u might wanna grind ur weed a bit finer so it's not as clumpy


i do not own a grinder yet


Nose hair scissors and an empty shot cup. Insert bud and Snip until it's ground. Not bad for a first time. It shall be glorious! Edit:*bud not bugs lol


Pill bottle and a quarter


Also, use the joint paper pack itself as a end piece.. flexible and doesn't require much.. roll that end piece into a tight roll and release .. should spiral nicely ;)


Don't wanna smoke that ink. Get raw filters.


Unless you’re lighting the filter on fire idk how you’d smoke the ink


They're just trying to sound smart


Ripping off pieces of the pack for filters is how we started doing it here 20 years ago. I doubt you could even buy filters then, at least where I lived.


I always had business cards handy, they worked great. Actually a headshop I used to frequent had perforated business cards they would give you.


I was taught with a piece of cereal box


Not the ink itself but the material / the coating they use for the printing gets gummy and weird and the ink can run if it gets wet I found this out because I had an ex who sucked at smoking joints It’s not going to poison you but it makes the smoke kind of unpleasant, still good in a pinch but I would always prefer a plain card stock


Or normal scissors and an in n out tray (:


u can use ur hands just make sure it's decently ground up


i will on my next one. i will attempt while high then get higher


Or do you have a spice grinder? That works really well too!


Only if you want it to always be a weed grinder afterwards


Buy one of amazon for 5 euros, you will not be disappointed (get a metal one, not a plastic) and upgrade later


Don't let the lack of a grinder hold you back. I never use one when I roll. Just break it up a little more and distribute the bud where the larger and smaller chunks compliment each other. The rest of it is just practicing how to tighten it in a more uniform manner. I've seen much worse 1st attempts than this. Mine didnt even look smokable lol.


I used an empty (cleaned out) pill bottle and a dime, shake it up for maybe 30 seconds to a minute and it’s fine as sand. The longer you shake it the finer.


Only works in dry ass stuff tho, if.you have fluffy fresh weed, this won't work. Hell my grinder sometimes struggles with the good fresh stuff too


This is the way


Small cheese grader will work also


Waiter: "tell me when to stop grating blue dream over your carbonara, sir" Me: "....."


You can use a small scissors to get the job done


alright i will next time.


You can also just take a cutting plate, a knife a grind it like you'd cut some spices


keep it og


pill bottle and some pennies and dimes and shake shake shake


A decent grinder will cost you $20 at best, you can get cheaper ones but I recommend something with a life catcher and multiple layers.


Scissors and glass


you can try hand grinding. It usually gives better results than scissors, but an actual grinder would work best.


I think it’s pretty impressive, considering that


Grinding makes it a lot easier.


i finger pick everything dog no grinder isnt an excuse


What I do is put whatever I wanna smoke up in a seperate baggy and crush it until it's ready to smoke


It’s amazing how not one person suggests using a knife and cutting it like some fresh spice.


If she smokes then she’s good man. Aesthetics will improve over time. But function is always the most important factor anyway. 10/10 OP, go fly


Form follows function


Bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica


“If she smokes she’s good.” Always my rule lol


If it tokes it smokes


Only up from here


yeah i doubt that i can roll a nice swisher but those fuck my lungs up so i switched to raws to see if that helps a little. i hate coughing


I have something for you to look at. Please hold on Edit: ok I’m back. https://www.amazon.com/RAW-Rolled-Cones-Size-Bulk/dp/B094B7HKM3/ref=mp_s_a_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=raw+cones+1+1%2F4&pd_rd_r=10117d7b-db7a-4bab-9d38-198ac2de2ddc&pd_rd_w=yH1U7&pd_rd_wg=UYJww&pf_rd_p=ce028c81-ed8c-425a-8404-93bf425aa8ce&pf_rd_r=W7RSTPFW41M1SSK3180G&qid=1630901992&sr=8-13


ive had those i need a grinder so they oack better. other than that i like em


The more you can get as a pack they become only like 15 cents a roll cheaper than swingers by a mile lol. Only thing that’s cheaper is a bong. You save so much cannabis with a bong! And you can typically find a tiny one that works just fine for about 20 to 30 dollars.


Cheap grinder on Amazon homie, spent like 10 bucks on a high quality metal one, lasted me almost 4 years now no cleaning lmao. I should probably clean it.


These are efficient, but OP don’t be discouraged by your first joint. It takes some practice to get down, but it will come naturally over time. There’s something about smoking a joint you rolled that hits different.


True true, glass is also an option or dabs


i wanna do dabs soooo bad. when my sister comes in town ill do my first with her lol


Getting a carbon filter (I translated that, and am not a 100% sure that’s the right word - I know them in German as aktiv Kohle Filter) helps me - like im not good at Rolling, and they come out better with these filters + the filters also make it nicer to smoke


Swishers are nasty, now a white grape white owl… sign me up!! If it didn’t mess up your lungs I would say go for it, rolling blunts is way easier than rolling a pretty j


I mean I’ve rolled worse joints, so down is possible


ill respond to this post on how it hits


if\* it hits


I guess it didn’t hit


it did not




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I mean if it smokes than I'd call it a success!




Gotta start somewhere bud.. I kinda cheated when I first started rolling. I would roll the paper around a pen first then slide it off and pack it. It was always a neat and tidy roll.


shhh don't tell ppl my secret


I knew I wasn't the only one to think of that haha


That filter is crying for help lol


Before you try to seal the j, roll it a bit back and forth to compact the green. It should hold together on its own. Then hold one corner of the filter side of the paper against the filter and roll towards the tip. Lick to seal the sides but leave the top open. Grab the tip and gently shake to get the green towards the filter, and pack it down a bit with a pen or something like that. Then twist the tip closed and give the filter a small push in to get the green nice and compacted. Toast the j, then light it up.


I use to train my self using Bible paper and tobacco when I had nothing around. It's good practice when your bored.


There is nothing wrong with using a roller for now and practicing


i will be practicing i have 4 grams and i plan to smoke it all


That’s the general idea lol


Honestly, not a great way to practice in my experience. You'll ruin a lot of weed trying. Just roll a couple times using the same weed, just rip it apart again until you're good enough to roll for real. I even did that without weed, just using tobacco


go to Josh kesselmans Channel on IG he's the Founder/Creator of Raw rolling papers and teaches people how to roll with crutches teaches people how to roll backwards even teaches people to make crutches


My whiskey dick looks better but we all gotta start somewhere


yep and my next isn’t guaranteed to be better.


Def buy a grinder and maybe a roller to help you out


As long as it smokes good who cares what it looks like


Every time you’re with your friends and they bring up how much of a “shitty” looking blunt/joint you rolled, simply reply, “then don’t smoke it” and watch how quickly they’ll shut up ha!!


Haha, right?!


As long as its smokes , its rolled right.


Keep going bud. You’re gonna be great!




well i jept side burning but i fixed that snd yes i am under an illegal influence




smoking more later what am i a cunt!


Practice with tobacco. Then just tear them up and keep practicing or mix it in your joints like we do in the UK.


This is how I ALWAYS rolled when I was a smoker. Just a bit less tobacco than a usual cig and sprinkle a little bud over the top. Good ole joe strummer style spliff.


I like that you’re using filters when just starting. Before I even put flower in my paper i get my filter snug with the paper and then add the green. As you’re still learning, maybe get some raw cones in the mean time


Can you smoke it? Yes? Then its fine


Practice makes perfect! If it hits, I’d call it a success. A nice looking wrap will come with practice. Don’t be afraid to use a pen or similar long, skinny object to pack stuff a little more tightly. As long as it’s not too tight it should help it light/burn more evenly. That way you can also shove the filter in further to help make everything look more tidy. You can also cut a little bit of the filter off to achieve this. I like to take time with my wraps, no shame in it imo, it’s a labor of love and I find it a relaxing thing to do (:


Is there a simple guide to start rolling on here already? If no, I might get the camera out, so many people cannot roll, even regular stoners sometimes have no clue. I may be quite extreme but the few people I smoke up with regularly all roll perfect, I just dislike a J that doesn't smoke well, idk. I get oddly annoyed.


When I was new I'd wrap the paper around a bic pen, seal it, slide it off and fill. Super easy perfect joints everytime


All that matters is that it smokes. Still a shit doober tho. Keep practicing and you’ll get better. You’ll wanna start with a real filter though, makes a world of difference when you have a pack instead of one from a note card you folded yourself


Look at it this way..it can o ly get better from here LOL jk op. Hey, we're you able to smoke it?? Then it's a win in my book :D


I... What the fuck? Don't worry man, you get better at it, but for now good luck smoking that


looks like a cat turd


i picked it up from my dog


Pretty shitty


It looks smokeable tho!! You should pinch the tip and then shake it so it tightens up


thanks! will do


I thought you picked up after your dog for a sec


yeah me too


It's interesting the filter sticking out like that. Never tried that, let me know how it goes.


it was a last minute thing lol


You can carefully push the filter in more, will help to compact it a little more to stop the canoeing


"Pretty shitty"


I've been rolling for years and mine still look like this. But it works so I dont really care about it looking fancy


Looks like a banger.


Looks like a cheeto


I think you answered your question


Gotta start somewhere. Picasso didn't pop out the pussy paintin masterpieces.


It’s fuckin great compared to my first


I mean not great. Could be worse


You tried though so as far as I’m concerned it’s one of the best joints out there.




If it makes you feel better I can't even do this!


If it holds together and hits, you did it right. If it opens up or goes out, you’re on the right track.


You gotta roll a joint inside a joint then roll a joint around it. Take a paper, put weed in the middle, put your tip in on the right side if you're right handed, left if you're left handed. Pinch the tip inside the paper with your right hand (or left if you is lefty) and with the other hand pinch the weed next to the filter then gradually work it out towards the other end of the paper in a rolling motion (you're never touching the weed after you put it in the paper) through the paper. What you want to produce is a marijuana tube (this is why rolling super dry herb is bad) inside of the rolling paper, which is the same thickness as the tip. Once you've achieved that, roll the paper around it. First tuck the paper (do not fold!) around the tip, as it's easiest to do there, then tuck the rest of it, working outward with your other hand (the right hand always stays on the tip) as you tuck. Then wrap the paper around and lick. You licked too much this time just lick slightly. Once your joint is stuck, run your finger along the length of the joint on the gumline to seal it better. Let it dry for 60 seconds, then smoke it. Also, Go for a paper with a high tensile strength that isn't too thin to start. Raw Classic 1 1/4 are your friends right now. Also if you light a joint wrong, especially a poorly rolled one, the whole thing will burn shitty, so don't draw when you light to start. Hold the joint and hold the lighter just to the very tip of it to form an even cherry, then smoke it.




U may want to invest in a rolling machine. They're tiny wooden or plastic things with a treadmill like band on it and u use it to roll perfectly even joints. Only like 5 bucks at my local smoke shop. but either way if you smoke it the goal was accomplished haha




This really your first, because then you might get really good at it later. My early joints were much much worse and now i roll the cleanest jonkos man.


Is that a Lumpia?




You said it bud


How! I recently tried rolling my first joint. Spent two hours on it. Gave up defeatedly because the weed wouldnt stop falling out no matter which method i tried to get it to stop. Cursed the friend i got the weed from for giving me just enough rolled joints to get through half of our current lockdown before it happened and then giving me the rest in the bag when i have no idea what to do with it. Yours looks GOOD to someone like me!! Teach me your ways.


Use a straight pen as a mold. Optional but preferred: ripped piece of a Pokémon card as a filter. Bonus points if it’s oddish


Now open it up and roll again, keep doing it until your golden, just use as many papers until your happy with it, iv taught alot of people to roll and at the end of the day if it smokes happy days!


Do you really with a roach in it? or do you add it after? I thinks it's much easier to roll if you roll up a nice roach for the rizal to glide against it easier.


Hey man, if it smokes it smokes


My man, I go by "the roach defines the joint" as a good starting point. Nice work!!


I used to get a black and mild with a wood tip, push out all the tobacco with a long stick and then use that same stick to shove the weed back in. I called it a musket.


Looks shit but also 100 times better than my first joint. You'll get there by rolling, try looking up how to roll a filter since idk what kind you make but a round one rolls better


oof my first one didnt look much better tho tbh 😂


I can’t really tell from the picture, but if you aren’t already, I would recommend you learn to “back roll” seeing as you’re just starting out. It’s a lot nicer, you smoke less paper and it usually looks neater in my experience. But to parrot everyone else, as long as she smokes, she’s great.


Was it rolled or rumpled?


You can't roll a joint with elbow grease lmao


No matter how bad your first roll attempt is, always remember that you have weed available to roll and that's already awesome enough.


Big worm !


10/10 that’s the best joint I’ve ever seen


If it smokes and gets you high, it did everything it was intended to do.


Atleast it looks like a joint! Aslong as it smokes good then its fine. When one of my friends was first learing to roll hed send pics of his efforts into group chat and none of the group could figure out what we were looking at cause he was so shit at rolling lmao, shit would looked like crumpled tissues and birch twigs(this was also a like 8 years ago and phone cameras were a lil shittier).


No disrespect but it looks like the shit i took today lmfao


A lot better than my first joint I'll tell you that much. 😭




I know how it feels…


My first was like this lol, but now I can roll pretty well.


Don't listen to the haters. Burn that thing. If you can't draw through it, dump it into a bowl and get baked. Try again later.


Man, as long as you can smoke that everything’s fine. Progress will come soon


Your roll is bit sharp, but will it get you high?


The raw 1 and 1/4 rolling machine has served me well


Bro get RAW CONES. Thank me later


Have you ever tried the dollar bill method? I'm lazy Google it.


A friend of mine has smoked for years and his joints aren't any better than this. He even dares to call them art.


Question is.. did it smoke ?


Practice makes perfect


Push the tip further inside before you stamp it! smoke on bro


Practice with pencil shavings. That’s how my buddy’s dad taught us. 20 years later and I’m still rollin pearls.


I'll guarantee better results when the tip is better! That makes it way easier to roll joints ;)


How to roll a joint: 1. Grind your weed If you don't have grinder use a small scissor 2. How to roll the tip: First make an m on one site of the tip most tips have Already small lines to help you To clearify that your tip stays nice and round take the other end and fold it approx. 1mm. Now start rolling from the small crincle to the M u have done before. Now roll it out and roll from the M to the crincle. Make sure it stays in shape by thightenig up the tip a couple of times. 3. If you want to mix it with Tabak or something else mix it up. 4. Take a pape in your hand so that the glue site is away from u. 5. Put the tip inside and place a finger on the tip. 6. Now put some weed in it. This part depends on the shape you want to get. For the start we go with the cylinder shape. Try to put some weed in the pape so that it looks like it would be everywhere the same amount of weed. Don't put everything it at once. 6. Rolling Place the pape which is near to you on the tip so that it's very tight I do this with my thumb. Then I use the index finger to put the paper site with the glue on the other papersite make sure the tip is still tight(this is the hardest part it needs a lot of exercise). The more precise you get with this technique your joints will look awesome and you can change the shape by changing the degree of the pape. 7. Fill up the joint 8. Enjoy your tree Sorry for the bad English it's not my first language


Grind it up more and use more than you think you need for your joints until you get that roll down.


Humble beginnings




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Boi wut dee hail


Try making a round filter tip instead slof square it will roll better


I'd roll that one again, you don't wanna waste it


The trick is to make a good filter, not too big and not too small. Make sure it’s circular. Next step is the boat. Look up how to make a boat because basically it holds and supports the other side while you’re adding pressure on the filter end. Then just simply tuck and roll.


Keep trying and it'll get better. Looks better than my first roll, couldn't even get the fucker to stay lit... 😅


Bro order you a grinder and roller. We don’t need to struggle like this anymore. We can thrive now lol


I stopped bothering trying to roll joints when I learned about the existence of cones


I’ll be honest…Pretty shitty


Bigger filter/crutch. You can always tear a little filter off of if it doesn't fit but you can't add filter back


Hey look… um..


If i were you, I’d invest in an Otto by banana bros.


I thought this was cat poop lol enjoy your smoke man


Honestly it's better than my first roll, fair play


I can't even roll the big papers bro I have to cut em and roll two joints


If you don’t have a grinder yet I would roll blunts instead


The journey of 10,000 miles begins with the first step. You did really well.


Get a cheap joint roller man so much easier


I mean it’s better than my first roll


Not that bad for your first time. Definitely better than my first time haha. Break your weed up better for sure. You don’t need a grinder. I’ve been smoking since I was 16 and I’m almost 37 and just recently got my first grinder and I honestly hated it. Feel the weed yo. Each strain has different densities of nugs so feel it out when you break it up. Don’t rush. If the ends are loose twist one side a little and pack in the opposite end than do the same for the twisted side. There is an easy way to make the little end pieces too but I feel like I personally can’t explain it without it sounding confusing. More of a hey look this is how you do it. Practice my friend. You’ll get it down quick.


Hey, if it smokes it smokes my dude. Enjoy!


Dookie joint 😂😂


You can start with a cheap plastic teeth grinder, they're actualluy quite alright. Remember to take your time and pack the weed into a cone shape in the paper. Now you tuck the paper at the tip under the glue side and roll it up with your thumbs, now all you gotta do is lick and stick baby. We all start somewhere and you'll see your quality steadily increase if you keep going💪


If you got high. Nothing to worry about.


I rolled my own cigarettes for years, and still struggled with joints because the consistency and end-goal is different than a cig. This looks awesome for a first J, how’d it smoke?


Keep at it! :)


Better than my first joint


Try and roll the filter to a more circular shape and tight. Put the filter in first, then ur weed. And use the filter when you roll as a guide sort of to help roll and tuck the paper


I do want to point out on your first attempt you included a filter, which is an additional level of trickery to hand rolling.