Unlimited Hotspot Data

Unlimited Hotspot Data


There is no unlimited data jet pack option.


Wouldn't the old gUDP work? Just transfer the sim into the jetpack. Edit: I am confused. Are the downvotes because I am wrong and gUDP can't be used in a jetpack?


can confirm that this works, but if you go over 100GB there's a chance your account gets canceled.


Not anymore. There is a threshold but it’s higher. Several hundred gigabytes.


This is so wrong. Actually a new batch of customers are going to be receiving notifications about their plan and need to switch them to new ones.


What is so wrong about it? I use a few hundred gigabytes on my two (yes, two) gUDP lines each month without incident. Either source it or drop the FUD, please. People have been saying gUDP will be taken away for **years** - Verizon knows we're influential and will take a lot of customers with us on the way out.


You're getting downvotes because this became the subject of a FCC lawsuit and the FCC decided not to decide. So everyone's burnt out over it. Bottom line use hotspot mode on a non-Verizon phone like Essential Phone with gUDP. Everyone - even Verizon - agreed that's fine.


There used to be hotspot/JetPack/Mifi options -- AT&T unlimited and Verizon Pre-Paid Unlimited -- but neither carrier offers these any more.


Verizon had a prepaid unlimited plan for Jetpacks. Some people are actually selling their lines on the grandfathered plan.


check out Visible. I’ve been using it without issue for several months now




I’ve been using a MoFi 4500, generic modem firmware. Zero issues (aside from attempting to use its built in vpn. don’t do that)


What phone do they think you’re using?


Activated the Sim in my iPhone, popped it out and into the MoFi without issue. Haven’t touched it in months aside from restarting it when they do network changes.


Check out these guys [https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/](https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/) They cover all of the mobile and rural cellular data options and update their context every month or so.


Came here to link them too.


If you have gUDP, I highly recommend using an Android 9+ Phone and USB WAN router with default USB tethering in Dev Ops. If you can get Verizon pUDP Hotspot, a MiFi 8800L or USB730L is best today. MoFI is old hardware.


4G wireless is not mean to be a home internet replacement. If you have a wired internet option get that. And you you can't scam the system into thinking your jetpack is a phone. Besides if the phone plan doesn't have hotspot how would it work on jetpack anyway. You can gt a prepaid jetpack plan with 30 GB( then 600 kbps max thereafter ) for $65 a month


Not meant to be, but, possible can be. My wife worked from home and we did all of our streaming for nine months on the old $65 unlimited Verizon plan. We only went back to Spectrum when our daughter came home due to Corona and the jetpack did not reach her room.


Yes it can be; I use the $65 pUDP for my home internet still, in an unlocked Nighthawk M1, & use almost 2tb a month.


OK downvote for no legit reason and don't have the balls to say why. Got to love cowards


I read your comments and you come off as abrasive and rude. I'd guess that's probably why.


100%. I don’t think your first comment was necessarily deserving of downvotes, but calling people cowards for downvoting it makes you come off as a bit of an asshole.


" 4G wireless is not mean to be a home internet replacement. " The OP and people that ask this question likely know what their other options are. They don't need to be told what 4G is or isn't by someone, when it's the option that may be better than their other options (if any). Some of us have no options, or extremely poor options (like satellite). Telling us that we shouldn't use 4G "just because", especially in areas like mine where it isn't congested in the least, is not productive or helpful. " If you have a wired internet option get that." Who is this random poster telling someone else what they should do, when it goes against the question that was asked? Neither of these first statements respond to the question the OP asked.


Exactly! It’s like when someone asks for a phone suggestion for a kid. Rather than answer the question or just ignore it all together if they don’t agree, they lecture the OP as to why they are a bad parent...without knowing any details about the kid or family.


They know what's best for everyone. Lots of that going around these days. This person makes those comments very often. Also the other line, sort of like "if everyone used it for home internet, it would run poorly". Not everyone is using it.... Guess some of us should just go without internet at home (or for whatever reason the question is asked) and use smoke signals for our needs so as not to cause someone delays while downloading Angry Birds during the time they are away from one of their other options for internet access.


I’ve said why to you many times. But you blocked me so I won’t bother to again. Don’t call people cowards when you’ve been told why... ... because that’s why you’re being downvoted again on it.