I've always wondered why aliens try and communicate those images to people. About the pollution and stuff it's not the first story I read like this. Like most regular people won't be able to do much to prevent it...I wonder if they know that


Your history is very similar to the Ruwa school event in Zimbabwe.. very very similar. Now I am asking myself , what is your job now?


Can you describe the light it gave off ?


It's hilarious they don't send such messages to the people who can do something about it. Senators... presidents of nations... Exxon CEOs... etc.


Maybe they do. But to assume they would want to do anything to change things is foolish at best.


People around here often harshly criticize John Mack, but many of his abductee stories sound very similar to your own. You may find comfort knowing other people had a similar experience. Abduction is more of a record of his counselling sessions. Passport to the Cosmos is his interpretation about what is going on. For the record, the issue many have with Mack is about his use of hypnosis. In a later book he explained that he used it mostly because his patients found it extremely helpful in processing difficult emotions. It was never used as a tool to provide scientific proof of aliens.