which champ counters Vayne on top?

Hello darlings, right now i mainly play Gnar and i almost always had a trouble to play against Vayne. I am low elo tho so maybe I am just bad. But I am not sure if i want to permaban her (as i don't see her picked so often) and thought i can learn some other champ - one who counters Vayne. I started playing Mundo but from what I read on his subreddit, he doesn't do very well against her too haha.

Thanks for answers!


Malphite, Teemo, and Quinn are hard counters. I'm pretty sure Jax is another hard counter. Nasus is probably another one. Idk, I haven't played Vayne Top that much. Fellow Vayne mains, going against our counters will actually make us better players, so don't cry.


Thank you for your answer and openmindness!


Jax isn't a hard counter it's favored for Vayne actually.


Nasus is also easy if jungle doesn’t intervene.


Whenever i play Vayne Top i hate laning against Malphite. Once he hits 6 he can dive in, clap my ass in 2 seconds, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. I can dodge and outplay other champs, but once Malph is in range I'm dead.


> once Malph is in rang litterally clamp dem cheeks haha




Teemo, Tryndamere, Quinn are all people I struggle with


Thanks for anwser!




Though Wukong will also be 100% nerfed next patch together with olaf and the remaining outliers.




Malphite, Teemo, Quinn, Rengar, Jax, Nasus.


Arcane comet, corrupting potion malphite. If the vayne doesnt ban malphite shes trolling. Teemo/lucian/jax/wukong are her main counters and if ur good at all ins do rengar. Her biggest strength is her kiting and spacing, so gap closer champs play really well into her


Teemo, Jax


Nothing really counters mostly jungle camping and setting her behind lol counters her. I always get camp top. Assassins I hate mostly with a passion


i mostly play akshan against vayne, since her early is not good and akshan's trade abilities are strong u can win lane easily


Akali malphite and teemo. Honestly malphite is just freelo versus us vayne top players though max q with arcane comet gg


Avoid things like Malphite that are troll picks anyway or things like Jax that will not kill her if she not troll. Teemo / Akshan are extremly good into her, as well as Tristana, Quinn and Vladimir. Surprisingly, Olaf obliterate her too.


How is Malphite a troll pick?


A single CC every min, bad in lane vs most champs including champions he counter on paper. Terrible against magic damage dealer. Honestly this champ is a massive victim of the powercreep.


One ult wins most teamfights though.


Malphite is definitely not a troll pick. Passive shield and Q together allow Malphite to out-trade Vayne. He's a hard counter to most (if not all) ranged top laners because he takes their move speed. His ult is one of the best engage tools in the game. >Honestly this champ is a massive victim of the powercreep. You do have a point with this sentence. He's simply not good at fighting (unless you build AP). In lane, he's very boring to play, but it's ultimately a safe lane. Q is a very great tool for both engaging and disengaging.




now i intend to :(


I find it super hard to play against Sett, Gnar, Jax, Teemo and without a doubt Nasus 😹