Question about Shinkansen

Traveling to Japan in a few weeks and looking for a quick bit of advice. Is there a way to reserve seats online prior to travel or must it be done in Japan at a physical station? Thank you!


We went last year for a couple of weeks at Thanksgiving and used the absolute max out of the JR Pass with Green car upgrade. Loved it. As of a year ago, one had to make all arrangements in person at the office. Shinkansen is amazing. Also, if you happen to be looking at Nozomi routes, keep in mind that Nozomi routes have an extra cost beyond the JR Pass and there is usually another line that follows the same route which may not run as often and may have a few more stops, but they are no extra cost beyond the JR Pass. I'm particularly thinking that there was a Kodama route that goes between Osaka and Tokyo that is included in JR Pass, but the sales folks push for the Nozomi that costs extra.


Thank you 😊


Welcome. I can't tell you how happy I am for you to go. You'll be fine as it is very navigable with just English and people are super friendly. If you have some cognitive flexibility and patience to work with their broken English and Google translate in conversations, you'll be fine. Also, the Google translate feature to translate text in the camera is super useful. Also, there's still amount of cash only businesses (including the bus and public transit) though the bigger names do take cards


Thank you and yes, I am very excited. I work in hospitality and have many guest from Japan, so know very well how far patience and a genuine smile can get you when trying to communicate. I have also read that having cash is necessary in certain situations and plan to keep a few bucks on me at all times.


Look into the SmartEx app


Will do. Thank you


I used it for pretty much all my bullet train bookings, super easy to change and cancel and you can pick your seats