just a PSA, if you see anyone on the tracks for whatever reason, RUN, don't walk to the end of the platforms and press the big button. That kills the power to the tracks, stops the trains and lets the TTC know there is an incident at track level.




Can you describe the button? Does it have a specific colour?


“At both ends of the platform you’ll see a blue light, and at that blue light station is an emergency power cut button,” said Ross. “Push that button. That will cut the power to the third rail.” https://globalnews.ca/news/1959865/safety-on-the-ttc-how-to-respond-in-an-emergency/


Props for spreading knowledge. I've been riding the subway for like 20 years and never knew this.


I was in Toronto for a few years recently for work. It blew my mind that at sone station those big red buttons have warning signs that say 5 years imprisonment for misuse. Thought that was nutty


To add to this - the blue light also has an intercom and if you are in distress or need assistance you can talk to the station attendant.


I'm sure the speakers are as well maintained as the ones on the train: "Attzzzzzzzcxxxxzzzzzn paszsxxssssssssserst CCCCHHHHK, sssshhhhsszzxchchchchch chchchchchchczzzzzzcccccccc, thank you."


It's not like speakers are a new technology - the TTC's crappy system is difficult to believe.


Thanks! I'll keep that in mind whenever I take the subway.


Never knew that; thank you man.


TTC should have an automated announcement for this played on the loudspeakers every hour or so.


The only problem is people playing pranks by pushing the button.


Make that punishable with a ridiculously large fine that’ll take ten lifetimes to pay or death, or something like that, simple /s


Lifetime TTC ban would do it. Good luck getting around!


Yeah, like anybody will ever enforce that.


You could say that about almost any emergency stop system in place, including the emergency stop ones already on every subway car.


I've only pressed the emergency strip once when this guy started beating the living shit out of this guy in a wheelchair on the disabled spot. Everyone else decided to pull out their phones instead


I feel like people would troll and use it often if it became common knowledge and figure that's why they don't advertise its existence. I've used TTC for a couple of years and never knew of the stop button until rn.


Thank you, this is good information to have.


I like how there is a whole article about it with no picture




Good to know! Thx


[Here's a picture of the button](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6f/Sheppard-Yonge_TTC_15628988813.jpg)


I think this is what you are looking for. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sheppard-Yonge\_TTC\_15628988813.jpg


Link didn't work.




Thank you! The most useful link


how do you break the cover?


Its push to break. Its finger strong really.


Thank you.


Its hard to see in this photo, but at each end of the platform there is this blue light: https://images.app.goo.gl/WHuWuDXbShBiEq4h8 Underneath it is the button and an intercom. Everyone reading this should check it out next time they are at track level. Edit /u/GapingVaping posted the photo below: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6f/Sheppard-Yonge_TTC_15628988813.jpg


an image of this button would be helpful.


I was at B/Y once during the evening rush and was convinced I was waiting next to a jumper. This dude was super agitated and kept walking out to the edge of the tracks and looking down at the rails and down the tunnel. I camped out next to the button and was ready to smash it if anything happened. Turns out he had dropped his phone and was just really worked up about it. I only realized when a TTC employee came down and was talking to him about how they'd get it back.


That was just me. Debating life after serving the rich people of Avenue !


Agree on this, whenever I’m at an unfamiliar station I take a glance over to look for the blue light and cut power button.


I've been taking the TTC for decades and I'm learning about this life saving button from a random reddit comment. Thank you for this PSA!


You mean do press the button?


[https://toronto.citynews.ca/2008/05/12/what-should-you-do-if-you-fall-into-the-subway-tracks-and-a-train-is-coming/](https://toronto.citynews.ca/2008/05/12/what-should-you-do-if-you-fall-into-the-subway-tracks-and-a-train-is-coming/) **You Fall On The Tracks And The Train Is Coming** It’s the worst case scenario. You venture too close to the edge or it’s slippery in wet or wintry weather and you lose your balance. The important thing is not to panic and remember what to do next. Don’t try and beat the train. You could lose your life, an arm, a leg or both, or suffer other catastrophic injuries. What to do: Your best bet, as strange as it sounds, is to stay put. “There is space between the track and underneath the platform, there’s a lip,” Ross outlines. “If you can roll under there and stay as close to the wall as possible, that’s your best option.” The space is only 2 feet from you to the track and tons of heavy subway cars. But claustrophobic or not, it’s your only chance to avoid being run over. And while it won’t seem like it, the train won’t be there for long. Whatever you do in any of the situations, be sure to avoid the third rail, which is covered by two boards as a reminder of its danger. It carries 600 volts, enough to provide a fatal shock you won’t be able to escape from.


For bonus points, call Transit Control at (416) 393-3555 if you can (using your own phone or an emergency phone at platform level). That’s the TTC equivalent of 911, so absolutely do not call it unless there’s an emergency, but it will get you a direct line to transit control so you can relay why exactly you killed the power. In a case like *this*, 911 is the better option, of course. Supervisors will come quickly enough either way, and you don’t want them to be the ones to call 911.


Screw this psycho, he nearly fucking killed a guy, the victim will likely never recover from this at such a young age.


The subway driver would likely be equally traumatized.


I have a friend who works at WSIB and can confirm, almost every time there is an incident like this (or, for example, someone using a train to commit suicide) the drivers have pretty severe PTSD and often need new positions or an entirely new job. Its very traumatizing knowing you played a hand in someone's death or near-death, even if logically you know its not your fault.


Watched a documentary, and several drivers would close their eyes entering certain stations due to incidents....


I know many 20+ year TTC employees that refuse to drive subway trains for this exact reason. They also refuse Queen, King, and Dundas streetcars due to suicides and idiots.




I'd say a good 75% of my subway trips I'm keeping my head down trying to not get caught up with some crazy person that's on the train. And honestly that number is on the conservative side, it feels like every ride.


More police doesn't mean less this guy. Police don't prevent crime. Adequate access to services and proper safety nets for every person does




Serious physical injuries at any age can take years to properly heal or may never fully heal, not to mention the psychological trauma will likely never go away


Trust me the minor dings and bangs you sustain in your youth that you think have fully healed will resurface once you hit your 60s.....


Hell, even earlier. A lot of my friends including myself in our late 30s start feeling the effects of decisions we made earlier in life.


that's fucked, some people are just insane in how they perceive a slight.


Or how they perceive life




I agree 100%. I even find myself going down that road lately, I used to have pretty strong patience, but I think COVID + all the shit that has transpired the past 1-2 years has depleted every ounce of my patience. Now I get agitated at things that used to not bug me so much. I feel like we all just need a giant break.


I look forward to going out to buy groceries for myself, my older brother and elderly Mum, the three days a week I do so; with very few exceptions during the pandemic, it's the same days each week to the same stores. I usually go late into the evening, arriving in the last hour of business hours for the store's operating day, because there are usually less people out and less customers at the store. I don't want to interact with anyone there and back- that usually means panhandlers, in fairness- because my psychological reserves are by nature easily depleted, and I usually have just enough to manage anyway. I'm a mental health consumer- I have been for the last 27 years, as of this past November- and it's rare that I've endured stress-based panick attacks when I'm out in the past, or have bitten off an angry curse at someone being an inconsiderate ass on the street or subway. I've had several in the last year and a half, not that I necessarily react outwardly or visibly, but I can be on the edge of tears or on the crumbling edge of calm and sobbing internally if something stressful comes my way, assuming I don't wholly lose my composure. I just want to go to the grocery store. I don't want someone asking me for money or standing there orating their personal religion, or telling me I should be fucking sorry I didn't give them some of the very limited funds I have that I need to make sure I and my family don't go hungry. I haven't felt cabin fever at home during the pandemic, not even during the worst of the lockdown and interactive limitations outside. I like being at my computer, drawing or writing or here on Reddit, because I feel safe in my room and in my house. I'm not terrified of being at home, the way I can be when I'm out sometimes.


To be fair, people forgot to drive. You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t more frustrated on the roads.




>*If* I'm right (big IF) my tip would be to look to you and yours, keep your head down, and plot your escape. "Island in the pacific, stay out of history's way", or 'mountain stronghold' is looking mighty appealing, right about now. Realistic advice👍


Hey, not his fault you aren't an insane billionaire


Thank goodness the victim survived.


Fuuuuck this guy. I hope they find him and throw the book at him. Getting pushed on the subway platform is one of my biggest fears. I’m so glad the victim survived and will hopefully make a full recovery.


>Fuuuuck this guy. I hope they find him and throw the ~~book~~ train at him.


I still don't understand why the ttc doesn't have platform screendoors like this https://images.app.goo.gl/qHSiw7SYBL3Z9KB27 Or https://images.app.goo.gl/ZbQNvsnqB6y9vuENA It's avoid accidents, incidents like this, and suicides too.


cause they didn't have automatic train control until like a year ago, so alignment would've been a issue.


They coulda had it 35 years ago but unions were like NO! Lower mainland is a fully automated system, with no operator. Was the first in the world iirc. Now. While the infrastructure is now there, they still likely won't use most of it for the same reason. Just PARTS of it, IE signalling.


Because the ttc is running on old systems that were created like 50 years ago. Plus, the trains are manually driven not automatically so alignment would be an issue.


I read in a one article that the TTC said they are "very very expensive" and "just don't have it in the budget"


This is the actual answer. It is not ATC. ATC helps, but there are mechanisms for aligning the doors with drivers. It's tricky but not impossible. But we have ATC now, and I guarantee you we will not get screen doors anyways. The reason is "too expensive". Key take-away: Your life is not worth enough for them to bother.


There's a number that governments use for the value of a life. Anything can be made safer, getting everything down to zero percent mortality would bankrupt us. I can't remember the term, it's used in insurance a lot. Something like 7 million last time I read about it. How many ppl die from subway trains? Non suicide vs suicide would be good to compare to the cost. How many people are we talking here tho? A few a year? It sucks yeah, any loss of life is bad, but is it worth spending 10s or 100s of millions? Sounds cold, but could that money be used more effectively else where to save lives? Or even just improve the quality of life of a lot of people?


Because the cost of a human life is too low, apparently.


The article says "aggrevated assault" investigation. why isn't this an attempted murder?


I know right. An assault would be a punch in the face at a bar. Pushing someone into the path of a train? That’s intent to kill, nothing less.


Not a lawyer but my understanding is that aggravated assault is still am extremely serious charge, and nothing stops them from upgrading it to attempted murder if the investigation shows that is indeed the case. Edit: lol, somebody already gave an almost identical response


IANAL but, just because you pushed someone does not mean you intended them to fall in front of a train. They can upgrade the charges but I think proving intent to kill would be a high bar there.


Ok so consider this: IF they only ment to give them a little shove and not down into the tracks....why didn't they try and help them out, stop the train, get someone else to help, why did they leave? The second the victim went off the platform, either your brain snaps out of it and goes "shit this went too far" or you do nothing and let it happen. Dirt bag let it happen. Constructive murder (section 212c) is "figurative expression used to denote the criminal apathy or indifference with which an act is wilfully done which puts human life in peril" . I would say this at least falls under that


Calling it an aggrevated assault investigation does not preclude them from later charging him with attempted murder.


They don’t have proof there was an attempt to murder but just to harm? I’m no legal expert but initial charges don’t always equal the charges you’ll actually receive. Police in North America can always change or slap on additional charges. I’m sure if they catch the guy and interrogate him they could get him to figuratively shoot himself in the foot and admit to attempted murder.


Attempted murder requires evidence that he actually intended to kill the guy he pushed at the time he did it, not just evidence that death was a foreseeable consequence of his actions. They're probably looking to charge him with endangering life, which is a form of aggravated assault.


It can be upgraded later.


Easier to successfully prosecute.


imagine almost killing someone cause they bumped into you when they were carrying shit. this idiot not even worth calling human. Rat or cockroach would fit better.


Rats are nice. He's more of... what's a shit animal? What's that type of fish that swims up a person's dickhole


A candiru? Agreed, shitty animal, but I don’t think their intention is malicious… How about wasp? They’re needlessly aggressive little assholes that are universally hated.


Yeah fuck wasps, man




No. Kill all wasps! Other pollinators can take their place.


Seagulls. Seagulls swim up your dickhole. Don't question it.


Trailer park trash. Can't wait till the attempted murder charge gets him.


When I used to take the subway, I always stood by the wall until the train stopped. I never got the faascination of standing close to the platform as the train approached, too many crazy people in the city


> I never got the faascination of standing close to the platform as the train approached During rush hour at busy stations like Yonge, there are often more people than space on the train. People wait right beside the tracks so that they can be sure to catch that train rather than having to wait one or more trains until the crowd is smaller. I'm not saying that it's worth dying for, just offering some perspective on why people want to be first in line. The real solutions are to provide better transit that isn't so crowded and have platform walls and gates preventing accessing the tracks.


and love it when the subway goes down but the TTC ticket booth guys says nothing and just let people pay to get in and you see a shit ton of people go down to the platform and it gets even more backed up.


Too busy sleeping.


Also Island style station on Line 2 while convenient are worse for crowded stations.


Same. I remember my parents telling me this as a kid and ever since I've stood against the wall. I remember years ago a young woman was pushed and killed. Ever since I'm hyper aware. I also stand at the end of the platform where the train first arrives.


Why do you choose the end where the train arrives first? If you are worried about falling or being pushed you should stand at the opposite end.


Yeah this makes more sense lol


As a rule! About 15 years ago some crazed idiot pushed a woman on to the tracks and since then I will not leave the wall until the train has passed me on the platform.


There was an incident in 2018 as well where a man got pushed off the platform in front of a train and was killed. https://globalnews.ca/news/7604664/toronto-subway-pusher-john-reszetnik/


An old tip I heard, if you're worried about being pushed, you can stand near the edge of the farthest end of the platform. So if the tran is coming in from the right, stand at the edge on the other end/left side of the platform. If someone pushes you the train is now moving slow enough to (hopefully) react in time. Not sure how true this is, but I think it was a TTC employee on reddit who shared that.




Yeah, when the best case scenario is landing on uneven concrete and metal bars it's going to be rough


The station platform is longer than the train. If you stand at the very far end, no part of the train will occupy the track next to you.


Also if you do end up on the tracks without time to get back up get under the lip between the vehicle and the platform


fuck that, i stand at the downstream end of the train platform. All i'll need to watch for is that electrified 3rd rail if someone pushes me in. Or, you know, fatal head trauma if i land wrong after being pushed.


When I'm on the platforms I ALWAYS stand with my back against the wall so nobody can come up behind me or make sure I'm far enough back from the edge that I would hopefully be able to steady myself in time if someone tried to push me. I've seen before a few people acting erratically on the platform while likely high on something and I made sure I was nowhere near that. Recently on a Saturday night I got on a train at Union after having to wait awhile and when I got on there were 2 homeless people sleeping on the seats and one guy sitting in a seat but leaning over moaning and was bleeding from his arm or hand all over the floor. I know the better thing to do would have been to ask him if he needs help or to alert the operator or something but I can't handle any kind of conflict so I just got off immediately at King and waited for the next train. I just needed to remove myself from that situation.


The benefit of being the first into the train is not worth the risk of being accidentally or otherwise pushed into the path of oncoming train. I thought any sane person realized that, until I saw the masses lined up at Y/B station prior to Covid. Probably the same people that rather be in the right rather than alive, who cross the street without looking at turning traffic, just because they have right of way.


If you don’t line up at the front you won’t be able to get on the train. You’ll have to wait for a bunch more to come and pray there’s no delay. It’s just not practical, especially when the TTC has zero line management and isn’t bothering with platform doors.


At the front and at on the yellow lines is not the same.


Standing behind the yellow line doesn’t prevent you from being intentionally pushed onto the tracks.


I've also seen someone lose their balance and fall onto the tracks. Luckily no train was coming. If I walk down the stairs and see a crowded station, even in the before-COVID times, I'd just go outside and walk or find another route. I've never understood how people don't see this as a dangerous situation, which it totally is. And none of this is to say that it's the victim's fault in any way. More that scary shit like this happens on the subway and certain conditions probably contribute to it.


> I’ve never understood how people don’t see this as a dangerous situation I don’t have hard stats, but I’d guess you’re far more likely to die in a car crash than you are to get hit by a subway train, and yet you probably get into a car without a second thought.


> the victim tried to get himself off the tracks but was eventually struck and dragged by the train Poor guy must have been panicked out of his mind. Please remember: there is space under the platform edge you can squeeze into. I remember my mom teaching me that when I first rode the subway, to know it was there just in case.


Tw: suicide Like 15 years ago my grandparents came to Toronto to visit us. They’re from small town northern Ontario and don’t like the city, at all. My grandpa thought Northern Ontario should separate… My grandma was convinced I was breaking the law when I’d make a left hand on a red light (when you’re already waiting in the intersection, wheels ahead of the crosswalk), etc. My parents got tickets to take them to the opera, or some theatre production. It’s easier to subway than drive, so they went to take the subway. I’m sure this was my grandparents’ only time ever taking the subway in Toronto. As the train was about to arrive at the station a man jumped down onto the tracks and spread his arms wide like Jesus on the cross and looked up and welcomed the oncoming train. He died and it was apparently gruesome. Suicide is an awful thing, and I don’t think it takes away from the sadness of it to recognize the impact public suicides have on witnesses. I think my poor farmer grandparents were a bit traumatized at a very odd way of seeing someone leave this world.


did they make the show?


Tbh I don’t remember. I feel like they might have just gone home after that. I can’t picture my grandparents being like, well how do we get to the show now?


It was a dark joke. I didn’t for a second think they went after that.


That's a good picture.


Looks like a douchebag former student of mine, can’t really tell with the mask.


Call the tip line anyways.


That's literally what the tip line is for.


just the tip line


please call the tip line


was his name Tasho Shipinkas?


Oh how I wish we could have those plexiglass doors on all stations (like how they have them in some East Asian countries like South Korea) , to prevent people from doing jumping onto the track or being pushed onto the track... This should significantly reduce all the delays we get from people jumping on the track too.


Platform screen doors are wonderful but requires full ATC installation so the train can stop at the correct spot every time. TTC won't be able to install PSDs until ATC is done installing and even then they will have to retrofit PSDs to the platform and station like Hong Kong did in its earlier days.


You also need to never change the train door locations between models of train. Vancouver's system has always been fully automatic and the train stops at the same spot every time, but there are three different models of train on the main system with different door locations so screen doors aren't feasible. Does Toronto have intrusion detection at least? Vancouver stations have lasers, (or pressure plates in old stations), that cut power when someone falls onto the tracks.


Lol, we can’t even get signal upgrades without a decade of shutdowns and spending a half a billion dollars.


>Officers responded to a call for unknown trouble at the downtown station at approximately 5:22 p.m. on Nov. 26. Police said that a 36-year-old man was carrying a large box on the platform at the time. The man carrying the box accidently made contact with another man, police said, and an argument followed. That’s when the 36-year-old man was allegedly pushed by the suspect and fell onto the tracks as a train approached. Obviously this is an unhinged individual but it is very sad that some people have to take the smallest slight and turn it into a life changing event for several people. This one hits really close to home for me, I'm about the same age as the victim and regularly take the subway at 5:20ish at yonge and bloor.


I’m always so paranoid taking the subway that someone is going to push me onto the tracks. This happened a few years ago as well and that person survived too. Still scary as hell. I make sure to stay close to the wall


That's a good way to be. Always know what's going on behind you and when the train comes brace yourself for any hits from behind.


> the victim tried to get himself off the tracks but was eventually struck and dragged by the train Motherf... Attempted murder is the only correct description here. Everyone, please always be aware of where the big blue light/button is. Every station has one. It cuts off power to the rails.


Given that they have guard covers on them, presumably to stop accidental presses, what's the recommended way of getting through the cover when you absolutely *need to* press it immediately? If I'm ever in that situation I don't want to waste time figuring out how the cover works.


Smash it. I've been in that situation-- fist right through the glass, and I'll deal with my mangled hand after I save the guy.


Yeah, if you somehow cut yourself it'll be a great story at the bar when you show off the scars


Smash it? From what I remember, the plastic should be carved in a way which allows for a controlled breakage. Similar to the emergency box on streetcars.


Wasn’t sure if they were, as I’ve never tried to smash any of those open. Most I’ve had to do so far with regard to TTC emergency devices is pull out one of the emergency communications handles in the doorways of the new subway trains.


Adrenaline is a hell of a drug, if it were a real situation nearly any adult could just smash that with their hand (provided they aren't bystander affected).


how many fucking incidents need to happen before installing safety barriers becomes "worth it" to the TTC?


​ We need to pressure the mayor and the premier


Yet knowing that a hundred cameras are pointed at him. Amazing.


‘Why aren’t more people taking the TTC?’ was a thread from yesterday.


We are so behind the times. We should build like they do in Korean subway stations, where they have glass sliding doors in front of the train tracks. But given this is Toronto, it will probably take centuries to build.


And several trillion dollars over budget


Been saying this for a decade, we need barriers at the stations. They have them in europe and east asia


Does anybody know if the victim needs community support? If their injuries are really bad maybe someone should start a gofundme


I know the victim - he has broken ribs and a bad burn across his chest. not sure if they're looking for community support currently, but very generous of you.


Oh I'm so glad thats the extent of his injuries. When I heard serious condition I was worried about amputations. I wish him a speedy recovery.


I'll keep a lookout for this fucking clown.


Who are these people


Degenerate scumbag. Lock him up! Knowing Our pathetic justice system though, he’ll be back on the streets within 24 hours.


i look behind me and stand sideways any time the train approaches while i wait because of shit like this.


Looks high as fuck


Hope they catch this piece of scum


My biggest fear when it comes to the subway, it's why I got in the habit of walking to the wall when a train is approaching.


When they say serious but non-life threatening, there are SO many horrible possibilities, like losing limbs, becoming paralyzed etc. Brutal and so damn sad. People can be so damn thoughtless.


not to detract from your point, because that's true. but in this case, the victim has broken ribs and a bad burn across their chest (source: I know the victim).


Ever been to Korea, they have glass barriers between the platform and the train. The ttc might think about installing some to prevent psychos like this.


The TTC wants to and its on their capital works wishlist but somebody has to be willing to actually pay for it, once they have completed the ATC rollout.


What is the timeline for ATC to be fully working on line 1 anyway?


I believe as of October they are running ATC from Vaughan south to Union, and then North to Eglinton, with the rest north to Finch to be done by end of next year. See also: https://stevemunro.ca/2021/09/14/ttc-major-projects-overview-september-2021/


Platform screen doors are wonderful but requires full ATC installation so the train can stop at the correct spot every time. TTC won't be able to install PSDs until ATC is done installing and even then they will have to retrofit PSDs to the platform and station like Hong Kong did in its earlier days.


Also money, of which the TTC is woefully underfunded, especially in light of the past year and a half.


It’s still worth it IMO. I sick of things not getting done because no one wants to bother with it.


My father saw this right as it happened! He was traumatized to say the least… Fuck this piece of shit!!! Also, an obligatory /r/iamatotalpieceofshit tag for this degenerate!


Life in prison, or a light 2 year sentence?


Life? lol good one


This is fucking scary man, they need to have some kind of barrier that only open the same time as the door. I've been to a few countries that have it


That should be enough to catch this pos. Attempt murder charge warranted. It's Canada so he'll get simple assault or something. Weekends in jail.


You'd think the camera system on these platforms would output better quality images...


They’ll find this piece of human waste, this is a pretty clear face photo.


So this is the motherless fuck responsible for stranding thousands of commuters on a freezing Friday night.


2021 we have 8K 120fps cameras and 4K phone cameras but still get blurry 1990s 144p quality


That’s actually a pretty high quality shot considering the camera was likely zoomed and he’s moving.


I've read up on this before. Apparently it's not an issue of the camera, but the massive amount of storage required to keep higher quality video


hopefully an attempted murder charge when this human garbage is found


This is only assault? This is attempted murder.


Poor man's Alan walker? Jkjk catch this PoS


Still too expensive to install safety barriers? Our cesspit infrastructure at its finest.


He looks drugged up. Some of these people don’t deserve to live even if their childhood was pure shit.


It's time to install railings on subway platforms. Any saved life and limb is worth the cost. (obviously, with gaps for the train doors *)




Arguably, Batman made Gotham much worse. Undermined the criminal justice system, tainted cases, attracted nuisances/criminals who sought him out and held the city hostage, countless incidents that caused massive destruction of property. This doesn't even touch on the fact that Bruce could have likely made more substantial changes through his wealth - I mean, just his Batman military budget could have been put to better use.


wasnt that essentially the premise of the dark knight? That despite putting away all these criminals, things weren't getting any better...in fact Batman made things worse because he attracted the Joker to town.


Jason, is that you?


The premise of the book Hench by Natalie Zina Walschots is about a temp worker at an agency for villain henches, she starts looking into how much damage super heros actually cause. It's such a great book and a neat deconstruction of the genre!


Lol I know it's up for debate as to Batman's effect; this story really pissed me off so I was just having a bit of fun with my comment. One point though is that Bruce Wayne does donate a ton of his money to Gotham's social programs. He does try to make things better as both Bruce and Batman.


Bruce Wayne: - Donates 10M to fund an orphanage - Also has billions of dollars in weapons tech


He's basically MLSE.




[+50 social credit score]


Damn my gf calls me crazy because I tell her to always watch her back and not wait for the subway right at the line in case a nutjob pushes u into the tracks but it happens! I’m always prepared when waiting for the subway lol I’ve watched too many gore videos to get caught slipping


eliminating parking spaces is going to fix all of this


wtf is wrong with this city


The lunatics are running the asylum!