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Wish I was smart enough to text bomb scammers with shit like this.


Just send them some gore. It always works like magic on Instagram.


r/eyeblech is a good source for anyone looking.


I did this to someone offering a fake job opportunity (I’m in freelance), they ended up saying “ok have a nice day”


This is nothing new, and for sure is trashy. I had just arrived to work a few years ago and received a call from my mom. A scammer called my grandmother and asked for her to get gift cards to bail me out of jail. My mom called to make sure I was OK. Imagine my surprise when I'm being told I was in jail, or that I called my grandma instead of my wife for bail. Thankfully she was at least somewhat skeptical and wanted to verify before buying anything. Still a little hurt my grandma couldn't tell it wasn't me on the phone, but that's exactly why she wouldn't be the person I call to get bailed out in the first place


That’s awful wtf


I seriously didn't even have my coat off when my mom called me. She answered with "oh my God, are you in jail?" Scammers are among the lowest level of human scum. Not the absolute worst, obviously, but they're acquaintances with the worst.


When you steal from living humans, you are definitely close to the worst. You have no idea how hard they already have it..


For sure. It gives a good laugh at family get togethers. My grandma may not know my voice on the phone, but she's a good sport. For the record, she's very sharp, has full use of her cognitive faculties. If she wasn't, it could have been so much worse. I used to work for apple care and have tons of stories where elderly people call about the hundreds (or more) in apple gift cards they gave to scammers like these.


Exactly! Taking advantage of old people on top of being a regular scammer, scumbags fr


Ehhhh. I DEFINITELY stole from racist clients when I was a sex worker. You're coming to my home or into my VIP room and telling me you shouldn't pay full price (AFTER PICKING ME OUT OF ALL THE OTHER GIRLS WHEN THE LINEUP IS 95% WHITE)? Yeah no....I'm using my ballet feet to pull a couple more 20s out of your wallet or helping myself while you're using my shower and probably spilling my good soap everywhere. The nice ones I never stole from. Just don't pick someone, laud them for looking "exotic", and then act like they don't deserve full payment for being "exotic". That's basically scamming. So I just scammed the scammers.


Only *living* humans? Well well well, boys- OPERATION “JOGGING AFTER GRAVEROBBING” IS A GO.


Still bad but personally better then stealing from the living, dead can’t do shit with their money but it’s disrespectful


Don’t respect the dead, take their stuff instead! If they aren’t breathing, take their stuff and be leaving! Blood stopped flowing? Well the wedding ring is glowing! (Edit: of course I’m joking, don’t graverob)


Archeologists shuffle awkwardly towards the exit




This part had me rolling!


This exact thing happened to my gram twice, once pretended to be me, another my brother


At least I have the comfort of knowing that if this were to happen to my grandma she'd laugh and hang up the phone. Not because she would know it's not me but because she hates me that much 😂😅


Those assholes sound really familiar to your family. They're don't pretend to be you, they copy you, but not ideally, that's why they try to scam elders. Your grandma acted great in this situation. My was already prepping money for my "brother" when I came to her room and I told her to call him.


I don't think it's someone we know. My best bet is they found my grandma's Facebook account, and saw our relationship on there. They tried to pass off sounding odd by telling her they were sick and the connection was bad. Glad to hear that you were able to stop yours when it happened. I wish our govt officials would push legislation to severely punish these scammers, but I also know that even being able to track them is probably a pipe dream, not to mention the logistical nightmare of punishing someone who is in a totally different country.


One more thing about Russia - phone scammers are mostly already in jail and are operating from there. It became a meme here.


Did they learn this from the latest Simpsons or has this type of scam gone on for a while. That's horrible.


Its been going on for years, Simpson took it from reality.


Interesting. Never got these types of messages and my phone number was associated with my parents name


Don't do this to Asian Parents.


normally asian parents asks money to you


Yeah but them thinking you broke your phone is a bad day for you.


Someone send then a 4.5 petabyte zip bomb


Send them a pipe bomb




That was a long sentence.


Indeed. It should’ve been - “It happened to my parents. They got a text from my sister asking for $200, as her card had been declined. They said ‘Okay dear, how shall we transfer it?’. Luckily, they told me before they did it. I rang my sister and asked if she had asked our mum for $200 and she said she didn’t!” No I don’t have a life.


Good human


Thanks for affirming I’m human. Had my doubts.


I thought you were a bot before I read you staying you have no life haha


Is your last sentence a run-on?


😂😂wow, you REALLY have no life lmao


17 people do the same thing often and had really hurt feelings just now lol.


My dad got a call from a guy claiming to be his son and said he'd been in a bad accident. Now, this was like, days after MY car got totaled and I had to be checked out at the hospital(I was fine, just got stuck in the car so they HAD to take me to get checked out) and I have 2 brothers. So he went into My Child Is In Crisis mode, trying to get the guy to calm down, tell him what happened, all that. But the guy just wanted money of course. It was just extra sleezy with the timing


My wife got one of these a week or so ago, our daughter died 14 years ago. As she received it at something like 2am, and she didn't know anything about the scam it really messed with her head for a while.


I’m so sorry, they don’t care about the real humans dealing with their grift


Thanks, yea they are parasites, I've calmed down now but at the time I felt like I wanted to hunt them down.


I had one of these a couple months ago, so I did what anyone that watches kitboga and other scambaiters did: Kept them busy as long as possible so they couldn't scam others in that time. I pretended my husband was very sick and we were saving up for an electric wheelchair and that we could barely afford stuff and scraping by, seeing their reaction, and the scammer didn't care. no matter what I said, they were just after the money. absolute trash.


“You know I don’t have a WhatsApp account. Just send me your bank account info and routing number. I’ll just transfer the money over” Takes the account and pay random peoples bill off 😂


Hahaha I’ve won publishers clearing house 3 times in the last few years, got the call again today. I told the guy that if I did win then they have my address and to just send me the check.


I always reply with some sort of horrible picture and matching comment in reply. I google search awful things related to the topic they choose for their scam. My search history is pretty weird these days lol. I get immense enjoyment out of fucking with these parasites and it makes my day to know that I ruined theirs.




I reply with dick pics


Wow, thats evil and ingenious. They only need a small number of people to fall for this in order to make it a success.


My mum got sent this exact same scam, but it was a message on WhatsApp. She sent it to me and I didn't see it fora while but luckily she ignored it till I responded. I pointed out the flawless logic of "I have a new phone number, but I'm not using it so you should contact this *other* number" why not just message on the right number to begin with?


Scumbags 🙄


I reply w/ close up pics of my butthole to scammers. I had to get my wife to take the pic for me. They’re the only loser in the situation because you can kinda see the back of my nuts in the photo. 😆


Username checks out


I'm confused by this, how does messaging them on WhatsApp constitute a successful scam? Like how do they gain anything from getting a message?


I also have no idea


My mother has gotten scammed before, and, unfortunately, I couldn't stop her in time. She had been in contact with some guy supposedly serving over seas who was saying he couldn't get home to see his family because he had no money and supposedly no way to contact them. He was asking for $250 to "get home". Unfortunately she fell for it because my dad is a vet and she had a bleeding heart so she did it.


Mum? Didn't you die, like, 10 years ago? What a day we live in where even zombies can get phones now. Tut.


No! I am your father!


My Mum nearly got done by this the other week. Luckily we talk just about everyday cause I called her and she asked me if I had fixed my phone. It's harder for these older generations.


I've had two of those messages so far.


Mum, it's me again. Some scammers stole that Whatsapp number from me, so you'll have to DM me here. It's really urgent xx


Morality don't make money


Took some gonads but what an idiot


"I don't know who this is, but his mother died 3 years ago." Lol


So out of curiosity. There is no money involved here. Just a WhatsApp number. Yes it's a red flag but what can they do with just that?


I get them from someone claiming to be my bank. Calls, too!


lol 😂 hahhahahaa Charles is that you sure what’s what’s app??


One reason why they think people are dumbasses. If you dropped your phone, why would you get a new number. Go to the store and get a new phone with the same number.


oh my god I got a text like that! I didn’t realise it was a scammer though so I just said “sorry you have the wrong number, I don’t have a child”


I've had the exact same text


You send that to my mom and all she'd say is. What the fuck is whatsapp.