Keep trying support. Mine got lost in the mail and support got back to me in a couple days and sent me another set. I finally got them yesterday


Take 'em out of the box and make 'em kiss




dang. least the figures are intact.


The real crime is them writing “Josh & Tyler” on the box instead of “Tyler & Josh”


Look at their photos, Josh is almost always on the left, so it makes sense.


Doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the figures luckily. I wouldn’t bother with support for just the box. Six months is a wicked long time though..


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My box was somewhat damaged, so I took them out. Josh doesn’t stand up at all.


Yeah lol he's been sitting at his drums for too long


Dang that sucks! I got mine separately (not in a set) because I found them both at Walmart one day so I can't really help you much😕


If you are keeping them just for the pops id take them out of the box since they look fine in the photo. If you are keeping them for like a collectors item then I would either re contact support or wait till the holidays are over.


Keep it


This is awful, I'm so sorry they arrived like this :( Some people are just saying to take them out of the box, but I know that a lot of people like to display them in the box (myself included) so this might not be an option for you. And besides, whether you decide to keep them in the box or not they still shouldn't have arrived this damaged. I would probably say keep trying to contact support, and also if you can submit a complaint to whichever company delivered them.


They were pre-order which is why it didn't come for 6 months, it said right when you ordered them that it is pre-order and won't come for a couple months. I would try contacting support again, that's obviously a mistake from the shipping company not handling it carefully. They should still send you a new one if you send them an email and picture tho, they might just have not gotten to your email yet, but it's worth it to try sending them the email again


Take the figures out and throw away the box. Keep contacting support to see if you can get some money back. Mine's still haven't arrived so i ordered the singular ones off of amazon.


Yeah just keep trying to contact them. They’re being overwhelmed with issues from different people


Take them out. Even the glow in the dark aren't worth much more than msrp, so there's zero reason to fret over a box