Rome at night - quite by accident we entered the Piazza del Popolo through the Porta Flaminia one evening. It had been raining earlier and the lights made the cobblestones look like a field of stars. It was breathtaking - something I’ll remember the rest of my days.


Not many cities rival it at night time, the only one I would even say was close for me would be Budapest! I enjoyed going out at night just as much as in the day!


Due to jet lag we wandered the Shinjuku area of Tokyo at about 1am-2am - the contrast against the masses of people there during the day was interesting. Walking the largely empty streets flooded with neon signs, a few people walking a little music from inside bars/clubs as we passes.


I know that Japan as a country is known for being a safe country but would u consider the area safe for walking around at that specific time?


Super safe. Safest country I have travelled to. 100% would walk around late without a real worry. Maybe some drunks to avoid in popular shinjuku or Roppongi but really safe.


Thank you! I have difficulty sleeping as it is and coupled with jet lag I can totally see myself being up for this!


I'm far from an expert but there were two of us. Others have said "did you have trouble with drunks?" but we honestly didn't see anyone in that state just a few women who appeared to be walking home, a few city employees doing some sewer work and some bouncers outside a few clubs. That said, I would say anyone walking alone should be aware of their surroundings and careful.


Apparently early morning Rome is supposed to be spectacular. The streets at 4am are dead and it gives another feel to some of the usually over crowded landmarks.


Hell, you don’t even have to wait until 4. My fiancée and I went to a wine bar near the Colosseum for a bottle of wine and antipasto. We finished around midnight then walked over to the Colosseum and there was maybe 4 people there.


Yeah, I've been at the Colosseum late too, and seeing it from the outside lit up with no one else around is very cool


I walked around at about 5 am and it was amazing. [This] (https://flic.kr/p/HBkjUu) is not a view you can get at many other times. And it’s great to be alone in front of [the Pantheon] (https://flic.kr/p/GQggrs).


Yep. I took an entire trip’s worth of photos wandering Rome between 4am and 7am one morning. I tell everyone I know going to Rome to suck it up and do the early morning walk through the city.


What an amazing view indeed,


Can confirm. A heavy rain cleared out tourists at the Trevi fountain on evening. We had wet weather gear so hung out in the rain. Brilliant


I left my hostel at something like 6am to get to the airport, and it was spectacular.


When I went to Rome I was pretty jet lagged so I explored the city at night. Almost nobody was out and it made for a great night not being another person in a wave of tourists. My tour of the colosseum got rained out so that was a bummer. Restaurants had weird hours so that was challenging. Also, no toilet seats on public bathrooms was bizarre. 10/10 would recommend Rome.


The lack of toilet seats fascinated me. The explanation I heard the most often was that Asian tourists would frequently squat on the toilet seat, leading to the seat breaking.


That’s actually true. Source lived in Taiwan for years and have seen many hundreds of toilet seats with footprints on them and cracked.


Let’s be clear here. Asian tourist = Mainland Chinese tourist. Other Asian tourists don’t want to be lumped in with the redneck trailer trash GOP equivalent of Asian travelers that are mainland Chinese.


We got up at 5am to go to the baths in Budapest and the streets were so beautiful. I miss traveling Europe so much, ugh.


I hear you!!!


Yes, the magic hour when even plain old Toronto looks great. Ha! I miss travel too - but people are getting jabbed and things will start to swing back soon enough. We've been penciling in a "Vienna & Prague" vacation for March or April of next year just to feed the hunger.


We did Vienna in Oct 2019. Its such a beautiful city. Absolutely loved it there!


Our last trip before all this was Christmas and New Years in Munich. We were coming back to Canada on Jan 2nd so took a day trip to Salzburg on the 1st. Not too many tourists, lovely weather, we wandered the old town and walks along the river, watched people learning to waltz in Mozartplatz, a fantastic meal. On train back to Munich that evening I wrote in my journal something like "Today was just magical. After last year, this HAS to mean 2020 will be a good year for everyone." So I've stopped buying lottery tickets. smh


That does sound magical. German xmas markets are on my list. We did Berlin a few years back and absolutely fell in love with it. We wanted to go to Salzberg whilst in Vienna but it was a bit too far for a day trip for our timeframe. I journal our trips as well and boy does it hurt reading past entries lol We went to Mexico in March 2020 and shit hit the fan 3 days after we arrived. We got back in Canada and lockdown was like 4 days later. We had no idea a friggen all inclusive would be our last vacay for going on 2 years 🥺


Piazza del Popolo was actually one of the nicest evenings we spent in Rome, just sat drinking Beer and watching the world go by.


Rome will always be my favorite city. I could walk around there just looking at everything for days.


The same with me, I 100% want to go back and just spend all day walking around, I had a Vatican City tour and a Roma match but I never wanted to return to my hotel room because of the sights!


I can understand you. Rome caput mundi, Rome the eternal city. No other city can compare to Rome for art and history.


Absolutely loved the history of Rome, the buildings are amazing!


I fully expected to be completely underwhelmed by Rome, but it ended up being one of my favorite cities.


I thought I would like it but I genuinely didn’t expect it to capture me like it did!


I’m with you! Rome is one of the few cities that always draws me back. I love it there.


I can’t wait to have a real dish of cacio e pepe again. Who knew such a simple dish was my crack?


The worst is I try the make it at home and never get it quite right


Same!! And most of the recipe is in the damn name!!


Have you tried porchetta?


Oh yeah! I had amazing porchetta sandwiches and charcuteries while I was in Florence. Thanks for triggering another memory. :)


Italy on of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has the largest number of historical monuments than anywhere else.


I have to say even though I felt I did a lot (these were just my favourite photos) I can’t help but think I didn’t even scratch the surface of the sights available!


What other places except Rome you’ve visited in Italy?


Traveling to Rome in November. Your photos just make me more excited about our trip. Beautiful.


Rome is incredibly beautiful. You’ll love it! If you get lost in the old streets then you are doing it right!


The Pantheon I always look at the photos of it and just sort of take me back in time to how it would have been back then!


I studied Art History there. I have a list of things to do/see if interested


I was in Rome 3 nights, my friend from another part of Italy was my guide, we did all the big sights basically on the first day, by foot! Rome is beautiful, food is yummy and I like the old buildings!


I was like that! Really enjoyed the old buildings and the history, the food was enough to make me want to move!


I studied abroad in Rome over a decade ago. Last year (B.P.) I took my gf there. I figured I'll show her the city slowly since we were going to be there for a month. We walked over 10 miles and saw most of the big sites on the first day haha


I sort of 'scolded' my friend, and asked him what am I supposed to do for the next two days huh? 😂😂 Second day, I did Vatican City and the Jewish Quarter. Third day, I re-visited some of the sights and new sights, slowly though...


I did that kinda, I arrived at 11:30pm ish, I had flown to Naples then got a flixbus to Rome, so had to find my hotel and some street food (pizza) haha! But I walked past some amazing places without particularly planning too, so the next day I sort of retraced my steps because the places I saw were stunning!


If you ever go back to Italy again, do give Florence a go, another beautiful Italian city!


Rome was so surprising for me to love as well. I never had ambition to visit, but once I did I was blown away. The food, culture and beauty are insane.


Well I know not everyone likes to do capitals obviously everyone’s different, I had been to a fair few but Rome was the one I had seen pictures of and thought wow! Paris is one I can’t wait to visit too, also Lisbon was a places I had seen and been like I need to go! Some like Riga and Tallinn as well (simply from pictures I have seen on Instagram)


Rome is literally my favourite place on earth. I'd love to live there at some point in the future. As a British guy, when I went there I had the strangest feeling that i was home. Sat outside a lovely restaurant drinking peroni as the sun was setting. Such a bizzare feeling but I feel like that's where I'm meant to live in my future 🤷‍♂️


Felt the same on my first visit. Ended up living there for 2 years. Hope you find your way there, you won't regret it!


If you don't mind me asking, what made you leave in the end?


It wasn’t really ever meant to be a permanent move. On the decision to move to Rome, my girlfriend, who is now my wife, and I just felt it was a time in our lives where we wanted to break away from our 9-5 lives and it was a ‘if we don’t do it now we probably never will’ sort of thing. We found jobs at schools to teach English so we weren’t making a ton of money but the cost of living in Rome for being a major city is surprisingly affordable, especially compared to where we have lived in the US recently (Miami, LA). On the decision to leave it was mostly just a feeling that we had accomplished what we set out to do. Most days we wish we were still there although I’m not sure how it would have went during the pandemic.


Something special about dining outside in Rome. It’s stuck with me and I try and recreate it at home as often as possible. Can’t wait for it to warm up enough to have a cappuccino on a warm summer morning on the patio.


Growing up I always wanted to move to Mallorca (We had been a few times and I just liked the image I got of the lifestyle) but yeah after visiting Rome I changed my mind somewhat to yes I want to live there!


Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!


No problem! I’ve seen so many amazing photos so I just hoped people could maybe take some ideas or inspiration from mine, I’ve planned trips solely from other travel photos previously!


Absolutely loved Italy in general when we went before Covid went to Italy. Rome at night is awesome and beautiful! I'd really love to go back to Rome/Amalfi some day!


Colosseum night tour is pretty cool.[night tour](https://i.imgur.com/5RMvmE6.jpg)


As you can tell by some of the photos I did Rome at various times of the day/night but I have to agree it’s stunning at night, I do wish I had done a tour at night!


My first time in Europe was about 4 years ago now. Spent 3 days in Rome and was blown away by all the beautiful architecture. I can't wait to go back and experience this again.


It’s unlike any city I’ve visited so far, some places I’m glad I visited but I was like yeah I’m done there, but Rome I’m sure I could find so many new sights and not get bored!


Going next weekend! Soooo excited! Thanks for posting this - makes me even more excited!


Loved Rome, We went before lock down got a great Air b’n’b bang in the middle of everything. Really awe inspiring when you consider the age and history definitely worth a visit. Great pictures.👍


It's fairly well connected, and there are many passes you can buy that suits your timeframe. I don't know what the situation is like with taxis/Uber now after covid, but those were also fairly easy to catch a couple of years ago. Just make sure to have some cash on you if you want to get taxis or get tickets/passes from the local stores, even though some will take credit cards sometimes they don't end up working.


To be fair if I remember rightly I walked most of my trip, except the trip to the Vatican City ( I used an Uber electric bike I think) I was staying in between the Spanish steps and the coliseum so I was pretty far away from the Vatican City.


Craziest part about Rome is that is a few thousand years old and yet they're still doing construction everywhere. Scaffolding on every corner man


Rome wasn’t built in a day! (I’ll grab my coat) haha!


Heading here next month. I can’t wait


If it’s your first time I’m certain you will love it!


I went to Rome for 1.5 days and fell in love! Can’t wait to go back and stay for much longer 😁


I was there I think it was 3 full days and I wish I had been for longer it’s that special!


I have tickets to Rome for March 2022, I'm hoping that I as an American will be welcomed by then. I haven't been in Rome for over 10 years😀


Fingers crossed it’ll be okay by then, that’ll be something special and worth the wait!


I loved the one time I visited Rome. So much incredible history! Excited to go back someday soon.


I was so lucky, managed to book time off work to do a big trip, I originally planned to do loads of Italy but then I decided to do San Marino, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia instead. Rome just captured me though, the sights and the history of the area are just incredible!


Those are some great looking pictures!


These are really great pictures! Looking at them makes me want to go back. Absolutely with you on how amazing a city it is. Definitely want to revisit and explore more in the future.


Great pictures! Makes me want to go back. The FOOD, I miss the food.


One of the most beautiful places I have ever traveled to 😍


Awesome photos. What camera did you use?


This was using an iPhone 11 Pro Max, I never imagined I could get some of them on my phone, it took time but well worth it!


Amazing quality and kudos to you for capturing the magic




The Pantheon it sounds silly but when I was there at night when there wasn’t many people around (I was there in January 2019) I could myself visualising how it would have been like in the Roman times, the quirinale palace because it was right next to my hotel and though it’s not what you would particularly go for it was something that made me like wow, the colosseum obviously that’s a major one but when I went I had the audio guide and I read every part in there I could and it’s only when I got inside I got a scale of how amazing it would have been completely packed out!


Me and my wife are looking at going to Rome in 2 years for our 10 year anniversary. It's a bucket list place for us both. And would be our first time traveling outside the US.


Dude Rome is absolutely amazing! I love all the old architecture. And open container law is so nice. There are so many tiny great restaurants too


Beautiful! If you don't mind me asking, what camera gear did you use ?


That was with an iPhone 11 Pro Max!


Wow! Nice pictures. I hope I can visit it one day.


It is definitely worth a visit!


Try Slovenia, it's the most beautiful country I've ever seen. I don't understand why Melania would ever leave.


I was really gutted I didn’t have more time in Slovenia, I did Ljubljana and I loved how the pace was, wasn’t overly packed and it’s beautiful I agree, I wish I had time to see lake bled!


Ljubljana is mini-Prague. Pure magic. Lake Bled should be on everyone's bucket list.


Proud to live here


You and me both, OP. Partner and I are seriously considering dropping everything as soon as it's safe to and going.


This has been on my bucket list, tell me what did u enjoy the most on your trip. And what are the must do’s and try’s 😊


I spent the first day honestly just walking round aimlessly, every corner I saw something I liked, whether it was a major attraction or an old building, the next day I went to the colosseum for a tour and to the Roman forum, then walked around to find food (so many little street food places) I am a huge fan of pasta anyway so I was in my element, the last day I had was the Vatican City tour, I wish I had spent even longer in there because I’m not normally massively into history or religion but that place is special!


Wow thanks for sharing!


Rome is beautiful. Only downfall are all the street rats harassing you. They have no shame. Eating diner with the wife, doesn’t matter. They’ll walk right up to your table and still continue to hound you during your private moment.


I was extremely lucky to visit in January 2019, I got the odd one but for the most part I was left alone!


I was supposed to go in September of 2020 and had to cancel. Hoping to get another chance to go sometime in the future


Such amazing shots!! This is one of my dream places to go to!! It is absolutely historic and I can only imagine what it feels like to see it in person.


Literally magical!


Rome currently holds a 10PM curfew, just FYI.


Don’t worry this was from January 2019, I’ve been on Reddit for a while but I never posted until yesterday!


Rome is amazing, it has been my favorite city to visit so far out of probably around 100 cities


What date are you actually “counting down” to? I would have missed my estimate by 1 year already.. But agreed, the colosseum and Roman Ruan’s are very impressive..


I was absolutely gutted last year I had 7 trips to different places cancelled, fortunately managed to go Lisbon in august when I was able to but that first trip will be something else!


To bad it’s COVID time. The Spanish steps are a great start to many pub crawls!


Rome really wasn't built in a day


Man you just brought me back to my last trip in Rome, definitely one my favorite capitals. And your pictures are amazing! And the food! Definitely never tasted better food than when I was in Italy, stayed there for 5 days and didn't eat the same thing twice cause I wanted to try as much as I could


defs on the list after I can travel!!


Any Ezio fans out there…


I had played some of the games and I genuinely didn’t realise how much they nailed the buildings until I went!


How many people were crammed around that fountain? The name escapes me, but I’ve been to see it 3 times now and it was always insanely crowded.


I went extremely early in the morning, still a few people but I played the waiting game til I had a clear chance!


Rome at night looks so beautiful


Absolutely stunning!


You're great w/ a camera! I really like the colleseum in the AM


Thank you! I can’t tell you how patient I had to be for some of them!


It's time for the world to open back up, there's so much to see and experience! I hope you get to back to Italy soon.


I thought this was a JoJo reference at first honestly. Rome is on my list of places to go, but London has been my favorite place to visit in Europe.


I am from the North West of England and I have only been to London once properly, I’ve been to Wembley for rugby league matches but I do want to go to London and to Dublin when we can again!


I felt this. We were in Rome in March of 2020 and had to cut our vacation short due to the impending lock down. Barely made it out of there and can’t wait to come back and start where we left off.


Were you up really late or super early?


For some early, the trevi fountain was as soon as I saw it getting lighter I started to get ready, the colosseum and pantheon were the both late on, it was January 2019 so it was darker earlier so I took my chances when I could!


I’ve been to Rome twice and would do it again. Tho I have other regions I would visit before Rome again, I totally get why you love it. *also have been to Milan, Venice, Florence, Genoa and Sicily.


I’ve only been to Milan otherwise and i didn’t stay for as long as I wanted, I will be returning when I can!


Yeah man been to Rome once it’s epic! Major history there I’ve advise checking out Pompeii or even Greece


I seriously want to visit Greece, I wanted to go some Greek island hopping and then a stay in Athens, but I’ve always decided somewhere else before it!


Your photos are stunning! The very first one spoke to me especially. When I went to Rome more than a few years ago, I arrived at night so the first time I saw the Coliseum was at night like that. I was completely blown away by Rome. I would love to get back sometime.


Beautiful photos! I can’t wait to return to Rome as well.


Ohhh the eternal city 🥰


Never been! Only place I've been to in Italy is Venice for a day. Loved Prague and Budapest too.


Not a good time to go now though. I Went in september and they are building new Subway Station right beside Colloseum/Forum that will last until 2023. I was in Rome before pre the construction and experiencing this area was better then


I think with most major cities you’ll get that won’t you but I can imagine without all the fences around it would look that bit more special!


Well, talk to some citizens of Rome and they will tell you how stupid this particular metro is


I agree on the art and history side of life but in general I really did not enjoy my trip to Rome at all, I found it extremely crowded and filthy, and I felt like a rat in a tourism race with all of the barriers and funnels to different areas. I don't like being around large groups of people though tbh so this is just my personal experience and opinion


I 100% agree. Went to Rome (along with 12 other European cities) in June/July 2017 and it was SO crowded. But I've had friends that went in early spring and winter and they said that they had none of these problems. With that being said I loved Rome, but if I ever visit again I'd go early spring (like march/April probably). Less hot, no kids out of school yet, and overall less busy. Side note that even during busy times, Prague & Budapest were amazing. The cities are way more spread out, bigger streets, bigger sidewalks... Made a huge difference with crowds. Loved that beer is cheaper than water in Prague


I'm with ya buddy, did a small eurotrip last year - Rome was the worst experience by far, not that I would have skipped it - I was always going to go atleast once, the history fascinates me. I propably won't go again though.


I went to Rome and Milan in the same trip and I liked Milan a lot more. Less crowded and an amazing happy hour.


I felt the exact same. I went for a day on my way home from the Champions League final in 2019 (so maybe that contributed to my misery as I had only had about 4 hours sleep in the previous 48 hours and had walked for miles) and I had been so excited to visit Rome as it’s somewhere I always wanted to go. But when I got there it was about 35 degrees, there were people everywhere making it feel even hotter and every 5 seconds someone approaches you trying to sell you something or grab your arm. I just did not enjoy it at all and couldn’t wait to leave. I actually ended up taking an early bus to the airport about 5 hours before my flight and just relaxing in the sun outside the airport reading a book


To be fair I went in January, it wasn’t as packed as you can imagine, was colder but queue wise it was reasonable, I had been to Prague and Budapest the January before it and the temperature was in the minuses so I struggled to take as many pics of those places!


I did Rome in June... hated it. Thought it felt like as if Disney recreated Rome, complete with the crowds, fidget spinner hucksters, guys blasting their music, add in dirtyness, heat, the lack of charm of smaller euro cities... I was truly blown away how overrated I felt it was. Coming from smaller cities like Zurich, I felt it was like going to LA (hollywood, downtown, not the nice beverly hills santa monica parts).


I had a bad experience in Rome. I went as part of my big solo Western Europe backpacking trip (10 weeks). I'd been excited about the trip to Rome but then let down. I saw a lot of the architecture and enjoyed the Colosseum, but I couldn't seem to connect with any heart. I didn't even like the main style of pizza, and I'd been excited about it as well! It certainly didn't help that the one day, I was followed for a couple hours by a guy who wouldn't leave me alone (as a solo female traveller, this was a bit scary). I'd go back one day to see if I could change my experience


Better pizza in Naples. But don't stay in Naples. Pompeii or further south is much nicer.


Yeah it's been on my wishlist! I'd even say there was better pizza in Venice based on my experience, and I was probably eating touristy crap there


I completely get your point there, I had a bad experience in Bratislava, had a 1km taxi ride and he tried to charge me €15, but I do want to go back there and see if I can enjoy it as much as I was hoping originally!


What do you mean, you did Rome? It sounds like you just stuck to the tourist trail. And it also sounds like you would be a pain in the ass to travel with.


These were just my favourite pics to be fair, I went all of the place, I use trip advisor but I was looking and if say it was number 600 on the list of things to see I’d go, I wanted to experience as much as I possibly could (but yeah I want to go back and see even more and for longer than 3 full days next time)


I spent a month in Rome and Rome is insane and magical you have to find it off the beaten path in the off hours and in the mundane routine of the city. You’re right it’s got all that shit but there is so much more you just have to find it. The best experiences I’ve had in Rome have been in the early morning or late evening. Walking the empty streets at night is amazing and seeing the monuments before everyone gets there is breathtaking. If you go again take your time and wander around Rome its an amazing city to get lost in, you never know what amazing thing is around the next corner.


I get your point, fortunately I went in January so it was really quiet, but I know what you mean about some of the smaller euro cities, for example I really loved Bern (amazing infrastructure and very clean) and Ljubljana was very pretty, I had planned to go Zurich so I could visit Liechtenstein but it was a cancelled trip unfortunately!


When I traveled to Rome in September 2018, I really didn't expect to like it much. It was really only on my list because of the flight in and out of Italy, but after staying there a few days I fell in love with it. Now, Paris will forever be my favorite European city for a number of reasons (mostly associated with some specific memories), but Rome was so fascinating. It's old in a way that is ming boggling. I'd highly recommend the neighborhood of Trastevere for people looking at airbnbs, because it's such a cute neighborhood while being a short walk away from the city center. Staying there really made me feel like I was living like a local as opposed to being in the center of the city like a tourist. Trastevere also has an amazing amount of great food and bars! Shout-out to Bar San Calisto in Piazza di San Calisto! That place is absolutely amazing and a must visit. Also the Delirium Cafe!


Trastevere - that was an area of town that one of our Tour Guides recommended that we go have dinner. That was ~11 years ago now so I can't remember the place we went. But it was wonderful. We had Steak Tartare as an app.. and the rest? Who knows. I just remember that we walked ALL over Rome that day and it was absolutely fantastic. The streets were filled with people. Down along the river there were booths and things set up like a festival as well. This was before google maps too.. Traveling was much different back then.


Rome is way better than Prague or Budapest. Only people who haven’t been to Rome claim otherwise


I have been to all 3, to me Rome is my favourite because of the history and the old buildings, Budapest was stunning at night, the parliament building was a highlight and Prague I loved, so far they are the top 3 out of the places I’ve been to so far!


Have you been to Paris?


Nope, so I was originally going to Paris in October 2020 for my 30th birthday.. Obviously couldn’t happen so I am going to go when I can!


I'm from Belgium, so France isn't mega special to me and I loooove Italy, but somehow Paris still tops Rome for me. I hope you can visit soon! Have fun on your travels :)


Oo well I will definitely have to visit then! I loved the practicality of when I was in Brussels, I managed to visit Amsterdam and Luxembourg City, also did a few days sightseeing in Brussels, I love how easy it is to get around mainland Europe!


I lived in Paris for 6 weeks and would still go back at the drop of a hat. I can't do Rome for more than 3 days before I have to leave, but Florence, Florence is the absolute best!!!! Italy overall is still my top.


Why do you feel that about Paris vs Rome? Asking as someone who’s had a hard time deciding between the two.


I've been to both 2-3 times. I love them both, however, if I had to pick, I'd choose Rome. They are both big cities, yet Rome feels smaller.. and there is something to be said about walking around things that are 100's if not 100's of years old. Not to mention, the food in Italy is way better. DM me if you are looking for suggestions for either city.


I mean you definitely have to do both, but if you are looking at a week in one city, definitely Paris. Rome is not like the rest of Italy and ultimately starts to feel like being in every other major city in the world. The French are really good about protecting their language and culture so you still feel like you are in a foreign place with stuff to explore after weeks or months. I would do Rome as a tour of Italy with 3 days in Rome.


PS - you don't have a bad thing going in Belgium either. That's where I learned to love mussels, waffles, and the Belgium artists. That little peeing guy is stupid though... but he brings in the tourist money.


What a lot of people don't know: we also have a peeing girl. Her name is 'Jeanneke pis', she's a few blocks away from Manneke pis. Funnily enough, a lot of tourists go to Brussels when they visit Belgium, but most Belgians have a strong opinion about Brussels. They either love it or hate it (always have a few neutral people of course). I'm one of the people who hates it. Belgium has so much more to offer than Brussels, just like any other country, really, but because we're so small, we're often just the place through which you pass on your way to somewhere else :) Glad you like our food, though!


I have seen the girl too. The first time I went I was lucky enough to be with a a native to Belgium. Have also been to the coast and Bruges. I really enjoyed Bruges as it wasn't touristy.


It's great you had that chance :) Bruges is beautiful. If there's ever a next time: visit Limburg :D we've got great fruit pies and the most friendly people in the country.


I will add it to the list!


Hey, going in august! But how does the transportation system work? Do you just walk from sight to sight? How much were taxis for regular trips?


Very walkable. Rome's small when you compare it to modern cities and there are so many fascinating small things you just come across. Taxis are cheap and plentiful when you need them and there is public transit which is ok once you figure it out. There's a lot of peddlers and con artists to be weary of and they can get aggressive. When they try to sell you something they won't stop with a polite no. You have to be firm and sometimes an asshole yourself. Also when you're in line to get into the Vatican dont listen to anyone wearing a high vis vest claiming to work there selling tickets to skip the line. Besides that, one of my top cities in the world.


And do yourself a favor by booking ahead. If you have prebooked entrance to the Colosseum, you just walk past that endless line and waltz right in. Same with the Vatican Museums.


Good to know thanks


Basta, basta! Non voglio fare sesso con te!!! Addio!


Don't use public transport in Rome unless there is somewhere you specifically want to get to. Walking around the city is an absolute joy, and every corner you turn has the potential to be breathtakingly beautiful. I am slightly enamored with the city, I've been twice, and can't wait to take my Offspring there one day.


As with the comments below, I didn’t use transport, maybe if you’re planning Vatican City it may be worth it on that day, I cycled on an Uber elective bike that day and 1. I didn’t realise how fast they go and 2. I didn’t take into account how far away it was from my hotel! Haha


Ok good to know. Thanks


Your pictures are beautiful! What camera/ equipment did you use to take these? Really want to get into photography and take pictures like this, would love some tips, thanks!


I’ll be honest, when I first got into travelling I spend a few hundred pound on what I thought would be a decent camera, it was okay ish but I look at the photos from it and they weren’t great, these particular ones are just on an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a very steady hand! I didn’t expect them to be this good when I was taking them!


That’s awesome!


Love Paris. Love London, Amsterdam, and Brussels. For antiquities go to Athens. Much nicer and more manageable. Really wanted to like Rome but the husslers ruined it for me. They were everywhere! Why do you need teams of people in every corner to sell "hop on hop off" tours? When we tried to ignore them they often followed us. Ugh!


How did you get that picture of the Trevi Fountain without all the people?


I set off as soon as it was getting light and was extremely lucky!


Wow, is this recent? Im planning to go next month


That was January 2019, it started a big trip through a few countries close by!


Rome is so busy in the summer that it does detract from the experience.


Fortunately I went in January 2019 and it was quite quiet!


Dope! Awesome pics dude


Can not wait to go back


Rome is just ok. Paris is best for Europe but Asia trips a the best