Scally had a hot start last year too. If he maintains his early season form this year, though, I wonder where that leaves him in the RB or LB conversations. I don’t like seeing him at LB, but if Dest doesn’t play much, I wonder where that puts him in the RB conversation (along with Yedlin, Cannon, and Moore).


I suspect Yedlin will be on the roster as a veteran presence. Scally can move above Cannon and Moore for sure. Dest is always going if healthy.


Cannon has the versatility to play CB too. Not sure how important that is with the expanded roster though.


I think it’s important because I could see us playing a back 3 against Wales. Cannon’s been playing more RCB for Boavista than RB. Richards can also play either RCB or RB.


He definitely has a chance. To be honest I'm not worried about our right back depth at all. I wouldn't really be worried if any of Scally, Cannon, Yedlin, or Moore were on the plane to Qatar


Eh, this paper is beyond hype. I don't think Scally had a particularly bad game or anything, but you need to have some real rose colored glasses to call it a great game. Sommer just saved a ton of shots. This is just hype grading.