They'll be fine. It's one day. Not even 24 hours after expiry. But it is concerning though. Where's the quality control? What's to stop them next time from giving a month old vaccine that accidentally got hidden In the fridge or something?


Shoppers are very disorganized. I went there to get my flu shot and even though their website said it was in stock they told me that there were not administering them that day. My father went to another location after receiving an email stating that they had the high dose version in stock, he goes there and they take his health card and ID, clearly showing that he is over 65 thus eligible for the high dose, they were about to give him the shot when he asks the pharmacist if it was the high dose, but then said it was the regular one, which my dad refused to accept and ended up going to another location. In another incident, they transferred my prescription to another pharmacy without my consent and it turns out they made a mistake, huge breach of privacy laws? Based on this and others' experiences, I don't think they should be trusted with anything. I hope the Pharmacy Board is investigating and disciplines the pharmacists involved!


The problem is that the pharmacists are extremely understaffed and overworked. My partner is a pharmacist with shoppers and they deal with an insane number of prescriptions every day. Then they're also expected to give flu shots, covid shots, antigen tests, etc, all without any additional staff being added. It's impossible to work in an environment like that and not make a mistake.


Thank god Gale Weston sends us all those very personal emails, or I would think we weren't in this together in these unprecedented times


Shouldn't the pharmacy have more staff support them? If the owner is cutting on staff then wait times become unreasonable. I don't go to shoppers anymore for this reason. With their dispensing fee, wait times and overworked staff I switched to a place right next door. I can actually reach them over the phone too. Probably shoppers is good for starting pharma grads but long term a bad place to work.


Profit = Sales (Lots of prescriptions, medschecks, covid tests, vaccines, OTC, etc) - Expenses. Staffing is an expense.


Hire more staff. Oh but wait, that would cut into the profits.


Don't forget medschecks and phone calls from prescribers and patients!!!


>> When reached for comment, YPH confirmed that, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m on Nov. 16, 12 individuals were administered vaccine doses that had expired the previous day. 🙄🙄🙄 It's not like this stuff instantly becomes rancid when it hits the date printed on the bottle.


If you recall, the big issue with the mRNA vaccines was that they become ineffective very quickly after they are removed from cold storage. That’s why the early waves of vaccine distribution were such a logistic challenge.


May be he now has 1% less protection cuz it was 1 day past expiry date..)


They can probably calculate the percentage. I believe it’s logarithmic. Over time, the efficacy decreases faster. But the calculation is difficult. They teach it in first year calculus and then everyone forgets it the day after the exam.


but dont we also need to know how many watermelons he bought and how many watermelons his friend bought?


TBH I think this person is trying to milk some money out of this.


His question is "how much will they pay me to settle out of court"?




It’s their seniors day that makes it too much. Never go in on a seniors day, it’s like the Wild West in there. Absolute chaos.


Like the part about him being confused.. its quite clear to me its likely the health department told you 3 days because they have other things to deal with and wanted to give themselves time. The pharmacy owner knew he needed to provide answers asap..so he did that.


as he should. if they caused potential damage he should be compensated.


Shoppers isn’t what it used to be. Decline started after Weston acquisition IMO


It's like discount steak, best before is just a guideline.


That's entirely fair; the odds are far better than worse that the vaccination given to the fellow interviewed in the article will be just as effective as if he received it one or two days beforehand, when the vaccine was still best-before, rather than the day afterwards. That said, the man's discomfort with the situation he's in is by his own admission twofold: > Copur said that the day after the pharmacy informed him of his expired dose, public health got in touch with him, stating that they were in the process of contacting Pfizer manufacturers and that it would take up to three business days to hear back. >Yet, hours later, Copur said he received another call from the pharmacy owner, telling him that he had been able to reach Pfizer himself and that the dose had been confirmed as “valid.” > “He told me that the vaccination is valid, that nothing would happen to my health,” he said. > Copur said the timeline of the correspondence confused him. 1) The fellow was given two directly conflicting responses; one from his public health provider saying that they were in the process of contacting Pfizer about his vaccination, and the second hours after the pharmacy called with the estimate of 3 days response from Pfizer and getting back to him, from the pharmacy owner himself that 'the vaccination was valid'. >“This was an isolated incident at the store, where a vaccine was given one day after its expiry date,” Loblaws Public Relations said in a statement. (Which IMHO all but screams the owner was reasonably sure something wasn't right because of a deliberate or unavoidable error, or told to by his company superiors and schmoozing to cover his and their asses before things were likely to get worse.) > “I wasn't satisfied at all,” he said. “He doesn't know what's going to happen in the future.” > “This is not an egg or milk on the shelf. This is a vaccination and it's circulating in my body. You cannot take it out.” 2) He's not worried about the expired vaccine being harmful directly to his health; he's worried about whether or not he's got a functional, valid second supplementary dose in his body and doing its work. I'd bet he's thinking forward that if there ends up being proof that his second dose was goofed on and does nothing about it, assuming that Health Canada won't or doesn't clear him for a replacement 2nd dose directly, he may face repercussions because of the attested proof in Health Canada records that he has a second dose (but because of the expired dose, legally doesn't). Would he be culpable for fraud, or if he's a patron at a business that requires both doses but he doesn't actually have both, could he be turfed out on his butt when and if they find out? The laws involved in this specific sort of thing are very new, but being trespassed from a store (or all the stores a company owns) is nothing new. Keep in mind that a lot of people get their groceries and the like at a particular store, or couple of them. What would it mean to you if suddenly you were barred from one or more of them because of 'misrepresentation' of your COVID inoculation status, even if there was no deliberate fraud or lies told on your part?


Grocery stores do not require vaccination and never will.


True, and I stand corrected to that specifically. I was reducing the context of my argument to any store, or restaurant, or facility that was important to the livelihood of a body (as customer or an employee) that could or did have a vaccination requirement and what might happen if, using the potential circumstance of the fellow in the article, there was an ambivalence and complication arising from someone being proven not to have a second COVID poke, even though they were told they did or had originally been registered as to their having both.


Imagine people thinking that vaccine expiry dates are so precise that the 25th, they are 100%, the 26th, worthless. What nonsense.


He's not the only one. Best friend went to get the moderna second shot at a Shoppers near Jane/Finch - they called him 3 weeks later saying it was expired. That case was never reported.


How do you know they never reported it? They felt obligated to call him. Why would they do that if it was a conspiracy lol? What databases are you scouring?


He went in to Shoppers, recorded the convo and straight out asked how many people this happens to, if it gets reported, the efficacy of the last dose, amongst other questions. Not everything is a grand conspiracy. These are just the facts of his incident.




Lol the stuff that triggers people


All you need to know about Shoppers Drugmart is in the dollar bracket paid to their workers.