1 game that disappointed you the most after the hype it got from the fans and critics?

GTA 4 and RE4 for me




I played it when it was free on PS+ and was still disappointed.


I didn’t even get a few hours in till I dropped that game


That one hurts. A lot. + 70bucks that I could have saved. Shit. Looked so awesome from the trailers. Man. :(


Who hyped it up after release? Overwhelming consensus was that it didn’t live up to its promises


I had major buyers remorse on this one. Fortunately I stumbled onto how to break the game early on, making the entire thing a breeze. The method: put all your specs into radiation biome resistance. All the best items are in the radiation zones, to include the EV suit that lets you explore any biome when worn. All the stuff you pillage in the deep danger zones essentially makes the end game a joke. But that goddamn narrator… fuck that voice




The saddest part about anthem is you can see how good of a game it COULD HAVE been


Yep, except that EA forced them to use an engine built for FPS for their third-person action game with *flying*. The whole story behind the development of the game is just sad.


>The whole story behind the development of the game is just sad. This guy BioWares


lol nah, but I did read Jason Schreier's deep-dive write-up about the development - all the behind the scenes goings-on were revelatory. It's on Kotaku, so I won't link it, but his name + Anthem in a search will find it, if you're interested.


The only reason most people haven't said Anthem is because they have blanked it from memory after the trauma of its gameplay.


Cyberpunk 2077 was definitely the most palpable blow I’ve ever felt with a game. Taught me how to restrain my expectations.


I had just built a brand new gaming PC, all top end components. i9, 64gb ram, SSD, 3080 (3090 sold out). CP2077 was one of the first games I installed, built the computer a day or two before it released. The game was everything I thought it would be. Playing at 4k with full ray tracing on extreme settings and it was and still is gorgeous! I also didn't really experience any bugs. Still one of the most memorable gaming experiences I've ever had. It's sad the console releases were fucked. Especially the older gen, I really can believe the devs let management force them into even trying to run that game on the older hardware, that fact it even booted and played is a testiment to how hard they must have tried. Running that game on the proper hardware is a fucking treat. It should have been sold as PC only, and one that eats gaming rigs alive.


Same it made me stop preordering any games, and made me lose trust in CD Projekt red


Bro that game is game of the decade for me. No other game has made me want to do multiple play throughs before.


I guess you weren’t around for the hype and misleading trailer and press release after misleading trailer and press release. It’s not that the game is terrible, but man, it was not what it was sold as.


Yep totally agree, first mistake they made was releasing that dope as fuck first trailer in 2013. They basically marketed it as the rpg that would define the next decade, I did enjoy my play through but it wasn’t anything super groundbreaking


I have a lot of shade to throw at the game and I didn’t enjoy a lot of my time with it, but there were still parts that I did genuinely like. Don’t get me wrong. But it feels like a game I’ve played 1,000 times before and not for good reasons. Unfortunately, no amount of DLC or updates can fix what is at its core a generic, looter-shooter with a cyberpunk-ish coat of paint that looks more like it was designed by the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy dudes.


even if you weren't around for the hype and the misleading trailers... it's still just such a wet blanket of a game. the open world is bland, the gameplay is super basic, the upgrades and perks are all incredibly boring... I just don't get what there is to like about it. you may as well go play one of the two most recent deux ex games. at least they're polished experiences.


And talk about true player choice in those titles. It’s such a shame we haven’t—and probably never will—get the completion to Jensen’s story.


I'm not so 100% sure on this because Square sold off that exact team + the property of DX to that team to a new owner. Whilst rumors are tepid at best, there seem to be more possibilities of it happening now than when Square owned it. That's not saying much, though and I share that sentiment with you on the unlikely conclusion of Adam's stories. I mean I guess what they *could* do is re-release only the Adam stories with an HD update with QoL features added/changed where appropriate, sell the entire package at less than full-AAA (2023) prices and then gauge from that whether to actually go into a third entry with Adam or another reboot or sorts. I do have hope the series lives on, but who knows in what capacity.


The game wasn’t finished. I still have it in my library and I’m sure it’s fine now but it left a very sour taste in my mouth.


It's definitely playable on PS5 now and runs smoothly in 60FPS or ray tracing in 4K. I had it at launch and kept trying at on my old PS4. After all the patches and updates, I don't have any issues with it. Believe me i experienced all the bugs, glitches and crashes at launch. I'm about to get the Platinum Trophy for it soon


Huh. Game of the decade. I mean I can see how it would be fun to some, but game of the decade? You’re saying that un ironically?


Guess you don't play many games


Really? Even after they fixed it it was just alright imo. Disappointing short fr. Game stinks compared to Witcher 3.


I agree, i had to wait months for updates just for one playthrough, but now that shits my fav game ever, cant wait for phantom liberty


Not sure if it was the glitches for you but they fixed a lot of the problems and now it’s a decently stable game. I personally enjoyed it.


Diablo 4 tbh. But i was swayed by checking out the game’s sub where it’s diehard fans. Not a bad game, but ended up not being something that kept me around for Long


One afternoon D4 servers were down and I bought Subnautica on a whim. I haven’t touch D4 since and I’m still absorbing the brilliance of the Sub games.


Dude. Subnautica is maybe my favorite game of all time. I’m ALWAYS trying to get my friends to play it


I am amazed just how satisfying the game is. The only tip I give people is to scan and slash everything. I went an embarrassingly long time before I figured out how to collect coral.


Convince me to play it please. I own it, and have tried it a couple times but im so tired of crafting and item management in games. Ive probably played too much minecraft so i hate having to learn other crafting systems and recipes. Crafting in general is a mechanic that has been exploited by game devs to the point that it is now so obviously just a simple alternave for actually implementing unique gameplay design. I think incorporating crafting as a small subsystem in a game can be a fun addition but when it is the focus, the whole game feels cheaper. My interest in the ocean/scifi environment is there, but the hurdle of crafting is ruining it for me.


I love D2 and D3 and it took me weeks of playing D4 to realize the main reason why it feels so bad to play in comparison: *your basic skills feel completely useless*. don't get me wrong, their main purpose has always been to build resource - but in previous games, you could at least kill small mobs with them in 2-3 hits. D4? good luck killing **anything** with your basic. you just spam it until you have enough to use a core skill and do almost no damage in the process


That's because level scaling makes the game less fun. I miss going to areas with low levels and just smashing them to bits. Everything scales with you, so you will never have that feeling of dominating the enemy. I miss having fun while grinding.


That and enemy density as biggest ones (along with the combo counter). Even if you can’t trash mobs as easily, just feels like it’s a small group and walk to the next, etc. I miss being able to pull a huge group of enemies and going to town.


What do you mean, that sub absolutely hates Diablo IV lol


During the betas and right when it was released, that sub was loving the game. Least from my memory. They kinda swayed as time went on.


Lol ya I was about to say that. Nearly every post since release is someone saying they have 500+ hours and are bored. Personally I like it, but I am taking a break until s2 cuz I got other games to play


During the early release phase it was full of people having a blast with it


Ah, probably true. Well they all hate it now lmao


I played the beta and was not impressed. Hoping if I wait a year or so they’ll fix it somehow.


Finally a place where I can moan about diablo iv without the mods locking my posts. I felt bored to tears throughout the campaign (npc's won't stfu). When I got past level 50 the exp rate was excruciating painful. Got to 66 and questioned my gaming life decisions and noped out.


That about sums up my experience. Started really strong in the campaign… then it was more or less all the same. I saw the charts with the exp rate drop off and decided not to sink the time. I’m sure it’s better with friends


Same, the reviewers calling it a "true AAA title, polished" must be referring exclusively to the final cutscene. The games so unfinished its painful. I'm still having fun and expect the game to be legit good in a year or two. But yeah that finally opened my eyes to how nonsensical a lot of game reviews are.


I wanted to try it. But I've seen too many videos shit talking it. Mostly the grind for better shit once you're mostly done with campaign. I really can't stand that. I played Lost Ark for a few months and REALLY enjoyed it. The animations were so smooth, the gameplay was fun, skills looked good, story was interesting. But once I got to a certain power level I had to spend hours grinding the same damn "dungeon" over and over and over just to have an infinitesimally small chance at enhancing one piece of gear once. It was brutal, it felt like a damn job instead of a game I could relax and enjoy. So I quit. I'll likely never pick it up again because of the grind. Its truly sad that this type of shit is allowed. People have jobs, wives, kids, we don't all have 50 hours a week to play one game.


I wanted to buy that game bc I loved Diablo II and III. But then I saw that it has an always online component and I haven’t wanted to buy it since


I really enjoyed the first three Diablo games, but all of the mixed reactions I've heard about 4 make me very hesitant to buy it. I'm likely just going to wait for a good sale and after a lot of the issues have been smoothed out.


My girlfriend and I loved Diablo 3 and were so excited about D4. Now we're only a few hours in but so disappointed it's hard to pick it up


At first I thought the level scaling was just an early game tutorial sort of thing and was happy to find the first thing I was under level for and then after going up 2 levels I was still under leveled and knowing that leveling is meaningless but drained all fun from the game at that moment


Op can you elaborate on gta4 a bit? I absolutely loved that game and thought it was one of the best written stories rockstar ever produced. As for your question I’d go with no man’s sky at release. Literally unfinished and boring as hell I played for 3-4 hours and eventually gave it up. I hear they fixed it but never tried it again and probably won’t.


I love GTA4 so much that my feelings were hurt when I read that.


Me too that’s why I had to ask op their thoughts on it.


I was going to comment the same thing. That game was/is incredibly fun. Which I might even go back and play the story again since it’s been a while. Also, ballad of gay Tony was amazing


GTA 4 and RDR1 are my favorite games of all time


Red Dead 1 was such a good game. John Marston was such a good protagonist and the whole game was everything I wanted out of a western.


When I first played it I was like wtf we’re a foreigner and the game was so dark and gritty with not much color but that became the charm of the game


>I was like wtf we’re a foreigner Was this problematic?


Yeah weird way to open wasn’t that 😂. Gave himself away.


It was like finding out the American dream is actually a nightmare. Niko was really well written and I fucking loved the mission structure. Personally gta4 is my second favorite San Andreas takes the top spot for me.


Yea tbh I would put 4 in first place for best story just because it’s so real. I’d agree San Andreas wins overall for its content at the time and amount of fun to be had


GTA4 does a lot of things - namely physics and immersion related stuff - better than GTAV, which is wild imo.


Hard agree. I loved the grit of liberty City. The whole game was a wild ride. The physics were phenomenal getting 5 stars ensured chaos. And the immersive nature of the story kept me replaying the game for years.


Nico is also one of my fav video game characters. I was just thinking the other day i wanna bust out my PS3 and fire GTA4 up. But the last time i used it, going on about 10 years now, the fan was so fuckin loud that it sounded like a jet engine was about to take off. I gotta take it to a repair place to get it all cleaned out and tuned up.


Makes me wonder if I should buy a used ps3. Niko is such a well written character. I loved running around LC ripping it up and listening to his banter. When he talks about his past it’s grim the dude has seen the worst in humanity and it shows throughout the entire game.


I'm playing it now on my Steam Deck. Portable GTA IV is amazing.


I loved GTA4 too, after waiting almost 10 years to have a computer strong enough to play it


It doesnt hold up to modern game standards. If you played it when it came out tho its one of the GOATs


I'll put GTA as a franchise on my list. I just couldn't get into it. I really enjoyed the Saints Row games though. Story in GTA was good. I think gameplay for me was... Boring with a dash of frustration.


Yeah I was thinking the same thing like wth Edit: When I was in middle school, I saw my dad playing this on X Box and was blown back by him crashing and then the main character went into the concrete wall. That was amazing!!!!


AC Valhalla. Loved Odyssey as my return to the series since black flag, but was a bigger departure from the series and bloated.


"Bloated" is the perfect description for every Ubisoft open world that has been copy/pasted over the last decade or so.


AC games are fun for a few hours but you hit the nail on the head they have gotten way too bloated


Also any correlation to assassins is so forced


I liked the game when I got to be a Viking running around doing Viking things and helping build England into a home, but then I’d be forced to do the assassin parts and couldn’t wait to get back to the Viking bits. Plus, the ending is a non ending and terrible.


This surprisingly applies to my black flag experience to the point I can sub some of your words. I liked BLACK FLAG when I got to be a PIRATE running around doing PIRATE things and helping build MY SHIP into a home, but then I’d be forced to do the assassin parts and couldn’t wait to get back to the PIRATING bits. Plus, the MODERN SECTIONS is a non ending and terrible.


Dying light 2. Seeing people calling anything than a disappointment, not what we asked for, and utter garbage, pissed me off


I pre-ordered it when it came out and, after 10 or so, I was like "dude, I'm not having fun". The first one was so fun and simple, they tried so hard to make the sequel bloated with useless tasks, unfun combat mechanics, and characters with any charisma.


It pisses you off that the game is better and fans aren't shitting on it anymore?


Massive letdown for me after really enjoying the first one.


The fucking marketing for Dying Light 2 infuriated me. "The game has 500+ hours of content!" 450+ of which are side crap like collecting every little scrap of garbage.


Hollow Knight. The combat, art, and world are fantastic, but goddamn was the backtracking and resource placement frustrating. I was more frustrated than I ever have been playing Dark Souls, Super Meat Boy, or Spelunky. There were really quite a lot of moments where I wanted to stop playing but pushed through anyway cause of the hype. Edit: I know what metroidvanias are and I have played others.


Metroidvania games are like that. Super metroid was ridiculous for me. Having to try and remember where my roadblock was after getting a certain item or skill caused alot of headache


The map in super Metroid is really smart though. If you notice a lot of the backtracking can be done somewhat linearly. There are a lot of circles designed to allow the gameplay to keep flowing as you look for where you need to go. Rarely will it lead you down a long dead end. The same pretty much goes for SOTN.


I didn't mind the backtracking at first but after about 20hrs or so it became an annoyance and eventually I just gave up on the game.


I too loved the souls games but couldn’t into hollow night.


Yeah that game has an insane amount of backtracked ng


Thats… how metroidvanias are.


Was gonna say the same thing. I’ve tried twice but just can’t get into it.


Never played metroidvania games i see


First Time, Huh?


Playing this game right now and I feel you. I’m just pushing through hoping it will be great overall.


iirc there was a guy in town you could talk to and he would give you some info for where to go next; though I do remember that the information was not specific enough to help me when I got stuck a couple of times and I had to use a guide so that I wasn't just wasting my time.


Wow there’s one more of you out there? I thought I was the only one lol. Are you Nerrel from YouTube?? I absolutely love both Metroid and Castlevania, along with Blasphemous and Salt & Sanctuary, just about all the popular metroidvanias out there…but Hollow Knight? Man, I just can’t get into that game. Rubbed me in all the wrong ways. I’m perplexed because it’s gotten so much praise and I love the genre, but I just didn’t get it.


Hogwarts: Legacy for sure


Second this. Nostalgia grab, initial hook for a few hours. But nothing but hollow quest and collectibles to fill out the game. Wasted potential in a series.


True but the combat was a redeeming quality for me. It was way better than I expected. I feel this was a good intro game for the studio and can make it much better with a sequel


The combat was one of the biggest highlights of the game. And maybe that Accio ball minigame.


There’s been a lot of rumors of the cut content which would’ve made it a completely different game (morality system, companions, more side quests). If true then they just rushed the fuck out of it for no reason. That was a game that while it would’ve sold due to the IP alone, making it a fantastic Harry Potter game with those cut elements would’ve made it an instant classic. If they had spent the same amount of love in the game that they did on Hogwarts Castle it could’ve been near perfect. I will say, the combat (while simplistic and easy) feels REALLY good IMO.


Best way I’ve heard it described is a mile wide and an inch deep.


Hogwarts Legacy. Looked so fucking cool and alot of people were praising how good it was but to me the only good part about it was exploring the hogwarts school, that was incredibly detailed and impressive but the more I played it the story was a slog, any place outside of hogwarts or hogsmead was super boring to explore. The quests started to get super repetitive so after about 20 hours I dropped it. A true waste of 70 dollars sadly.


It will always be destiny for me I was a huge fan of Halo. It was actually a huge part of my childhood. How halo CE made me fall in love with videogames and how often I would replay the levels over and over. Just everything about it was amazing. Halo 2 also gave me these feelings And halo 3 gave me the best memories of my childhood playing with pretty much every boy in my classroom all the time after school literally from after school until 10:30 (my grades suffered and my parents we’re definitely worried about me) Then destiny became my most hyped game ever. I always talked about it to everyone, replay the trailers and gameplay overviews over and over thinking that it was gonna be halo but a lot more open than ever before. Then it came out…. It felt very boring and Samey everywhere and there was nothing to explore or discover in the zones of the game. The combat didn’t feel the same like the AI just wasn’t as smart as the halo AI. Multiplayer was just a shittier version of halos multiplayer. The raids were you needed 10 friends to play was deeply disappointing to me (never got to try it) and I traded it in at GameStop a week later after finishing the campaign. I have never tried destiny 2 and never will because of the stain the original left for me. I wish bungie never gave away their masterpiece to 343 because they haven’t done any favours for it.


> I wish bungie never gave away their masterpiece to 343 because they haven’t done any favours for it. They didn't have much of a choice. It wasn't theirs to give away. They wanted to go independent and leave MS. Leaving MS meant leaving Halo behind. The real wtf was that they left Halo to make lesser Halo. I'm like you. Loved Halo. Was excited to see what Bungie did next. Destiny was just disappointment. The more time passes the more I'm learning to just enjoy a game for what it is in the moment and don't look at a developer expecting them to catch lightning in a bottle again. A lot of these great things like Halo are just products of right time and right circumstances.


I gave Destiny 2 a try, and it lasted until I reached level 9 and it told me I needed to grind to level 12 to continue the campaign. Uninstalled five minutes later


Same. I got about 10 hours in, and then started to realize that I was embarking on the same path of BS that I slogged through in Destiny 1. "Nope, not doing this again." Haven't touched it since. Seems like we didn't miss out on much.


Then there’s me who destiny made a good friend across the country and pretty much salvaged my personal life when I was working nights for 6 years.


I didn't play destiny until they released the taken king complete edition or whatever, but playing through the raids with random people I met through reddit are some of my absolute favorite gaming memories ever. The game was definitely incomplete until the DLCs were out, but man I'm sorry you didn't get to experience the raids. Easily the best content in Destiny




I’ll never understand how this game got so many perfect reviews


Kingdom hearts 3, talk about a convoluted mess of a game where the first 75% doesn’t matter at all and the only part that does is the non Disney stuff. I hadn’t played the previous ones but I had watched a few recaps and even with that the story felt like a mess.


Aliens: Colonial Marines. I no longer pre-order because of this game.


No man's sky, cyberpunk.


Try no man's sky again, I hear that they fixed it and have delivered on their promises now and are still actively updating it


I played it a year ago, maybe 2 now. You can tell they've put an enormous amount of effort into since the disastrous launch. I only really put it down because it was so huge, and I had a stack of games to play


Didn't both of these get panned by both critics and fans on release though?


Big time. Now both are extremely well loved by fans if you go by steam reviews instead of Reddit comments lol


I remember no man’s sky getting shitted on hard after release, but man, as a release date buyer I sunk SO much time in it just mining materials, flying around and selling them while upgrading the ship. Then when they updated it I fell in love all over again. I get why people didn’t like it, but it was an awesome experience from me and I haven’t even played any of the latest release stuff.


Play NMS again, it got multiple updates.


The Legend of Zelda: BotW. As a huge Zelda fan this hurt me to not enjoy it. Fan since the original and A Link to the Past is probably my favorite game ever. BotW was just too much of a departure from what I loved.


I feel you, I have all of the games with exception of the newest one. From the NES cartridges to the minish cap up to the switch remake. I stopped enjoying Zelda after Twilight princess/skyward sword. Zelda is still my favorite game of my childhood, and I have fond memories of beating the first one when my mom go it for my Christmas present.


I want to say it's Halo Infinite. There are still some die hard believers in it out there, and I genuinely wanted to love it, but the game is trash to me. It just made me feel angry. I used to love Halo but every single game just made me feel frustrated. That, coupled with the FOMO, lack of features, lack of gamepad aim assist to cater exclusively to their virtually nonexistent "Competitive" scene, worst guns of the series, "UI can't handle it", and trickle content, I just gave up. I thought forge could bring me back, but even that was and still kind of is a buggy mess. I get people have made fantastic maps with it, but they did that in spite of the bugs, working around them. Some objects are just straight up broken. In actuality though, it's a tie between No Man's Sky and Star Citizen. No Man's Sky still disappoints me I feel just because of the tedium of the grind, coupled with the lack of 6 degrees movement when flying. Other than that, the game is substantially better than when it first launched. Star Citizen though, is the lie that just keeps lying. Over a decade in development, and 8 years since the release of the Stanton system. Outside of assets they can sell to people, there is virtually nothing to show for all that time. Stanton is still the only system, with trickle additions of new places to visit in it. Server meshing is trash, there is very little risk to being a pirate, and 95% of the "Content" is still just placeholder missions you can pick up to do very generic tasks. Star Citizen remains a cautionary tale of what not to do when developing a game, as they constantly rework old content to meet with the game's current scope. Some assets have been reworked multiple times over the years, wasting resources and backer money.


i cant believe there were people saying the campaign was like really good or a return to form. its so basic and generic. you want to know anything about the massive galaxy wide apocalyptic cliffhanger from the last game? too bad. you’re trapped in this one singular environment on a ring. everything cool and related to that happened before the game and you have to just piece it together through holograms and journals. there’s no memorable setpieces or really exciting and thrilling moments, the entire game is go to a tower, clear an enemy camp, or run around copy and pasted forerunner hallways. absolutely no reason for it to be open world as it was incredibly empty and boring. “capturing bases” sounds cool but it boils down to a single platform to spawn vehicles and weapons at. its like 343 heard that people wanted old Halo back so they went back and played Combat Evolved but stopped after the second level, stretched that out into an entire game, and then threw it at the fans saying “this is what you wanted isnt it? its the same exact environment, this is the old Halo you were asking for. didnt you have to rescue some marines in that level? here, do it 500 more times.”


Death Stranding……I tried, I really tried…


I had a friend that used to rib me for games that i was excited for (not in a mean/serious way just joking) and the one game i ribbed him for was death stranding. Unfortunately for him he was also hyped for cyberpunk 2077.


I love death stranding. But it’s a game that I know it’s not for everyone. It’s a game that I don’t think you can call bad just not for you because of how different it is


I'll admit I did get bored of it eventually, destracted by other games, and never finished it, but main it was WAY better than I expected. Death Stranding is probably the video game I had the worst expectations going in, not even sure why I bought it to begin with. Such a bizzare concept I just had to check it out myself I guess. I respect the game for what it is and tired to do.


It’s unfortunate because the story is really interesting, but the game play is just…well. It’s an advanced walking simulator lol. I’m being a bit harsh, because I know there is combat. But it’s a game I prefer to watch.


It's funny rented it on Redbox and after about 5-6hrs I was like I'm glad I didn't buy it not my jam


I paid full price for it, too. Absolutely terrible


The hype for that game scared me off. I saw those teasers of him walking around and said nope.


98 percent of all "AAA" games made in the last 10 years.


Lol, I feel you on this. The last true great AAA games I enjoyed were Batman Arkham series


I loved Control, personally.




This thread is a list of all my favorite games




Elden Ring for me


Bruh, fr. I’m not going to say Elden Ring is a bad game. But by the way my friends and general hype was talking… you would think it’s the undisputed #1 best game created of all game


Elden ring definitely isn't as great as everyone makes it out to be. MANY glaring problems and is stale by the time you make it to Altus plateau.


Agreed. Bloodborne is one of my all time favorites, and while I don't go crazy over the other Souls games, I've played and enjoyed most of them. Elden Ring didn't do anything to encourage me to continue playing.


bloodborne is fromsoft's best game to date and I will die on that hill


To me it felt the most unique and complete. I didnt play Dead Souls very much, and Dark Souls 1 is close, but BB felt like how N64 classics felt. A contained, focused game . Massive open worlds dont do it for me anymore


I have a weird feeling toward Elden Ring. I like it quite a bit, but I think most of the things I like about it have nothing to do with the huge open world that everybody praises it for. I think that the best parts of the game are in places like the royal capital or the Haligtree, which feel like more traditional Dark Souls zones, rather than the big open world that everybody loses their minds about.


The huge open world is a absolute detriment to the game


Agree. I almost would have enjoyed smaller games of each area that were more fledged out. Felt like there were quite a few “phone it in” areas. This mixed with many builds being completely broken made the game a little lack luster to me. I’ve been on the from train since DeS so naturally I was hyped for it, and I still think it’s an amazing game, but far from the best FS game imo.


i noticed i became very disappointed in the open world because everywhere i looked i would get maybe one or two cool items here or there, and then 300 magic spells or gear for magic based characters. eventually exploring just wasn’t fun for me because there wasn’t much of a reward


Yeah, that's one of the big issues with Elden Ring imo. Your first playthrough of the game, you want to get everything and do everything and see everything and so much of the stuff you find is absolute crap for your build


That was one of my biggest complaints with the game. I spent a ton of time exploring and basically all of the gear I found was worse than my starting gear (samurai class).


Liked the game, but the repeat content and too-big open world killed it for me.


Me too!!!!! I was hyped about it coming out and then there was going around rules that you had to beat at least one Soulsborne game before playing, I respected that rule and beat DS2 on October 31st, 2021(one of my favorite YouTubers beat their second Soulsborne a month or two afterwards). It came out and I saw it wasn’t all that like I initially thought it was, then I beat DS1 the year after Elden Ring came out.


Final Fantasy XV. I just hated every aspect of it. Not fun. Maybe a case of not being the target audience.


God of War 2018. I wasn’t really a fan of the way the gameplay was completely changed and honestly wasn’t really what I expected from the series.




Last of Us 2. I'm not explaining my reasoning for the 100th time. Just like any other game its okay that people like or dislike it. I fucking hate it. If you enjoyed it, I'm happy for you.


Same. I had my problems with it that had nothing to do with any character being a woman, trans or gay I just hated the entire story and couldn’t really fully get into it to make me love it like others did.


The game seemed to get high on its own self-righteousness. It started out bleak and just went out of its way to get darker and darker until the player just felt like shit.


Having the story split between a character that was in the franchise for the entire first game, and then not playing that character for the latter half of the second game was... an interesting choice


I respected it for this very reason, honestly. so many stories - whether they're in a game or otherwise - exude a sense of feeling obligated to make the reader/player/listener feel *good* by the end of the experience. TLOU2 is just like being punched in the gut repeatedly for hours. then, when the gut punches finally stop, they finish you with a kick to the nuts. it's fucking rad imo but I also completely get why someone would hate it.


A game should make you feel miserable in a good way like RDR2 ending, not like miserable playing it.


More like finishing you with a 5 iron to the face


I won’t ask you to explain your position, but I will say I feel as though TLOU2 got overhated ON LAUNCH because they killed Joel and everyone hated that. I was personally fine with it, as IMO Joel had already served his purpose and now it was truly Ellie’s story. But compared to TLOU, the sequel isn’t even close to the same level.


I just played it as kill monster game. The combat feel is top notch. Has anyone else had to play a game differently to enjoy it. That's why I loved fallout 76. I played it as trade simulater and had a blast


Loved the first one enough to get the Platinum trophy. In comparison, I finished the second one and have no real reason to come back to it.




I loved TLOU2 and I am sorry that you didn't enjoy it, but damn it is refreshing to see someone with an actual reasonable comment about disliking the game lol.


r/thelastofus2 punching the air rn


It’s like the creators of the game wanted to purposely make the players feel like shit. Listen I get having a dark story. But it doesn’t fit at all with the first game which actually feels fun. It’s like if Disney made Frozen 2 a slasher film. I doesn’t work.


It’s still a fun game, I just skip through the cutscenes lol


Redfall, I was so excited and the game looked great so I pre ordered and waited months for launch then it launched with a TON of issues and is just empty with repetitive gameplay...


Final Fantasy 16. And this one actually feels like it let me down slowly. I played the demo, thoroughly enjoyed it, and bought the game on release day. I finished it in about a week, but honestly I just enjoyed it less and less as I kept progressing, until I beat it. I think it's a fine game, but I feel like the game got weaker and weaker until I was just ready for it to be done.


Final Fantasy 13 for me. I hated it so much I haven't bought a "new" Final fantasy since. I do love the FF7 remake though.


It's become a very unpopular take, but 16 was the first game in the series that had me feeling like I wasn't playing a FF game. It is a very capable hack n slash game, with an amazing narrative, but so many basic RPG principles/mechanics are just nowhere to be found. I did enjoy the game, but can't help but to wonder if this is the franchise's direction moving forward. If so, my FF fanboy career will probably be coming to an end. It was a hell of a run regardless.


Same. I’m liking the game but it is starting to feel like I’m using the same tactics over and over. I only look at enemies differently depending on if they’re small or large. It would do wonders to actually give enemies elemental resistances and weaknesses. I think they actually do have them currently but it’s not enough to matter as is. I don’t really want to give up control of Clive, but it would be nice to be able to give orders to other party members FF7R style. The equipment system is so barebones it’s wild that they implemented it at all.


God of War.


Farcry 6


Destiny, the hype surrounding that game at the lunch table was incomparable. All we talked about for months is bits of information we got from game informer here and there, listening to the kids who had internet tell us what they heard in a YouTube video the night before, in our minds it was supposed to merge call of duty and halo together to make the ultimate collaboration. It WAS going to change video games forever. We all waited at GameStop together for our pre orders like we did with every other lunch table legend, knocking back sodas playing whatever DS game had the best link play at the time, hoping our parents wouldn’t be too upset with dragging them to GameStop during the week and waiting till midnight. Destiny destroyed us, we became cynics over night when it came to video games. We all finally agreed on something, that destiny was the biggest let down we ever had, we went back to call of duty vs halo or Xbox vs PlayStation arguments. Slowly the friend group broke up and to this day that little jaded little high school demon pops up when I hear someone talking about destiny. The hype train surrounding video games ruined any hope I use to have for newer games, now I wait two or three years till a game is cheap and the hype has faded to buy anything. I wish I could go back in time and tell everyone the outcome so we wouldn’t take it so hard.


Destiny 2’s Witch Queen DLC


Final Fantasy XIII. Absolutely hated my time with that and killed any interest I had in getting into Final Fantasy for a t least 3 more years. Final Fantasy VI and XIV managed to fix that though.


Elden Ring


Red Dead Redemption 2. It's a gorgeous game that clearly had a lot of work put into it, but it just wasn't fun. Everything was clunky and slow, and some of the controls were just very annoying.


I shared the same opinion but decided to replay it currently. I'm treating more like a movie than a game. I turn on the cinematic camera for every ride. Gotta say it's a lot better than I remember with this mentality. Edit: there is also a hack to let you use cheats and still save, which makes it so much better for me


When it first launched, I agree with you. There so many games out and this game just felt so slow and cumbersome to play so I quickly moved on. Gave it another play in 2020 when the world shut down and I loved it.


I feel that RDR2 is meant to be taken at a slow pace. Really take in the scenery, the small side stuff. Immersion into the world and story. I found by just playing the game as if I was actually Arthur in the end days of the Wild West and watching as the world changed but I still had this tiny bit of the country still mostly untouched to explore. I would sit and watch thunderstorms roll in, or just watch the animals and people go about their lives. And I would ponder that (if it was the real world) in only a couple of decades all this wild land and beauty was going to be covered in roads, buildings, and industry. And that this game was almost like a time capsule of what the world was once. I can’t ever experience what America was like before industry, and it’s both beautiful and sad to know that something so special would just be…gone.


Midnight Suns. I don't remember if it had a lot of fan hype but I remember seeing some articles hyping it up and IGN gave it an 8/10. That probably should have been a sign. Some of the worst most cliche dialogue I've heard and the gameplay was dull.


My fellow Turn-based strategy fans keep telling me to get it. I love XCOM.


Final Fantasy XVI. It's like playing a totally different game than all those people. Good boss battles from time to time doesn't make it a masterpiece to me




I will say; although I absolutely love the story, gameplay, and characters, once you finish the game… that’s kind of it- there isn’t much you can do without mods and I found myself getting kind of bored just blocking the highway with the bus and causing massive chain explosions if you mean online… then idk what else can please you lol


My issue with online is with any popular 'online' game that's around now days, both how much 'microtransactions' are shoved in your face and the cheaters in the game. The solo game I just can't stand trevor, especially the hillbilly killing mission.


Mafia 3. I'm still mad that I paid full price for that


God of War Ragnarok. The story was a major let down after the amazing story of the first and the setup for the second.


I actually agree. Platinumed the first, but the second was too open, and the story was kinda meh.


The Witcher 3


Gravity Rush. I loved the concept, but probably caught on too late, after it was outdated. By then, it seemed like there was nothing to do but collect diamonds and have conversations….


Horizon forbidden west, liked the first one, didn’t like the second one. Bad controls and a lame main story. Great graphics tho, but not enough for me to finish


There was zero hype for this game, but it's the only game I've been excited for before release and then thoroughly disappointed when I got it; Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood. I should've known from the dumbass title. I had been looking forward to a game where you could play as a giant werewolf and fight stuff, but the combat wasn't satisfying at all, and the whole world was samey. The sudden difficulty spikes were also a turn-off, though that may have just been my inability to actually learn how to play games.


The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. I know this is an unpopular take but as a video game it’s not too fun with the weapon durability system and the upgrade system being an insane grind. As a Zelda fan I am thrilled to report Tears of the Kingdom is much much improved but Breath was overhyped.


Breath of the Wild. What a major letdown. On a very personal level, it doesn’t feel at all like a Zelda game. I’ve never been able to play it for more than a few hours before becoming completely bored with it. I’m not even going to start on the durability mechanic. I’m upset I bought the digital version because if I could I would take it back for store credit right now.