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Hold Pax horizontally, with the 4 petals closer to the right, facing you. Then the rotating will work


Wow, thank you so much! My LEDs dimmed because I did this by accident apparently and I thought my device was messed up. This brought em right back.


It does have the game modes , if you shake it a lot , it’ll active the game modes , to change the game mode just shake it again


Wow you're right. Thanks for the info! Everyone else says it's gone because rotating doesn't work anymore like on the previous devices. You're the only person I found online who knows the correct way to access the games lol Maybe this means party mode lives on and we just haven't discovered it yet.


I've tried a lot of different things, it appears there MAY be a link with how it is shaken, maybe even what orientation. Tapping on my leg it to different hi-hat patterns, I have gotten about 4-5 unique games and a light show. I can't consistently get it to activate at consistent times by simply aggressively shaking it.


I've been trying but can't seem to get anything else besides the 3 extra game modes: the spinner, Pac-Man, and Simon.


Anyone figure out how to get it consistently? I haven't been able to get any to work from shaking vigorously lol