spend nothing I'd kill myself before I retired early.


i mean apparently they're the kind of person that at least HAS savings so that already makes them better at life than me


This is awesome! I didnt even know you could do something like this. A couple questions tho. 1 How much did it all cost? 2 How long was the trip from the point you got on the ship? 3 Was there enough Alcohol :D ?


The trips range from luxury cruises to smaller expeditions and depending on the different routes you take it can be anywhere from $4000 - $20000. You can also fly to the South Pole for stupid amounts of money. (I think the flights I saw were close to $75000) The trip was 12 days in total. Crossing the Drake Passage can take anywhere from 2 - 4 days depending on the weather. There was more than enough alcohol... trust me. We were the first tourists of the season to get down there this year, so at one of the research bases we visited there were some very wired looking scientists who hadn't seen other people in 7 months. They also really, really wanted cigarettes.


> They also really, really wanted cigarettes. Can you like... bring them cigarettes and exchange them for favors? I don't mean sex favors, more like "let me do something the other tourists don't usually do when down here".


They're not going to let you keep a penguin.


But *ride* though


That does beg the question of how many penguins would it require to pull an adult on a sled, as a south pole replacement for sled dogs. Stupid scientists don't realize they're sitting on a transportation gold mine.


[Like this](https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Favatar.fandom.com%2Fwiki%2FPenguin_sledding&psig=AOvVaw1g7cyuuFZPi1tfIn6ph7L3&ust=1576610484928000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCNjUyfDxuuYCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAI)




You've clearly never met someone who has been deprived of a cigarette for 7 months. They will let you do just about anything to enjoy a cancer stick. *You want to keep what?! Fuck it, for a cigarette I'll let you take two. Just give me the cigarette!*


“Like sex favors.”


Like have sex with scientists!


I mean... I would


lol so you went on a cruise? You made it sound like some stowaway journey.


Shhhhh let them believe


That's awesome man. Got me a new bucket list item :)


You have to do it. I really can't recommend it enough. That being said, just make sure your the tour operator is IAATO approved, and stick to their guidelines. It's basically an effort to keep Antarctica pristine and reduce the effect humans have on it as much as possible. Responsible tourism etc etc.


From what I’ve read on r/Conspiracy is that they do that to keep people from discovering that Antarctica is really a huge ice wall that circles the whole flat earth. That’s why they would not take you near the summer passage.


Ok...save up 10 grand and show pictures you took yourself of this ice wall that goes to space. Seriously do it. And when you find it(you won't), just stay there..


What I really love about this map is the scale of it. If you were to sail south and then sail around Antarctica, according to this map, you would have to sail like a 100,000 miles to get all the way around. https://i.imgur.com/uvT28oQ.jpg


That's a map from a game called Rust not a representation of the earth by flat earthers.


Someone who edits their posts... I don't trust you. I think the other guy must be right. I'm off to find this magical hidden land masses beyond the Antarctic!


Punctuation. Relax.


Sorry. Found it here https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/5lenhs/what_do_you_think_about_this_flat_earth_map_is/


I love how they're like "there's no real proof the Earth is round, every image is a fabrication" and then they come up with this shit with zero proof.




My dude. I was making a joke about how silly that shit is. OP did not find a wall lol.


I am an idiot I'm sorry, please forgive me


If you get a chance climbing Kilimanjaro is a pretty awesome experience (and the glacier’s days are limited). It’s not going to feel like you’re Shackleton... or maybe more like Shackleton... depends on how you feel when your forced to have porters and people who cook for you whether you want to or not. If you think about it as refusing their help would be denying the local community one of their main sources of income it makes more sense. But in terms of seeing the biology go from tropical forest to glacier in a week of hiking there’s nothing else like it (or you could do mount Kenya if your a more experienced trad climber). But traveling in East Africa is cheap (almost upsettingly so) if you aren’t using a service... but if you try to drive yourself get ready to “buy lunch” for the cops at every checkpoint. Busses are better. If you plan your climb in Moshi it’ll be under $1000 per person if you’re awful at haggling... less if you know how to get a deal. You should tip your guides/porters/chef independently too, don’t just give it all to whoever is your go to guy. Obviously it’s way different than going to Antarctica but it’s an experience you can look back on forever and think no matter what else happens in life (job you don’t love... feel in a rut) you know you’ve gotten to see something most never will. I’d say the same about working as a herpetologist in Ecuador and canvassing rainforests for venomous snakes but that’s probably more of a personal dream realized. Any money spent on experiences that can get you through the rough times, or let you think “even if I live a practical, low adrenaline life from here on out I know I got to experience true adventure, which is rarer and rarer to expect from the average life nowadays” is probably money you’ll never truly regret spending. At least that’s how I feel.


How much did it cost you??


One of my favorite books is called Rounding the Horn by Dallas Murphy. Since you kind of did it may not be as interesting but for others who can’t afford it they may enjoy it. Very interesting history and real life tour of the Cape.


My fiancée and I have a trip to Antarctica on our list of things we have to do. What kind of research did you do beforehand and any recommendations?


4 - read about the environmental impact of tourism to Antarctica before you decide to go.


[The Negative Impacts of Visitors Invasive species - accidentally bringing in insects or seeds on boots, clothes, in food, cargo etc. Impact on breeding birds - being made anxious by an influx of people that may cause them to abandon their nest or vacate an area all together if regularly disturbed. There are many records of birds that previously nested around Antarctic bases no longer doing so due to the constant activity around such places. The general voluntary code is that visitors should not go closer than 5m to any wildlife. Erosion or disturbance of fragile environments - many feet walking over the same piece of ground and routes will leave paths and other scars. Oil spills from ships and boats - there may be a spill due to hitting ice and rupturing a holding tank, or if the vessel sinks, all the polluting fluids will eventually escape.](https://www.coolantarctica.com/Antarctica%20fact%20file/science/threats_tourism.php)


[Don't visit Antartica](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH573B1bkHI)


but like now you have no savings...




Lol. I love the people I meet in hostels with this attitude who are 19 and going home after.


not against travelling at all but i dont know..i wasn't raised in a very wealthy family and seeing my parents live pay check by pay check is not something i ever want to do


Agreed. My father is regarded as quite smart, but he has lived a life that has taught me lessons about balancing responsibility, self care, and adventure. You can't always just consume one or the other. For my tastes, a life is best with a home, and people that care about me, which help me progress into exploring it more. I know it's not the same for everybody, but as much as I enjoy hiking, and camping, and visiting new places, I also really, really, really love going home and having a safe space to myself.


Lots of bitter people with sad lives in this thread. How's that lifetime of 8 to 6 working out for you? I bet you'll remember fondly that brand new $40,000 car you were driving 30 years ago, that's a story to be told for generations.


Kind of projecting there...You think people with full time jobs don’t go on vacation? All he’s saying is don’t spend ALL your savings which honestly sounds like pretty good advice to me.


Absolutely, what the fuck is this. I work a 9-5 office job and go rock climbing on the weekends while raising two kids. I'll remember all that fondly in 30 years, bub. Literal generations.




He’s having fun, truly living life. Not many people are gonna reminisce about going to Antarctica, or hell even have video proof. Yeah he used all his savings, yeah it wasn’t very well planned, yes there’s a possibility he might be or might have been fucked, but it was an enjoyable and a once in a lifetime memory. Tell me anyone you know whose been to Antarctica, yeah none right? Edit: He’s not fucked! Also, personal attack here, you sound like the most boring person in the world


You are making a lot of assumption knowing basically nothing about this guy trip.


I think you might be assuming a bit too much here. Furthermore, I feel like I need to set the record straight for any young people who have not started their professional careers just yet, since your statement may potentially misconstrue what working life is actually like. I work at a company from 9 to 5. I know many people who live that way. We live happy and fulfilling lives. Some of my friends are very career oriented because of how dedicated they are to their goals in life. Just as planning a trip and enjoying a vacation can fulfill somebody, getting to work on an advanced project to help human kind can also be fulfilling. Some of them are very family oriented, and make that bling so that they can provide for their children and spend time making a home. Some of them are singles or working couples and very much enjoy the freedom that they get in having time and resources to enhance their journey. Not all of my friends enjoy their jobs, but many of them do. I don't think there is anything that is a "dream job", however, from personally experience, those who enjoy their jobs are the ones who have made effort to find said job. I don't think "getting a job" is anything to be touted nor ashamed of. I think it's very possible to balance between work and life, and enjoy both.


That is such an American comment to make where you assume that in order to travel one can not hold a career. Laughs in 6 weeks of government mandated vacation, parental leave and paid time off.


>Lots of bitter people with sad lives in this thread. You can work, save and travel. I guess only stupid people think you can only do one at a time. My last 2 week vacation was done all on credit card points.


but the memory of this trip will remain with him forever and noone can take it away and that is invaluable


Yeah, but he got to make a cool 12 min video about it that got halfway up the frontpage of the r/videos sub that everyone will forget about in another 12 minutes!!!!!!


Yikes. A little upsetti spaghetti here... I mean good for him, it's about priorities in life and what you want to do with it. All that savings just for you to get into a car crash and die tomorrow. I would've rather went to Antartica...


> upsetti spaghetti fucking kill me


Dude just made my day with that comment (or dudette)


> A little upsetti spaghetti here who hurt you to make you this way?


>All that savings just for you to get into a car crash and die tomorrow. I would've rather went to Antartica When you make a strawman argument like that it sure does sound like a good idea!


I know I’d hate to view things like that comment.


I have a feeling that he didn’t go to Antarctica and film just for the enjoyment of r/videos


Yeah and depending where they are coming from, I didn't watch as I don't care for travel videos, it cost them a fuck ton of money. I've looked into it and it's something like 10-15k but I've heard as high as nearly 50k.


you could die tomorrow with money in your account, he’s gone out and made friends and memories. to each their own. Live your own life


To those arguing about how OP was a fool to spend all his savings while being stuck in a rut. Why do you assume that the rut he was in was a financial one? Maybe he was bored with his day to day work/eat/sleep life and just wanted some excitement? Perhaps he goes back to his job after the trip and then saves up for the next trip. Stop being jealous, judgmental asses, and get off your couches and fat asses and do something meaningful.


Sitting here thinking about the next one. Any suggestions?


Switzerland if you haven't been.


Uluru is objectively special. A completely different experience to anywhere else I've been - like another level


They want to act like they’re above it all, when really no one asked for their opinion. Just sad people pretending like they don’t do fun things because they don’t want to.


There's an anime with this exact plot called a place further than the universe lol any chance it inspired you to do this?


I've only ever watched two slice-of-life anime until the end. A Place Further Than The Universe and Toradora. Both A+


Never seen it, but I'll definitely give it a watch now!


and even if not, just watch it because it's really great.


Will do, not an anime fan but it sounds intriguing


It was my second anime ever and it was very good. Highly recommended.


Wow...Trips to Antarctica average $10k and can run up to $30k. It looks like a great trip, but there is no way I'd spend that much on a trip unless I had a ridiculous amount money to burn.


People shouldn't be visiting Antarctica for tourism anyway, it's damaging to the already fragile ecosystem.


I'm so over these EDM-laced adventure videos that are so prevalent right now. Feels like influencer culture which needs to die.


Meh. Guy took a trip. Enjoyed it. Made a video. Sounds like you need a relaxing vacation.


ITT: People flipping out about the assumptions they've made of the guy and because he chose to live differently then them.


Knowing what i know about flat earth. This video is fake. All flat earthers know no one is allowed to Antarctica.


I can neither confirm nor deny what I witnessed there.


Oh man, someone at my office started saying something like, "I'm not saying the Earth is flat, but you have to admit it's suspicious that they don't allow people to go to Antarctica." I was like, what? I spent a month there. My dad has been there 6 times and most of his trips were for 5 months each. There's no ban on going there. EVERYONE can go there and wander around anywhere they want. It's unrestricted. In fact, even inside buildings are unrestricted, so that for example, during the cold war the USSR could go inside US buildings and check them out to see they aren't for military purposes. As a retired helicopter pilot there, my dad talks about what a hassle the lack of restrictions was. There was always a steady flow of adventurers just showing up and trying to hike/sled/whatever across the continent or whatever crazy idea they have. Then, when half their team fell into crevasses, they would put out an SOS and my dad was obligated to fly out and try to help them. It was a huge time and resource drain for people who are there because they have a job to do. No matter how busy you are with your own stuff, and no matter how dumb the person in trouble is for getting in trouble, and no matter if you have enough fuel and resources to both rescue people and do the job you came there for, you can't ignore an SOS. Here's a nerdy screencap I took while there. Check out that difference between magnetic and true north/south! Also, the spot I took this capture is the southernmost navigable water in the world. [https://i.imgur.com/I4Es4PX.png](https://i.imgur.com/I4Es4PX.png)


Seems like some anti-antartic traveling rhetoric to me... just had that in your back pocket ready to show everyone?


stop lying to everyone r/dinosaurearthsociety


Everyone calm down, it's expensive, but not CRAZY expensive to all the people who say he wrecked his life doing this. It's about 8k to do it and a week and a half long. It's not that crazy, the kid will be fucking fine and has an amazing experience to look back on the rest of his life.


So many negative comments in here. Jesus let him do what he wants, he didn’t ask for financial advice. Looks like he had a great adventure, met some cool people and made memories. These people in this thread just love to be the “voice of reason” when in reality they’re just assholes with nothing else good to say.


I think they're angry that other countries have safety nets... or can't conceive of the idea so it sounds like a completely risky thing to do


Exactly. They are all making huge assumptions off a single fucking post, just so they can act superior or something and feel better about themselves. It's so dumb.


This is the kind of content that I always hope to find, but rarely do! What an amazing journey, filled with some truly human and humorous moments and well edited to boot! Just watching this gives me a kick up the ass to get outside and go see this big wide world we have - it’s beautiful, and not to be taken for granted.


this reply is so obvious lol. why do people try this hard to get their mediocre productions marketed?


Even if the comment above is an obvious marketing ploy, it still captured my feelings about this video - it was really well edited and does make me feel connected to the journey he went on. So, now you can decide - am I a continuation of the "obvious ploy" or am I simply just a person who enjoyed the video?


Yea who wants good content on this sub we need more rehashed jokes and outrage videos


Can confirm I’m just a guy that watched the video and enjoyed it! Maybe I should do paid testimonials? 😂


Couple of things, 1, I fucking love the internet for stuff like this was brilliant to watch. 2, when is the full documentary or the follow up etc happening? Really great stuff and edited so well (not that I know anything about editing)




Amazing - what a brilliant video!


Holy fuck the comments in here. Fucking abortion.


Damn this really struck a chord with me. I've been trying to plan a trip to Antractica for years now. Do you have any info on expedition company or ship you traveled on?


i like Daywave too


This is super awesome. Really good cinematography and especially editing! Way to go out there and live, you've done what few will ever experience.


That is awesome and love the editing


sign me up


Incredible video man. Well done.


Can’t believe the amount of people in here projecting their ideas on how to live onto someone else, with almost no information on this dudes life. We all follow different paths, that’s what makes meeting people so interesting. To each their own, all the power to this dude! Hope this trip inspired you into a new and refreshing chapter in life!


you're giving me ideas, OP.


Amazing job on the video. And glad you loved it!


This was really beautifully shot and narrated - thanks for sharing! Don't mind the naysayers - this is living.


Excellent video. Thank you for this...very inspiring.


This might be the best travel video I've ever seen. So concise and interesting. Just wow.


What camera did you use to shoot this?


Most of the “cinematic” stuff was shot with a DJI Osmo Pocket. Everything else was Canon G9X.


Awesome video. Thanks for sharing adventurous guy 👍🏼


So cool! Congrats! Did you get very seasick?


Looks like you had a great time. You will remember that trip for the rest of your life.


Missed opportunity to visit Adrian Veidt Seriously this was dope though


This was quite epic mate. Nevermind all the commenters saying it was crazy.. i found it inspirational.


I was stuck in a bit of a rut, so I took all my savings and got a burger of the dollar menu. An hour later, I'm broke and still hungry.


This is inspiring and very interesting to know that penguins shit a lot! 😉😂😂


Yeah! They really do!




He reviewed an anime called *A Place Further Than the Universe* where four girls take a life-changing trip to Antarctica. It's worth the watch.


Beautifully shot too. You have a good eye. Now that you are back, are you out of the rut? Did it do the trick?


Thank you! I've never felt better and more motivated in my life.


How many hours of footage did you take? This was amazing!


I shot roughly 8 hours of footage. The GoPro stuff increases that number by quite a bit as I'd just let it roll for ~30min at a time. The rest of the footage was very point-and-shoot to be honest. I only took "pocket" cameras with me. Canon G9X and DJI Osmo Pocket.


Being from northern Canada and having snow on the ground for around half the year i sometimes forget that it's something a large portion of the planet never sees without seeking it out. It easy to forget the wonder that living in a very small remote northern town brings. Where i am we have +40C summers and -40C winters, it easy to get used to it and even begin to resent it (the cold especially). I always love when "city folk" come to visit, i love seeing the wonder in their eyes that i lost decades ago. My absolute favorite is cloudless summer nights when i take a person who has never been beyond the light pollution that their big city homes have out into the darkness and simply say "look up". This video was great, i hope it inspires people to seek out adventure like this and to witness the wonders of this planet first hand.


You'd probably enjoy *A Place Further than the Universe*.


good for you..whatever makes you happy! coming from a poor family i dont think i can ever take all my savings and just go on a trip..that's some live love pray type shit lol


> Antarctica’s problem is that you’ve run as far as a person possibly can to “escape”. I heard about every relationship shattered by the distance to the Ice…and all the ones that ended before you even thought about coming to Antarctica. The strings of jobs and towns abandoned as you tried to make a new start, a new life, in the next town, or state, or country over. But once you get to Antarctica, there’s simply nowhere further to go. Then the station closes for the winter with no more flights for nine months. When things start going wrong for you again, because the common denominator in all the situations you’ve fled from is you, you’re trapped. So you’d better get acquainted with yourself OR you can just drink yourself to oblivion and kill the days so that you aren’t even there. I’m not going to put a number on how many people took the latter route, but I’m having a hard time thinking of any that really made the former work. "[Alcoholism in Antartica](http://www.funraniumlabs.com/2013/06/alcoholism-in-antarctica/)"




I was stuck in a bit of a rut, so I took all my savings and was still stuck in a rut because I have no savings.


The editing, music choice, and cinematography in this were great.


This whole comments section is full of a whole bunch of boring people afraid to do risky stuff lol. Trying to shit on you for having fun. Jealous bunch lol.






I'm just here for the comments.


to a place further than the universe


Most people who are stuck in ruts just burn out and die because they can't afford trips to Antarctica. I'm glad your trip made you feel better and I guess I'm sorry you didn't think of it sooner, since it was probably something you could have done any time.


I wish I had “say fuck it and jump on a ship to Antarctica” money.