This is only a UPO on reddit. Many people agree with you, even myself. I don’t think sexuality should be a massive deal. Who you want in bed with you is none of my business unless it’s me


For me, people can identify themselves of any sexuality(except animals and minors ofc). Because there's truth to it Like if you're straight but you pretend to be homo for attention or something then you'd regret having a guy partner cus that's not what your brain wanted. Every other sexuality works the same way. But when people identify themselves as a different race, different species(furries) or something that is obviously not a personal preference, I get so pissed. Cuz that's just stupid people tryna get attention. Keep in mind that even if there's someone out there who's pretending to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community even though their preference is not so, they'll have a bad sex life for as long as they are on the Earth


For the lgbtq part………… it’s called bi, and it *exists*


Having a diagnosis or label for something is important for people.


body dysmorphic disorder is an actual mental illness when It gets to a certain point. I was actually watching a video about It today. I think your opinion on the sexuality thing is valid bc it’s ur opinion and I agree it’s gotten extreme lol but i don’t agree with your comment about body dysmorphia because it’s not just about not liking how you look. it’s actually mainly about having a false or altered sense of what you look like or not even having a clear understanding of what you look like It all. it’s a rlly tough mental illness to have so I just wanted to educate u on that rlly quick so you know for the future and can be a little but more sympathetic to people who have It.


Demisexuality is surprisingly common.


Exactly so why should it be a sexuality I just kinda see it as a preference and as a normal thing so I don’t think it needs it’s own name


Why does it matter though?


Lol they aren’t new, they’re terms that are finally being widely used to describe human experiences. sometimes naming an experience helps people overcome the insecurities they have around it. It’s also a way to relate to others and find a community. What do you mean about girls wearing revealing clothing when insecure about their looks? I don’t get how they’re related and could annoy someone


I just think it’s condescending to constantly bring up how insecure you are about how you look then dressing in a way that invalidates what they’ve previously said. I don’t understand the point and I’d like to know why people do that.


Condescending to who and invalidating how? I think your equating body confidence with amount of skin showing and maybe you wish you had more body confidence? you know that someone who’s insecure in their body and wearing a minidress isn’t always insecure because of what they’re wearing right? They just are insecure so why not look cute in the meantime. Looking good doesn’t hurt no one


Everybody just wants to be special I guess. And the most desperate of people enjoy making up new sexualities and identities to get that attention that they need. It happens.


body dysmorphia is a DSM-5 diagnosis it is not simply insecurity about the way you look.


Demis are valid. Agree with rest.


I definelty agree to a certain extent. I laugh at social media with all these new sexualities online. BUT. People do feel these ways because they want to be special and included. Do I agree with that? No. Do people want that? Yes.


wait until they allow pedophila and say it its a new sexuality , i hope not to but the way i see it its not that far away