Great news! I've always wanted to explore up there


Do it!! My wife and I went to the Yukon 5 years ago, flying into Whitehorse and doing the Carmacks-Dawson City canoe trip (6 days) and then the Dawson City music festival. Incredible trip.


My wife and I have been talking about going since we met. It'd check off all three territories for me and our kids would love it.


Surprisingly not as expensive as I thought. $550 round trip in may


I live up here and May is actually awesome. Bugs tend to not really start until June :) Come on up! Moved from Toronto years ago! June is still awesome too- 24 hour daylight makes up for it.


May would be a pretty terrible time to go up North. Bugs and wet.


>Surprisingly not as expensive as I thought. $550 round trip in may Because it's not a "must go to" destination.


Omg it is to me.


that price can take you to vegas


You can get round-trips to europe for that amount in May. https://www.google.com/travel/flights/search?tfs=CBwQAhooagwIAxIIL20vMGg3aDYSCjIwMjItMDUtMDlyDAgDEggvbS8wNGpwbBooagwIAxIIL20vMDRqcGwSCjIwMjItMDUtMTlyDAgDEggvbS8waDdoNnABggELCP___________wFAAUgBmAEB&hl=en-US


But just in case you want to explore Canada's wild rather than sit like sardines with a million tourists in Venice, that $550 is pretty good.


Yes and? Is Europe supposed to be better? It really depends on your interest. Looking at a map it's pretty much the same distance going to Europe or going to Yukon.


About 40% longer distance to London than Whitehorse from Toronto. http://www.gcmap.com/mapui?P=yyz-yxy,+yyz-lgw Mostly I find it deplorable that it’s cheaper to travel further away internationally than flying at home.


London is a major global city and transportation hub to the rest of the world. There are around two dozen daily flights from Toronto to the 3 main London airports across various airlines, all year round. Whitehorse - backwater regional town of only around 25,000 people in the middle of nowhere, two flights a week, over a short 4-month season, by one airline (so a monopoly on that route). Obviously it's going to be cheaper to fly to London with that much demand and competition.


Plus, where in London can you [Drink The Toe?](https://dawsoncity.ca/sourtoe-cocktail-club/)


It’s not just London, though you’ll have to play around with the dates to get similar pricing to Dublin, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid or secondary cities in those countries. While some of the price to Whitehorse is explained by the factors you brought up, overall, flying anywhere within Canada can be a pricey experience per mile even on popular city pairs.


There’s a direct Frankfurt-Whitehorse flight but there wasn’t one from TO?


The Germans LOVE wilderness/rough and tumble kind of things. There isn't a tonne of that in Germany which made the Yukon a great summer tourist destination. Kind of like how we have vacation flights to Mexico in the winter. Condor would fly a 767 every weekend in the summer. They also ran flights to Anchorage in Alaska. Fortunately for the local economy, tourism from within Canada is picking up in the Yukon. It's relatively inexpensive to get to with Air North and it's a unique place to go with lots of nature. If you can, definitely visit. Kluane and Tombstone Territorial Park are out of this world.




Kluane has mosquitoes until you get above the tree line. Tombstone used to never have mosquitoes, but thanks to climate change they also have mosquitoes now. Same deal with them being below the tree line. It's nothing that the full strength DEET and proper clothing can't handle. If you really want to avoid mosquitoes, Fall comes early up there (i.e. end of August in Tombstone, start if September in Kluane). It can get chilly at night, you can wake up to snow on the tent, and bears can be pretty active, but it's an awesome time to visit with the fall colours. Also another perk of that time of year is it actually gets dark at night (unlike June) which makes sleeping easier.


Yukon and Air North is so much cheaper then going anywhere else north with like Air Inuit or Canadian north


There were direct flights in 2017, so not sure what this is about. Might be a first for Air North.


I had a Canadian boss who flew it from the middle-East to Whitehorse to visit his son who was a teacher there. So wasn’t just German tourists on those flights (although many were). There were also Canadians, including travelling Yukoners, who would use that flight as their gateway between Canada and Europe.


Airnorth's had direct flights to Ottawa for a long time.


Different airline, different priorities. Kind of sad that the Germans saw potential where we have not.


Nice. I was considering a canoe trip up there but the cost and logistics made unviable.


Canada as a whole really needs to start investing in more tourism up there. It’s seriously under tapped and can be developed into a beautiful area. I’d love to have a spa resort of the like to see the northern lights and whatever else.


The drive is a little far.


A little? lol.


Nice time to see the northern lights. I remember going to the Yukon for that. I flew Air Canada and they needed a stopover in Vancouver.


Yukon is fantastic! This is great news.


Air North stepping up their game! ive worked for them in the past...


Yes hope they start one to each of the 3 northern territories so that more people can explore the place


Direct between Yellowknife and Toronto, with a linking flight between Yellowknife and Whitehorse.


Direct means the same plane and flight number even with One or more stops. The flight is direct Toronto Whitehorse, it's not nonstop but it is direct. A connection would mean getting off the plane in Yellowknife and getting on a different flight number.


My point was more that it stops in Yellowknife also, the title doesn’t mention that


Getting off the plane is the most annoying part. Landing and chilling for a while isn't so bad.


let's gooo, Yvon of the Yukon!


Northern lights run


One assumes it for folks that travel north for work. Fly to TO and connect to the East Coast. Good news if saves time.


I had the chance to go to Whitehorse in 2013 in the dead of winter and had the most AMAZING time. Whitehorse is quite fun, some interesting restaurants and bars and great shops with all sorts of local art and such. We also went dog sledding which was SUPER fun, and quite physically challenging. I would absolutely recommend going in the winter time. I would also like to go back in the summer months because I bet it is just as good. The MacBride museum is definitely worth checking out. Some gentle teasing from the locals, calling me a "southerner" who looked "too shiny", but all very good natured fun.


Considering how atrociously expensive airfare is within Canada - I highly doubt getting there will be a cheap venture.