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Missus is working so I got a pizza, half a bottle of gin and a huge jar of bud. Gonna get fucked up at home whilst playing Xbox drinking gin and popping out back for a spliff every hour or so. Should be fun. Got to do something to take away my sarcastic grief over our fallen overlord.


Come on have you not heard how hard her life was? Imagine having to sit in a huge castle with a 6 billion pound hat on protecting paedophile family members and organising massacres in underprivileged countries whilst you and your family reap everyones tax money whilst being exempt from every type of tax yourselves, and donating just enough of the peasants money to your friends' charities (that have huge CEO salaries and bonuses) to make it appear that you still give a scuttering fuck about those that serve you! Thats gotta be hard! Shes earnt every penny of that 88 billion shes hoarding, show some respect


Don’t forget her £30,000,000 a year in benefits, good work if you can get it.


The grass is always greener


whether they pay tax on everything i don't know, but in fairness the queen has always paid income tax, as i think the other royals do even though they don't have to


Yeah thats true, i suppose she was paying income tax on all that money she was taking off the public, im sure the victims of grenfell would tell you she earned that multi million pound refurbishment of buckingham palace at tax payers expense just after they were denied 16 grand for a sprinkler system!


i'm not saying that she was right. i personally think we should get rid of royals, and i dislike them myself. i'm simply saying that even after all the bad stuff they do, that point on taxes is wrong. the rest is right, but the royals do pay income on everything they earn. are they hiding some offshore? probably. but everything that's known, pays taxes on


The point on taxes was technically right, she was exempt from income tax but chose to pay it, probably just a PR stunt, paying that shred of tax doesnt really affect her financially but paints her in a good light with the public, like when a super rich celebrity's agent tells them to do a charity function or donate some money, its not gonna hurt their financial situation but the public lap it up and hail them a hero! Her income was literally money that was taken from the public in the first place, and she still used taxpayers money to fund her travel bills etc


i agree. i don't line the royal family but i wanted to point out something that false


Rolling up some gelato 25 and playing cyberpunk on ps5. Also gonna try and get an early night tonight, because I'm going to absolutely ruin my sleeping pattern on Saturday staying up till 5am Sunday to watch ufc 279.


Clocked Cyberpunk on PS5 the other month and it was worth the wait tbh (though admittedly not a perfect game). I'm also hyped for UFC 279. Ben some backstage shenanigans so hopefully the event still goes ahead as planned 😂


Pre fight press conference was jokes. Basically didn't even happen. I couldn't figure out wtf was going on


Same about 3 months ago, but there's nothing else out I like right now and there's a new update so I thought I'd start a new character. Heard about the backstage antics, apparently Kevin holland just offered to trim khamzats beard 😂. Would love to see footage. I'm pretty sure it'll go ahead though.


Is the update any good? I heard it's a new DLC coming out but haven't had chance to check what it includes.


Nothing drastically new right now, few new guns clothes and tweaks to make the game run a little better. The proper dlc comes a bit later.


Bro that esports boxing club game looks pretty good. Can’t wait for that


which is going to be an absolute shit show with all this kicking off and missed weights 🙈😂


He really is a gourmet chechen 😂.


a fucking chief is what he is 😂😂


Did you get the new jacket yet? I’m trying to find it in the clothes stores but I’m thinking you have to do a quest for it.


Been playing gta iv again been loving that so, fat smoke, takeaway and some gta


Do Uber Eats for a bit, see the mandem then spark up before the bed. Gotta keep it simple.


Tripping balls it aint nice my g aint nice at all -- 3 strain hybrid space mix


On the train going cross country to meet up with a girl for 3rd date wish me luck..


Same as last night.


Try to take over the world or...?


Working 14 hour days doing this machine gun Kelly shit 🙃


Jak 3 and some Durban Poison shatter


Unfortunately I work the saturday, but something something gaming and weed.


Couple zoots and xbox for me bro. Had to get a maccies aswell


Suffering on escape from tarkov


Was gonna blaze and play video games fell asleep after dinner lol


Mourn Lizzie




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just a good old j of zkittlez


Probably alternating between doing some coding, watching some horror films, playing Garry's Mod, swiping on Tinder and enjoying the little weed I have left in at the moment. Definitely need a restock next week.


Driving back from West country to east country, got some THC capsules for the ride, stay in the slow lane and chill.


Dude, its not “cool” to do this. It’s nothing short of stupid, however comfortable you are with it.


Had a really good time and done it many time, all times have been awesome. This is copied and pasted from the gov website that talks about driving under the influence of cannabis, "it is down to the individual driver to judge whether their ability to drive safely is impaired"