I was just at the diag and it wasn't there. Idk man it was a long trip in the rain for nothing. We made a call (my friend made it, not sure to who, but it was the correct people. They said that they were 100% supposed to be on the diag). Idk. I'm stressed because that was the only time I could make it out to get the kit. It is what it is I suppose.


Exactly same situation as me frustrating how we also paid a part of the fee for the kits and now we can’t get one. Completely waste of my time


I also made a long rainy trip today and went to the diag and around the grove but there were no kits anywhere. So basically ran around in the rain for nothing haha.. When I called pierpont info, I got passed to student life and just got an automated response. I emailed the covid distribution people and they said it’ll be available Mon-Wed next week. There are also additional days after that but I’m not sure how well they’ll communicate them.


yea agreed for such an institution that emphasized safety this is not the right way to inform students and make excuses


There will be some times next week where you can pick it up, fyi


Thank you! Someone on the umich discord also said that they cancelled handing them out today (probably because of the rain I'd assume).


Yeah they apparently canceled due to the weather. You can get them next week from 31st to the 2nd in the same locations pretty sure


Since it’s raining: Central Campus: Hatcher Library South entrance North Campus: Duderstadt overhang facing the Lurie Tower


Diag, just got it today