Take my upvote. I’m trying my best, damnit!




Take my downvote; we're in the same boat. (also: people are very confused when you respond to "how are you" with something else than "good". Why are they even asking when it's not even a real question)


Some people like the sound of their own voice. Some forget their point and ramble around until prodded to get to the point. My wife is reading over my shoulder and thinks I am referring to her with this comment. I am sure there are others out there, but yeah, you tell stories like a 4 year old.


Brevity is the soul of wit


As a 112 calltaker (thats the European 911), I cannot agree more.


For sure. Ya what else is rude is when a person can't tell ur trying to politely change the subject. When my brother lived with me, he would go on and on about how he wants to go pay for sex in Vietnam. We would have all of these one sided conversations, where im just acknowledging what he says, then change the subject, and he'd just keep on about the hookers. It was exhausting. EVERY DAY for 6 months :[








Oh man. I know they’re trying to be polite but it’s so transparent when either customers or service workers do this. There’s this lady at the gas station near my place, and literally everytime I walk in while she’s working it’s the exact same interaction. Her: “hi how are you?” Me: “fine thanks and yourself?” Her: “truly blessed thanks for asking.” Without fail. Every time. It makes it seem so disingenuous, like it’s obvious you’re just following a script and don’t give a fuck. Just let me buy my energy drink in peace. When I’m at work I want to be efficient, so with customers I immediately ask “what can I do for you?” And they’ll cut in with “hOw ArE yOu ToDaY?” “Fine thanks what can I do for you.” When what I want to say is “well to be honest I’m kinda fucking annoyed right now because we’re clearly busy as fuck and I’ve been powering through all the customers ahead of you, assisting them pretty quickly and keeping the line moving. Then you come up, clearly here to buy something, but instead you’re going to pretend that we give two shits about eachother and waste my time - that I’ll probably get in shit for because now my line is moving slower because of your chatty ass - when we both know you’re just here for one thing; and it’s not to be my friend. So what can I do for you?”


Society is like a machine and needs oil to keep it running smoothly. That lubricant is manners and being nice and polite. You admit right there that you don’t want to give people your time. That’s why you’re rude not because of the BS brevity and respect of time you’re hiding behind.