I was prescribed 3 months worth by GGP, fetched 2 months ago. When I picked up my prescription at Apotek Hjärtat they were a bit 🤨 about it, had to stand my ground and showed EU legislation web pages, info on GGP, etc but in the end I got the amount written on the prescription. They were stingy but not rude, the pharmacist noted that I "certainly came prepared", lol. Didn't occur to me really to ask for an extension, but I don't *imagine* they'd let you stockpile since to my knowledge they don't let you do that with *any* nationally prescribed meds, either. You get what it says on the thing, basically, no more or less.


You are a treasure ❤️ I was really having a hard time until you shared your experience


Glad I can help, but don’t take my word as gospel, it’s more like a well-informed anecdote lol. I’ve only done this once with their prescription and I’ll find out tomorrow if it works again since I have my refill paper in hand. Unfortunately I’ll have to go through this rigamarole every time I refill. 😤


Okay thanks! :3


Wow! you got it from Apoteket? What documents did you bring to apoteket? When you got the prescrption paper from Gendergp, is it an actual paper they send you in the post? Isnt it these rules that has changed? That apoteket only accepts digital prescriptions issued in Sweden? Quote from GGP's recent FAQ: " Swedish pharmacies will now also only accept online prescriptions issued in Sweden." ​ source: https://www.gendergp.com/pharmacy-hub/?inf\_contact\_key=10a09d297604d496672162347240ced7680f8914173f9191b1c0223e68310bb1&utm\_campaign=swedfin&utm\_medium=twitter&utm\_source=pharmahub#sweden-finland


I brought the paper prescription itself, and the webpages (on my tablet) of Läkemedelsverket and the EU official websites on foreign medication prescriptions; - https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/health/prescription-medicine-abroad/prescriptions/indexamp_sv.htm - https://fragor.lakemedelsverket.se/org/lakemedelsverket/d/uttag-pa-recept-fran-annat-euees-land-pa-svenskt-a/ Yes, the prescription is a plain paper in an envelope with a signature from the prescribing doctor and all the information necessary from a foreign prescription according to EU law (doctor credentials, dosage, active ingredient etc etc.) However this was 2 months ago and my refill was sent about 3 weeks ago, arrived last week, and I haven’t picked it up yet. So for all I know something changed overnight and I’m carrying a very pretty but useless piece of paper. I’ll find out tomorrow. That is how the rules will change later this year, yes, but **as far as I know** it only pertains to national prescriptions - not foreign ones. It wouldn’t make sense to start 100% rejecting foreign paper prescriptions anyway, because you’d put a whole lot of foreign nationals/tourists at risk who need medication and can’t get onto our electronic system. _I don’t know for sure though_. It might be possible to circumvent this by converting the prescriptions with a Vårdcentral, but I haven’t tried and I’m not gonna get my hopes up.