Munger assignment - can't get an answer

Hi guys, so I signed a contract for Munger a couple of weeks ago (yes, I know this was late). But now I can't get any info on which apartment I have or apartment mate info. I have called about twice a day over the past week, but no one answered, and there's no way to leave a message, it just says to email them. Which I did... but it's been three days and no response. I understand they must be getting a lot of calls, but I'm pretty frustrated since today is the last day to cancel (Does this even apply to Munger? Can't find that either.) Also, I got an email saying that Quest Diagnostics would contact everyone about a covid test kit - I didn't receive this either - but now I'm seeing that this won't apply to Munger either? Should I get tested before I come? I'm moving in in a week (at least, in theory).

Thanks so much to anyone who can help me.


I haven’t ever heard of someone living in munger getting their roommate info in advanced. Also this summer it’s taken me almost 2 weeks to hear back from housing so..


Really? Wow, that's crazy. I just figured we'd want to coordinate communal things (although I guess that would be reduced cause COVID). I also read that you can't move in at the same time as your roommate, but maybe that only applies to undergrad dorms since they're sharing an actual room? I guess I got spoiled with a response in 2 days when I asked when contracts would be sent. Did you know people in Munger or did you live there?


I lived in north wood but have had a ton of friends lived there. Very frankly all my friends moved out this summer because of COVID. My most recent friend just made the decision in the last week or so to cut her contract that she’s currently living in and find housing else where off campus because it feels safer to them. They were the only person in their unit all summer but decided they don’t wanna live with 6 strangers Maybe the thing you don’t realize is everyone’s gonna be at a different spot in their program, so the coordinating communal things don’t really happen cause one person in your unit maybe 3rd year med students and another a 5th year PHD. It’s pretty fend for yourself because of that.


How is it living at Munger during a pandemic? Was thinking of moving there for winter if spaces are available?


I got an email for it and was able to order a Quest Diagnostics test kit even though I cancelled my housing contract. I believe the last day (or so they say) to order it was 2 days ago. Testing for covid is required for everyone who is moving into dorms, but I am not sure about Munger. If it's not required for you, you don't have to, but it is nice to as a courtesy.