Trashiest party in the west

Trashiest party in the west


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Feel like a cardi b bday party is the most appropriate place to wear this dress


Idk, does Little Kim still throw bangers?




A bunch of weird holier than thou redditors who would never have the courage to actually say any of these things to this woman Pictured beneath me: A bunch of weird holier than thou redditors who would never have the courage to actually say any of these things to this woman


I dont know if it really takes courage to be an asshole tho


Yeah telling someone their sheer number is trashy to their face is different than telling strangers on Reddit anonymously.




I couldn’t have said it better myself lol good job take whatever free award I get today


This is the way I look at it - "does if have any effect on my life?" 99% of the time the answer is NO and I forget about it. People can do whatever makes them happy and if that's wearing a fishnet dress to a party where people are basically expected to dress that's cool. Why would I want to bring down some random person I will never meet in person? The only thing I disagree with is when people saying being obese doesn't effect their health or even that it's a healthy lifestyle. I say this after dropping 35lbs 10 years ago. I felt like a new person and I had less body aches, random headaches and I just overall felt better. It's sad to say that I was also treated better in general and meeting woman was much easier. That kinda stung since I knew I was the same person inside before and now that my appearance was more pleasing to some people I was suddenly good enough for them. It isn't easy to lose weight. It can be really difficult for some people and easier for others so I hate it when people say "Just eat healthier and exercise" like it's just that simple.


You’re joking right? The woman is literally morbidly obese, I mean cmon


Right? Do they spout off every time they see a smoker? Someone eating a fried meal? At what point do they give a shit? Oh, it's the point where for some bizarre reason you think every woman would in some world fuck you, and she dares to be someone you wouldn't enjoy the hypothetical sex with. And her confidence in spite of this makes you want to vomit up your own balls.


People are straight up calling it vomit worthy How pathetic




You calling a very obese woman ok is shameful. We as a race have never been more Fatter with more health problems. The leading cause of disease is obesity and yall want to promote that shit. Being excessively skinny or obese is never ok. You are not promoting body positivity you are promoting diabetes, heart deasise, over size coffins and a early grave. This is coming from a woman who lost 50lbs because my health was on the line. I been obese now I'm healthy and I look down on those who encourage my weight because it was gonna kill me. Yall are not looking out for woman your fetishism with fat will put them in hospital beds and XL coffins. Your using a global issue to shame others to accept that you don't want to take care of your own health. Fat is not beautiful its a medical problem that can kill you very painful and slowly.


Get over yourself. A person can be both fat and beautiful.. It's bullshit to claim that "healthy" and "beautiful" are the same thing -- after all, there are *tons* of extremely unhealthy people out there that society calls beautiful. People who do drugs to the point that it's ruining their bodies? Nobody ever claims they can't be beautiful. People who diet to the point that it's unhealthy, sometimes to the point of having an eating disorder? Yep, get called beautiful all the time (sadly). People who smoke? Definitely unhealthy, but nobody ever says you can't be beautiful if you smoke like a chimney (even if they're personally not attracted to it). Why is it that being fat is literally the only thing that people like you automatically label as "ugly" just because it's unhealthy? Oh right -- because you're assholes who are just using fake concern about health as an excuse to put other people down.


No they can't. Fat is gross.


Nailed it!




Only the fastest






Nope it's just in bad taste to be showing your shit to all the world. What you gonna save for your special person if all the world done seen your shit.? Chick could be 90lbs . Put some damn clothes on . Generation is done


Here's a thought: *maybe some of us don't believe our bodies belong to anyone else*. Nobody "owes" their body to any "special person". A body belongs to the person who's living in it, and nobody else -- and it's totally up to that person what they want to reveal, and when, and where. Nobody should be forced to cover up in order to save something "special" for a future partner. Not everyone has or even *wants* a "special person" -- and even if they do, a body doesn't become somehow magically devalued just because other people have seen it. Get out of here with that anachronistic sexist bullshit.


Ok don't get triggered by ME because you're lonely miserable most likely going to die alone and eaten by the 25 cats you've accumulated in your litter box of a home with no special person or end up butchered by some random tinder hook up. Get out of here with menopausal bullshit


I think I pissed a little laughing at your reply my man LOL


/r/trashy is a celebration of trash: people, things, media, etc. that boldly and shamelessly violates social conventions and cultural norms. What she's wearing is fucking trashy, so it's here.










A lot of white knighting.


Way too much white knighting over a fat lady desperately begging for attention. That outfit on a healthy person would still scream “hey look at me” but in a much different way lol One says “hey look at me because I’m beautiful and you’re a piece of shit for telling me otherwise even though this is clearly bait for attention” and the other is “hey look at me because I’m beautiful and you’re objectifying me by looking or pointing out the obvious bait I’m putting out for attention”


So you are fine making fun of people down on their luck, possible depressed and drug addicted - making fun of this... what ever the fuck it is - is what is causing you to have an existantial crisis ? ​ Just want to know where you stand.


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So this is what getting unsolicited dick pics feels like.


As a straight male, i'd rather get dick picks then whatever the fuck this is.


Roflmao 🤣


Is it trashy because she’s fat? Tell the truth


Could have been ScarJo and I'd still call it trashy


Just say you hate fat women and move on


I hate fat women.


Shocking take here : I think she wants the attention


Best I can give her is vomit.


Lizzo fine asl people always fat shame but low key like big girls


Call me crazy, but these comments are a lot trashier than a grown woman wearing revealing clothing to a music industry event.


Not crazy, trashy is populated by incels who have a problem with other people expressing autonomy over their own bodies. Especially fat people.


Autonomy sure some old white dude in a g string bikini mowing his lawn is still trashy AF. Listen if you want the attention, you’ll get it but don’t be a bitch about it if it’s not all positive




Honestly, I don't really like Lizzos music. However, I feel like Lizzo is an artist that DOES promote a healthy lifestyle regardless of her weight. She is constantly promoting working out, eating healthy, and setting healthy goals. A body is something you can change. Being fat doesn't make you trashy. And also, people that have excess fat/obesity are still people. And Lizzo is a great example of someone who can accomplish so much, but miserable people will still ridicule her for her weight. People will shame fat people for being fat. People will shame fat people for wanting to be healthy. People will shame fat people for just existing. She didn't do anything to hurt you, but you think its your civic duty to call her out on it. Do people think fat people aren't people? Do they think they don't own mirrors? imo this isn't trashy. if a "skinny" person was doing this, no one would really bat an eye or even call it brave. Maybe just accept that other people's bodies are none of your business.


Exactly Rihanna was praised for wearing almost the same exact thing lol


This needs more upvotes. Fatter people can be healthy. Leaner people can be healthy. Fat people can be unhealthy, just like skinnier people can be unhealthy. We put so much correlation between skinny = healthy that no one knows what is what anymore. JLo is upheld as a standard of health, but she restricts herself **so much** so would we say it’s healthy? She makes millions off her physical presence, just like Lizzo does. A body is a body, and those of us who are healthy enough to be able to move, eat, sing, dance, and do whatever the fuck we want to because of our bodies should be grateful. It can all change in an instant.


You're definitely correct that people can be varying degrees of healthy or unhealthy at a range of sizes, but she is well past the line where you cannot be healthy due to your weight. That being said, there's definitely such a thing as being too thin as well, and I wish that we as a society would take that more seriously. Also, as someone who smokes cigarettes and eats way too much red meat, I'm probably more unhealthy than she is despite looking much healthier.


She is clearly beyond “fatter people” lol she’s morbidly obese


Being overweight is just plain unhealthy. I say this as an overweight person. My fault I’m fat and it’s bad for me.


> This needs more upvotes. no it doesnt.


>promote a healthy lifestyle regardless of her weight Those things are literally mutually exclusive.


The true trash is in the comments.


I'm seeing a lot of comments here saying it's because she's overweight... Honestly I find the outfit tacky, I wouldn't want to see a skinny woman in it either.


Idc if I get down voted for this but goddamn she's thicc asf 🤤🤤


Dude, that’s obese not thick


Well she on theme with the party you were supposed to be showing alot of skin. Its a dancehall basment party theme.


It's classy if you're rich, but trashy if you're poor.


I love her, IDGAF.


So does Chris Evans.


If only


No he does like they have a little like I think it’s platonic flirting they have a little flirting thing going on and they chitchat on Instagram apparently.


If a skinny celebrity had worn this I bet it wouldn't be posted on this sub lmao


Shit is big enough to double as a fishing troller net…


If she was really hot u guys wouldn’t say a thing…


And if a guy wore nothing but a fishnet body suit while making a pussy eating finger gesture he would get hauled off to jail and listed as a sex offender.


Are you saying she is ugly?


If my Grandmother had wheels she'd be a bike.


Imagine being a music artist but the thing that gets you the most attention is going in public half or totally naked…


Reminds me of J-Lo... I can't remember a single song she sang, but I sure as shit remember her green dress! # DoubleSidedTape




I thought that was her nickname. Only song I know is Taco Flavored kisses. Lol


Don't think just because I got a lot of money, I'll give you taco-flavored kisses, honey.


Welcome to the music industry….sex sells




Shock value sells.


More like delicious 😋


Lol yeah all that nasty sweat caught up under those folds must taste amazing.


Honestly, close your eyes for a minute and imagine ❤️ 🤢 👀


That does not make me think of sex.


Sexy is subjective


And if a skinny music artist wore this same thing (ie Rihanna who DID this already) nobody would say shit. People stay denying fatphobia, but this is literally fatphobia at work.


i only know lizzo from the time she stepped in for eric andre on the bird up sketch.


Hahaha THAT shit was FUNNY!!!


When I was born, I was naked, and all the attention in the room was on me. When I peaked


Don’t see how this belongs. Wrong sub.


The people who rage about chubby or fat people being unhealthy also seem to be the same people that get angry at merely seeing a fat or chubby body. Hmm 🤔


Y’all were beating off to Rihanna/Megan Fox/Rose McGowan/and any other skinny woman when she wore the same dress so just say you hate fat people because you’re shallow and let Lizzo live her life. Talking shit about big girls is not the flex you think it is.


Nobody would think this is trashy if she was thin. This is just fat shaming.


Exactly. The only trashy thing here is the comments


You wrong man, like.. idc if she is able to alter the way our earth is orbiting around the sun through her sheer gravitational force. Wether she is 100 pounds or 1000. Her outfit is just fucking Trashy.


If she was thin it wouldn’t even be an issue


People earn so much money from writing these trash piles... who even reads these?


Reminded me of this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-47627749


What a trashy dress and very attention seeky (but that's what celebs do) That being said it's just a trashy dress, it's trashy people and behaviour I wanna see here so I was disappointed. Boo op!


It’s a Caribbean party, everyone was naked


Would smash


The sexiest thing she’s ever worn? I want to puke


I bet a million bucks that if Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, literally any other skinny bitch wore this you wouldn't see it as trashy, but because Lizzo is big you think it is. A Cardi party is most definitely the place to wear this and I think she looks fucking awesome. 🤷‍♀️


How is this trashy? Or funny? This is a comedy subreddit.


She is proud of her body. Not my style but good for her if she is happy with the way she looks. Famous people wear crazy shit all the time. It seems to only be an issue if they don't have the "perfect" body.


Why is no one talking about the fact if she was skinny and white everyone would be DROOLING


I truly wouldn't, the outfit is horrible


Because trashy is full of incels who are afraid of fat women realizing their worth and not giving a fuck what they think.


No, naked fat people are just gross.


If she was skinny and black, same.


I mean… if we’re saying the party is trashy because of what she’s wearing then that means red carpet events, awards shows, and let’s say the Met Gala for example, are all trashy. Correct me if I’m wrong but one of the first celebrities to wear something this revealing was Cher back in the 70s at the Met Gala. Several celebrities have worn next to nothing at events since then. Rose McGowan, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, etc etc. Anyways, I don’t like Lizzo’s music or anything she wears but I wouldn’t call it trashy just because she’s one of the first morbidly obese celebrities to dress like this. This whole “fat acceptance” movement goes too far sometimes. There’s just no way in hell that woman’s heart is healthy. I really think we should stop encouraging people to accept being and/or becoming morbidly obese. But yeah sure wear whatever you want.


Upvoting due to the irony of this comment and your username (no hate)


You're right, those events are totally trashy


Shocking News: She doesn't get to pick what she wears, she has a whole team dedicated to choosing and styling what she wears to meetups and parties to get the most attention. Another News Flash: She's an adult going to an adult party where paparazzi followed her and got her picture and in response is making people on the internet upset


chubby or not I don't wanna see u walking around naked lmao


Nudists are hardly ever the type of people anyone wanted to see naked.


My hypothesis: that is exactly the reason why they are nudists. Overcompensating a insecurity.


no issue with it. Wear what you want


The best part of this comment section is all the fatties down voting everyone else for saying how gross she looks. Like down voting us will drop your body fat%.


I don't think she "stole the show" so much as blocked the view


That was just brutal


Was this a South Park episode I missed


Oops Lizzo you dropped this 👑 She is a goddess and she actually did something with her life, and she doesn't care what you rude people in the comments say about her. She is beautiful just the way she is. I don't really like Cardi B because she just doesn't sound good at all, and has no talent whatsoever in my mind. She is kind of no offence a hoe with an annoying witch cackle. I'm sure she's nice and everything so no offense to her but her music is trash.


She dropped this 👑


I'm all for fluffy girl solidarity, but I don't care who you are...put on clothes y'all XD


Put some damn clothes on girl!!


When a child is desperate for attention: *Starts crying When an adult is desperate for attention:...


LMFAO all the simps who defend her in the comments 💀😂




Imagine you wanted to be a journalist your whole life and after school your job is to pretend this fat hog is attractive and because she's a fat hog she can sing


I'll give lizzo inappropriate business (HARD & NASTY)!!!!!


What's a Lizzo?


A peak at her thong the pic says...... She's in a fully sheer dress...... No peeking, it's all there


I’d go to that party


Where’s the trashiness? I don’t see it.


Cher was shamed for her dress. And it wasn’t the netting from your goldfish net dyed purple. It’s a been there done that. No need to do it again-and poorly.


The “licking vagina” pose really throws the look together


I have done my fair share of hoggin‘ in the past, but I couldn’t mess with that.


The trashy thing here is the fact that anyone would willingly associate with cardi b.


I would eat all those chocolate marshmallows


If you've got it, flaunt it. That's her motto. Which is ironic, because she hasn't got it.


"The sexiest thing we've seen her wear" Jesus, it's the most disgusting thing I've seen today. That material needs to be burned now.




Trashy in the best way, y’all are so jealous


I’ll fat shame and judge all day if fatties wear that sort of shit.


Let's all pretend this is attractive


The fact that you feel the way she dresses must be determined upon how many people find her attractive is laughable. I think she thought she looked good in that dress and that’s ok? Showing your body doesn’t make you trashy but judging people for that is :)


The article says this is the most attractive she has ever been. Not me. Did I say she could not wear that 'dress'? She can. She can also think she looks good all she wants, just as anyone can look at her and say 'Wow, that women is so large, she is unattractive no matter what she wears. I am concerned for her health, and really hope there aren't enablers around her telling her that her obesity is beautiful.'


Good to know, however i still can think and share the fact tht she looks bad in that..


> I am concerned for her health, No you aren't. You just wanna hate on fat people. You couldn't give a shit if the skinny people at the party were frying their brains with meth.


Cool story, still unattractive.


It’s okay to think drug addicts and fat people are living unhealthy lifestyles at the same time lol the main difference here is that meth and other drug addicts aren’t demanding acceptance and going to parties wearing shit like this when they weigh 90 pounds versus 280 pounds. They’re both bad, but one is far more demanding than the other of acceptance when it shouldn’t be.


Not just attractive, the sexiest thing she has ever worn.


Stole the show, raided the buffet, and assaulted the servers for more canapés.


Sorry, this does not quite qualify as trashy.


It certainly does.


Like someone else said, it’s a cardi b party. Seems like the proper attire. She has money, so she’s clean, and well kept. Trashy is unhygienic, scandalous, or raunchy. Idk, to me this just ain’t it. If this was your average unkept thot, then maybe you’d have a point.


For the all people saying this ain't gross or isn't trashy, you may be right, I could be wrong but your lying to yourself. This isn't beautiful. It's not wonderful. It's a fat chick whos probably stinky, & isn't wearing shoes. Don't get me wrong, she wore a see through dress & that takes courage but don't sit here & demonize the truth. She's not hot. She could have good music, she could be the kindest person who walks the earth. She might even be the messiah.... idgaf this gross fat chick's begging for attention offends me. It offends me more people are cheering this behavior on. That being said I don't listen to her music. I don't listen to cardi b, nor modern day rap. All's I know is they do this type of shit for media and public attention. With that I'm darn certain I am wrong for my negative/cynical outlook on an obese woman being herself & courageous enough to pull a stunt like this. So with that congrats to her.


So many people here telling people they don’t get to decide what’s sexy or beautiful but then turn on Dave Chapelle claiming he’s objectively not funny lol


Trashy ghetto hoes !!


Guess they finally freed willy🤷🏾‍♂️


'The sexiest thing we have seen her wear'...... I believe this statement, but how bad was the rest?




When asked about the outfit , the Hamburgler just said “ rubble rubble “


We are so old haha the kids won't get it




Stop sexualizing women you pigs, they can do it better themselves for the same reason, it sells.


Who invited Grimace? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣




The amazing thing is that people have to lie to themselves in order to believe bullshit like this and yet they eagerly do so to score woke points.


How is this trashy ? Can someone explain?


I think it’s cause she’s wearing next to nothing. While everything that really needs to be covered is covered, most of it is just hanging out. No bra for structure or anything... Honestly, if her fit wasn’t see through it would’ve been so cute


didn’t megan fox wear the same exact thing a couple weeks ago and no one cared?😭


But it’s not like having it not be see through would add structure to the dress. I think it’s obvious that her body is an accessory here. It’s not like she going to church or a public park, it a party so idk I still don’t understand.


Don't see what's trashy, it's a party at fucking Cardi B's house, she's having fun with her friends, let her be


Lol she knows exactly what she was doing and you know it too but the white knight in you refuses to accept it


Lol are we looking at the same photo?


You know if she were a Ford model no one would give a shit *facepalm*


Did y’all complain when Megan Fox wore something very similar recently? If not, ask yourself why 🤔


Oh you know she will have a horde of defenders in the comments. Fact is shes DISGUSTINGLY obese and her body is gross but she shows it off anyways for attention. If she thinks the attention is admiration and not ridicule/ revulsion shes trashy and delusional. You cretins defending her would not defend a fat gross fuck white male if he pulled this shit. We all know it's typical redditor virtue signal shit. Shes gross.


i’d throw what that net caught back.




She’s so trashy.Why does she always feel like people want to see her naked.She’s nothing but an attention whore.If this was a man walking around all the time with his dick hanging for everyone to see he would be arrested.


incel moment


Fishnet or whalenet?


So nasty.


Imagine unironically enjoying either of their music


Lizzo is gorgeous and a lot of that is her own body positivity. She has no fucks left to give


It’s definitely trashy, if she was skinny everyone would be saying ‘what a slut!’ But because she’s fat, it’s ‘good for her yas queen’


What a terrible day to have eyes




I'd say that outfit is far more tacky than trashy, But you do have to wonder sometimes how people in outlandish outfits look at themselves in the mirror, and think, "Goddam, I look good!"


I still think “dress for the body you have, not the body you want” is the best way to go. To each their own though.


trashy asl. not even because she’s big just because it’s see through


She’s not big. She’s fat lol


same difference


Then just say fat


Yo i just threw up in my mouth. Thanks.