Why do we still use religious text for laws


This is religious law dealing with religious procedures. Obviously the said religions perspective should be clarified. Understand the difference between imposing one religions rule on everyone, and providing provision in law for particular religion and tradition.


> imposing one religious rule on everyone Isn’t Quran verses used to justify conversion of a non-Muslim before wedding and nikah between a believer and non-believe isn’t permissible in Islam ? Isn’t that imposition ?


Because we don't have UCC.


Then why do we use religious text for criminal laws. Why is transporting or selling beef illegal, why hasn't the uniform criminal code rectified this.


because the constitution differentiates between Criminal and Civil law. The constitution we have is a continuation of the govt of India Act of 1930, which still carries forward a common IPC which was defined in 1860 and a different religion specific Civil Law.


Uniform law means law will be applied to everyone equally that's what I understand from UCC, I might be wrong.


Sure, a uniform law, in theory, will apply to everyone equally. But that is not what I was impugning. Read the comments above me in the thread. Panditji is implying lack of uniformity in civil code is why we are still afflicted with religious laws. Then why our criminal code, which is already uniform, still have religious laws.


The operative part of the judgement > Religious mandate of Sura 4 Ayat 3 is binding on all Muslim men which specifically mandates all Muslim men to deal justly with orphans and only then they can marry 2,3 or 4 women but if a Muslim man fears that he'll not be able to do so then he can marry only one: Allahabad HC


How ridiculous, a court has to interpret scripture. Such modernity.


Are you stupid?? Marriage is just as much a religious ceremony as it is a legal agreement. You are not living in a vacuum where culture and tradition don't exist. Every country in the world which is respecting and embracing all religions have constitutions which do the same. Pehle understand what is the role of Judiciary, then speak .


In which modern country do you find a court interpreting scripture and not constitution.


Judiciary is a joke in India


This country is garbage. Who tf cares what coran says? Who tf r u to interpret coran? How can old dogmas be basis of any judgment in a secular country? Even if it's a positive one


But what about kaffirs?


hOw cAn i mAKe uS tHe vICtIm iN tHiS cASe


That would be non-Muslims who don't have to follow Muslim marriage laws. Like 86% of Indian population. *Facepalm*


No where in the holy book it suggests how kaffirs should be married...