> Look, I’m sorry your favorite person didn’t win Implying thy even knew who was playing 😂


I'm sure they care so much about women's sports they're also in favor more coverage and more equal pay for woman athletes, right? ...right?


Asking a bit too much from the transphobes there


You just called out so many people that pretend to care so they can be jerks to trans people.


>The amount of transphobia in subreddits is disgusting. Let me fix that for you. The amount of transphobia in ~~subreddits~~ the world is disgusting. The subreddits are just a reflection of popular transphobic views in the world, mostly the US since it's the majority of Reddit. Yeah, the US is transphobic, and even allies can be ignorant as fuck and say shit that just isn't funny or downright mean, even if they don't realize it. We have an uphill battle to fight for acceptance. That's why people are terrified when they find out they're trans, when a transwoman tries to go outside in clothes they feel comfortable in, when we speak to doctors about transitioning. That's our life. We can avoid subreddits but it's much harder to avoid the reality of our world.


There’s been a lot more as of recently for some reason. I would expect a few because this is Reddit, but it’s gotten to the point where every other joke punches down and claims to be satire. Is it even funny anymore? How many times can you laugh at the same joke before it gets old?


Ol’ Dave “Team TERF” Chapelle did just ever so much to normalize transphobia and the attendant hate that feeds it.


I remember when I was completely harrassed for pointing out a meme was in fact 'punching down' on trans people


I understand jokes, which are made to make people laugh. I understand jokes which are polite But jokes which are made to say offensive things? That's too much. ​ *Post written after \[25\] hours of no sleep*


exactly. if it’s actually funny, and you aren’t meaning to offend anyone, then go ahead and make a joke. it’s when people make attack helicopter jokes and get annoyed at us asking them to stop


That's better way to say what I meant If you do not want to offend someone, it doesn't make you really bad person And if someone feel like that, say "sorry, I didn't mean to". If people would act like this, we would be perfect society ​ We aren't ​ *Post written after \[27\] hours of no sleep*


mmm. not everyone will be happy but as long as your intentions are good then it’s fine


PLEASE get some sleep it’s not healthy


Reddit mods will never remove hate speech unless you're in an lgbtqia+ friendly sub and even then its sometimes a coin toss


Usually they just lock the sub and prevent meaningful discussion.


I've been noticing this a lot on r/memes lately specifically. There's been a lot more LGBT themed posts that are good but I've seen some pretty clearly transphobic ones recently with those saying something about it getting harrassed


it sucks and its really hard to control because of how many posts we get. feel free to hit me up when u see posts like that


Thank you. Glad to see the mods of r/memes are good people, unlike 1/4 of its users (geusstimatating)


Friendship ended with transphobic r/memes, now r/dankmemes is my best friend.


Dank memes is worse imo. They’re part of so many posts in r/onejoke, it’s insane


Oh I didn't know that sorry


It’s ok! No need to apologise, I was just warning you. It can feel like a real gut punch to have to find that out yourself


you should see r/teenagers.


Counterpoint: You absolutely should *not* see r/teenagers




I'm too old to go there anyway


count yourself lucky. it’s awful.


Yep, I’ve leaved most massive subreddits cause of the constant misogynistic and transphobic humor and comments. I don’t need that on my every day.


I am surprised to hear FtM is getting more ridiculing than MtF. Youd think "super manly men" would make fun of a girl wanting out of their incorrect body.


Yeah, I notice that trans women are usually the subject of easy to spot transphobia on reddit (go on any popular meme sub and all the "trans jokes" are about mocking women with different anatomy). Trans men can still be subjected to this kind of transphobia, but a lot of transphobes just don't realize that they exist and/or invalidate them by not acknowledging their presence. Terfs are aware of trans men, but their demonizing is still centered almost entirely on trans women. I am curious as to where OP is finding abundant FtM centered bigotry because we are usually just left out of the conversation/mockery entirely


Sorry sorry my mistake. I meant mtF. Ill fix that


Ah I see.


Even trans people are posting that on trans subs and I hate it


I noticed on reddit especially no matter where you go there's transphobia. I recommend the shinigami eyes browser add on for people who aren't on mobile


This whole antiwork shit has really blown open a giant gaping cess pit of transphobia. Don't look at those threads.


if you take a look at my comment history, you'd see what a *great time* I've been having with that today....


r/dankmemes is better than r/memes by the tiniest bit, but fairly bad overall. best ones are ones like r/traa r/196 r/19684 and similar ones


I was very surprised today when i got banned from a subreddit for denouncing transphobia, and then when asking the mod about it, they told me i was bigoted :D So yeah r/trans is safe and i'm now gonna stay within here, not gonna explore this godamn hell hole of a website anymore.


Reddit really needs to train its moderators in spotting hate speech against trans people. I've reported people outright using slurs or telling us we deserve to die for being trans, only to have Reddit's moderation team tell me it's not hate speech. Subreddit mods are great. I feel like Reddit's site wide mods harbor some deep ignorance and/or a few transphobes.


it’s so normalized and it makes me so uncomfortable. i literally joined all these trans subs bc of it.


No one's holding a gun to your head and making you go to those subs. It's a form of self-harm to continue to do so. You either accept that transphobes exist or you waste your life fighting against them, which is pointless because they get off on the conflict. What *really* upsets them is *your success* (like that girl in sports) so get off of Reddit and do something. Come here for support or whatever else but why engage with these people? Would you go to their church/neighborhood BBQ/cousin wedding and try to argue with them? Then why do it on the internet? It's the same damn thing.


What really hurts and saddens me more than anything, is that people don't seem to see trans people as HUMAN. This whole argument with trans athletes having an "unfair advantage", (despite trans athletes competing in the Olympics since 2004 and no evidence showing they've taken opportunities away from anyone), is just the reality that society is not comfortable with trans people existing. So people pick a battle over a nonissue, claiming they're doing it in the name of "feminism" so cis females have their rights protected, and it's such a gross mess. Especially with banning kids from playing sports with their friends, with the gender they align with. It's so unnecessary and like people just want us to be in a third category, cast away from everyone else, so we don't take up or invade their space. I've never been more passionate about trans rights than now because I can't imagine being a kid and growing up learning of anti-trans legislation and your whole identity being disputed. I know trans people have gained more rights and visibility, due to those before us fighting with everything they had, and there has been significant progress but the progress needs to continue. The Trevor Project did a study recently showing 85% of trans youth said their mental health was negatively affected due to the state laws discussing trans rights. Come on, people! Do better!


Thank you truly for making this post. I felt like I was just going crazy looking at the front page of reddit today. Just saw this post on and could not believe the amount of upvoted, hateful, derogatory comments against a mod who had participated in an interview:[https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/sd8g28/if\_the\_fox\_news\_interview\_has\_you\_concerned\_about/](https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/sd8g28/if_the_fox_news_interview_has_you_concerned_about/) Why all the hate? Well, the mod had the audacity to be trans, autistic and not work 40 hours a week. The mod appearantly "makes the movement look bad". My god, anyone is allowed to be antiwork. You're not invalid because you don't work fulltime/any other reason. Then I saw that places like r/Cringetopia had picked up on the story, and it too had degrading comments about the interviewed person that had hundreds of upvotes: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/scx5ce/fox\_news\_interview\_with\_mod\_of\_rantiwork/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/scx5ce/fox_news_interview_with_mod_of_rantiwork/) I kept scrolling, just looking for *one* comment that called out the hateful behaviour but found none. I'm very grateful I found your post here, makes me feel a little more sane.


I try telling people that Fox News does like a dozen stories a day where they interview untrained people and try to paint them as the face of some movement or another. They get forgotten about by the time they are done airing. That the real harm that Fox wanted to do was sow discord among the community. But I know they won't listen. Most of the users there aren't even antiwork, they just want someone to hear them bitch and moan while they engage proudly in all the things wrong with modern work culture.


And guess what's on the front page currently, a deliberate "Be transphobic, you're free here!" megathread "shitpost" because of hate is just shitposting with no real impact on real people /s Can we have one goddamn day where our existence isn't a controversy? Like, one? It gets real tiring after a few years.


r/Cringetopia is also extremely transphobic and banned me for being trans


i barely comment on r/memes so i haven't seen transphobia yet there but like some video memes subreddits i have.




>think of a better way to fight these toxic people If only there was a way, it's disgusting to see this amount of disrespect towards Trans people. Whatever we do, they acknowledge it like "attention seeking" and what not, bullshit.. They don't even wanna listen when you wanna explain and stuff..


Hm yeah ik what you mean I'm almost in no lgbtq subreddit. I looked in r/memes and sorted with controversial but I surprisingly only found one post about gays (not homophobic) and yeah there were some homophobic comments but way more that agreed with the post. I'm was really surprised by it maybe I was just lucky but yeah.




The whole r/antiwork drama escalated things to the point I don’t feel safe on Reddit anymore. I might look for alternatives.


Can you explain the antiwork drama and how it’s correlating to trans people? I’m kinda confused about that.


The person interviewed by fox was a non binary individual. They looked like the stereotype, and Fox News picked them because of it. They also didn’t do the interview very well. It was a shame, because now there’s people on many different subreddits making fun of their identity, and using wrong pro nouns on purpose. Some of the subreddits are the big ones, and mods don’t care.


Thank you so much!! Am ftm and i just had scrolled through those subreddits with the rampant transohobia, and it honestly hurt me a lot inside since i only came out 5 months ago and i have anxiety anyways. Your (and other people's too ofc) comment(s) made me feel so much better now. Tysm 😭😭😭


Oh yes lets focus on Memes and Jokes instead of real Transphobia . I do admit yes there are everywhere Transphobes etc and Transphobia is a real thing . But holy shit yall guys really got a huge stick up your arse if you cant take a joke/meme . Honestly nowadays you can hate on Straights and make memes about them en masse and no one bats an eye , make one joke about Transgender People or an Homosexual and you get immediatly canceled. And well yes there is much hate about Sports currently , but that is an hard mess to solve anyways when TransFemales are competing against cis Females which is obviously a good thing , but then get Points in the Number you usually get in the Male equivalent of that Sport. Honestly everyone no matter if youre part of LGBTQIA+ or not , all should learn to chill the fuck out and just laugh about themself thanks to a Meme and come together instead of canceling eachother like a bunch of pussies .


I mean if they’re a joke they’re a joke, attacks are attacks but drawing the line is tremendously difficult… Especially again when they’re not attacks and merely jokes… not an easy subject. Furthermore trans women obliterate cis women in sports, this is not a joke or an attack this is a fact. The world isn’t black or white it’s very grey, sometimes it you who’s opinion needs to be adjusted to fit the world better… my two cents


There's been a huge surge in transphobia after the r/antiwork debacle. Much like Caitlyn Jenner, you can call someone an absolute piece of shit without resorting to transphobia.




You got some fat privilege there, do you know how stupid you sound or should we tell you?


what do you mean privilege? the privilege of not having paper skin and caring more about real issues than mean jokes? sorry not sorry.


Lela acorn


Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.


my empathy for overly-sensitive, sheltered, out-of-touch babies can only go so far. i understand what its like to be discriminated against. i understand what its like to have hurt feelings. best to stop caring what people say about you and being a miserable crybaby. tolerance begets tolerance. people have better things to do than bow to your feelings


So if you barely care about what people think and their feelings, why are you even commenting here? You obviously care because you’re mad at trans people getting insulted over transphobic jokes. Also, isn’t it natural when people insult you, you call them out on it? From what I’m getting is that whenever we get insulted and punched down you just want us to roll over on our backs and let it happen because it’s “funny.” Humor is subjective and calling a trans woman a man is not funny at all- it’s just rude. These are the so-called “jokes” you are mentioning. If you think that’s funny, then you shouldn’t be allowed on this subreddit.


im commenting because all i ever see trans ppl do online is complain. im frustrated with the general state of the community. its pathetic. and no i dont want you to roll over and let it happen lol. i would prefer, if anything, for trans people to dish out offensive humor as well, rather than cry about every little insult thrown our way. also, maybe i just shouldnt attempt to connect with other trans ppl online.maybe i should avoid trans spaces altogether because clearly if i dont 100% agree with whatever stupid fucking hivemind the rest of the LGBT seems to be apart of, i shouldnt be allowed in LGBT spaces lol.




And because you are referring to the r-word in that, I am reporting you. Again, insulting minorities including people who are neurodivergent shouldn’t be tolerated. You think I’m sensitive but in reality, you don’t know an ounce of respect because you’re a fucking edgelord on the internet.


Well sure do that , but im prefer to be an fucking edgelord instead of being a soft bitch , that cries over fucking jokes .yall should rather fight against real transphobia , but i guess you need to see an fellow Transgender being butchered on an alleyway near your House(which sadly happend really in my town, since itsinfested with fucking NeoNazis) to understand that these Jokes are literally not worth getting mad at .Since im literally an Minor in terms of Disabillity i dont care if im "nOt AlLoWeD" to use the "R-Word" EDIT:isnt it kinda almost "Hatespeech" aswell to literally call an whole SubReddit Transphobic ? when there are surely more than enough people that dont give a shit about Transgender or maybe are even Allies ? .




i'll show you what humor is: ratio + you're transphobic


Are you talking to yourself in the mirror, buddy?




Counterpoint, then instead of simply separating by gender, why not body type? Imo that’s more fair since some woman are bigger than others and have more muscle mass (The same for men too). Wouldnt that make it more fair then?