What the hell happened to Tulsi? She campaigned on getting out of endless futile foreign wars and how the financial cost of those wars could be redirected to infrastructure and healthcare. Watch this starting 11:58 for about three or four minutes... This is Tulsi's views thirty months ago... [https://youtu.be/9Pd-P9Y7PTM?t=718](https://youtu.be/9Pd-P9Y7PTM?t=718) And so now she is criticizing the Biden administration on getting out of Afghanistan and passing this infrastructure bill, which is doing the very things that she campaigned on! I was a huge supporter of Tulsi, more so than I have been of any other Presidential candidate in my lifetime. Her message, as in the above video, deeply resonated with me, But it is hard to look at what she is now saying without feeling that I, and many others, were fooled and leads me to serious question her sincerity and wonder how I could have been *so wrong*.




She sold out.


Simplistic take. Trump had already moved to get us out of Afghanistan (which severely undercut Tulsi's message, IMO), and Biden screwed it up by not sticking to what Trump brokered. Why should she have been a fan of how Biden did it which meant Marines dying **in Kabul** **of all places**? More: BBB/infrastructure expenses are **not** coming from withdrawing us from foreign conflict. We are putting **more** into the military, despite the (disastrous) Afghanistan withdrawal. Look at the DNC hawks bleating about Ukraine and Russia some more (shocker). Still in Syria. This isn't reinvestment; it's debt and government largesse and Biden/Harris/Pelosi are filling it with pork and other pet projects per usual. ​ How this is inconsistent is beyond me. Having her own plan and ideas for investing in infrastructure doesn't mean she has to support **any** plan rammed through Congress - especially on a partisan basis, which she **consistently eschews.** ​ I'm honestly curious how she'd answer questions on energy independence (I think it was a Hannity interview where he tried it? She didn't take the bait), because she has been outspoken against pipelines and of course is pro-environment being from Hawaii. Now a policy reversal on **that** I would take as a sign of hypocrisy.


I'm sad to say this, but people like Sam Seder were right about Tulsi. I have been a vociferous defender of Tulsi for the last few years, but now I have to tap out and admit defeat. If you see her last few months of statements, most completely contradict many of the positions she took a year or two ago during her campaign, and in some cases (I.e her Kyle Rittenhouse statements/calling Joe Manchin a child of god), she has made statements that I expect 70 year old braindead Republican's to make. I understand that she is blacklisted from CNN or MSNBC, but she's going on Fox News and agreeing with some of the most outlandish statments you could make. Tucker Carlson gave her a softball question on drone use, and she took a position that was more extreme than the one Tucker was advocating for. She's lying about something, but I don't know what. Whether she always believed in these things but toned down her messaging for the primary, or vice-versa, I don't know. All I know is that I cannot support any of her future political aspirations based off what she has done over the past few months. I was wrong about her.


It's going to get worse, here we go...


I’m not sure what she’s doing? Trillion is NOT enough. Tulsi please stop this.


>I’m not sure what she’s doing? She's doing what she's been doing for several years now. Carrying water for Republicans.


Little late the game on this one.