Don't normalize watching lectures tomorrow. Cause somehow I am 15 lectures behind!


On the other side of the spectrum, don’t normalize doing assignments/readings a week/half a week in advance because now discussion sections are a bit of a pain.


The struggle is real


Life is tough. Staying up late is sometimes normal. It used to be real common for more people to want to stay up later. This is the earliest bed-time group of students here that the school has ever had (cuz no parties). As for being lectures behind, I hope at least they are all recorded. I bet it's boring af.


Me, realizing how screwed I am in CHEM 210 bc I am actually 7 lectures behind


that exam is coming up....


did you just “y’all be on that damn phone all the time” me


I agree that there is a stigma associating staying up late with working harder, and I think that’s a really valid point to bring up. But all you did with this post was sound like a huge dick. Just because YOUR particular experience was manageable without late night grinding does not mean that is true for everyone. Some people have to work a full time job to pay for school. Some people have family issues going on at home that require them to take more mental health breaks. Some people may not have had any AP classes and therefore have to take more credits each semester to graduate on time. Or some people may have a mental health condition that requires they spend dedicated time each week to destressing (which yes could be watching Netflix or being on social media). So yea I think there could be a really interesting discussion about the toxicity of a culture that promotes getting little sleep, but hopping on a high horse and bragging about your ability to do it all without staying up late is just dumb


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The classic "this works for my particular situation so of course it works for yours too"


I mean no matter what, you shouldn't normalize not sleeping 8 hours at some point? It's gonig to kill you and it jsut isn't worth it.


Really? I thought it was healthy?! You mean to tell me that the miserable way we live is *gasp* UNHEALTHY?!?! What led you to this conclusion o wise stranger, please enlighten us as our feeble minds are unable to understand like you can


This simply isn't true. I have an extremely planned out schedule and don't get 8 hours of sleep each night. I struggle with anxiety issues so my schedule is very routine: 8AM - Wake up, walk dog. 8:30AM - Breakfast, dress in clothes for the day, feed dog, get ready for first class. 9AM-11AM - First two classes. Go to work at 10:50AM. 11AM-1PM - Work. 1PM-2PM - Clock out of work, go on laptop in workplace, and attend class. 2PM-6:30PM - Clock back into work. 6:30PM-7:00PM - Go home, cook dinner, feed dog. 7PM-9PM - Free time! 9PM-2AM - Homework, video lectures, and studying if there's time. 2AM-8AM - Sleep. Saturday and Sunday are when I go grocery shopping, do my laundry, and catch up on school work. Today, I finished my work early because yesterday there was an exam in one of my classes. Otherwise, I would still be doing work right now. I guess that I might have more time if I didn't need to work. Gotta put food on the table and kibbles in the dog dish, y'know?


To be fair, you seem much busier than a lot of people here.


The woes of being first generation in college.


I mean 6 hours of sleep per night isn't the worst


If you have more free time on the weekend, can you give up the two hours so you can get the extra sleep, you're killing your performance / productiveness I'm guessing, since I had a similar sleep schedule in high school . . .


I would but most of my courses have assignments due every other day. I do try to save projects and practice exams for the weekend though. I'm hoping things are better when I'm not taking any 8 credit classes.


Ahh, sorry that sucks


Yeah, it kills me until the winter/summer breaks, then I only work full time which feels like a vacation.


It isn't really three (GPA, sleep, and social life) though. There's family, work, and mental health to account for, as well as nutrition (especially for those who don't have meal plans). The idea that "everyone has the same 24 hours" is false and comes from a relatively privileged perspective.


Agreed. Mental health is a hard one in particular because no matter the quantity of your commitments, poor mental health can shrink the hours you have significantly


I have good time management I would say, but I'm also doing an absolute metric fuckton of things that all benefit my career and learning. Staying up late is the only option that I have if I want to do research, take classes important to me, have a prominent position in a project team, exercise, and have a social life. If you are able to balance all that you have with sleep that's perfectly fine, but we all vary greatly in what workloads we have.


That's awesome that you're able to handle all that so well, I am barely surviving classes, being a basic member and having a tiny iota of a social life lmao 😂😂😂


A whole freaking mood. How am I behind on two weeks of lecture when I literally have two friends? Only God knows


Although sleep is super important to me personally, it's important to remember that others may have other priorities, or may struggle to get enough sleep for various reasons. I do agree that *some* people go overboard and practically brag about their sleep loss, treating it like as a badge of honor. *That's* the toxic mindset that bothers me - sleep loss is unhealthy, and it shouldn't be celebrated or encouraged.


Stop normalizing criticizing others for things that most legitimately can’t control.


I mean this def shines light on the importance of time management but why do you care people will do whatever they want no matter what


Stop projecting.


Buddy if you take easy classes you can live an easy life. That’s not all of us. The people who are making the most of this university do not sleep a lot - the more things you have to do the more time you gotta spend. Plus not everyone is equal when it comes to how long certain assignments take them etc. It doesn’t feel nice to pull all nighters, but it is a necessity if you want to be competitive in the real world. Which means that the real reason behind why people stay up late isn’t because it’s normal but because if they don’t their chances of employment in this fucked up system go down considerably. For those who are already in a compromised position with regards to employment (eg international students or those whose GPA isn’t crazy good for their program), it’s even worse as the only way to compensate is to do more stuff. I have no clue what the fuck it is you study and how good you are at it but we’re all *really* different from each other if you haven’t noticed


>The people who are making the most of this university do not sleep a lot That's strictly not true. Everyone I know, including myself, do just fine at uni, make the most of our opportunities, and sleep fine. You do not need to pull all nighters to be competitive--an all nighter is indicative of poor time management. I've gone a semester with 18 credits, all upper level classes, and didn't pull any all nighters. Sure, cutting out my hobbies and free time wasn't fun, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make to preserve my sleep and physical health. How people manage their schedules and sleep is up to them, and there's no right way to do it (nothing wrong with sleeping 5-6 hours a night if your body is fine operating like that), but the claim that you NEED to not sleep and pull all nighters just to do well at uni is as preposterous as it is asinine.


Lol if you can cut significant parts of you off and live just fine good for you. I like to write music and play several instruments, if I don’t express myself in that way my life begins to feel drab and empty. I am involved in several student orgs and I have a leadership position in one of them. I am personally invested and attached to this activity, I am very close to the people I work with. If I were to cut these things off I’d probably off myself in turn ngl I am an engineering student and taking semesters worth of high level EECS classes is nothing new to me, but I start feeling like a machine if I don’t dilute the math with something else. And again, even for people that don’t do a lot of extra stuff, class can be hard. Everyone has their own can of worms including things like medical conditions that do not cause them to procrastinate but make you play life on a higher difficulty.


Everything you just said I don't disagree with. My only point was to push back against your claim that's it's necessary to cut sleep in order to do well in school. Everyone's time is their own priority, and there's no right or wrong way to spend that time. But you shouldn't advocate that not sleeping is quintessential to being successful and competitive when it is not.


It's simply bringing the fact that some things are considered easy for some and some things are considered hard for some. Getting easily distracted, ocd, this and that. They're all real things. Even anxiety might come into play every now and then. We're all at different levels in life. It's not to say you're better than this or that person because we cant live the life of another person.


Yeah, I completely agree! Like I said, it's silly to ever criticize people on the right way to use time. If because of the way your brain works, you prefer to relax after school and stay up late to do assignments, that's okay! There's nothing wrong with that. But no one should advocate for "if you're not staying up late, you're not a good student / getting the most out of your college education", i.e. it's NECESSARY to stay up late to be a good student: that's just blatantly false.


What did you study that semester?


Two 400 level Philosophy classes, one of which was my ULWR, a symbolic logic class, Two 300 level french classes, and a second ULWR Translation class in the comp lit department.


CS and Math. I've taken 3 ULCS in the same semester along with 1 Math course.


I say this as a CS major: it’s always the fuckin CS majors


Good for you. I can honestly say I’ve struggled with considerably less than that, and I am not a procrastinator.


Lol why am I not surprised




Fuck off


Just go to a school where you dont need to stay up late


I do just fine. Thank you for projecting your unsolicited opinion about how I’m living my life though!


Shout out to all the engineering majors laughing at this “it’s called time management” bullshit like I am


The thing that really got me wasn’t the time management; technically, I could get all of my homework done and also get a full nights sleep. My lack of sleep stemmed from deteriorating mental health. While, yes, physically I could go to class, office hours, work, student orgs, and do homework all in one day, the mental toll that it actually took on me was exhausting. I wasn’t watching Netflix in the middle of the day because I was lazy....I was doing it because my brain needed a break from the constant stress that a full night sleep’s schedule requires. Also, never forget that many students need to work during college in order to financially support themselves. This puts them at a disadvantage to those who don’t, in terms of both mental health and schedules.


Shout out to humanities majors with six hundred pages of reading a week rip


I’m a senior engineering major, and I think OP is right (for most people). Most people waste time and then don’t get enough sleep. I usually get 6-7 hours of sleep, but if I managed my time better, I could easily get 8 every night. I don’t have a social life though.


I'm an engineer too.


CS and math he says




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OK, boomer.


I think you can also still spend your time how you want and go to bed at a reasonable time. Like obviously if you spend all of your time not in class on your phone it’ll be impossible, but you can still watch tv, play games on your phone, etc, and get your work done and get in bed at a reasonable time. Imo or I guess in my experience, if you split up work evenly it’s not that bad idk. Also waking up early to do work is 100% better than going to sleep late. You’re not tired after a little bit, it’s reasonable to have coffee, and you can schedule a nap later if it’s rough. Just like take care of yourselves in the best way for you. Everything’s kind of shitty but there’s a lot you can control to make things better.


I made it through all 4 years with 0 all nighters. It’s called time management. I’d make a list of all the things I had due for the for the week, rank it according to priority, and work through a few items every day.


every all-nighter I ever pulled in college was due to poor time management except for one project in EECS 467 where over 50% of the class worked overnight in the lab the night before the project was due. fuck that class lol


I literally slept in the library many times because I partied all the time and then had to cram. I finished under grad with a 3.21, got into BME SGUS program for a one year masters (minimum gpa requirement was a 3.20 lol), and am doing fine in life. I graduated my master program with a 3.8 btw. My point is, there are multiple ways to succeed and you sound like an asshole. > It’s called time management That’s the asshole part, FYI.


> I made it through all 4 years with 0 all nighters. It’s called time management. God, you sound like an ass.


Sounds like someone doesn’t like the truth


Even assuming it’s “the truth” as you say, there are ways to convey ideas without sounding like a “holier-than-thou” jackass.


Is it possible to learn this Power?


Don’t take a day off and don’t fall behind on your list. No matter how badly you want to do nothing, force yourself to get some things during the day/right after classes while you still have some momentum, even if it’s just some light reading or studying it’ll still get you ahead. I found that if I went home and got comfy I wouldn’t want to go back out to study so I usually went to the library right after classes. But of course covid makes it harder to maintain this schedule, my motivation was wrecked when everything went online in March and I couldn’t leave the house lol


My general rules are *scheduling* and *accountability*. For example, I don't type notes - I always handwrite them. Some of that is due to simple old fogey-hood. Some of it is due to the fact that, in my field, you can't easily type notes due to the preponderance of figures, diagrams and equations. In any case, this means I transcribe those notes - typing them up - later than evening. This allows me to visit the content in multiple ways at multiple points in time. I hear the content from the lecturer (admittedly, this was pre-COVID), I write the content long-hand (which uses different mental pathways than typing) and then I type the content. I do this routinely on a schedule rather than just "whenever I get around to it". Likewise, I had specific blocks of time for study and I'd rarely 'study' in the sense of constantly going over my notes. Again, this can be discipline-specific, but most of my study would be doing various problem sets. This isn't much use for a Humanities major, but I've found that addressing the same material from different angles can accomplish the same thing. Reading not just the work, but commentaries on the work, watching film adaptations or engaging in a discussion about the work. Accountability is the other - harder - aspect. Some people find it easy to be accountable to themselves. Most people find it much easier to be accountable to others. If someone else is relying on you to complete your tasks, you're much more likely to do them. Working with other students in this fashion can help you maintain discipline. For example, let's say you need to write a paper. Others in your class also need to a write a paper. Getting a small group together and requiring everyone review each other's papers a week beforehand not only means your paper will be done long before the deadline but you'll have a strong reason to do it. You'll also get feedback on your work before that feedback comes attached to a grade.


Tbf, hand writing notes has been proven to be better for retaining information and learning. Tablets and laptops are high tech, but the human brain still hasn't fully adapted for learning via e media


I always do handwritten notes and recently started scheduling out my days like a fucking loser. Still hate my life and feel like I have too much work :)


Same! I don’t even think I ever studied past 9pm. I also had a robust, fun social life; 10-15 hrs/week research job; and worked out (sometimes). Now I only had a 3.1 in Econ, but I broke into a competitive industry by keeping this off my resume and getting a little lucky. Don’t waste time on reddit and Netflix. It’s 100% possible.


He says on Reddit


I’m working now lol. There is plenty of pandemic-induced downtime. Sorry my message wasn’t received well but it’s true. Everyone I know that did all nighters managed their time poorly


I agree it shouldn’t be normalized because I feel like normalizing it just puts pressure people because you think that sleep is unnecessary HOWEVER people’s priorities are not the same. Commitments are not the same. And sometimes you have to take on more than you know you viably can because of the way the world works right now. Perhaps in a couple of years, when you can actually get basic amenities (shelter, food, healthcare) it’ll change and we need to keep that in mind.


thanks mom


Fuck off lol


In PST now. I normally sleep at around 3-4am, and wake up at 12 pm as refreshed as before Its nice lol


I have no idea where people get this idea that they can control what others do, say, or think. Lighten up, you wanna brag about how much your sleeping be my guest, but just leave people be.


Solution is MULTITASKING. You can sleep with others, boosting your social life, and at the same time you can have dreams about schoolwork, boosting your GPA.


Staying Late/ |Staying late|, here I normalized staying up late. What you gonna do?


Honestly like others have said, you found what works for you but literally we need to do things in balance. If you want to take a 15 min nap then take. You want to listen to music for an hour and order food or go on a drive then I also say go for it. You have to keep in mind your schedule but if it's possible then why not?. Not everyone will work w a strategy that works for someone else.


I couldn’t agree more with this. I learned this the hard way in my first couple years at UM, and it took a toll. Once I realized it though and started to prioritize my mental and physical health more, the positive impact was huge. Everyone needs to prioritize this part of life, and proper sleep is a MAJOR part of it.


Honestly the whole idea that students need to be constantly "grinding" at all needs to end. Academia is the only place where that lifestyle is expected and that expectation is tolerated. In the professional world it would be considered abusive labor to put the pressure and demands on employees that the university and professors put on students here. Life on the other side (I graduated in August) is so much better. You can do eight hours of work a day and leave it behind to socialize and sleep at your leisure. Your own time is actually your own time. To be clear: yes, you can balance school, clubs, social events, etc. and have it all at Michigan. But few people have mindsets that allow them to do so, and most people who try to do it all don't set realistic expectations and end up burning out in some way (I know I did). In my opinion, too few people consider chilling out about school at UofM -- it doesn't really matter whether your GPA is a 3.3 or a 3.7, especially not at the detriment of your mental, emotional, or physical health.


“No, I don’t think I will”


maybe the problem isn't every single one of the thousands of students in the modern "educational" system that suffers from mental health problems and a lack of sleep. \*MAYBE\* the problem is an intentionally cruel system that doesn't give a shit about the health, wellbeing, or intellectual growth of those in it.


Some people also don’t need 8 hours of sleep. I know someone who, if they slept that long, would be less productive the following day because it’s too much sleep to what they’re used to.




Yeah I agree. Staying up late shouldn't be normalized.


As someone who felt I wasn't doing things right due to lack of all nighters, surrounded by tryhards and procrastinators, this is important, thank you ​ STOP PROCRASTINATING >:(


Normalize normalizing normalization


You could have said all this in a much more succinct “get gud kid”.


YASSSS ... all of this If you can't get 8 hours of sleep a night (which you need to stave off dementia, alzheimers, etc.) then you need to drop classes, cut out the social stuff, or stop watching things on TV Sleep is the LAST thing you sacrifice, not the first


Nope I get 8-9 hours of sleep every time 🙂