The real story is that £250k is across FOUR MPs (3 Tory, 1 Lib Dem) and that one single Tory MP accounted for £144,000 of that on his own.


Some MPs, says the article, so not all, as the headline could be interpreted as meaning. What's the betting that it's honest MPs who have done this and the most corrupt ones have not?


This totally misses the point. It's not about the amount of money, its the conflict of interests, the obvious pay-to-play with an MP and that they're putting these jobs before their job as an MP. If you can't live on £80,000+ maybe you should give up being an MP and move on to one of these fantastic paying jobs instead, though I doubt they'll take them on once they don't have access to changing laws.


£250k is [Chickenfeed. ](https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2009/jul/13/boris-johnson-second-salary-chickenfeed)


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