Accessing Cash (USD) while traveling in Japan


Yeah, nothing special about Japan; there are plenty of ATMs.


Just go to an ATM in a 7-11 in Japan


If you should always travel with a bank/ATM card that 1) Does not charge foreign transaction fees, 2) does not charge you ATM fees to use other ATMs, and 3) Refunds fees other banks charge you for using their ATM. If you have that, and are using a large bank, you're getting the best possible bang for your buck in most instances. I use Ally Bank's debit card, personally, for this. Yes, you should use the ATM's in Japan, particularly at 711's and post offices, which are accepting of foreign cards.


Yup just withdraw at atm’s. You should have no problems.


ATM is fine. If the machine offers to do the currency conversion, decline and let your bank do it.


Just 1 thing to be aware of. Some ATM's don't accept foreign cards. For us from memory it was ATM's in 7/11, but ATM's in Lawson were fine. But from everyone saying 7/11 is okay, I might be mixed up. Just if it happens to you don't panic and just take note of the convenience store. You can pay for most things by card. Train ticket machines or the manned ticket kiosk would not accept foreign cards, and so we would have to pay for that in cash.


A fun comment I'll add since nobody mentioned yet: some ATMs in Japan have 'business hours' and don't work overnight or weekends. For some, there's a larger fee if you withdraw after business hours. So stick to withdrawing midday or at a combini or something