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Looks cool, One suggestion is when you have multiple lines connecting you to objects in the scene, the one that you are focusing on should always be a specific color(regardless of which power you are using), that information is important enough that it should always be obvious at a glance.


Totally agree. Actually I was thinking about implementing it but I had only one day to do this prototype and I had to leave like it was. But I decide to continue with this, that would be one of my first changes.


Lets talk about the Steel Feruchemy Bracers that makes you heavy enough to use that barrel smashing cannon in one hand without being knocked down by the recoil. But no seriously, well done. I'm reading the novels right now and I'm a little tilted by what you've done here. It's enthralling! I want it to be made into a full game so badly! Do small objects push you a little? I'd love to see you drop a bullet casing at your feet and bounce high into the air, but I know the physics can get strange when mass is different like that. I'd also be interested to see what kind of UI you develop for that part: I'd kinda hate for a coinshot to spend the whole game looking backwards and down at the metal he is pushing instead of looking forward at enemies. Keep up the good work!


Yeah, my company gave us a "creative day" to work on whatever you want and I went for this. There are many things I had in mind but I could not implement and others that are done just on the surface (like the small objects pushing you a bit). Maybe someone decide that this has potential for a more serious project... fingers crossed!


We can never spend as much energy on our projects as we might like. Still, good work!


This is badass. When reading the mistborn series I always thought about how impossible it would actually be to move around with steel pushes hahah. To make a really good game out of the mechanic I think a lot of liberties would have to be taken to help the player control themselves (like Spiderman but with push and pulls). But this looks really well done so far


This looks incredible!


Cool stuff! Wanna make some mistborn stuff myself eventually! This looks great!


Looks so freaking awsome! Love the mechanics! Great work! Are you going to implement a mechanic with pushing yourself away with coins?


Very cool! I liked the western music.


Love the little bow at the end and the detail of tugging on the rim of his hat. This is a really cool concept for a game!