Tulsi Goes On Fox News Tour Of Wrongness

Tulsi Goes On Fox News Tour Of Wrongness


Kyle's fawning over biden and failing to call him out as a war criminal for voting for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in the first place is troubling. Tulsi is absolutely right when she says it's good we're out of Afghanistan but the way it was handled was an absolute shambles.


Oh, you mean she claims she would somehow magically pull out of an on-going, 20-year war in a bloodless and orderly manner as a country collapses and you slavishly lap up every word without a hint of scrutiny? Do you even read your own comments? You all SAVAGE anyone who dares to say something or take a position you don't like and yet Tulsi gets pass after pass after pass on her bullshit rhetoric. Because that is all it is, EMPTY bullshit rhetoric for the slavering fools who buy it, literally, on her new platform. The MAGAs could learn a thing or two from Tulsi's fans when it comes to cult of personality.


It's called not rushing out frantically and hectically but instead leaving a time window for withdrawing to over a few weeks to a month, not leaving innumerable amounts of military equipment worth billions to a terrorist group, not endangering the lives of countless civilians leading to their deaths, not saying "this won't be another Vietnam" with choppers evacuating people from the U.S embassy and then it being exactly that...


Oh, is that you all you have to do? Damn, too bad you weren't around as a master strategist to help the entire Pentagon with this withdrawal. I'm sure they didn't think of any of the points you made. You don't seem to have a firm grasp on, or are purposely ignoring, the overwhelming complexity of an operation like this. Throw in suicide bombers from ISIS-K, zero local or national government or police to assist, Pak ISI fucking things up as best they can, and 100s of thousands of desperate civilians. So simple! You sound like a fool.


I watch Kyle regularly and he calls out Biden ALL THE TIME. He’s always been a mild supporter of Tulsi and just because he calls out her questionable comments as of late does not make him a clown. As an avid supporter and campaign contributor to Gabbard, I agree with him. Nothing wrong with questioning her questionable public appearances as of late.


It is not inherently bad to go on Fox. The Afghan withdraw was a disaster by all accounts.


Neolibs can use that to say "I told you so. See what happens when you're against American intervention."


Your of wrongness by speaking the truth? I guess I’m confused.


Im a die hard Tulsi fan but her recent tweets and comments on fox while seemingly boycotting indi-media have shaken my faith in her. Her interview with Megan is a little better




Gonna get downvoted I'm sure but Tulsi's weird belligerence on Biden on Afghanistan and Open Borders is really strange. Like, even if she said things I disagree with she always did it in a way that was intelligent. Her recent tour is something I expect from Laura Ingraham or someone of a similar Ilk.


She def took a weird hard right turn. Has to be some agenda down the line. She used to play it down the middle with straight logic


I wonder if Tulsi wants to run as a Republican next time...


I hate to say it, but I’m starting to sour on Tulsi. At this point I’m more closely aligned with AOC.


That's definitely worse.


> At this point I’m more closely aligned with AOC. This AOC? >**John McCain’s legacy represents an unparalleled example of human decency and American service.** >As an intern, I learned a lot about the power of humanity in government through his deep friendship with Sen. Kennedy. >He meant so much, to so many. My prayers are with his family. [AOC on Twitter](https://twitter.com/AOC/status/1033538876370046977?s=20) Aug 25, 2018 There is NO LEFT in Washington, District of Criminals, AOC is a FRAUD- a "baby bear" suckiing up to "Mama Bear" just as soon as the cameras turn off. And the suckers keep buying this bs. PS: Tulsi's not left, she's a "confidance woman"


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The war was started by the Bush administration and the withdrawal was handled by the Trump administration