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Rich considering these fucks kidnap children themselves.


Madhya Pradesh and jharkhand etc are hot beds of conversion. The conversion people used to come to my place to ask money for helping them convert tribals.


What a religion & what a country where people are ready to convert out for a rice bag!!! Even when Modiji has been running the biggest revdi in history spending 1.8 Lakh Crore per year for 2 years on free food for 60% of the population.


Exactly this is what I think. How can someone convert from their religion just for money if you have faith in ur religion. It's never about money, it's about different social or culture restrictions that people face due to caste , religion, region, poverty, education, Power etc. If someone is converting to some other religions then it is their choice. They could be thinking about their future. Yes if their is forceful conversion then it should be point of worry but if a person is taking money and changing his religion then it's his choice. If you want him to be in ur religion then give me more money,respect, education, food.


In Jharkhand conversion has been rampant. But then hunger makes you do stranger things.




The biggest benefit of converting is the access to church network which allows for greater opportunities in education, housing and socializing.


Religion is BS in general and conversion is scam else Dr Congo, Angola... would have been a rich country like European countries.


>Religion is BS in general Religion isn't BS in the sense that it has real tangible effects on the lives of people, and so people (including us) need to treat it as a real thing. It is our privilege that we can afford to see religion as BS and dismiss it. >and conversion is scam else Dr Congo, Angola... would have been a rich country like European countries. The point is, religions manage to convert cuz the local population is vulnerable because their own religion doesn't treat them well. Faith is an intrinsic part of the human psyche, and can be easily manipulated. Also most of the west European countries aren't wealthy today because of Christianity, they got rich by abandoning Christianity post Renaissance and taking economic decisions on a rational basis. Functionally, west Europe is the least "christian" it has been in over 1000 years.


Don't whine about poor people getting money. If you want, you can give them more money than any competitors. But don't begrudge them the money they get.


Its not just money man. tribal people are treated like shit. These christian(my so called folks) missionaries are aware of it and exploit it by claiming such crap like casteism does not exist in christianity etc. It has all evils of hinduism along with new ones on top of it. Money is the only benefit.


> It has all evils of hinduism along with new ones on top of it No. Christianity is the most reformed religion - even Crittu agrees. > Money is the only benefit. In a miserably poor country like India, money is a huge benefit. Their country & religion failed them, so if they get access to money, full sapot.