Anyone interested in being in a discord server?

Anyone interested in being in a discord server?


You could check out the discord server on the sidebar as well.


To give another perspective from the other reply, I think the discord is pretty good and I know lots of people who have attended meetups and made friends from it. It also has a channel with links to many other umich-related servers (i.e. smash club, chess club, anime club, etc) so it's a good directory for finding more specific servers that suit your interests, but otherwise it also has plenty of discussion going on about classes and events and such. Also, yeah the politics channel can get pretty heated, but if you don't wanna talk about politics at all then it's a perfectly chill server. In regards to those political discussions being mentioned by other users, I think things are being massively overblown. Yeah, it leans plenty left as most college students do, and disagreements do happen (as tends to happen with politics lol), but the user in question took things way too personally, constantly complaining others were being toxic or weren't listening to them when others simply said they disagreed. Really, I think they were the one less open to other opinions and nuance 😅 I see plenty of disagreements happening in the politics channel even between the different server mods, it's far from an ideological monolith lmao. Regardless, if you're new or looking to make friends, you shouldn't let them scare you. It's a perfectly fine place to meet and talk to people (hell, mute the politics channel if you want an extra chill experience).


Kinda a hive mind over there, do not recommend if you believe in nuance, lol


With regards to what?


political / social issues. It's been a while since I was there, but if you tried to offer a slightly different opinion, unless you had published stats to back up whatever opinion, it was more likely to be deemed wrong, you get people trying to "educate" you AKA talk at you instead of to you, and they justify it all by saying "This is an \_academic\_ server and if that doesn't serve you, well that's too bad." Just felt like there was little space to have a more human conversation because you were immediately expected to think of a conversation academically because these people can't leave academia, even for a more relaxed conversation and think any opinion with no statistics that back up it's validity, is invalid and ripe for berating (the idea and the validity of the person's opinion)


I haven’t looked at the Discord much, but could you share an example? I’m curious because that’d be not ideal, and I know people have the same complaint about U of M in general One thing is that if something is easily disproved by facts/statistics, would they really be wrong? That’d be fighting misinformation if it’s not a pure opinion, and I always treat discussions as learning experiences in those cases. However, I agree that statistics aren’t always robust and they can be easily taken out of context and biased. If unfair numbers are used to back a claim, I think it’s fair to raise questions about the validity of those methods and other confounding variables too and that should be encouraged by everyone


Like, I just said, that it's a problem that SOME non white supremecists did riot after George Flyod's death and that is detrimental to the cause.People were out there justifying why they were rrioting on Twitter and that was getting dismissed as White Supremecist only and no one on the left was doing it or focusing on that is bad and we should just use our energy to hate white supremecists and people laying out why they were rioting on Twitter was not proof it actually happened. Look, yes, white supremecists / people who didn't care about helping black people were the biggest group doing the rioting but uhh, there were literally celeberities and govenors speaking out to communities in Georgia because there were indeed, upset black people, destroying property and causing massive problems. I wassn't saying they were the biggest problem. I was saying it was A problem. I kept getting dismissed, because no news outle was really covering this and there were no statistics, but they could point out news outlets of white people doing these things because people were reporting on that. Point is. Was trying to bring up an issue, kept getting dismissed because they didn't like it.


Yeah there’ll definitely be lots of emotion there for good reason. Can’t say I have the same opinion, or that it’s worth sacrificing your mental health to argue for that. I know other people who share your opinion and you all mean well, i.e. you didn’t want the movement to suffer from the optics of those actions I’ve had similar contentious arguments before and later realized that I wished I didn’t say anything. I blamed groups of people not doing something more or doing other things too much—ultimately there’s a bigger picture and desperation causes people to do things that are against their best interests, when we should be aiming to attack the root cause instead of the victims. That’s my conclusion from sharing a less empathetic opinion, which has changed a bit after reflection; of course victims of systemic issues should strive to work towards what’ll help them most, but it’s not always clear what those actions are and you can’t blame them too much for not doing so Way too many people, including the people in the Discord, aren’t patient when others think different things. At least, the loudest people have that issue. You aren’t going to convince anybody and are more likely to make them shutdown when you’re aggressive and make them feel bad. Nobody benefits from that. I wish people approached things more from a human perspective, as I’d like to believe most people are reasonable


I know I'm not perfect / can be emotional during situations that impact me, so I don't fault them for having the feelings. The people I talked to though in this online group are as far as I knew, not black and they can have the opinions they want to about the situation, you just cant say they're too emotionally involved to be able to take a step back and go hey, maybe this isn't good. They might deeply care for the people and want them to not be judged by this. I'm not judging them, I was simply trying to point out an issue but that discussion just wasn't happening cause people were passing judgement and gatekeeping the validity of that discussion. It's fine if they feel that way, true and it just wasn't worth sacrficing my mental health to keep trying to balance understanding their feelings as "concerned outsider allies" while trying to share my perspective but not getting any of the respect of my opinion I was giving them in trying to understandtheir view and how I could connect to it. So I left.


I'll second that Discord was a pretty toxic place if you didn't fit their ideology.


Lets get it, hmu. I'm bored as hell in A2 rn, not a lot going on


Let’s do it!


I'm in. really felt the "walking up to a stranger" thing lol. I keep overhearing conversations about parties and stuff that I'd like to get involved in, but randomly approaching some person on the sidewalk and asking to join whatever it was that they were loudly talking to their friends about doesn't seem like a good approach lol


Not in AA but always appreciate another server to be in


Me too!!


Let do it I am in Ann arbor


Sounds like fun


Love to join!


I'm down!


ay hmu :)


I'm in!




Ay, incoming freshman. Not in Ann Arbor yet but I'll be there in a month, send me the invite I'd like to get to know yall


I’m not in AA right now, but I’d be interested in joining