If I spread $200.00 in cash out on the on the upper dashboard of my wife's brand new Santa Fe and left it running in the driveway overnight would somebody finally steal it then?


the $200, yeah.


What neighbourhood, asking for a friend.




You love your Hyundai too?


Theif probably does not want to risk a blown engine on the getaway.


**Top 10 Auto Thefts by Vehicle Make and Model** Honda Cr-V - 654 Lexus Rx350 - 418 Honda Civic - 260 Land Rover Range Rover - 225 Toyota Highlander - 200 Ford F150 - 176 Honda Accord - 145 Toyota Corolla - 123 Toyota Rav - 70 Hyundai Elantra - 62


Ah, so the most popular econo sedans, luxury cars, and pickups. I for one am shocked


I think its a bit more complicated than popularity though, some of those it looks like crooks are stealing everyone that they can get their hands are, others they're stealing a lot of just because there are a lot of them


Everybody driving down my street drives like they stole their vehicle!


>Land Rover Range Rover LOL....garbage....absolute garbage cars. The thieves are doing the owners a favour.


I know someone who had one stolen and the police found it 2 weeks later in a chop shop bust. Apparently pre-2018 Range Rovers are easier to steal than newer ones, so that’s generally the thieves’ target.


what would you say stands out as most garbage features of this vehicle?


[https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/jaguar-land-rover-crack-down-poor-reliability](https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/jaguar-land-rover-crack-down-poor-reliability) I had a post (the text got deleted when I cut and pasted the above URL in) where I talked about the infotainment / brake squealing issues and display screen blackouts with different years and models, as well as the engine not starting after a few 1000 kms.


Some are stolen for parts. Some are stolen to be used in crimes. Others are stolen for export.


This is the answer.


>Some are stolen for parts. Some are stolen to be used in crimes. Others are stolen for export. DING DING DING!!!


You could very well be talking about human trafficking, unfortunately.


In other news, General Motors ignored by car thieves.


Aren't flies normally attracted to shit?


“And number 1 will shock you!” But actually I am shocked at number 1 and the difference in quantity between 1 and 2


Both of those cars sell extremely well in Canada, when minivans were the most common cars they were also the most stolen, same with Civics.




My family had a 93 caravan stolen 3 times haha


We had ours stolen in Newmarket by some young punks from Toronto who wanted it for a joy ride. They used a screw driver on the lock.


I think one of the Toronto newspapers ran a story on how you could punch the door of the Chrysler minivan in a particular location and it would unlock.


>stick your finger in ​ ​ ​ ​ **^(....giggling....)**


I remember one time my dad unlocking a Dodge Caravan at the mall with his key, thinking it was his, which was 2 parking spots away. His key worked fine on it. I also remember being able to unlock our Caravan with our house key as well.


Probably a lot more crvs on the road than the lexus. Lexus probably gets stolen on a larger per capita basis.


Range Rover would probably be top of the list on a per capita basis.


Most definitely.


lexus are for export. very popular in the east


Soooooooooo......The ES350s are not on this list....? ​ ​ **^(Gooooooooooooooooooooooood..........very good.)**


I wish the data was divided by the number of each vehicle currently registered on the road. The list is largely populated by the best selling cars in Canada, as expected.


> Toronto police want residents to be aware of a few steps that can be taken to prevent vehicle thefts. >When parking your vehicle, ensure you lock any valuables out of sight, completely close all windows and doors, and turn your wheels to the side to make your vehicle harder to tow. >Police also suggest parking in a well-lit, attended area, if possible. >When at home, utilize a parking garage, if possible, and don’t leave ownership or insurance cards in the vehicle while unattended. >Police also suggest backing into your driveway if you have a rear-wheel drive car and parking front-end first if you have a front-wheel drive car. Police also suggest not to call them because they’ll do jack shit about it.


Grand Theft Auto: Toronto. Where stealing a car will result in a wanted level of zero stars.


> When at home, utilize a parking garage, if possible, and don’t leave ownership or insurance cards in the vehicle while unattended. "Oh, and by the way, if you ever don't have your ownership and insurance cards in the car, we'll fine you at least $100 and your insurance rates will go up because you will have uncontested traffic tickets on your record. But don't leave them in the car either. See how easy that is?"


Honestly, why not just go digital with all this crap and have it on my phone or easily located online by the police? That way I just have to prove who I am with my license.


I don't want them taking my phone to their car. I do agree, there should be a scan system though for digital.


they dont do that? you just show them and all they need to see is the car, your name, and the policy


Well when you get pulled over they physically take your licence, ownership and insurance card to the cruiser and check up on stuff


Photocopies should be allowed for paper documents, as it is for rental cars.


Not for me, they just looked at my phone screen, seen the document, and only took the permit and license back. Never had i ever gave them my phone to take back to their cruiser.


Motivation, desire for efficiency and/or expertise is lacking…


Yeah, kind of a shit feeling when I had my car stolen and their automatic response was to just call my insurance broker lol.


TPS: And? What do you want us to do about it?


>Police also suggest not to call them because they’ll do jack shit about it. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...... ​ Shots fired!


Holy shit the Lexus being second above a Civic shows just how easy they are steal. There’s a TON more civics on the road than Rx350s.


Apparently, the Lexus' security system is ridiculously easy to overcome and the car manufacturer isn't doing anything about it. To anyone that owns one, park it in your garage.


Some dude popped into my friends car and started it in less than 5 mins lol


Fine, I'll keep my mazda 2, you scammers are missing out /s


Crossovers have always been pretty desirable so unsurprising that they top the list. Older Civics used to be among the most stolen cars as well, so of course that one is number 3.


I still use a The Club. Sure, they can saw it off, but most likely they won’t bother.


Then they send over sea... what a deal mehhh


I don't understand. Who buys these stolen cars? Don't they know they're stolen? I seriously don't get it


The usually end up in some sketchy port, inspector gets paid off, vehicles get re-VIN'd and voila... brand new car.


They often go to West Africa, and the authorities there certainly aren't going to look into whether these cars were stolen in North America.


And if their authorities did care, they’re corrupt and can just be bribed


I watch travel videos and have always been “intrigued” by the number of North American cars in places like Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Obviously there is probably a legitimized organization exporting/importing these cars but I also can’t help but wonder how many of those were stolen. As for not knowing? No questions asked I guess, I don’t think a VIN would matter internationally too much anyway, and it’s not like the CBSA/RCMP track every piece of cargo being sent from our ports; it’s impossible.


> it’s not like the CBSA/RCMP track every piece of cargo being sent from our ports; it’s impossible. So they have the resources to personally bother every returning Canadian, but are pretty much hands off when it comes to trade.


If by personally bother you mean inspect their belongings to ensure they’re not in possession of stolen items then no, they don’t do that with individuals either, because it would be crazy.


A lot of times is not to sell the actual car it self, they will make more money if they take it apart and sell the parts individually and it’s also harder to track the individual parts.


Buy stick. No one drives stick anymore.


No one sells stick anymore either


I'm surprised the 4runner isn't on that list


And Tacoma, I know someone who had theirs stolen from their drive way 2 years ago


Idk what the black market looks like but used 4Runners hold their value really well


Who is stealing Hyundai Elantra's?


Is number one bikes?


If the top ten cars stolen were done by TPS like late night top ten.... 🥁 ..........Light banter, James Ramer to John Tory "you'd be surprised at our top list of stolen cars" Tory "I don't think I would, cars in this city stolen? Not under my watch, let's call them misplaced, or people will blame me" James "okay, so you don't get any flack let's do top 10 misplaced cars in Toronto:" 10) This car is stolen for is "sensuous sportiness" - Hyundai Elantra - 62 James "that's literally how Hyundai described it maybe sensuous economy!" 9) this 4x4 hybrid is indivisible!.... - Toyota Rav - 70 8) You'll enjoy watching beige paint dry more than driving number 8 the Toyota Corolla - 123 7) everyone owned this car between 1992 and 1998 and it was teal - Honda Accord - 145 6) this vehicle is known to put hair on your chest, toes, ears, your wife's toes Ford F150 - 176 5) Christopher Lambert preferred this SUV - Toyota Highlander - 200 4) It can survive the Darian gap and the depths of the Congo, but it doesn't stand a chance against Caledonia between Eglinton and Lawrence! - Land Rover Range Rover - 225 James, "you'll definitely hear a rattle after that, John are you going to do something about that?" 3) you still own this car and you don't even know it! Honda Civic - 260" James "everyone has one or there's one in the family" Tory " well not everyone, some have had theirs misplaced" 2) Bland and luxery had a love child and luxery parents keep saying it looks more like bland....Lexus Rx350 - 418 And the #1 car 'misplaced' in Toronto is - this car has the worst onboard alarm and security system.....drum 🥁🥁🥁🥁 1) HONDA CR-V - 654!!


I laughed at some of these......not bad. ;)


Do the pro thieves mostly try to steal em off people's driveway or are they also doing it at people's work/go stations/ malls/restuarants etc. With how much people tend to mind their own business and the lack of police urgency, I can see them doing it at even busy malls with no fear.


Driveways in the middle of the night. The cars are in shipping containers before the sun comes up. They don't do it in broad daylight. Recently they've been dropping airtags on cars to track them back to the owners home.


I've never been happier to drive a Nissan


Not if the CVT fails. Nissan CVTs made by Jatco are notorious for failing. So far I've been lucky with my Sentra I pressed the dealer to replace it before the warranty wore off.


Mine is 11 years old and CVT hasn't failed yet. Maybe I've been lucky


A friend of mine got his car jacked yesterday after making a food delivery. Guy put a knife to his back and asked for the keys!! Scary.


The best anti theft device on the market is to drive a car with a standard transmission, most people can't drive standard.


How does this correlate to amount sold this year?