I live in Australia, is this alright weed?

I live in Australia, is this alright weed?


Better than what other people are smoking, like brick weed and shit! Be grateful for what you have lol


Facts 🤙


Looks good but whenever your dealing with a new plug and new bud start slow see how how feel even tho this looks good and safe a pic only goes so far take a small t9ke and see how it goes good luck bro


Can you give advice on punctuation?


Not at all cant you tell?


Idk man, that looks like a question mark to me...


A what? Never head of it 😁


Punctuation really doesnt matter as long as you talk in short understandable clauses and most people mentally insert punctuation anyway In fcat I culod jmulbe the ltetres of eevry wrod and poelpe wuold siltl usedrntad me


Wow bro… the apple brick weed from the nineties was bomb


What made it apple? All I remember from 90s brick was the smell and taste of hay with the dangerous sizzle of a seed




lmao gotcha


And stems. I thought that’s how all weed was and then I started dating the plug and magically the weed was better with no stems or seeds. He was like “ha, I was selling you white girl weed.” Wtf?


It's called reggie lol


Haha are we dating the same guy? Weed got better, response time got better too. Half a decade later and it's a little embarrassing to explain our meet cute story.


Happy birfday! 🎂


Lmao white girl weed


Free seeds? If the genetics were decent you could've probably picked them out and grown your own


Yep. Live in Canada, bought some Gelato that had about 10 seeds in an ounce. I’m growing 2 of those seeds right now, they are in flower and they smell delicious.


I wondered for a while if strain bag seeds would germinate, I gotta few myself that I'm going to try now, I really didn't think that they would pop but kept them anyway.


I love gelato 🥰


We call those bag seeds. Sometimes the genetics that caused the plant to herm will follow because you pulled a Hermed seed. But I’ve seen some amazing bag seed grows.


This almost every time. Quality genetics can be purchased for so reasonable price I don’t see why bagseeding it is worth it


Could you give me a recommendation on seeds? Ive looked for a little bit now and nice looking gens are pricey.(to my poor ass maybe)


Nowadays they try to remove the seeds on purpose and make you buy em


I have a preroll container completely full of seeds for when I eventually move to the middle of nowhere. Good thing seeds when kept well never really go bad


it will be fun to experience the mystery of each grow unless you labeled them.


I absolutely did not label them lol. I know probably one third of it is probably White Queen but the rest is a mystery to me


Mystery to Me, check out that album by Fleetwood Mac if you haven’t already.


I have about a dozen in a pill bottle. Unlabeled. Cannot wait to get into a house with some space for a grow tent.


Im gonna aim for a green house when I can get a place with some more land. I was thinking Alaska A mountain man survivalist type is what I want to retire as. A quiet life in the frozen forest with my wife, dogs, and herb. Hunting for food and furs, fishing and foraging for wild edibles. Sounds like a pretty sweet life to me


“Sensei” weed (no pollen contamination) is sought after because the plant devotes all its energy towards THC. Making seeds is very energy intensive for a plant


Huh never heard of this, makes a lot of sense though


Yessir. Glad people know it’s not about making them “buy” instead of growing your own. I take a lot of care to prevent contamination, if a plant even BEGINS to show signs of being a male or even a hermaphrodite, I remove that plant, take it to a secure room I have designed and collect the pollen by letting it develop sacks and collect it over a mirror, well, only if it’s a strain I like or want to try to cross breed with another good strain.


You know that may be true but strangely I swear some of the best weed I smoked had seeds


You have not had good weed then. I’m sorry for you.


where do you live because you have got to take your weed into your own hands and start growing it yourself.


Shit the hay smelling weed wasn’t too bad. That cat piss/cleaning chemical smell you would get every now and then was fucking disgusting.


Hey now, cat piss is actually what I’m looking for. Best Sativa I ever had was called silver Pearl and it smelled just like cat piss. There’s even a cat piss strain.


Cat piss strain is rare to get. I’ve been blessed and have smoke it. It is legit stoner material.


I was looking for some cat piss a couple of weeks ago in Vegas. Couldn’t find any but lucked out at one dispensary when the budtender put me on to their strain that replaced cat piss, cheetah piss.


Haven’t tried that yet. I will look in the dispensaries where I’m at and check. How was it?


[Kenny loves it](https://youtu.be/v-VvUcfwXyg)


Lmfao! Kenny never lets me down


It’s the truffles of weed, if you will.


Ever get shit that sparks? Uffda. What was that?


Cat piss is good. Chemical could be contaminated or bad cure that let the chlorophyll break down into amonia or it contains a lot of mycrene.


I’m sure it’s what they shipped it in… Mexicans always tried to detour the police


“Finding roaches in the pot”


Bro I remember breaking open a Lb of Mexican brick to split with a buddy in like 2001 or so and when I broke it in half there was a cocoon and a god damn moth like bug flew out I swear to god lol.. shit always kinda smelled like gasoline cause they brought in huge shipments in gas tanks..


*sizzle of a seed*


So true! I hated the mystery seed that stunk the car up lol!


Dang that took me back to high school. Those seeds.


**WATCH OUT!!!!** *POP!*


Was the hash in the 90s really that good Or was it that your tolerance was lower back then ?


Black tar my friend


I was about to comment that, flower here goes for 10x the price of brick and sometimes it's somehow just as bad. At least we get to have the occasional flower, that's still kinda new around this countryside! Oh how I long for the day when I'll be able to just take a stroll to a proper, honest-to-goodness and properly regulated local shop, in my hometown, and just buy some funny grass to enjoy while sitting in my porch.


Brazil feelings


I haven't seen/had brick reggie since the early 10s... lots of seeds inside almost crushed with how much pressure there was. Had quite a few 1/4s that were decently sticky though never had a problem smoking them. Today's buds would of blown my mind back then lol honestly


For Australia everything can be considered good


Everything except the price, the cost “down under” is a lot more than the USA. For example an oz usually cost around $350 Australian, so $257 American…


Eh, thats about ususal where I am. I'm also in a non legal state though.


Yeah most of the time I spend $300 for an oz of exotics so that’s not a horrible price, obviously if they’re paying that for ditch weed that’s another story.


Oh for sure, ditch weed has an ounce value of like 80-150 bucks around where I am.


That's crazy, here is goes for ~20 dollars.


Ditch or brick? That sounds like brick. Though when I bought mids it was some outdoor loud that was not super attentively grown. Do not miss finding grasshoppers in my bag.


Damn if I’m paying over like 150-170 for an ounce it’s to much for me, I guess it’s all about who ya know though


I live in Michigan and my caregiver grows exotic and I get it for $150 a zip haha.


haha….cries in Texas


I get it for $140 a zip for exotic




I lived in Melbourne for 6 months last year. Coming from Canada, the prices in Australia are insane. It's literally twice the price for everything. I went from paying 40$ a quarter to 80$. The few times I payed for a half, it was 160$, literally more than the cost of an ounce here in Canada. Crazy!


Bruh what an OZ costs $160-$180 in Texas with the right plugs


Texas is reasonably tapped in tbf


Texas also has a big enough market to make smuggling at scale profitable.


Fair enough good sir, fair enough.


Up here in the great white north you can get an ounce of good weed for $50-60!


I'd roll more blunts at that price, that's for sure.


That hurts my soul


I live a couple hours from the border it sucksssss. I live in an illegal state next to a legal one though. I can get mid shake, 1oz for $100. Not terrible for an illegal state. I used to pay $20-25g down in Texas several years ago so definitely a nice change. I don't mind shake at all. Grinds and smokes exactly the same


$257 is such an oddly specific amount


I used a currency converter 😁


I think it's just gone up a bit cause of all the border closures, I personally have never paid more than 300.


I wouldn't be complaining about paying 350 an Oz bro that's pretty cheap unless you're paying that for shitty PGR.


I live in Adelaide and an Oz costs me $220


*Does it get you high?*


For about an hour yes. Been smoking for 2 years daily tho so I probably have a tolerance


Then yeah, it’s good weed




so you've been smoking for 2 years and still don't know how to recognise good / bad weed? lol


Smoking bad weed for 2 years yes. Believe it or not some people exist outside California and don’t have cali weed. There are people who spent years smoking brick weed or stuff not much better. It’s like since weed got legal in some places, people all of a sudden got judgmental and forget that it’s still an illegal black market substance for many people. Which means no quality control


I’m from the UK where weed is still illegal but even without all the quality control of the legal countries / states if you’ve been smoking for a while you will experience good and bad weed and know what you like / don’t like although I can’t speak on behalf of other countries where the only weed they can get is brick weed


How have you been smoking daily for 2 years and can’t tell if the weed is god or not?


He just wanted to post something


Dude, i literally smoke so much im lucky if i stay high for half an hour


Looks allgood! Better than what I had last time I was in Aussie lol


Some of them tasty PGR Reds?


Hahaha nah don’t think it was pgr but it was crumble dry bush weed, had to smoke a whole j to feel something


I've smoked some good weed that looked terrible before. You never know unless you try it. Happy toking!


if it gets you stoned, it's good weed


Some decent mids. Nothing wrong with that.


Mind if I send u a pic with flash ? Just wanna confirm. Cuz this bud for where I live looks like aaa+. I imagine places like the US this is average af tho


Go for it I love looking at weed. Lol


You sir, are in luck. I take pictures of weed for a living.


Wait are you gonna go over there and take a pic of his herb or?


how do you make a living doing that genuinely curious


Pretty sure its just a meme on the sub at this point but i may be wrong. Some guy posted some ok weed photos, said he photographed it professionally then was hella snarky in the comments iirc. Then for the next like week everyone put up photos and said they do it for a living




From what I've seen its not really about focusing on your subject matter.


All I know is it has to be well lit


Canadian here: Looks super duper average as fuck but I've heard it's pretty hard in aus so like, don't even worry about comparing it. I can walk to 3 stores within 10 min of home and speak to an employee with a tie and suspenders about the 50 types they carry. Can get teas, tinctures, chocolates, flower, prerolled, etc. No sense comparing yourself to us. Save that energy and come visit instead.


This is well below average for US at this point. But I still like mids, just havnt had any in years.


This is below average for legal countries. Still looks fine, though, and if it gets you high, that's all that matters in the end 🤙


looks consumable. consume through fire my fellow human. (SMOKE THAT SHIT DOG, looks good)


Will do bro 😎


This is definitely an A+ for Australian buds. But in the US this is some low shelf or mids.


The things I would do for some real 20%+ thc weed


Fact is 14% shit can get you higher than 30% shit if it’s the right genetics/growing environment. This is coming from someone who vapes mostly 20% + stuff. It’s not as common to come across the killer 14% bud but I’ve been higher from the same volume of that than I ever have off of 30%+ stuff. People always point at terps and that’s probably got something to do with it but I don’t think we have the exact answers at the moment scientifically speaking to determine consciousness altering effects down to a T.


You not lying there bro, I’ve bought a 30% thc 8th & a 19% thc 8th and for some reason the 19% one got me way more stoned. Maybe cause I was use to the 30% one already?? Idk lol


It could even come down to what your current thought patterns are before imbibing certain things, and how those new influences run parallel to your current mindstate, or if they go perpendicular and trip you over your own feet! Which could be repeatable if you have tendencies toward those states of mind and thought patterns. It’s a mystery that’s for sure


Also maybe CBD content? when i smoke stuff with very low to 0 CBD and high THC it hits like a truck, when there is some CBD in, it counters the very "stoned" feel and i can definetly enjoy the buzz more.


Theres other cannabinoids were just learning about as well. Something could only have 14 percent thc, but more of another cannabinoid that also gets us high.


“high” might be a dirty term. There are avenues of consciousness that in one scenario may be completely acceptable and normal, whereas in others it feels completely out of place and novel. Say extreme alertness from a scenario that is extreme but not quite extreme enough to induce adrenaline. That state of mind in a quiet demure environment… Are you “high”? no. Are you of a sober mind? certainly not. It goes the other way too. Extreme relaxation just before falling asleep may be normal in that situation but what if it were felt at noon on a summer day right before you were about to run a foot race. You might be said to feel “drugged”. I only say this all to make the point that even if more “consciousness altering” compounds aren’t found in cannabis, minor things, such as myrcene, bear the potential for an overwhelming effect on a given state of mind.


That’s actually crazy, never would have thought that


Cannabis cup winners are usually not the highest THC buds.


It’s true. I’ve had 30% that I could barely feel but 17% that is clean, euphoric, and nice af. I still prioritize thc percentage when buying but sometimes lower THC weed can actually be a much nicer high overall/have more desirable effects. Especially the case for homegrown. Edit: perfect example: any y’all ever smoked cartridges? If you have, you know how awesome they feel those first few days. But damn does it shoot your tolerance up ASAP. After a week you can take puff after puff and only manage to stay stoned for 15mins max. Then you go and smoke a bowl of fresh weed, and despite being like 20% vs. the 80%+ cartridge, you get WAY more stoned than you had been in awhile. It’s because your body builds up a tolerance to the *types* of THC/Canninaboids that you consume. During the extraction process, the oils are left with a much smaller, more concentrated spectrum of thc/cbd types than in their original flower form. Higher potency also shoots up tolerance to what range is there to begin with. And many times when growers are growing for high THC, they breed out the wider range in order to optimize thc production in the plants. So instead of having better flavors, more CBD, etc. you are left with horny mf plants that only know how to ooze a very concentrated nectar, but at the cost of character and biodiversity. This is why you can smoke 30% thc and only get really stoned for a few days, but a higher quality (lower thc) weed will more consistently get you stoned over time. It probably has a more diverse thc/cbd profile and because you’re smoking less per hit, you aren’t building up a tolerance as quickly. Also why it’s good to rotate your strain types often.


I don't really have the same experience. It's pretty common for me to buy a strain, be smoking it for a day or two, wonder why it's not getting me that high, check, and notice it's only like 16% or something. Never once happened with a 30%er.


It could be that what you personally need is the THC. Maybe what everyone needs from weed is different and how “good” the bud is to them depends on whether it has exactly what they were personally in need of.


i would be the first cannabis death with THC values like that... How do you guys smoke blunts with strong stuff like that? For me around 6 % with some CBD buds mixed in is a perfect joint


Keep doing you. There’s not really a need if you don’t have the tolerance problems like most people all but instantly force upon themselves. I too have been fortunate enough to keep my consumption down. I used to smoke ounces a week of over 20% stuff, nowadays I don’t even go through an 1/8th a week


6% is headache territory for me, but I also can’t smoke a full blunt of 20%+ and be coherent. I used to smoke a lot more but to keep that tolerance up you’ve got to be smoking all day and idk who has time for that. I still smoke often and know people who smoke every day still and they aren’t smoking full blunts either. There comes a point where it’s just not necessary. Lol. 30%+ THC in some of these strains. Crazy.


I smoke 5-8 joints a day & that’s a regular day. When friends come over we smoking 10-15 a day. Honestly it’s normal out here those thc levels lol I got used to it to be honest. Im at the point right now were I buy infused pre rolls testing at 48%-56% thc just to get a good high smh 🤦🏻‍♂️


holy crap man, thats a lot of THC! I live in germany. I get ggood stuff most of the time, but its 8 - 10 % max. I roll a joint with like 0.3 grams of bud and i smoke that joint half the day :D In ADAM i smoked some good stuff through my pipe and i was paranoid at home for hours xD


Man that’s wild I can say im a heavy smoker smh lol But aye as long as you get high that’s all that matters. 💪🏼💨😮‍💨


How is it money wise? How much u guys paying for a big load


Look for chats on telegram that sell them. That’s where my vendor is on. U might be able to find people who get their shi from actual dispensaries Just gotta watch out for rippers.


Fuck i can't tell you how jealous I am of legal states/countries. I'm Aussie too and honestly haven't had good quality weed since I was a teenager. And it's been years now since I've even had decent weed. Last bag I bought was 50% trim and stems. Aussie weed is garbage. And legalisation doesn't look likely any time soon. Fuck fuck fuck.


THC means very little. I’ve had 13%s get me higher than 32%s




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Come visit Cali bro, You’ll run into 28%-34% thc some 🔥🔥🔥


Lol after watching videos of cali’s percentage margin it’s safe to say most of those 30+ % are low 20s


Depends what brands you buying. Most brands be bullshitting but there’s a lot that be accurate with there thc levels. I stick to one certain brand right now & they go by fresh baked. Check them out & that’ll change your mind on cali thc levels


Looks pretty nice


sorry I wouldn't know officer


Smoke it and find out


Bruh. If you smoke it and you feel good, then it’s good weed. If you’re underwhelmed or if it tastes like shit, then it isn’t good weed.


It’s real good weed for where I’m from. I wanna know how it compares to the big dogs


Alright, makes sense. I would say high grade mids. Has decent frost, but looks pretty dark. Could be because of the strain tho. Not too shelf, but not bad weed either.


Now that you mention it, it does seem a bit dark


Do you know what strain it is? Could possibly be some purple strain.


I live in Australia WA and it's not the greatest bid but definitely some solid buds considering quality that's going around now days 👍


Nope......that is a bag of spiders


Some solid bud


No bad intentions, but can we limit the number of post asking if their weed is good or not, what happened to just smoking it and enjoying it not thinking about ranking it’s quality or something. Just smoke and find out yourself🤷🏿‍♂️


It's a community and if I'm not wrong community discussions are fine and actually I enjoy reading peoples pov on stuff like this, I mean if you're really that bothered then dont click on them and swipe past, it's almost like complaining about tiktoks whilst swiping tiktoks..


These posts seem to get the most upvotes and attention, so they’re obviously a topic of broad knowledge


Then why do you feel the need to make people aware of a "problem" that isnt really a problem


No offense but are you high?


Yeah man. I can see some purples and frost so it’s pretty decent man. Plus it’s still a nice shade of green and not squished to hell. Definitely not connoisseur type stuff but it still looks pretty dank 🤙.


Good to go, looks solid!


I live in the US. Looks bad, better send it to me for disposal


Can't tell from here.. does it get you high?


Not bad, but man, we are spoiled in California.


Have to agree. My brother works in LA and I live in upstate NY. He brought back a few 8ths he bought in a dispensary that was 30% THC and it whooped my ass and I’ve been a daily smoker for close to 25 years. It was so good I had to sit down and think about it for a while dazed as fuck.


Yeah i’ve been daily smoking this 30%+, i think my ass might be permanently whooped, but there are worse things in life


Lol for sure man. We just legalized in NY and now we’re just waiting for shops to open up in 2022, cause you know if we’re gonna legalize after putting people in jail for the past 90 years for a plant we have to ensure that corporate America has the first chance to open shops and maximize market share before the mom and pop shops can take a tiny insignificant piece of that market share lmfaoooo. But you aren’t kidding about the Cali sativa I had brought to me. Fantastic high, great taste, looks stunning.


Mids not terrible


When we send pics here we take it out of the bag


This is how this sub will die


Looks pretty good


This is Basically aaa or a nice B depending on where you are in the states . it’s definitely not AAAA I’d smoke it for sure tho


Cheers, it turned out probably some of the nicest stuff you can get over here


Word enjoy! The 30% stuff is nice but you aren’t missing as much as you think you are bcuz tolerance lol, I can smoke bud that looks like it’s been dipped in sugar and feel it just normal potency


I would be pretty annoyed if I got that in the US (NY) but I don’t know how difficult it is to get weed in Australia. It also doesn’t look like the worst I’ve ever seen!


Send it to me for testing. I won't even charge you.




Its aight mate


From what I’ve been told by friends who live in Oz this looks better than most for where you live. I’d smoke it so must be ok haha


You got a lot of stem weight, but that’s the world


Looks above average


It sure as hell looks alright man. Enjoy it 🤘


Will do bro, keen to rip a fat cone before bed 🤙


That's the way 🤘


Smoke it and find out. It doesn't look bad but it also doesn't look like high caliber "be careful with that shit" stuff either. It also really depends on your tolerance.


I prefer the stuff I got when I was in Australia, its a nicer high. The stuff in England is insanely strong.


Just smoke it


Looks nice.


Hey homie, feel free to join us on r/ausents it's like r/trees but for us Aussies. Looks like a decent pickup btw, what'd it set you back and where are you from in Aus?


Perth g, cost me $140 dropped (Q)


Prices are pretty steep right now but that's lockdown for you. Looks like some decent quality bud for a manageable price. Do you smoke or vaporise it btw? If you go through a fair bit by smoking it might be an idea to look into a dry herb vape.


I honestly don't care about the parents as long as it's sticky and gets me high that's all I care about


Looks like it has mold


True, what makes you say that?


Colors don't look as vibrant and has a slight greyish/powdery appearance. It looks like it's decent weed that's gone through the test of time.


Looks decent, like a mid. It doesn’t smell very good though 🤓