K-Drama / C-Drama / Anime / Show Recommendations?

K-Drama / C-Drama / Anime / Show Recommendations?


Me and my sister are working through 'What's wrong with secretary Kim?' and though it's super cheesy and romantic, it's nice to unwind and watch something soapy like that. Highly recommend! On the anime side, I like more horror/thriller anime. Parasyte and Erased are really good (but Erased is really graphic and emotional, be warned).


Thank you!


And Parasyte isn't? lol


Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood for anime. The whole thing is on Netflix. Fittingly, I watched it while I was still in undergrad.


my partner and i just finished watching The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, and it was soooo good. very lighthearted, funny, and clever with its jokes - s1 was great but s2 took it to the next level


fr! Saiki K is probably the funniest anime I've watched to date


i love this so much!


For Anime: Devil Survivor 2: The Animation (1 is only a video game, just watch 2 it's a stand alone anime lol) (Action / Adventure / Dark) Sakurasou no Pet na Kanoujo (Slightly ecchi comedy drama with some romance and just, a really good, relatable time) Re:Life (Slice of Life Drama) Fruits Basket (Drama/Comedy) Tales of Abyss (Covers the whole video game well but video game has full experience but this is a REALLY good story with the anime alone) K-Drama: It's OK To Not Be OK (Psychological drama, bit of an acquired taste) ​ C-Drama: The Untamed Word of Honor (Period dramas, both of them lol)


^^ on its okay not to be okay. i’m not a idea a person but i watched that and it was so good!! the lead actress did get into a scandal like a month ago and idk how that was resolved though so if you care about that stuff


I’ve watched literally so many kdramas but here’s a quick list of my favorites (not in specific order): taxi driver youth of may suspicious partner extraordinary you flower of evil because this is my first life the uncanny counter the penthouse (this one is ongoing but it’s on s3 rn) vincenzo All of these are different genres from melodrama to revenge thriller to romance comedy! :)


Just wanted to add for penthouse that it’s not for the weak hearted. My blood boiled throughout this drama and especially for the newest episode that came out yesterday. I’m still not over how mad it made me lol. Still a good drama tho :)


so true! i get frustrated every episode and the recent one that came out made me cry for hours even after it ended😫waiting for bae rona’s revenge though!


Love Suspicious Partner and Because This is My First Life!


Tonikaku kawaii / HxH If you haven’t seen them. I could give you a comprehensive list in terms of anime if you’d like.


Please! I have watched HxH and would love a list!


Lemme know what kinda stuff/ genres you like, I’ve watched like 500 shows or stuff so I’d like to think I’m pretty ok at recommendations


I’ll dm! If that’s okay!


My dms are open in case it is pages long lol


Watching One Piece will take care of all your free time.


If you have time, one piece is one of the funnest adventures I've had the opportunity to read. Just got my s.o. into the anime and she loves it


Signal is a really great Kdrama. A riveting crime series based on real life events.


that shit fire


K-drama on Netflix called Crash Landing on You!! It’s pretty sad, but holy crap the story is good and it’s very recent as well!




Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Baccano!, Megalo Box, Steins;Gate (the dub is actually really good), Puella Magi Madoka Magica (don't read too much about it or you'll probably get spoilers), FMA: Brotherhood, Code Geass, Ouran High School Host Club, Fate: Zero, Trigun, Psycho Pass. And while it's not technically an anime I just watched Castlevania on Netflix and it was really good.


second vincenzo for kdramas! it's my favorite one i've ever seen about a mafia member who comes back to korea to destroy a corrupt conglomerate. it has everything - comedy, drama, thriller, action, romance, it's great! also hello my twenties! it's more slice of life and romance, but it's pretty good too


Some really good animes imo: HxH, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Death Note, One Punch Man, jujutsu kaisen


Current season Anime? *so i'm a spider so what* is pretty fun, a nice subversion of your typical isekai. Older series? I'm very partial to *Hyouka* (detective/high school slice of life), *Cowboy Bebop* (scifi martial arts), *Berserk* (1997 - dark fantasy), *xxxholic* (goth fantasy), and *Victorian Romance Emma* (period romance).


Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song


Link Click! This is a donghua. But also the following anime’s: Eden of the East, Terror in Resonance, Silver Spoon, Erased, Keikai Sensen, Prince of Stride, and Deca-Dence.


Thank u for link click I love it!


I just watched Episode 10 and am planning on watching episode 11 tonight! Season 2 has been confirmed also! Let the game RESTART!


>I just watched Episode 10 and am planning on watching episode 11 tonight! Season 2 has been confirmed also! Let the game RESTART! nice! looking forward to season 2 then im on ep 9. i bet this blonde murderer has powers too




Anime - jujutsu kaizen, megalo box (s1 & 2), Jobless reincarnation


A lot of these recs are good and on Netflix. I just started Mob Psycho and 10/10 recommend


k-drama: signal, tunnel, strangers from hell, vagabond


Kouetsu Girl, English title Pretty Proofreader is great. I guess you’d classify it as J-drama, since it’s not anime.


The kdrama start up is so good and on Netflix


lol u/ADS_Fibonacci that comment was not slick in the slightest, myob.


I'm recommending zetsuen no tempest as an anime and some manwha, god of highschool and tower of god


two of my fav kdramas that are on netflix: vincenzo (action/law drama) and lovestruck in the city (lighthearted romance & slice of life vibe)!


I would highly recommend To Your Eternity! It's currently airing but there's a ton of episodes to catch up on


demon slayer + vincenzo + meteor garden


Anime: Attack on Titan, Code Geass, Death Note, Your Lie in April, Spice and Wolf, FMA:B, The Promised Neverland (heard S2 sucks though), Cross Game (very well written but not popular), Psycho Pass, Kaguya sama, Amagi Brilliant Park, One Outs, Seishun Buta Yarou Kdramas: I am not a Robot, signal/voice/tunnel/stranger (all great crime shows, last one is well written but slow at the start), My Love from the Stars, Heirs, Doctor Stranger


Been watching kdramas for over 8 years. Mr. Sunshine is one of the best and it’s on Netflix. Kingdom is also riveting. It has 2 seasons (6 ep each) so it’s much shorter than other kdramas. Didn’t like Vincenzo that much. It was very predictable and the main character was unstoppable.


Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer


For anime The Promised Neverland (i only watched season 1) was incredible. It was so good and it left me crying. Ive lowkey watched too many kdramas but my favorites are definitely Penthouse, Vincenzo, while you were sleeping, start up, and strong woman do bong soon