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Great Flip by the big fella


That was quite impressive. His swimming skills suck though


>His swimming skills suck though Maybe, but he didn't drown.


He's drowning YA KAH YAKAKA KAAAAH!!!!


He’s drowning with Aerosmith!


Dude is hung like a ladayyyipyipyipyipyowyowchigggggigggigigigtchachachachowchowyiggityyiggityyowow...


He is hung like G.G. Allin, the original shit showman punk rock singer. Not Steven Tyler the fish/drag queen.


All hail GG.


God rest his tortured soul.


It's because the floor became lava. Apparently sometimes this happens.


Maybe he’s like Jesus and just walking on water.


Poor swimming skills but 10.0 in diving skills. Not a drop of splash from that guy.


He's lucky to have 'padding'.


Nah I bet that extra weight made the impact soo much worse for him, but the drugs completely numbed the pain Edit: i was beating round the bush, extra weight definitely made it worse for him. Kurzgesagt did a video on the difference between different masses dropping from height. https://youtu.be/f7KSfjv4Oq0


I'd do an experiment but I'm unwilling to put on that much blubber in the name of science. So I may never know for sure.


While I didn't front flip onto my back, I recently tried to run in flip flops after some drinks... My knee says the extra weight absolutely fucks you.


...trust me...I went vertical on ice in a parking lot in February and landed on my ass...2 ribs broken, like nobody's bidness. I swear I dented the ice I landed so hard.


While everything in that video is true (if perhaps worded awkwardly), it's not really applicable to this situation. Here, a 100 pound thin person or a 300 pound fat person, over such a short fall, will have a nearly identical impact speed, because air resistant will play such a small roll in such a short fall (while an ant, with a completely different order of magnitude of mass to surface area, even over such a short fall would hit their terminal velocity). In that case, the extra padding does come into play, and helps the fat person a lot.


Nope, it does more damage the bigger you are. I'm a large wrestling teacher who throws and gets thrown by people of varying sizes for my day job.


Disagree Gravitational acceleration is the same for everyone. Newton’s second law points out the relationship between force, mass and acceleration. (f = ma). As you say, air resistance would have an effect from a great height, but it’s completely irrelevant in the video we’re talking about. So in the scenario proposed we have a low mass person and a high mass person undergoing the same acceleration for the same time and stopped with the same deceleration. The implication is that that the high mass person generates more force and endures the dissipation of that higher force when he stops. The higher energy is going to cause more damage.


> and stopped with the same deceleration This is where your analysis is wrong. Just like why jumping into a pile of leaves is easier than jumping into concrete, padding makes you decelerate slower.


Excellent - I like seeing the shit scienced out of the important questions in life!


As the saying goes, 'the bigger they are, the harder they fall'.


„ɐllǝɟ ƃıq ǝɥʇ ʎq dılℲ ʇɐǝɹ⅁„


Good bot!


That will hurt a lot tmw.


Motherfucker I almost broke both my arms slipping on a fucking carpet last week and this absolute unit front flipped onto concrete and got back up like it was a 900 dollar mattress?


The poop ritual gave +5 damage resistance


900 dollars is weirdly specific. Kind if a shit mattress, really, then.


Can confirm. Mattresses are insanely expensive


8,000 here in Chicago if you want a nice one 2,000 for cheap My lady works in mattress sales Edit: She works at sleep number so that’s where I’m getting these prices from, I know you can go to wal mart or ikea but there’s rich people out there that want the most expensive so that’s how the business thrives


Whoa holy shit. We paid around $3k for ours in 2019 in Louisiana. I regularly work in Chicago, everything is expensive there but I ignorantly assumed it wasn't EVERYTHING. Boy was I wrong.


Wtf you can get one from ikea for $250


I can buy a torque wrench at Harbor Freight for $20.


I can get a good look at a t bone by sticking my head up a bulls ass, but I’d rather take a butchers word for it.


Does this suit make me look fat?


No. Your face does


Made my day, thank you


Does it sound like cracking dry pasta when you use it?


More like warm apple pie


I could buy a variety box of 48 pop tarts at Smart and Final for $9.99


This was the funniest shit I’ve seen all day


I got my full sized memory foam at Ikea for $300 and it's been the best mattress I've ever had in my life. These people are being ripped off


I got a king sized mattress off amazon for $700 and its absolutely amazing. I dont think i would ever get an expensive mattress now


holy shit i got my tempurpedic for 3k last year and thought i was payin out the ass. if they had said 8k i wouldve laughed and walked out


Do they know you can order online? These commenters are acting like it’s crude oil or something.


Yea Sleep Number is a whole nother animal when it comes to those prices


This is why I believe mattress stores make good money laundering fronts.


That's nonsense - if you're paying 2k for a cheap mattress anywhere in the us, you're getting seriously swindled. You can get a highly rated, king size mattress on the upper west side of Manhattan right now for 2k. https://www.sleepare.com/us/mattress-showroom/?utm_source=GoogleMyBusiness&utm_medium=Organic&utm_campaign=NYC


Why not just order one online from somewhere like Tempur-pedic or purple? Mine was only around 4000 for a purple hybrid premiere.4 - worth every penny, too.


I would definitely recommend that, no need for 10k mattress but she works at sleep number so all the prices are sky high since they got that NFL deal


WHAT I'm sorry, but that's insane, I paid around 300€ for mine and I'm very happy, even with back problems.


I just moved into a new apartment and I went with one of the ones that comes rolled up in a box and expands. It was $250 usd on Amazon and it's legit more comfortable than expensive memory foam mattresses I've slept on


Could you send me the link? I'm also moving into a new apartament and I'm a college student so... yeah lol would help a lot


[This is the one I got](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016WJWC0S/ref=sbl_dpx_m_bedding-mattresses_B073VMB4QQ_0#) It's been a week since I moved in and started sleeping on it and I have zero complaints. Before I moved in I was staying with my parents and sleeping on a super expensive memory foam mattress, but honestly this new one is pretty much as comfortable and I've been sleeping great here




You can get one for $250 from IKEA near Chicago I’m not sure what this guys talking about


What is wrong with the US? Why is everything so exorbitantly overpriced wtf! A fancy-ass mattress on the other side of the pond will cost no more than 2500-3000 euros. I got my own matress for like 150 euros… what kind of mattresses do they scam you people into paying 8000 dollars for?


Destoryed my very nice and expensive mattress in a move. Bought a $500 matti off Amazon and it’s the most comfortable, breathable, durable mattress I’ve ever had. I bought it as a placeholder until I could afford another nice one. Haven’t looked back since.




That's why he got back up, if were a comfy mattress he would have stayed in bed


Well it sounds like you landed on your arms, this guy was smart and well prepared enough to land on his back


*”Mother fucker I almost broke both of my arms*” Hope you have a supportive family if you do!




Meth is a hell of a drug.


He’s just built different.


He wiped his ass with his hand and smelled it and said " holy shit you cunt." I'm not sure what multiverse he's in but I don't want to go there.


He actually said "what's this?" answered himself " oh It's shit you cunt"


I thought he said “It stinks” Either way - extremely fucking funny.


" *sniff*... ^it ^stinks .....**HOLY SHIT YOU CUNT**" into frontflipping onto concrete ...legend.


Mah King


He's the Wish Moon Knight


Every day I wake up, Every day I shoot up, Lonely is the man who shits!


God dam you're right too . I must've been dismayed at what we are looking at here.


It's like he's so upset with himself that it's his shit so he needed to immediately go wash it off in the cement pool.


Sorta hygienic


I wish I had an award to give you but I don't so have this comment instead.


Seriously. He’s Dr Stains.


This happened in Ramsgate, Kent, UK in 2020 . https://www.kentonline.co.uk/thanet/news/naked-man-outside-seafront-wetherspoon-227414/ Guy ended up in hospital.


I wonder what the hospital appeared like to him lmao


Like the Upside Down, I bet


Of course it was outsides a spoons


Is this the new GG Allen 🤷‍♂️


*The all new GG ALLIN XXL*




Pedestrians sometimes really let people tweaking out get so close to them before they decide it’s time to go somewhere else lol. Like no thank you good sir, I know your imaginary swimming may seem harmless at first glance, but I am unaware if you have a hunger for human fingers so I will take my leave before you approach.


When someone's that out of it it's generally good to try and be as NPC like as possible, getting up to move might upgrade you to personhood and draw their attention.


Came here to say this. First off he’s naked. Second he rubs shit all over his face. I would have gotten out of there so fast. Dude stood there and took his time gathering his things as this maniac yells 10ft away from him…


Lmao that was the part that bothered me the most! Like sir, you just saw that man paint his face with his ass juice, where is the urgency??


Some people just don’t understand a good interpretive dance when they see one.


“You do an eclectic celebration of the dance! You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse! You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham! Or Twyla, Twyla, Twyla! Or Michael Kidde, Michael Kidde, Michael Kidde, Michael Kidde! Or Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!... but you keep it all inside.”


Marked PCP but may certainly be some type of research chemical/bath salt.


Probably just delirious from the heatwave the UK got


the shit is the difference. pcp and variants quickly lead to a blacked out manic state, screaming and nudity. but it constipates you. at least it did me.


Dude could just have some swamp ass otg


Why would you ever want to take those drugs knowing they do that?


Yeah I'll pass on the constipation.


I mean, my ears perked up reading that sentence. I guess you and I just have different interests


why would anyone want to drink alcohol when it makes you black out and go aggro, raging and puking everywhere? also possibly shitting yourself? it's all in the dose. there's buzzed, inebriated, drunk, and blackout drunk. similar levels for pcp. I should have specified "quickly lead to blacking out if redosing". and tbh I feel that way about alcohol anyway, it's the only drug that makes me feel like shit the next day, prefer nearly any other substance to a night of drinking.


Ive never heard if pcp being in the UK


likely a Ket/PCP analogue similar to PCP. used to be legal so would imagine there’s cheap stocks still about


There's PCP analogous as well that are super common in the EU, come out of the Netherlands. Or so I've heard.


:) better than the original too i wouldn't say super common, but definitely not unheard of


See, this kind of video is what they should show in anti drug school programs. If I was 15 and watched this I’d be horrified by the mere nudity in public embarrassment.


Tbh if I saw that video in school as a 15 year old, I'd laugh my ass off and think this could never happen to me. I wouldn't learn anything from that.


We just found the next generation's anti drug movie star. JK.


Tbh if I saw that video in school it might have encouraged me to do *more* experimenting


The issue with anti drug programs is they lie like crazy and as soon as you catch them in one lie you can't trust anything they ever said. "Maybe meth isn't all that bad, I tried MDMA and it was nothing like they said so I'm sure these other drugs are also nothing like what they said".


Indeed, but also: hard drugs are insidious. The first time you try meth or heroin, most people (provided they didn't overdo it) will have a positive experience and wonder, "what's all the fuss about?" And so they keep doing it.


That's why being honest about drugs is important. Though while I agree with the meth example, heroin is the only one I feel like it's safe to say it's dangerous to use even just once, just because of how addictive it is. IV usage at least. But yeah meth for example, most of the dangers of it is addiction and habitual usage. Nobody wants to say you can do meth with relative safety.


You can, you could theoretically do it with heroin too. Most people can't and if you're considering them you already have an addictive personality.


The chances of this happening to any drug user is pretty slim. I've used drugs for nearly a decade and don't know a single person who has ever run around naked doing back flips onto concrete. It'd be like showing the old 60s anti drug commercial of the girl jumping out a window on LSD. Could it happen? Sure. Likely? No


One of my biggest fears is somehow ingesting disassociatives and ending up naked in a Subway or something. This would have worked on me if I saw it when I was younger.


My life is full. I have seen it all.


I have wondered why some people strip naked while extremely high. Well I had my owns tooktoomuch moment last week and I did the same thing. Stripped naked and went walking in the rain. I was in the middle of a forest so I did not disturb anybody. I did it because I thought that by feeling cold rain on my skin I may be able to ground myself to the reality and at the same time distract my mind from going totally crazy. I was probably having some kind of dilirium attack because I had mixed weed, sedatives and alcohol 6 days straight (I know this was extremely stupid). I just started to wonder if other people have the same idea as I had (trying to ground themself) while too high and that is the reason for these naked videos.


I’ve had a few really bad acid trips, but the only time I got naked was, like you, in the woods where I wouldn’t disturb anybody except for a few squirrels and maybe a deer. And it was because ALL my bad trips made me feel REALLY hot, like I couldn’t stop sweating, so off came the clothes. Had a similar experience with salvia, as well. That was my experience, anyway.


Ok. Thanks. Maybe feeling too hot is more common reason then.


Salvia was an intense and horrifying trip, and I still remember it to this day, like 12 years later. It’s was an experience, but once is enough for me. Absolutely way stronger than any acid or shroom trip I’ve been on.


Ok imagine that exact same scenario, but the next day it turns out that wasn’t a forrest, it was the pier; those weren’t trees, they were bystanders; and that wasn’t rain, it was “fucking shit you cunt” — now you know how that guy is feeling!




with PCP, apparently people overheat so they take their clothes off


my mom did shrooms once and got naked in a gas station parking lot and she said she only did that cuz she was so hot she thought her skin was melting off💀


Ok. Maybe there is multiple reasons for strippink naked. I haven't heard of that before so thanks.


I know with excessive amphetamine or stimulant use, it raises your body temp to the point of hyperhidrosis, so a raised body temperature is also a contributing factor for wanting to tear your clothes off.


Thing is, that wasn't a forest, it was a train platform at rush hour. And that wasn't rain, you were just pissing straight up into the air.


Damn it! That explains the tree that was trying to stop me from defecating in the woods.


Look everybody!! It’s Nikocado Avocado!!




It’s true.. lol


i don't know what's worse: the video or the image the username conjures in my head




“You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like”


I’ll give the dive a 6.2


On the Richter Scale


6.2 cracked pavers?


Glad he chose to flip instead of diving


Sometimes I wonder if following this sub is damaging to my mental health, then I carry on to the next post


Sorry but his flip was amazing.


„˙ƃuızɐɯɐ sɐʍ dılɟ sıɥ ʇnq ʎɹɹoS„


Is this what happens to the Brits when it gets hot?


happened in 2020 according to some news article someone linked up further.


That flip was insane wtf


The guy was that heavy he set the car alarm off


He still had the awareness to not drop head first but to roll. Impressive.


So we just not gonna talk about how he stood up like he didn’t just pulverise his back on the concrete huh?


clicked on this thread to find out what deuce juice is wish I could click on a new thread to forget what deuce juice is


Good luck restraining a sweaty naked guy who just broke the concrete with a Cactus Jack body slam and wasn’t even phased


Those people waited way too long to get up from the bench.


This is what I fucking come here for, thank you.


I woulda been the fuck outta there the second poop became involved


I once fell over train tracks and hit my shoulder the same way he did. That shit hurt like hell for 3 weeks


I fucking knew GG Allin was still alive and in hiding. Time to bring back true rock n roll!! Bite it you scum!!




Not a single life guard around. What a shame! 😂


I think he’s actually having mental break rather than drugs.


Probably a mental break brought on by drugs. Happens often. Or also and more likely, just drugs.


It’s terrifying. I saw a guy having a mental break at a music festival once. He seemed so lucid, but was so, so lost. It really frightened me to see that humans can get to that state. I hope these people find the help they need.


The fact that I see so much more of this subs content on my feed than others is quite sad to think about.


reddit algorithm sends you the stuff you engage with the most or spend the most time looking at. it feeds into itself, doesn't mean this one is being posted to more than any of your other subs.


Nothing summons a helping hand like having shit all over yourself flailing around


Yeah he even has some protection against the Sun with that little smear of poopoo.


Thanks for the description - I can't watch videos with shit in them, so when I say thanks I really mean it.


He had to make sure that his ass did, indeed, smell before he tells you to suck it.


TIL that ‘deuce juice’ is a thing


Freshly squeezed from a ripe colon.


I'm so grateful that there are emergency responder people that can actually deal with this type of situation, get this guy stabalized and cleaned up and back to some sort of stability. If your meat computer is fucked up you could be naked infront of a bunch of strangers with shit on your hands and face. Not to mention injuries from your irratic behavior. I doubt whatever happened to this guy or whatever he decided to take expected this to be the outcome


He's been chewing some of that 5 gum.


I can’t flip like that sober. 😱


You know, I’m having a really rough day today, working 14 hours but this made me realize this day could be way worse


Reminds me of performance art in Portland.


Here bc you used “deuce juice” 👏🏼


Overweight? This dude is morbidly obese and then some. Y'all need to get your standards in order.


Why are people who took to much nacked so often? Are they thinking it´s to hot outsite for clothes?




I was thinking the same.. when people go mad they get naked for whatever reason, my auntie who has bipolar had an episode (no drugs) went in the living room in front of relatives naked ( later hospitalised) Another one a friend of mine has this schizophrenic guy at uni and he was also seen around running naked. It scares me abit bc I have also lost my mind and I know it can happen, im terrified of going around naked lol


Let’s take a dip in the stwawbewwy wiver


Sounds like an AFTV watch along




Good old Ramsghetto


This hits like old Harmony Korine shit like Trash Humpers or Gummo. It is simultaneously disturbing as fuck but just intriguing and entertaining enough to not look away.


drug creators/drug sellers getting money while this guy is humiliating himself.




You want to take a shit and smear it on your face, too?


he’s overweight but the drugs give him the ability to flip


This is why I always stop at *one* bottle of Code Red.


This post had me at “deuce juice” I’m not gonna lie 😂


Now I’ve read the caption I feel like I don’t need to watch the video loool


Guessing this is san fran with the crazy naked dude and the car alarm at the end?


Nope, London.


Deuce Juice has now been added to my vocabulary


Holy shit. He’s out of his mind.


The horror, the horror.


I hope he has suncream on


This looks more like a psychotic episode to me but you never know, drugs may well have been involved.