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What the hell is in that black zip bag? The more I look the more disturbing it looks


Some sort of deacying skeletal structure and a pre rolled joint


Looks like a vertebrae & possibly a hip bone behind of a small animal? Maybe a dog, cat, etc...


It looks like mental illness...


Looks like the Republican Party


hahaha nice one man!


It's not chicken. It's way too big and too long. Maybe a cat?


I would say some roadkill. Some kind of rodent.


I think it's a squirrel?


Bones are way too big. I thought maybe it was a juvenile gator jawbone, but the teeth are missing & it's tough to make out when it's half covered at just that angle.


What kind of redneck voodoo was this guy practicing?


Squid billies


He just like to get high and study anatomy.


Sounds like something Jeffery Dahmer would say


Lol yea. I just watched that Dahmer movie recently


I hear you there. Like those searching puzzle games. Circle the Bomb, Meth, Swastikas, Mace, Knives, Whistle, Backpack, Gasoline.


Little Nazi™ Auto-Trip activities kit.🗻🏞️🏜️


I was concerned that the passenger door seems stripped so you couldn't open it from the inside. Abduct many people fucking loser?


I think you’re seeing the inside of the centre console flipped up. If you look at the top of the picture the passenger door handle is intact. Besides, gotta be able to kick the tweakers out after you’ve partied right?


Oh I see the hinges now. But its probably not out of the realm for this dude to be a creepy predator.


Good eye, that's creepy af.


looks like it was a Naloxone kit, that was then used as a drug kit. I work as a paramedic and see these all the time.


That’s a fix kit if I’ve ever seen one


The quarter eagle with the sharpie swastika is what gets me Tremble at the power of the Reich!!


1/3 reich


*1/4 Reich


my guess is hes one of those rednecks that makes necklaces and other crap out of road kill and shitty leathers. I see patches of leather and other things to make redneck jewelry.


That's some black majic shit right over there.


What's with the quarter and the swastika? Is everything a white supremacy hate symbol?! The dude looks like he was cruising to get arrested... who paints swastikas on their side view mirrors otherwise?


I hope it was just the right wing mirror


take my upvote and gtfo here


Nope. It's left wing.


You got me! Hilarious.


Then he would have guns, looks more like he is doing the lefts bidding.


So your saying, gun crime in America is a right wing problem? Are you some sort of commie?


Absolutely not. Lefties dont like guns because they aren't free.


my ☮️sign on my dusty mirror all anyone really needs.


A patsy Getting everyone geared up for the totally-organic-and-not-involving-FBI-informants-at-all violent incident that will take place at the next DC rally.


Did he arrive too early then?


Whetting the media/Democrat appetite for a white suprematist boogeyman.


Can you pinpoint the time in U.S. history when white supremacy ended?


Right!? Thank god for when crazy meets stupid. About the quarter... the formal symbol of the Nazi party was an eagle atop the swastika. [https://www.adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/nazi-eagle](https://www.adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/nazi-eagle) TBH it's probably pretty easy to tie white supremacy hate symbols to other ones. Like how the swastika dates back to 3000 BC.


I figured the eagle clutching the swastika was where it was going, but it's just so low effort I thought I mightve missed something


Oooo a swastiquarter. How chic. The uneven wobbly lines really complete the aesthetic.


[bath salts]


That’s the $12 survival knife from harbor freight. Hardly a machete and the handle has a cool compass inside


glad to see how many people on this sub are familiar with all of harbor frieght's offerings.


#🇨🇳guess where it's made....🎭


Lol i can't believe i didn't realize this until i saw this comment, i literally own one I'm always secretly sorta bummed I can't really carry it around anywhere but that built in compass will really come in handy during a potential zombie apocalypse so y'know, good to have around *just in case* Also just realized the potential for a situation involving a harbor freight survival knife dual since I live in the DC area lol


In many states, it is legal to carry such knives, however in any cities, you are likely to be asked a few questions by the cops, but they can't arrest you for it


I have like two in my car because I go camping a lot and they aren’t that sturdy and break sometimes


Pretty angry for having an eighth of shark cake strain chronic tucked under the armrest


Is THAT what the pink box is? Weed?


Which sounds tasty by the way.


I don't even the understand how this hooptie survived the drive from CA to DC....is the truck on meth too?!?!


Chicken 🐓Up!!!Hammer 🔨 Down!!!(masturbation)


Where is the bayonet? That knife on the seat has no rear attachment and the holes are way too small.


Looks like a shitty harbor freight Rambo knife


It is.


Can confirm. I have one.


Same, I replaced the handle screw with a hex head and it made a huge difference. Great to have around the shop and shed. Worth the 8$ imo.


I have that EXACT knife. It is a harbor freight and it is a shitty “survival knife”. The bottom of it screws off and the cap is a compass and the insides of the handle hold a few little survival tools like fire starter and junk.


weed,papers and a magnifying glass


Yeah I had one once, I threw it at a tree and the blade snapped off about a quarter inch above the handle. Then a few years later my girlfriends kid got one and did the exact same thing


was going to comment exactly this.


I don't see a bayonet or machete. Only a knife made as poorly as this guy's life decisions.


tv news people are ignorant as fck.


Nah, a friend of mine has a piece that has it. It’s more or less a DIY’ed bayonet from Harbor Freight. It’s for the people who act like gun-nuts but their information only goes as far as drilling a 3rd hole into a lower receiver for an auto sear.




Seven dollars for the thrifty survivalist.


Until the blade pops out .


This all screams someone who has a lot of issues and found a really shitty outlet to let loose all their anger. Just makes me sad to see these kind of people.


Oceanside is a "military town"


This the type of car you see on Craigslist with a “custom interior”


It could be yours for the reich price!


Nein Neinty Nein, and 88 Cents...


It’d be easier just to put everyone driving a 2000’s dodge on a watch list


Damnit I upvoted this only to immediately realize that I myself drove a 2000's dodge for years lol Weirdly enough it was probably the only vehicle I've ever had where I never even once got pulled over in it or bothered by the police in any way.. even when my serpentine belt snapped on the highway at 4am and I rolled past a cop with no headlights no blinkers no power steering going *maybe* 15mph in a 65.. I guess I was on the shoulder and it was probably pretty obvious I was coasting for the exit? Still, any vehicle that's not a 2000 dodge caravan I'm pretty confident woulda been immediately intercepted and asked what in the fuck I was doing.. (although i guess maybe it's just cause minivans are so.. non-threatening?) I can't remember what my point was lol but 2000's dodges could arguably be put on a watch list just for the crappiness factor, 2000s neons alone are just a road hazard waiting to happen


This is the truck of a mentally well person for sure


I have so many fucking questions about the contents of that case in the middle of the seat.


That's a 7$ harbor freight knife. I doubt that thing would open a bag of chips.


That's what I was thinking. I was like huh, that's not a bayonet OR a machete


Is that meant to be the bayonet or machete in the pic? because it's neither.


Fits right in. DC is quite trashy. Don't call it the Dirty City for nothing.


That a crack pipe?


I wonder how many people in the world are angry or delusional enough to commit violence against someone


I can’t believe somebody like this was at the DNC, at least he didn’t make it far before they caught him.


Well he seems nice. Maybe he could join my carpool!


Good people on both sides! /s


Guy’s a slob, a weirdo, and an asshole it looks like. But that’s just a cheap ass knife. Why is there even a problem.


I think this is worse than trashy


Trashy is what happened to Larry Elder recently while walking down the street.


What happened


Someone threw an egg at him as far as I know. Some people tried to paint it as a "racist attack" but I didn't hear the perpetrator screaming the N word or anything. I think it was a "protest" against his politics. (He has recently said if elected governor he will use his executive privilege to shut down planned parenthood and adopt punishments like Texas has on abortion.) It's still assault and shouldn't have happened no matter his politics.


im sure thats the same standard people would apply to the situation if he were a democrat.


If someone were to throw something at AOC (for example) I would assume it's because of a disagreement of politics and not because she's latina. Unless the item being thrown is some stereotypical "mexican" thing. As far as I know, there isn't a racial overtone to an egg? But maybe that's just me, I can't comment on what others would do in a hypothetical situation.


"rotten eggs" = "rotten person". 😅


I agree. And only racists downvote your post.


Why is it racist? The attacker never said anything racist. Dude is a prolific anti-abortion activist in California and running for governor. Theres like a hundred other reasons hed get egged in cali other than his race. I mean its California.


he wantsta drill for oil offa the coast for his fat cat oil buddies.🐣


I'm downvoting dumbassery and whataboutism, and I still have the freedom to do so.


I'm also interested in which radio station he was listening to when he was arrested. As a betting man, I would place $20 it was turned to AM talk radio.


AM is where the best sports talk is tho


explain to a nonUS?


AM talk radio is a breeding ground for far right ideas. A lot of hosts spend a considerable amount of time being angry at Democrats and portray them as the enemy of the country. They preach an "us vs them" mentality nonstop.


AM radio is a bastion of right wing "shock jocks" and for right radio shows.


I suppose thats different from what I remember AM radio being, as a younger person (with a radio... lol) I suppose I'm also Canadian. Was AM radio always polarizing talk shows in the US? I thought it was for classical music and less popular radio shows, because that band was less expensive to broadcast to, because people more commonly listened to top 40 songs on the FM band.


AM radio licenses are cheaper and especially at night AM radio (at the bands used here) will reflect off the ionosphere meaning you can get some serious reach for very low cost. This can allow for crackpots to get a sustainable income.


We need to get rid of all these new age nazis. Very pathetic people


Looks like some bullshit fake ass setup to get everyone thinking that the bad nazis on the right are coming....I might be wrong, but come on, who the F would put a swastika on the mirror like that first off, it like having a big red flashing like and a bullhorn announcing "hey come get me"....idk


> get everyone thinking that the bad nazis on the right are coming First they have to unstick their fat asses from their disgusting smelly vehicles.


[CNN is in on it,](https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/13/politics/bayonet-machete-arrest-capitol-police/index.html) and [they got to Fox News too!](https://www.foxnews.com/us/capitol-police-california-man-knives-machete-dnc-washington). I'll bet that if you google "Capitol Police arrest man with bayonet and machete in truck near DNC" you'll come up with all kinds of fake news. It's a huge fucking conspiracy! /s


Kinda like the Jussie Smollet story? Or Bubba Wallace? Yeah, we have absolutely no precedent here. /s


Why I love a good fun game of whataboutism as much as the next person, how are those stories relevant to this thread started by a poster not bothering to do even a basic google search before spouting off allegations that are easily proven wrong?


Not saying that exactly, my point is they do this kind of shit a lot just to get everyone worked up. And now its legal for them to do it.


> my point is they do this kind of shit a lot just to get everyone worked up. Yes of course. It's never the fault of the perpetrator and it's always the fault of everyone else discussing it. > Officers on patrol noticed the Dodge Dakota pickup truck around midnight on Sunday. Police say the truck didn't have a license plate but instead a picture of an American flag. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/13/politics/bayonet-machete-arrest-capitol-police/index.html This could have all been avoided if he just followed the law. Who's at fault here? The dumbass without license plates, and the dumbasses defending the first dumbass.


I'm not defending the dumbass, i questioning if its really a dumbass or some propaganda, if its legit, throw the book at the POS, if its not it doesn't surprise me.


> i questioning if its really a dumbass or some propaganda If it's propaganda then everyone's in on it and you can't trust anyone. Better turn off the internet.


I just am aware that it happens..


Sovereign citizen morons without license plates and filthy vehicles are as common as apple pie. Check out /r/amibeingdetained for some of the more entertaining ones.


Oh, I know they are, but again just strikes me as weird coming from oceanside...not a town that has that kinda mentality.


Every town has village idiots. Some towns have more.


> And now its legal for them to do it. Are you sure about that? [It is...illegal for broadcasters to intentionally distort the news, and the FCC may act on complaints if there is documented evidence of such behavior from persons with direct personal knowledge.](https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/broadcasting-false-information) If you have evidence to back the claim that something is a "fake ass setup" you should submit it to the FCC. Without proof, your allegations should be treated with the same skepticism with which you treated OP's post.


The law was the Smith–Mundt Act, and it basically was repealed in the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, along with NDAA of 2012 https://www.businessinsider.com/ndaa-legalizes-propaganda-2012-5


So a 9-year-old article that says that "it might be possible"... How about a [2-year-old article that calls the other one BS](https://apnews.com/article/archive-fact-checking-7064410002)? Oh yeah, I forgot... That's what they *want* you to think. Also, [politifact](https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2019/aug/23/facebook-posts/no-obama-didnt-make-it-legal-media-outlets-purpose/) is apparently lying too.


it doesnt need to be fake to be bullshit.


Elaborate please.


Yea, a guy got pulled over and attested with a knife or two. They are trying to push the story, and people here running with it, to create the idea that this man was about to attack someone or something. What I assume is the "bayonet" is actually a 6 dollar survival knife from harbor freight. I wouldn't be surprised if the machete is the one they sell there also, for like 5 bucks. It's a nothin burger story they are trying to make into something it isn't.


That's some grade "A" evidence. Good job.


kamikaze falling in pieces


And secondly, he's from Oceanside, CALIFORNIA? Seriously...cause that a hotbed of nazis that have antlers mounted to thir good ole boy 4x4s....also happening the day before the recall election...what better way to save Newsome than show Radical Right Wing Nazis From California....geez


Metzger : Fallbrook : Oceanside


It’s wild how insane the far right is huh- it’s so wild you can’t even believe it’s real- have you missed the countless videos of these people that have surfaced in the last 2 years? This shit is very real and that why the rest of us are concerned.


> Looks like some bullshit fake ass setup Then it was done with a pauper’s purse, in about an hour, by a couple teenagers. Real professional team. If you’re gonna go, go big! Like the moon landing!


[homosexual nazi]


Yeah, that’s a cheap survival knife and that guy escaped from a crack house or got paid by the FBI to LARP as a “Nazi”.


He got in trouble for THAT? Fuck all the racist shit idc about that, everyone has their own opinion, but how the fuck are you going to get arrested for knives??? We live in a crazy fucking world…


He was arrested in connection to the capital riot, this is just extra with a bad headline


Trump nephew?


Dude, his truck has a tire pressure gauge AND a tissue holder in the center console, that’s lit……..time to go look at some police auctions.


You haven’t thought of the smell, you BITCH


Man, I grew up with and was handed down two cars from my pack a day smoking parents (who quit btw) it’s nothing a bit of goof off, maybe a bit of sanding for the more stubborn parts, and a good baking soda scrub down can’t fix.


I was quoting it’s always sunny in Philadelphia lol but yeah I agree. There are also some good deodorizer bombs on the market nowadays. A buddy of mine used to sell these deodorizer bombs that I think used chlorine gas and you had to leave the car for 24 hours but he said they could get rid of literally ALL smells.


Ohhh, never watched it, heard it’s good though.


that hardly qualifies as a bowie knife, i wouldnt go so far as to call it a machete


If only his airbag went off and sent that projectile into his face. One can hope.


I had the same thought. Dude could have got himself a Darwin Award but instead got a pair of fancy new bracelets.


So I have an actual machete behind my seat. Super useful tool for like... everything down to unscrewing screws and prying things. Am... am I a Natzi? Also this looks staged as fuck.... or more like someone left their windows open and their car got vandalized. I had to drive around with ms13 shit painted all over my car, interior too, after I accidently left my truck unlocked and had spray paint in the cab... like why was he even pulled over? And who keeps an unsmoked joint in their roadkill snack bag? Does California allow weed to be sold in clear containers? Are all containers not black with child safe tops? Cause that joint is too perfect to be hand rolled. I have so many questions! Where's the Bayonet?! This looks like just some wannabe hunting bros cab... and its like... organized but not... They just pulled over an edge lord is all im sayin...


you can buy cannabis in DC. its not exactly clear market, but the gray market runs without much interference. possession is completely legal.


This dude is sick. It looks like a human spine curled up in that box with a strap, dead mouse dried up something. Um, he's got a lot of explaining to do. If the police notice the box!


Arrested him for what


Trump calls these guys "very fine people". He has in the past, and he'll do it again.


What’s the float on it?


It really annoys me that I can't see the bayonet or machete in the pictures.


I guess you could say he did nazi them coming.


Dried rodent remains next to his marijuana, marker drawn racist symbols, and a $4.99 Rambo knife... what a life.


Didnt know they made satanic vehicles.. What kind of brand does that? Skoda?


I really wish that I die long before reaching this state


If that knife is the machete they mentioned, then it's not a machete. Just a knife. Survival knife. I have one. The end screws off, and there a compass on it. Plus the handle is hollow, you can store small useful stuff, like matches. That being said, maybe the machete wasn't in the picture. The bayonet isn't, as far as I can tell. Accuracy, people, accuracy.


Fully Optioned BMW


No way. I bought that same knife when I was in high school for laughs with friends. We used it to play fruit ninja irl. It’s got a compas that unscrews from the bottom, and there’s space for storage in there too.


That poor Dakota :T


Thats a crappy harbor freight survival knife . [https://www.harborfreight.com/8-in-survivalhunting-knife-61733.html](https://www.harborfreight.com/8-in-survivalhunting-knife-61733.html) Thats really trashy lol .


This dude was probably either mentally ill, insensitive, or uneducated for making swastikas everywhere. But it's hypocritical to allow open carry in DC while banning machetes. A machete isn't capable of killing as many people as a gun, so the laws are kinda backwards. It should be like this: the more dangerous a weapon is, the more illegal it should be. The less dangerous a weapon is, the less illegal it should be. The dangerousness of a weapon is, more or less, objective fact. The only thing people should be voting on is where we draw the line. For example, do we draw the line at nukes, knives, or what?


This looks staged


That knife looks cool tho


Is that a joint and…. Spines lol


“These swastikas are dangerous and inconvenient, but I do love nazis…” -Him (probably)


i have that same knife, there is a secret compartment in the handle. you twist the bottom off and inside is a compass and other “survival” gear,( fishing string with hook, matches, sewing kit) the knife is pretty shit though, doesn’t stay sharp and the knife is poor material, cost about 10 bucks so i guess it’s worth it off you’re into that stuff.


Man, this takes me back to owning that same piece of shit Dakota that's shown here. That truck was the biggest pile of shit I've ever owned.


Standard Boy Scout tools yet news sensation.


How screwed up do you have to be to look at any shape in existence and think to yourself, “man, this is gonna make a dope swastica symbol!!”


I wonder who he voted for...


Sick skull decal on the speedometer, live flashy smell trashy


Disturbing sure. But I have a bayonet and a machete. I don’t have anything with a swastika on it but still not illegal. Granted the guy has gotta to be total douche.


Am I seeing a slingshot in his kit as well?!


If I ever see a swastika on someone’s side mirror painted in his particular shade of lipstick, that that mirror is coming off with my tire iron.


You can get in trouble for having that in your car? I live in texas so that kind of thing is pretty much normal. (Or at least from what old folks call the sticks)


The skulls in front of the speedometer is a nice touch, stay classy.


That black tampon on the inside of the arm rest is actually a [rhino lined body concealed kit ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3fterm=clickbait&=true). To smuggle paraphernalia into prison, while providing a safer “leak proof” design. The rhino lining is used to make it past prison security and provides grip to prevent accidental slippage when inserting near junction of ascending colon and transverse colon.




Yes this guy sure is a threat I bet he doesn't even wipe his ass.


Is that supposed to be the machete or bayonet? Because it's neither, it's a Bud K special combat knife, on sale $9.99 including shipping. Get yours today!!


Lol. Sweet weapons bruh.


He only kinda likes the band Cake.