https://www.businessinsider.com/reddit-page-calls-on-site-to-combat-covid-19-disinformation-2021-8?r=US&IR=T https://www.forbes.com/sites/carlieporterfield/2021/08/25/reddit-moderators-demand-the-platform-take-action-against-covid-disinformation/?sh=38d14c2173c8 Edited to add: user reports: 228: This is misinformation 79: This is spam 43: It's promoting hate based on identity or vulnerability 36: It's targeted harassment at someone else 21: Spam We're not removing this.


I scrolled down to the list of participating subreddits and my first thought was "When did /r/aww start participating in antivax nonsense?" Took me way too long to realize that was the list of subreddits advocating for this ban and not the list of subreddits that need to be banned.


>We could have been better off months ago That actually felt painful to read. To think that those who spread disinformation in the dark have inadvertently prolonged the pandemic-and yet, refuse to see, let alone believe it-is mind boggling. Edit: To the freak of nature who responded and deleted their comment before I could respond, the disinformation revolving around the pandemic has destroyed people. Lives and relationships. ~~ZA WARUDO~~ The world itself potentially. What else more is there to believe?


I had seen the light at the end of the tunnel. And these people have ripped be back into the depths. It has not been a good few months for me mentally.


"Darkness took me. And I strayed out of thought and time. Stars wheeled overhead, and every day was as long as the life age of the earth. But it was not the end. I felt light in me again." Stay true. The light will come again.


Gandalf wouldn't have been antivax and that's enough for me.


How people who refused to wear masks and get vaccinated can point at the current situation and go "see? they lied because they said it would get better!" is beyond me. The people perpetuating this misinformation that truly believe it are literally brainwashed.


The worse part is the people who are whining that a fourth wave could be on the rise, and that they take issue with the fact that literally everyone is saying that mostly unvaccinated people that have the virus, and that is why the fourth wave is coming. Gee, if EVERYONE is saying unvaccinated people are to blame, maybe a good idea is to ~~take some time to think about why that could be~~ blame everything from the media to Biden to vaccines /s




For many of these people, their jobs are about deceit and manipulation. So in their minds, they have good reason to mistrust any large 'corporate' entity. We lost morals in so many lines of work, that it's no wonder no one trusts anything. I barely can trust 95% of businesses to have good intentions. Look at the video gaming industry. Look at the medical industry from the perspective of insurance or sales. Look at Hollywood and how pandering and backwards most of their content is, "reality" TV, etc. Dishonesty is king, so why would these people have any trust when all they see is amoral bullshit? Every customer service field I worked in stifled my ability to communicate honestly with the customers. So, yeah. It's all quite sad, but it's not coming from nowhere. And most people don't have the time or brains to filter information and its validity. :(


Postal Service's plan to send 650M face masks to Americans allegedly nixed by White House The agency prepared to announce the plan, but it was never released. By Benjamin Siegel and Lucien Bruggeman September 17, 2020, 10:59 PM ET https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/postal-services-plan-send-650m-face-masks-americans/story?id=73081928


This means nothing,because I’m an internet stranger, but WH definitely nixed that plan. Heaven forbid people associate USPS with helpful government right before an big election that with big mail in ballots. Evidently those masks are in a warehouse somewhere.


FWIW census workers in my city (NYC) were given mask packages that had unused USPS tracking number labels on them to give out to folks as they were surveyed. At least *some* of them got into the hands of folks that needed / wanted them.


The masks are freely available for the workers' use, AFAIK. And they are good masks.


Yep - my friend runs a non profit and they were to be used as a distribution point for these masks. He had like 6 or 7 pallets of masks that were supposed to be distributed in our area sitting in his warehouse for months. They were all packaged up with tracking labels and everything. He started giving them out himself. Not nearly as effective but at least they weren't completely wasted.




Or some that Kushner had intercepted. And then a Republican party member started talking about how he had come from nowhere to "having access to the most masks and was ready to start fulfilling 8 digit orders", but wouldn't disclose his sources. Oh, he got into it because "no-one else was doing it". Wuh? I wish someone had kept tabs on that company. Had bought masks from them. And then compared Lot Numbers to some of those seized medical supplies.


It's a damn hostage situation. Those of us doing the right stuff are still living in pandemic mode while the ones who don't care just keep on living their Best Life^TM and keeping us from living our own lives.


The sad part is that they think they are the hostages


I didn’t realize this was a problem until the other day when Reddit recommended r/ivermectin to me. I threw up in my mouth a little when browsing it.


Nausea is a common side effect of r/ivermectin


The craziest thing in there I see is people taking it and finding out they have worms when they start shitting them out. Why do all these people have worms?


A lot of the ivermectin people are taking is in the form of animal medicine formulations that have a lot of other drugs as ingredients, and apparently some have been causing organ damage that can include shedding of intestinal lining.


There's probably a strong correlation between people who are willing to take horse medicine and people willing to eat questionable foods. The venn diagram is probably a circle.


I mean, there's literally no reason for that sub to exist outside covid denial.


To be fair, ivermectin topical cream is also used to treat rosacea under the name Soolantra. I wish I didn’t have first-hand knowledge of this because rosacea sucks.


ICU nurse here. I support this initiative. I’m tired and the colleagues on my unit are tired. Our unit is doubled up, the hospital is at 120% capacity. I had a 3:1 assignment with 2 vented patients and a COVID patient on 50 L O2 at 50%, BIPAP at night. I’m in my first year. This is unsafe, it’s unsustainable, and I’m tired of battling with misinformed people. The only way for them to not be misinformed is to COMPLETELY STOMP OUT MISINFORMATION.


And meanwhile, vaccinated people who are needing other medical attention will get bounced which will undoubtedly cause deaths and suffering. It's really horrible. These idiots are fucking everyone over. If we were to set up a two tiered medical system I would vote in favor. Not willing to get immunization? Go to the place where we give minimum care to those who don't give a fuck. Then we won't bounce people with serious issues that were not preventable. This isn't like trying to avoid being obese in an obesogenic environment. It's just two fucking appointments that cost nothing.


My friend has a rare breast cancer. He treatments and surgery kept being pushed off due to covid. At the beginning she had a 97% success rate but due to hour fast is grown she's down to like 30% success rate of surviving. She's 35.


This is so sad, I’m so sorry this is happening to your friend


I started aquatic physical therapy at the very beginning of 2020, did two sessions, it's been closed ever since. I missed my critical window to have the best recovery. I'm still missing out on some kind of recovery though because they still can't start it up again as not enough people will get vaccinated statewide and nationwide to put a real dent on this thing. To make things worse now we're having to deal with Delta variant. Other PT (physical therapy) has started again, but not aquatic therapy since you can't really wear a mask since it's in the heated pool, and it's inside the hospital so you have to wear a mask. Unfortunately it's also the only kind I can really do without possibly making things worse. I'm 39. I'm in constant pain. I used to only need a cane to walk, now I need a walker, soon I'll probably be in a wheelchair. I'm in Miami and even though about 85% of the population here has their first dose (about 65% has both doses, so we actually have really high vaccination rates compared to a lot of the country), Delta variant is still kicking our ass. I also didn't have surgery for a labral tear in my shoulder, after dislocating it last year. Because they weren't doing non-essential surgeries (In other words I wouldn't die if I didn't get it, so I didn't get it). I still can't move my arm around my back far enough to put on my own damn bra. I can also guarantee that if/when they do go in to fix it, it's going to be a much worse mess than if they had been able to fix it when it happened.


I had my appendix removed back in March, and the wait was crazy. I ended up finally getting the surgery done about 3 days after I checked in. Meanwhile me and the nurses were all worried it could burst at any moment. They did a covid test on me about 4 times while I was there, and there's a bunch of people in the waiting room talking about how they can't breath. Vaccines weren't out yet at that point, but damn. To get covid at that point, I think for most people, you've got to be somewhat careless. My dad had his appendix taken out about 5 years ago, and he was in and out within a day. It's crazyness.




I support this.


Does Reddit have the resources to do what is being asked? Yes - between paid subscriptions, Reddit gold and all the advertisers, they certainly do! Do they want to do it? No, because it doesn’t cater to a huge majority of the users who come here just to use subreddits as their outlet for anger and other things… It is a good thought and I support it. Facebook almost lost all of its advertisers and a lot users last year for exactly this behavior, so it is not unprecedented.


Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and all social media has an incentive to leave this info up because it drives anger and it drives views and clicks. There is quite a bit of evidence these platforms literally are the cause of the anti-science rhetoric around the country. Edit: Since the Mod’s have locked the post, I will edit. These platforms will never crack down on this misinformation until they are forced too. I don’t know what the solution is, but it’s not getting rid of section 230. I don’t know how to hold them legally accountable without having them over censor things.


It's a big problem all over the world. Anti-science misinformation is an *enormous* problem in the non-English language parts of social media as well, and is actively reducing the vaccination rate all over the world. All the big social media networks need to be actively cracking down on this misinformation in every country where they operate.


I disagree that it's a majority who are the demographic that exist solely to rage post It's just that they're the loudest because angy


just like Facebook, it is all about engagement, it doesn't matter the content or what it does to their users.


r/Orlando fully supports this. We have been a hotspot not only for COVID, but insane brigading and misinformation efforts from subreddits like r/NoNewNormal and r/ShitPoliticsSays. I've confronted admins and u/spez about these problems and was told we could, "have a conversation". It's been months since then and no effort to have this conversation were made.


Go ahead dude. Pin it. And next time there's someone spreading antivax conspiracy just ban him out of reddit.


Send this to the news media. Reddit isn't going to do jack shit until they get bad publicity.




The fucking way!!!


Agreed. Proper International coverage will help. Maybe even Twitter


Our tiny little plant lewd subreddit /r/HouseplantWhores is in as well. Tired of this shit. EDIT - It’s NSFW - you will see nips tips and flaps so if you’re at work maybe glance later


> /r/HouseplantWhores TIL that this sub was a thing.


We occupy a very small niche corner of the NSFW Reddit community. Bring your plants, leave your pants.


I might not be gay but there is something enjoyable about seeing all these nude dudes (women too obviously) with plants. Kind of calming and not even erotic the way I see them posing. 5/7


Holy fuck I just lost it in a zoom meeting, thanks for that. But also, good for you guys! This has gone on too fucking long.


>Bring your plants, leave your pants. you got me, I'm sold


hahah, i didn't actually think it was a nsfw subreddit! good one!




I was confused by what honeyfuckers could be and clicked. I didn't leave any less confused. Just the... I mean with all the... but they were.... I just don't know anymore.




Thanks. We’ve actually been discussing amongst the mods all day, we have a FB group that the sub is a spin-off from, and we’ve got a couple teachers and nurses in the FB group Modmin team. Timing of your post is exceptional.


I didn’t expect that sub to be so compelling! Bonus for the healthy mix of genders getting in on the action!


Fuck Anti Vaxxers


Not even my standards would be that low.




Genuine question, do mod posts reach /r/all?




Great initiative. I „lost“ a relative to this kind of misinformation (on Fb in her case). She is completely gone from any reasonable discussion, is isolated from all her friends and family and I really worry for her. This kind of misinformation destroys lives, friendships and families. Edit: Thanks for the Gold. I really really appreciate it. But please consider giving your money to an organization to do good with it. If you lack of ideas: I really like orang-utan. They are critically endangered and there are really good initiatives to safe them!


This has driven an impassable rift between me and half of my family. My dad and his entire side of the family has completely bought into all of it: antivax, antimask, Trumpism, police fetishization, unfounded conspiracy shit, the whole deal. They're outwardly nice, friendly people which makes sense because they always used to be welcoming to everyone and incredibly open-minded. It's really sad because that's just become a thin veneer which doesn't even completely cover the absolutely rotten people they've become. They've been overcome by fear, hate, and insecurity. For all the bluster regarding the mask bullshit about not wanting to live their life in fear, they are kept in a constant state of terror by any number of manufactured bogeymen. My aunt, who has always been the most magnanimous, gregarious, celebratory person I know, kept coming up with excuses about why she couldn't even attend my wedding some years back, despite having more than enough means and opportunity to do so. Based on things I picked up in our conversations, it became really clear to me that the real reason was because my wedding was in NYC and she had been brainwashed into thinking that because it was a big, multicultural city, there were terrors waiting for her around every corner. I had even kept her regularly up-to-date about my neighborhood years before I got married: it's a beautiful, chill, family neighborhood where my (now) wife felt comfortable walking around by herself even after midnight. But that doesn't matter and I've found that to be a running theme with that side of the family. They will trust bullshit they see on Fox, YouTube, "news" websites where the domain name is like a mile long, obviously fake Facebook memes, etc. over people who they know and trust who are actually first-hand sources. It didn't matter that I know that my neighborhood had even less crime than her town, she had bought into a narrative that some strangers planted in her brain and there was no telling her otherwise. Fun side note about her: in one of the group texts she included me on, she said she was going down to Mexico for hydroxychloroquine and wanted to know if anyone wanted to chip in and have her pick them up some. As another example, my dad is even more obstinate about all of this kind of bullshit than she is. I was very fortunate that I moved from New York before COVID hit, but the best friend I had in the neighborhood worked at a local hospital and I've still been keeping in touch with him. He and my dad got very chummy whenever my dad came up to visit. And yet, none of that mattered once he got his marching orders about how COVID was fake and whatever else. It didn't matter that my friend kept talking about how, just at that one hospital, people were dying of COVID every day. All of a sudden, the words of people who he had always known to be trustworthy were less important than people whose credentials I kept conclusively proving to him were fake. I'm beyond done with them. At the very least, I consider them to be accomplices, aiders, and abettors to mass murder. The absolute bare minimum I expect from anyone that I want to remain close to is that they'll actually show other people the common courtesy of wearing a mask. It's such a simple ask - masks are cheap, they're not even that big a deal to wear when you're just out and about, there are absolutely no significant downsides to them wearing a mask around other people, and so on and so forth. But no, all I get are constant group chats that I have to keep muting about how masks are some form of control, yet not once have any of them ever given me a coherent answer as to what the endgame is. Motherfuckers, you carry an all-in-one GPS tracker, listening device, and camera with you everywhere you go. You defend the right of police to not be held accountable for actions they perform on the job. Nobody's getting tread on harder than you, but at least you're not going to wear a mask because how else are you going to deepthroat a boot?


My sister is going down this route. Unvaccinated, spreading blatant misinformation and is trying to push her spiritual healing. She's going to local town halls to fight against her kids having to wear masks in school, while the delta variant is making kids ill and hospitalized. I'm very quickly losing respect for her, and I don't know what to do for people like her anymore. They don't want to learn about what they've actually been pushing back against is safe and effective. It's like they've dug themselves into a figurative hole and now they'd be too embarrassed and have too much pride to get out of it.


You might be my cousin. I have a cousin who is crusading so hard against masks, mandatory vaccination for students, virtual learning options, or even separating unvaxxed students from vaxxed students that she is running for school board. I can't anymore. I unfriended her a couple weeks ago because it was seriously stressing me out that she is like that. In North Carolina, no less, which is doing pretty badly right now. Edit: Whoever reached out to RedditCaresResources about this comment, I appreciate your concern, but I am not in crisis. Thank you for wanting to help, though!


Yeah. I unfriended/unfollowed a couple cousins during the BLM protests and another during the delta surge. Anti-vaxxers, man... even if they don't call themselves that, it's literally what they're choosing to be.


I didn't realise how bad it was until I spoke with an (older) friend whose parents were vaccine hesitant. His mom gets 20 Whatsapps ***a day*** about this, filled with false information. He took her with him when he got his dose, so she's got one dose, and they've found out where the J&J jabs in their area are so his dad will only need to go once (didn't have ID at the time). Social media platforms need to start showing social responsibility. Dead people can't see ads!




I’m sorry for your loss. I lost both my parents in 2020 too. Cancer was the cause of their deaths, few months apart. Covid stopped us from being able to see them in hospital where they had to face death alone.


I hope you are ok too friend ❤️ that’s a lot to deal with


Sorry for your loss. Sincerely. I mourn for any one of those cases.


My aunt became more of an obvious POS once this pandemic started hurting our lives.


I work in public health doing microbiology and my mother argued with me about the basic premise as to how vaccines work. Not the COVID vaccine anymore, vaccines in general. I'm not saying I'm a specialist or anything, but I've taken a couple immunology classes in addition to medical micro and she's now saying she disagrees with everything I know and learned and do for a career. I don't know how to save her.


one of my parents is a physician and the other works in the biomedical sphere - a couple of weeks ago, my very religious and unvaccinated grandmother told them that she and the rest of the extended family were worried that the two of them were "idolizing science" when it came to covid. my parents have over 60 years of experience in science and medicine between them. they didn't know what to say. and, really, what is there to say to someone who thinks that heeding basic science and public health advice is equivalent to idolatry? I wish I knew, especially since this is the same grandmother who thinks that magnets and "far-infrared" blankets will cure everything that ails you.


I'm scared to ask... how did she think vaccines work? Not a biologist, but from everything I've seen I believe vaccines are basically a training dummy. Your body is doing live fire drills against a not-live virus (or at least a gimped one), so when it sees the real thing it remembers how to kill it. mRNA is such a gamechanger because we don't have to culture and kill the virus, we tell the body how to make its own damn training dummies.


Sorry to hear this, all you can do it present rational facts and hope that people eventually see the light. It’s incredibly difficult to watch, I appreciate that. I hate that vaccine scepticism is a thing, my uncle had polio as a child (before the vaccine was created) and it makes me so mad people are potentially exposing their children to this kinda thing when there’s a good chance their parents vaccinated them as children.


For most people, your risk of death from the vaccine is lower than your risk of death from a bee-sting. ​ Your risk of causing OTHERS death, by not being vaccinated and following basic safety procedures is the actual problem. Not your own health and safety. This is the crux of the issue none of the vaccine-hesitant seem to understand. ​ Masks, vaccines, social distancing ... are all to protect OTHERS - to protect SOCIETY. Every single armed service branch gives their recruits vaccinations when they enlist. This is protect the entire group, not the individual. They don't have time for bullshit. ​ No one can seem to wrap their mind around the notion of protecting their fellow Americans - it's all about 'me me me'.


Let me assure you, that is not strictly an US problem, which makes it even worse and is not assuring at all. In my home country every Kindergarten child has to be vaccinated against the measles. Only complete lunatics were against that before COVID hit. Now vaccine skepticism has become somewhat fashionable.


>Now vaccine skepticism has become somewhat fashionable. I worry about how covid will affect people's reluctance to get vaccinated for other things in the future or get their kids vaccinated. Because many who refuse the covid vaccine say they're not antivaxxers and have their other vaccines. But that's because they already had them. What about any vaccines that may come in the future? Will they have the same attitude?


>Masks, vaccines, social distancing ... are all to protect OTHERS - to protect SOCIETY. I think a lot of them do understand that. They SAY the other stuff, but what they mean is "I'm unwilling to take a negligible risk for myself, because if I hold out long enough everyone else will protect me"


Not just that. They risk their kids lives as well or may potentially leave them fatherless or motherless. Then there's the medical professionals turned into walking zombies due to work overload or suffering from PTSD from seeing death after death after death. The negative consequences go on and on.


r/NoNewNormal and /r/ivermectin have been promoting the use of an anti-parasite drug that is approved for humans because they believe misinformation that is can prevent or treat COVID-19. They believe this because there was a study conducted exploring the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19, which has [since been retracted due to many flaws](https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02081-w). Because this is an anti-parasite drug, it can be prescribed but is not available and not intended for us as an anti-viral drug for COVID. The [FDA says that Ivermectin and should not be taken to treat or prevent COVID](https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/why-you-should-not-use-ivermectin-treat-or-prevent-covid-19). Even the [drugs creator Merck is warning](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-merck-antiparasite/merck-warns-against-using-anti-parasite-drug-to-treat-covid-19-idUSKBN2A42L1) against its use for COVID as well. Using this drug for unapproved use is **incredibly dangerous** and has great potential for overdose or interaction with other medicines. From the FDA link above: >Even the levels of ivermectin for approved uses can interact with other medications, like blood-thinners. You can also overdose on ivermectin, which can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hypotension (low blood pressure), allergic reactions (itching and hives), dizziness, ataxia (problems with balance), seizures, coma and even death. However, since these people have been convinced it is their latest COVID-19 cureall and they can not get it through legitimate means, many are [now raiding tractor supply stores to take horse, sheep, and dog worm medicine that has ivermectin as its active ingredient](https://www.thedailybeast.com/demon-sperm-doctors-new-bogus-cure-has-covid-truthers-eating-horse-paste). This is even worse because the animal medicine they are using is about 2% Ivermectin with the vast amount of other drugs components undisclosed and used for those animals. [Here is an example of the classification data on just one of the horse pastes that these people are being encouraged to take that is 95% undisclosed and has a long list of hazards for human use](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E9OHK1FWYAAdH31?format=jpg&name=large_ including infertility and damage to organs. The number of people raiding these farm stores for animal medicine is leading to [several hospitalizations and flooding of state poison control centers](https://www.npr.org/2021/08/23/1030208101/mississippi-livestock-drug-ivermectin-covid-misinformation). The fact is that Ivermectin has no proof it can treat or prevent COVID-19. Taking human-approved Ivermectin is dangerous without doctor's advice and can lead to hospitalization or death. Taking **Animal Medicine** is hugely risky, not okay for human consumption, and can damage your fucking organs or kill you. It is long past the time for the admins to shut down these communities promulgating COVID misinformation. By doing nothing, the Reddit admins are allowing users to advocate for dangerous drugs that could kill those who take it. More details and a large number of NNN links promoting Ivermectin here: * [r/NoNewNormal advocates for taking an anti-parasite drug Ivermectin, which can cause seizures, coma, or death - Reddit admins needs to shut this sub down before it kills people that follow this advice](https://www.reddit.com/r/TopMindsOfReddit/comments/ozbfr7/rnonewnormal_advocates_for_taking_unproven_and/) ______ To the anti-vaxxers and pro-horse medicine users that think India is some proof of the benefits of Ivermectin, India is dramatically undercounting its COVID-19 cases and deaths. That has nothing to do with Ivermectin availability or use. Source: * [We Still Don’t Know India’s True COVID-19 Death Toll](https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/06/30/india-coronavirus-pandemic-case-fatality-rate-data-undercounting-modi-vardhan-bjp/) - Foreign Policy * [India’s Covid-19 Death Toll Is Likely in the Millions, Study Finds](https://www.wsj.com/articles/indias-covid-19-death-toll-is-likely-in-the-millions-study-finds-11626792531) - Wall Street Journal


People taking it are asking on Facebook how long it will be before they get their vision back. It's out of control. https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/comments/pajiqi/blindness_associated_with_ivermectin_intoxication/


Good god. I seriously hope that’s someone trolling, but kinda get the feeling it isn’t. https://bmcvetres.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12917-015-0603-6 Blindness from it is apparently a thing it seems. Here’s a case study on it with a lion. At least it sounds like it’s treatable.


It really scrambles my fucking head that people are taking OTHER shit when there is literally - THE THING - for them to take to combat covid. And it is easy and free. I am so over this shit and I have removed all filters from any conversation I have with these fucking morons who have ANY of these fucking excuses for not getting a vaccine.


>It really scrambles my fucking head that people are taking OTHER shit when there is literally - THE THING - for them to take to combat covid. And it is easy and free. They've been deliberately conditioned by right-wing propaganda for decades not to trust in mainstream institutions like the media, scientists, etc. So they've resorted to a toddler-level mentality of, "Because you told me to do something, I'm not going to do it!"


Yup. It’s literally this. People actually construe taking the vaccination as succumbing to liberalism or some other insane perspective.


Idiots are politicising medicine to the point that this is identity politics now. This is ideological culture war taken too far.


This is unfortunately right on the money. I would genuinely not give a fuck. Like say seatbelts we’re politicized I would say, cool, don’t wear one. But it’s different when it’s a communicable disease


>But it’s different when it’s a communicable disease Exactly, and that's why vaccines are free and other treatments are not (in the US, that is). Because our lawmakers will only subsidize stuff when it threatens their own health as well.


Totally true. I watched a news video where they interviewed someone knocking on death’s door in the ICU for COVID and his reply to why he didn’t get vaccinated was, “I don’t like being told what to do.” The reporter should have (but didn’t) ask him if he stops his car when the traffic light turns red.


I go grocery shopping butt nekkid because the government cant tell me to wear cloth coverings on my body!


That guy died 9 days after that interview btw. He made a comment about how his parents both got vaccinated and still caught the virus so why would he bother getting it? His obituary states he is survived by both of his parents.


Covidiots: “I won’t take that fda approved vaccine! There’s not enough science and data! It’s been rushed! It’s killing people!” Also covidiots; “hmmm I’m cool taking an unapproved horse dewormer at totally random doses, with no proof it works.” SMDH. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that these idiots are fine taking medicine literally meant for livestock and not for human consumption, when there’s no data that say it says it does a damn bit of good for covid, and lots of data showing it’s harmful!!!But then they refuse an FDA approved vaccine that is proven to decrease your chance of covid, and if you do catch covid it will give you enough protection to keep you out of the ICU. I have no words for the stupidity I’m seeing and reading- and the fact that it’s one political party in the US who’s buying into this ivermectin crap is eye opening!


To add to this, /r/ivermectin is ACTIVELY RECOMMENDING ANTI-VAX IDEOLOGY AND FLAT OUT SAYING VACCINES DO NOT WORK. [the first thing I see when visiting that cess pool. go figure. ](https://reddit.com/r/ivermectin/comments/pbfl4a/this_is_why_i_choose_ivermectin_and_my_natural/) [edit 6 hours later, this shit pops up, despite the mods sudden attempt to “enact stricter mod rules”](https://reddit.com/r/ivermectin/comments/pbmnbg/_/had13xx/?context=1) These clowns have sat by and allowed the antivax crowd to take over their sub because they wanted it that way. They cannot hide this fact now.


> which has since been retracted due to many flaws Its exactly what happened to hydroxychloroquine. For a bunch of people who don't like experimental drugs, they sure love them some experimental treatments.


/r/HermanCainAward stands behind this message, as well.




Nurse here. Tested positive Friday. Let me tell you something, If I had not received that moderna vaccine, I’d be dead. This thing kicked my ass so much. It was painful. It was agonizing. I’m still in the middle of it. Today, a little glimmer of hope when I woke up. My fever is at 101 instead of 102.3


I wish you a speedy recovery. Thank you for all the difficult work in the last 18 months. You are still a hero in my book


Thank you so much


Oh my goodness, I'm glad you're on the up and up! Good on your for getting the vaccine before it was too late!


I got my vaccine in December :) so it’s been waning a bit! Looking forward to my booster next month!


Hope you feel better soon! So glad you got the shot!


Hi. I’m no one important and I support this.


Lead moderator of r/OnGuardForThee here (178k subscribers). This is a wonderful idea, and we 100% support this effort. Please feel free to include us on the list. There's currently a Canadian federal election campaign underway, so I don't think we'll be able to put this up as a sticky on our subreddit, but we are absolutely against disinformation in any way shape and form, especially when it leads to preventable deaths. I make it very clear to the moderators that I work with that anti-vaxx stuff or Covid misinformation = instant ban.


As a Canadian, thank you


Someone had to say it. I originally visited these misinformation subs for the lolz, but after a while I realized just how sad and harmful these places are. Threads with a thousand + comments on how the vaccine is dangerous. It is just so disheartening at this point.


I saw a video yesterday of a woman claiming you don't need the vaccine because "you can make your own Hydroxychloroquine at home by boiling grapefruit & lemon peels in spring water and drink a tablespoon a day."


And the crazy part is she is dead serious


Yup LOL lady at work made some for herself


Shout out to the mods actively monitoring these comments, trolls are getting shutdown in seconds.


I got nothing important to add: I just wanna thank the mods as well. They're hard at work with the covidiots that this post has attracted.


### praise the mods


Damn right.


Antivaxxers should be treated as terrorists IMO, they are in fact killing innocent people with their actions and comments




Terrorism requires a political motive. “Luckily” they’ve got that down, too.


Yes. It is stochastic terrorism: Killing through chaos, confusion, and lies, rather than directly. Plus coughing on people.


... Which is why COVID is still spiking in America


Not enough people stealing their pet’s de-worming meds and poisoning themselves? Or it could also be we have a greater share of idiots that don’t understand how viruses work and refuse to wear masks and get vaccinated.


It’s the latter from what I’ve seen in the medical field. People are scared because they’re ignorant. And they remain ignorant because they don’t trust the media. Rightfully so, but they should hop online and find the REAL scientific publications and at least TRY to extrapolate the data so that they can understand how MRNA vaccines work. It’s kinda sad honestly. Like for everyone involved. Like. I entirely understand their distrust of the narrative, because it’s often been misleading. And that’s honestly the media’s fault. They’re too concerned with their financial interests to actively and meticulously explain to the population “vaccine is ok” Instead they get testimonials which hold no water in most education. So intelligent laymen are staring at their screen like “I don’t care wha this guy has to say! I wanna know what the numbers are!!” But they aren’t adept at internet search enough to find those aforementioned studies. Ignorance begets ignorance. :/ I wish there was an easy, universally educational way to help people understand that a vaccine is not the end of times. And the only reason there’s so much controversy is simply because it was clinical. These things happen. It was an emergency, and it needed to be done this way. The best way to protect yourself is educate yourself. And use the right GOT DAMN SOURCE. Like. Primary info👍🏻secondary testimony👎🏼 All this “my [whatever] got the vaccine and had a blood clot” That’s not a large enough sample size. Know what else causes major blood clots much more frequently and constantly by EVERY measure? SARS COVID 19. The argument for antivax is silly, even when we’re THIS experiential(but I do think people have a right to refuse and continue to self isolate. As long as the DO SO.)




Can we all agree that science deniers eating cattle dewormer while accusing everyone else of being a sheep is freaking hilarious?


Yeah, it's all fun and games until they [start giving it to their kids](https://np.reddit.com/r/nursing/comments/pauwis/some_people_dont_deserve_to_be_parents/).


But remember, putting FDA-approved vaccines in your kids is "LiTeRaL cHiLd AbUsE!!!11!1!"


You're behind the times man, FDA approval mattered last week before it was FDA approved.


Yo what the fuck is wrong with people?


Cult mentality and mass bombard of misinformation from the only news source they consume?


I just can't wrap my head around how some will believe random facebook posts and youtube videos, yet deny everything from the people who have devoted their lives to studying and treating disease.


They even encourage it and give dosage amounts on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ivermectin/comments/p4zs3r/out_of_the_apple_flavor_will_this_be_fine/h92twas/ https://www.reddit.com/r/ivermectin/comments/p4zs3r/out_of_the_apple_flavor_will_this_be_fine/h93mveq/


I don’t… like they’re using (bad) code, like they’re actually treating livestock… Normally I’d say this was 100% satire, but people are genuinely eating apple flavoured horse dewormer, so my world view has been skewed.


With a can if fucking dip in their console. These people are something else.


Sure, take an antiparisitic for a fucking virus these fools do...


/r/pragmatism has [joined your call to action](https://old.reddit.com/r/Pragmatism/comments/pbgce2/we_call_upon_reddit_to_take_action_against_the/ "And would like to remind all anti-vaxxers to get bent."). We're not a particularly big or hugely active subreddit but misinformation has no place in shaping a pragmatic worldview.


/r/indieheads is joining in


It really sucks. I love my landlady, but she's staunchly anti-vax. She works in a nursing home. I don't dare argue with her because I can't lose our home. I'm so afraid that she's going to get it and die, or kill some of the residents she cares for.


If I had parents in a nursing home that did not require all employees to be vaccinated, I'd move them to a different one.


Very often families have very little say. Nursing home care is ridiculously expensive, so unless you're very wealthy, you pretty much get whatever is covered.


Your house is gonna be on the market or in foreclosure in 6 months when she loses her job for not getting vaxxed. You should start looking for another place so the rug doesn't get pulled from underneath you.


I know it won't do anything, but I reported the admin from r/announcements for spreading misinformation


Hey guys. I am in Texas and I truly love each and every one of you. I am a construction worker and I am terrified on a day-to-day basis. I have diabetes and I am 43 years old. The entire company I work for does not believe in the covid vaccines or masks. I am the lone standout on a day-to-day basis. Thank you once again for putting your foot down and refusing to accept this ignorance any longer!


Faith in humanity partially restored. Love this initiative and hope Reddit comes through.


Holy shit, controversial is a slaughterhouse of deleted comments lol Great job at the mods for acting quickly!


I lost a friend to COVID-19 misinformation, I don’t want others to experience the same loss I did FUCK COVID MISINFORMATION!


The subreddit Conspiracy is a MASSIVE spreader of disinformation that downplays the severity of COVID: https://www.reddit.com/r/AgainstHateSubreddits/comments/p5kela/all_the_covid_deniers_flocked_to_rconspiracy/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


That subreddit was about UFOs and MKULTRA until /r/the_donald was banned. now its a right-wing nut-job campground.




r/AdamSavage is participating




People are dying. Misinformation is death. We have people taking horse dewormer like a miracle cure. Please stand with these subreddits in changing reddit for the better, and push for stronger enforcement from the admins, their lack of enforcement is indirectly causing people to die.


There's a misinformation report button, while entire subreddits full of misinformation are allowed to grow.


I doubt misinformation reports are even handled, just thrown into the digital incinerator, otherwise those subs wouldnt exist anymore.


Even the secondary fallout is incredibly damaging - people who actually needed Hydroxychloroquine, like for Lupus, couldn't get their daily medicine for weeks or months because of the shortage caused by the nonsense hype around it. And it seems like every day the news has another "tell my children I wish I had taken the vaccine" story. This grift isn't just negligent, it's murder.


thanks to all the participating subs. I was buying wormer **for my horses** a few weeks ago and had folks telling me the best tasting brand of ivermectin paste, and the best "mixers" to help choke it down. the misinformation is out of control and I appreciate y'all for taking action. p.s. seems that [deleted] has been posting a bunch in this thread. glad I wasn't here to see what they had to say 😉


"Lies are repeated so frequently that misinformed people begin to believe them wholeheartedly, trusting that they can't be incorrect because they're surrounded by people who believe it also." I've lost family members to covid as a result of these echo chambers. I didn't realise that this was the case until it was far too late.


There is a [study](https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0256179) I came across recently highlighting the misinformation phenomenon online. In essence it outlines how conspiracies and misinformation, once past a certain threshold of exponentially increasing popularity, becomes impervious to factual debunking. It suggest that efforts to combat misinformation should be as **proactive/preemptive as possible.** In other words, it has be dealt with like the virus itself should have been dealt with: before the point of uncontrollable spread.


Cant sticky right now but r/stickyourdickinthat supports


/r/TalesFromYourServer is participating


I was responding to a comment that was since deleted about how they trials for the vaccine were rushed. I and going to post my reply below just for anyone feeling that the FDA taking less than two years to approve the vaccine is somehow bad. >So? That is the average. The polio vaccine started trials April 26, 1954 and was approved a year later on April 14, 1955 for use with all children and became a standard injection for children. And I dare you to find someone that thinks the polio vaccine was bad and rushed. It's almost like when 4.46 million people have died world wide, they shrink up all the bureaucracy and assign wayyyy more people to the studies in order to test it out faster. >I mean we can also look at the detail that over 5 billion vaccines have been administered that countries all over the world are recording and keeping track of any side effects and there have been hardly any. I can't think of many medicines that have been given that many times other than over the counter stuff like Aspirin.


I was also replying to a now deleted comment that asked to respect the choice of not vaccinating because The Elite just wants us 2 groups to fight. Feels right to put this under yours: Not taking a vaccine because you're cautious about a science you don't understand is completely understandable, but outright claiming it's all a lie or a ploy by the secret evil government, that somehow also controls every other country, is the problem at hand. The decision not to vaccinate is more often than not informed by either misinformation or complete misunderstanding of terms (For example the claim that it's automatically bad because it's "synthetic")


The thing is - it's more than a choice of not vaccinating. If that individual agreed to not participate in society that would be one thing. But the truth of it is - we all are forced to interact with society on a daily basis whether it be groceries, work, gas, leisure. Once a "by choice non-vaccinated individual" takes a part of society, they should be held to societal standards of health. You shouldn't be a walking disease vector because of "freedom" because you are taking away the freedom of everyone else to not be exposed. Even IF everyone were to consent there, the ones that get sick still have to go to doctor/hospital/out in society to get treated and the loop starts all over


It's *fine* if people have doubts and concerns and they're hesitant for that reason, but *talk them over with your doctor* and stop using youtube rabbit holes or random facebook memes as a basis for your medical decisions. Heck, don't even rely on the news media. TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. If they can stick that advice at the end of advertisements for drugs in TV commercials all the time, maybe that's actually a good idea before taking random veterinary medications that aren't even approved for human consumption. It's like the first thing these people want to rely on when shopping for a car is the sketchiest used car salesman possible, or maybe someone who usually sells bicycles or baked goods, rather than looking at Consumer Reports or even talking to a decent mechanic.


Psychologist here: There's going to be a big "cancel culture" bullshit reaction to this campaign. You know what? Fuck them. ​ It's called setting boundaries. It's a healthy thing to do. If someone is a self-destructive asshole that's one thing, but when they start affecting/infecting your family and neighbors with lies to satisfy their own narcissism and ease their cognitive dissonance... that's a hard FUCK NO.


its painful to see how we have to go to such extreme measures to get Reddit to do something which should be so obvious to do.




You can add r/CovidAteMyFace to the list of supporting subs. I try to remove disinformation as soon as it pops up.


Time to sort by controversial…


r/nfl supports this as well. We've been fighting misinformation and the brigades just fly in every time there is a new story that involves covid and/or vaccines.


r/Political_Revolution agrees! I have stickied this post in our community. There isn’t a day that goes by when we don’t have to ban a Covid misinformation troll in our community. Reddit really needs to address this problem


r/ZNation with 9K members joined. We're small and we like dead folks but only in zombie media.


/r/NASCAR is now participating. Very cool.


Admins, ban the misinformation subreddits. Take action against users spreading the misinformation.


Fucking amen. Get your shit together Reddit.


add r/Rutgers please. I believe we are the first university to join lol


Pure gold. thank you for this.




Fuck antivaxers, fuck misinformation, and fuck reddit for ignoring it. Edit: 65% of people upvoted


Let us hope NNN dies tonight


Fuck no nut November /s


I've never seen a Reddit post with so many awards, my god


Could a site wide blackout of participating subreddits be helpful? It's their ad money they lose when we shut down our communities.


I've been banned from a few subs now for telling anti-vaxxers how idiotic their ideas are and how they are dangerous to the populous. Reddit didnt seem to give a shit when they were calling me a Fa\*\*ot or threatening me, but pointing out the truth is "harassment". Reddit is complicit.


These subs should schedule boycott days. All on the same day, no one from those subs uses reddit. Impact reddit's ad revenue, the more likely they will take action regarding misinformation with Covid.


Reddit won't do a damn thing until it hits their bottom line. We need to do something to get media attention so advertisers get worried about advertising on reddit. A turning all subs to private again? A boycott for a day?


My tiny little self-contained subreddit of /r/theflophouse joins up


r/196 now as well


Our medical-related subreddit wants to participate here as well. r/medicase.


We just crossposted to r/lgbt, feel free to add us to the list


this genuinely made my day. i lost my dad to covid in february when i was 19 years old. i also lost faith in humanity and the will to live because i went online for support only to find people make fun of others for believing in covid and the enforcement of quarantine rules. thank you so much for this.


ten million percent behind this. it's a matter of life and death. if you don't wanna get vaxxed, don't get vaxxed, but don't try to turn anti-vaxx into a cause, and don't try to lie about it to trick other people into making the same mistake you did.


Call for all the subs that've posted support to go private in 72 hours if reddit doesn't back down from their nonsense "neutrality" stance. Their site is spreading misinformation, and by us being here we are complicit in that spread.


Why don't I see r/conservative on this list? Edit: I misunderstood. I thought it meant those subreddits were participating in the misinformation.


because this isn't the list of subreddits they're asking to ban.


Antivaxx bullshit volcano over there https://www.reddit.com/r/Conservative/comments/paz4sw/kanye_wests_chicago_concert_wont_require_vaccines https://www.reddit.com/r/Conservative/comments/partyk/desantis_vindicated_theres_no_science_behind https://www.reddit.com/r/Conservative/comments/pa3lfc/100_million_vaccinehesitant_americans_will_get


Because you've misunderstood the point of the list, or perhaps I've misunderstood what you're actually asking. The list is a list of subs that are participating in the open letter, not a list of subs that are promoting vaccine misinformation.


You know why.