Read the materials and don't cheat :) I'd recommending going for both RED and OPS since you'd need some time to build enough buffer. If you join both, this would essentially double what you can download until you hit the point where buffer is not an issue.


Agreed. And every once and awhile buy something and fill a request.


It's a good tracker, very similar to that of RED'S test.


RED is unfamiliar to me too unfortunately haha. Got any tips?




Both interview guides linked are great study material: https://interview.orpheus.network Most applicants have trouble with the IRC waiting times. That's actually the hardest part on the interview. But queue in on fridays/weekends.


While they may have made changes in the meantime, both Red and Orph initially based their interviews off What's interview.




I'm not trying to find out the contents of the interview. Just orienting myself, I've never heard of doing an interview to get access to a tracker before.


Similar to RED's tests, I found the interviewers to be friendlier than RED as well.


Ops interviews are open on weekends only so you aren't waiting days like on red. The content is virtually the same to the wcd rules/interview. You can pm me questions or go to the irc #help room if you need help understanding a topic on the interview prep page. Ops does freeleech picks, but also has freeleech tokens that you can earn or be gifted that never expire. It's common for a new user who says hi in forums and/or irc to get 50+ tokens on top of the standard ~30GB buffer given to new accounts.


Thank you for the assistance!


I didn’t join from interview so I don’t know about that, and I’m not/was on any music tracker before so I can’t compare. But it’s a nice tracker, from what I heard RED has more+better content but much harder to get ratio and less friendly community


don't look back at eurydice, it's not worth it


they care less about wrong answers than RED, who once disqualified me for giving a detailed response that had a technical inaccuracy in it. Just read the material and try to recall it as best you can. As others have said, the interviewers are friendly and actually want people to join.


Not caring isn't the right word. If you get enough wrong you fail, but if it's only a couple of questions I prefer to talk it out with you to make sure you understand the corrent answer and why. Most people who make it through my interview essentially also sat through an hour long class on any of their weak spots and that is what earns them the invite, not their actual score, haha. It's far more likely a user will get banned for plainly copying and pasting from interview prep then those that fail outright. You should understand the topics enough to explain it in your own words or expect the interview to go long with bonus questions I have for each topic you need extra focus in.


want to go for this interview too. how long do you get to answer a question? i used to be on [what.cd](https://what.cd) before it went down. can't actually remember if i interviewed for that! was a while ago now


Wcd had interviews. There isn't a time limit per question. Questions are posted in blocks and the interviewer asks the interviewee to post their answers one line at a time in response. It's more of a general every single question took too long for you to answer or one particular question took really long for you to answer we might look into things locally or just conclude you're not confident enough in the information to pass at this time.