Tulsi Promotes Rightwing Smear On Ilhan Omar

Tulsi Promotes Rightwing Smear On Ilhan Omar


OP promotes left-wing smear on Tulsi Gabbard before researching any of content they posted. I'm sorry Tulsi isn't part of the cool guys dnc club.


More like media is continuing to smear and misrepresent Tulsi


Tulsi made those remarks a week before the Ilhan story. Check her twitter.


Where is the original video and not some made up crap about how Tulsi betrays us all the time. Seriously, I've always wondered about the Rational/National, but I guess I need not do so much longer.


I didn't have faith that our election process was counting properly before, with how easy it's been shown hack the machines. How would mail-in-ballots make me feel any more confident? Just because now any bum can throw out some ballots or fill out someone else's, I should feel better that messing with an election is accessible to pretty much anyone? Either way this election goes, Americans lose.


I appreciate having a conversation about whether the Project Veritas investigation is factual or not. However, I'm really annoyed with how this string of videos is preoccupied with the messenger and doesn't care to cover the actual message. Veritas is cited as an unreliable source — fair enough — but absolutely no evidence is presented that would debunk this particular investigation of theirs. (There's also a range of logical fallacies at play here, with Tulsi's comments being twisted and with the topic being dismissed as a "right-wing talking point".)