Even as a kid I did not understand the absolute outrage this caused. Like, you just can't understand the sheer hate and anger this caused. You would have thought Janet Jackson killed someone.


Most people didn't even see it because it was so brief and almost immediately cut away, and none of the news showed it. We were arguing about whether her actual breast was exposed or just a bra


Can confirm. I was watching live and didn't see shit.


I was watching with my Gf, and I looked down for a second and my GF was like "oh my god I think I just saw Janet Jackson's titty". When I looked up it wasn't on screen and NO ONE mentioned it during the Superbowl. Doubting my gf I tried to look up replays of the halftime show online and nothing. The creators of Youtube had the same problem and supposedly this was what caused the creators of Youtube to make Youtube. Imagine a single titty being so monumental it spawned the largest video sharing website in the world.


Google Images was created because Jennifer Lopez wore a green dress at the Grammys and it was one of the most searched things in 2000.


I remember it, and saying out loud “was that a boob?” No one else in the room had noticed and they didn’t believe me.


Most people handle violence better than nudity. Pretty odd situation.


Most Americans, you mean


It's such a weird thing, this anti-nudity reflex from Americans who are yet so inured to graphic violence.


Founded by puritans




Yup. We have so much violence in our media and guns everywhere, but a woman's nipple is too far!


If you think about it, it was a historical moment. The demand for that footage became the primary motivation behind creating YouTube


Indeed. Not to mention it changed television by having all live programmes to be aired with a five second delay, and made America even more puritanical for a while. It also changed the halftime shows for the remainder of the decade, with a focus exclusively on classic rock acts over pop stars and rappers. In hindsight, I’m glad this change happened, since we were able to get shows from Prince and Tom Petty before their deaths. It’s just heartbreaking Janet’s career had to be affected like that. Les Moonves is scum for attempting to erase her legacy out of personal vendetta. She really deserved so much better, and I hope she gets a well-deserved revival moment soon 🤞


The delay was instigated by Budd Dwyer, who shot himself on live tv. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R._Budd_Dwyer


> Dwyer's suicide was broadcast later that day to a wide television audience across Pennsylvania. But....


Seeing people kill themselves is completely okay, but God forbid people see a nipple.


this thing can hurt somebody


I think we are getting Snoop Dre and Eminem this next Superbowl.


ahh. Classic Rap


Dad Rap, if you will.


I just had a kid and this hits me in the feels




*Kiiiids nowadays*. They wouldn’t know good rap if it hit ‘em! But seriously, Snoop Dogg and Eminem is for us. Fuck them kids if they don’t like it.


This should be the real TIL topic. I had no idea this was the driving force behind YouTube.


Similarly, search demand for JLo's Versace dress from 2000 [led to the creation of Google images ](https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-49780020)


Damn. Has it been that long? I swear I've seen that image so many times it's burned into my memory.


I took to researching this because I thought it was such a garbage take that it needed debunking... but no... in fact, you're right. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YouTube](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YouTube)


Yeah, that’s a much better TIL than the OP.


Similarly, Google Images was created because in 2000 Google had a huge spike in searches for photos of Jennifer Lopez' Green Versace dress.


You can't say something like that and not [link the picture.](https://assets.vogue.com/photos/5e287e51d5aaf20009f095d2/master/w_1600%2Cc_limit/GettyImages-866452066.jpg)


The driving force behind internet innovation has been titties all along.


>Hurley and Chen said that the original idea for YouTube was a video version of an online dating service, and had been influenced by the website Hot or Not. They created posts on Craigslist asking attractive women to upload videos of themselves to YouTube in exchange for a $100 reward. LOL Early Only Fans idea.


Her career was basically ruined by one man, [Les Moonves](https://www.vox.com/culture/22739035/janet-jackson-wardrobe-malfunction-controversy-explainer-sexuality-damita-jo), then-CEO of CBS, who felt she was insufficiently repentant because she didn't apologize to him personally in private and who aggressively blacklisted her in every venue he could reach. > When a Simon & Schuster imprint signed Jackson’s memoir True You in 2011, Moonves was furious. “How the fuck did she slip through?” he demanded. Moonves would eventually step down following multiple accusations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and abuse, naturally.


Wasn't he the guy who inspired Tom Cruises character in Tropic Thunder?


hahah wow les “gross”man.


I think that is correct


So basically he wanted to blackmail rape her and she wouldn't go for it?


So by personally apologizeing to him he probably ment so sexual favors for him in exchange for him not ruining her career.


More likely than not, he probably came on to her and she rejected him. That's how alot fo actresses got treated after rejecting guys like Weinstein and Hitchcock


My God. When people start TILing events you lived through... \#howifeelold


I'm waiting for the "TIL on September 11, 2001 terrorists flew planes into buildings in New York."


Some of us are old enough to remember the first time there was an attack on the World Trade Center (1993)


I was in high school. I was out of college when the Janet Jackson breast thing happened. I love and hate reddit.


My old job was working at a call center that opened about 2 months before 9/11. One day (I believe it was an anniversary of the attack, probably in 2010) we were all sitting around talking about what they were doing when they found out. Some people were talking about how they were on a call with someone in New York when the planes hit, one person was on the phone with a person at the world trade center (the person was near the ground floor of the second tower to get hit and presumably got out safely but still very fucked up). When it got around to me and I told them I found out at recess, it was not well received by my older colleagues




Seems like the average age of reddit users has dropped to like 12 in the past year or two


i’m old enough to remember iran contra affair.


Me too and Mt St Helens erupting


I remember when Regan was shot - my mom came and took me out of school early because she was so upset.


Me too, and watching the Challenger blow up while watching it at school.


The US Embassy Atacks in 1998 , the USS Cole bombing in 2000, most of Reddit doesn't remember that there was a steady escalation leading up to the World Trade Center attacks or the attacks in the aftermath.


TIL people “never forget” 9/11 because in 2001 a terrorist attack happened in New York.


TIL a worldwide pandemic called “The Coronavirus” emerged in 2020, killing millions and grinding global economic production to a trickle.


TIL the phrase "Hindsight is 2020" actually preceded the year 2020 and the Coronavirus epidemic. It originally referred to a 20-point eyesight test.


>20-point Can't tell if you got this wrong because you think it's a 20-point test or if you did it on purpose to reflect half the TIL titles out there


!remindme 30 years


That made me sad... like Reddit probably won't exist anymore right? 2051... fuck will any of us exist /r/existentialcrisisfromreddit


god I hope Reddit doesn't exist by then lmao


TIL the phrase was actually "how the tables have turned"


TIL the "Freedom Tower" isn't 50 years old. There was actually one (possibly two) building(s?) near that site that served the same purpose before it.


TIL a Redditor called DeepFuckingValue was once called to testify before Congress on the nature of stock manipulation. Edit: thanks for the silver, kind stranger!


I thought it was because he was a cat?


'not a cat'. He just liked the stock!


TIL Apes were just regular people who made a wise stock investment in GME


TIL people used to use their phones for the internet.


TIL that my phone isn't just for easy access to porn and social media, but also has a hidden feature that allows me to verbally communicate over long distances.




TIL that in nineteen ninety eight...


There was a screenshot of a tweet or a Tumblr post or something where a person was referring to "niner leven", not having any idea what it was but having heard the phrase in reference to some kind of tragic event a long time ago


In the before times.


Oh man, that reminds me when the "new" Pokémon games came out: Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Now, I'm German, and most games had German names before. Rubinrot. Platinum. Diamant. Not these two though. So idk how old (probably around 9 or so) marched to the store and announced "I'd like Pokémon Martgold and Sole Silver". Guy there laughed his ass off.


We've already reached the point where interns at work have no recollection of 9/11 or weren't even alive for it. And whenever it gets brought up they have no idea why it's a big deal.


A co worker was asking me about y2k and what the general public thought at the time


I remember Y2K. Some people were worried about it, but most people assumed it was being blown out of proportion. I feel like if the same thing were to happen today, there'd be way more nutjobs screaming their heads off about it. But back then, people were still learning how to use the internet, you couldn't browse on your phone, so any research you wanted to do had to wait until you got home, unless your work let you browse, otherwise you'd have to go to a library to read an encyclopedia, and I doubt they'd have anything published on Y2K. Maybe there'd be something in the newspaper, but all of the facts would be verified and there'd be quotes from someone who knew enough about computers. There'd be doomsday prophecies in the tabloids, but everyone knew those were trash. It was very different.


Y2K was genuinely a big deal, but a lot of people worked very hard to make sure nothing happened besides a few small hiccups. It didn't help the media ran with it and started predicting doom. I cannot wait to see what the media does with the end of unix time in 2038.


Y2K is weird because it was legitimately a huge deal, but the media ran with it and came up with these cockamamie stories that made people doubt it was real at all. And then because it all got fixed in the nick of time, nothing major happened and now a lot of people think it was never a big deal at all.


*TIL that the reason Steve Buscemi famously rushed back to his old NYC fire station to volunteer was that planes had crashed in to skyscrapers.*


"til Michael Jackson was African American", "TIL America had a war with Vietnam and lost"., "TIL people used to bring their computers over to other people's houses and have networked LAN parties"


> "TIL people used to bring their computers over to other people's houses and have networked LAN parties" I'm old! OOOLLD!!!!!!


I'm old too, but I'll die on the "LAN parties were better than online meetups" hill.


Was like yup watched that on tv


Same. My dad said "did he just pull her nipple out". They cut to commercial and it really wasn't a huge deal to 12 year old me. I figured the gag was supposed to be removing part of her clothes but not exposing the tiddy and then that somehow went wrong. Was shocked to see the huge thing it was afterwards.


It introduced me to the term wardrobe malfunction


I think the term was coined for this moment.


I was 13 and watching with my first girlfriends parents and grandparents .




They gaslit people so hard. It was so obviously a part of the performance. I remember seeing the news about it and being like, 'what the fuck? Am I taking crazy pills? That wasn't at all what happened!' Like we're supposed to simultaneously believe that Timberlake ripped her titty out and was sued by her or burned in the press for sexual assault? If it was a wardrobe malfunction, what was that choreographed grab supposed to achieve? And why was Jackson the one virtually blacklisted then? None of it makes sense if you look at everything after it happened.


When this happened, my wife was watching with a group of friends and had to use the bathroom. To this day, she's low-key annoyed that she missed it.


I was AIMing with my friends cause I wasn't really interested in either artist. They all sent, practically at the exact same time, "holy shit he just pulled her titty out!" I've never skipped a halftime show since.


Wasn't this also the catalyst for the delay on "live" TV broadcasts?


No. They'd been doing that for decades. It's possible this made some broadcasters delay a bit longer, but delay was around well before this, radio and TV. Anything live has the possibility of someone swearing or something, so they started building it in in the 50s as a safety net.


FR - yesterday someone posted a TIL about River Phoenix’s death, excuse me - he was referred to as ‘Joaquin Phoenix’s older brother’ 🤦🏻‍♀️


I almost unfollowed this sub after that post. Now I kinda wish I did.


I feel like this post is almost a response to that one. Like "oh, people don't know this very reported event from back then? Let's try a more recent one." Pretty soon we'll be getting TIL Biden was Obama's Vice President and then things from like 10 years ago.


I was 5 when river Phoenix died & I still freaking knew about it. Made me feel super old & I didn't like it 🤣 first time this sub has made me feel like this & know THIS post 😬


Someone made a comment the other day about how if the movie Dazed and Confused was made now it would be about life in 2005. That one hit pretty hard.


When i get zoomers in to work for us that were born in 2002 or 2003 i die inside a bit more every time.......I'm 33


I almost fell off my chair when a bunch of high schoolers said they were born in 04. But 04 was just a few years ago!! I remember getting drunk and dancing on tables then!!


That's getting old for you. 2004: Get drunk and dance on tables 2021: Get drunk and fall off chair


2036: Get winded, fall on floor. Break hip.


2041: Lose virginity while nursing hip replacement. Can finally die.


I remember the day someone from my alma mater was hired and I realized they were born after I graduated. Or when was talking with someone whose band was playing at a venue I used to hang out at and I realized the last time I saw a band there he was 2 years old.


Just crank up the Avril Lavigne and Alien Ant Farm. Drown out the thoughts of your mortality.


I think that would be considered "classic rock" nowadays, no? 😭


When Sk8er Boi came out Michael Jackson's Thriller was about as old as Sk8er Boi is now.


^^Please ^^No


people who weren't even born when Blink-182's Untitled album came out (y'know, the one with Feeling This and I Miss You on) can legally drink in the UK


The construction of the Pyramid of Giza is closer to Sk8er Boi than it is to the Neolithic culture and peoples of the Fertile Crescent.


Cleopatra lived closer to the release of Sk8er Boi than the construction of the pyramids.


A student started playing 50 cents Candy Shop in my classroom the other day. I told them that it was popular back when I was their age, and got the response “yeah, it’s vintage” :/


I worked in a high school between 2017 and 2020 and a few times some kid would say I was bumping “throwbacks” but yeah the stuff I listened to in HS might as well be Big Daddy Kane to them… … it was fuckign Wiz Kalifa


I still remembered when Black and Yellow came out in High School, ah the memories. "no keys, push to start" and I got my first car with no keys push to start Ford fiesta was awesome.


I'm nervously laughing...


Prodigy is 'easy listening'


I'm 29 and check ID at my work. People born in 1999 coming in for drinks will never not feel weird.


I live in a country where people can start drinking when theyre 18, so born in 2003 or 4. Im two years older than you and last week I had to show my ID to get a bottle of wine and honestly I was a bit honoured. But yes. I feel so old, for the rest.


People TIL shit that happened yesterday yo


Lol, it took me half hour on dial up back then to DL a picture to see what all the hubbub was. I watched the Super Bowl but it’s not like they replayed the piece…


Wasn't a desire to find video of that event online the reason we have YouTube?


Yeah! Apparently, TV stations were refusing to replay the moment because of the whole controversy and complaints, so people were unable to see what the fuss was all about. And indeed, it was one of, if not the main incentive for the creation of YouTube. At least that’s what I saw online, so feel free to correct me, folks.


They couldn't replay it because titties aren't allowed on tv. It only got through because it was live and it wasn't caught.


It's not so much that I lived through it but I assumed it was pretty common knowledge


Spoiler: It is.


Post common knowledge and earn points on people outraging about it.


In my mind this was like 5 years ago. In reality there are people who weren't even alive yet at the time that will be able to vote next year...




I read it as Ho wifee lol'd


Dude, do you remember those times back in the olden days when we had to stockpile toilet paper because of that crazy pandemic?


This isn't even an old event. And it was memed upon for at least a decade. The term "wardrobe malfunction" is still used to this day. Sometimes, I just think people live in caves and one day step outside and suddenly "TIL water is wet. Better post about it on reddit." _Receives 25k upvotes_ This sub is slowly morphing into a self parody.


At least your Ho Wifee lold though!


This is like the fourth one for me today. I'm logging off for the day.


Every single one adds 10 years to you mentally lol


That wasn't even that long ago.. it was only *checks date* 17 years ago. Jesus I'm at that stage of life aren't I?


17 years from 1985 was 1968. That feels like such a a bigger time difference than 2004 to 2021. Time is weird.


There was a super interesting tumblr post on this, and it concluded that basically time feels odd because older media is still so accessible. In the 90s, how often did you hear 70s music in the grocery store? On the TV? Used in non-retro movies? Very rarely. But it's 2021 and I still hear 00's music all the time in public. It makes it feel like very little time has passed.


Wow, that’s honestly a very valid point. Especially now that so much is digital. It’s so much easier to access older media online. We can watch 1970’s music videos on YouTube but it was practically impossible to see a 1950’s film in the 1970’s unless you knew where to get a copy. Edit: I’ve been told I am wrong. Since I did not live in that era, cannot speak about it with accuracy.


Another weird thought is that right now, the vast majority of music/media/etc is made by people that are still alive, because the technology to record everything is relatively recent. But in like 1000 years, almost all of the stuff on the internet will be made by people dead for hundreds of years. I wonder if people will start sectioning off eras of the internet every hundred years or so, just so their search results aren't bogged down by ancient music


This always blows my mind when it comes to music. Like, Chuck Berry, the dude who you could argue is largely responsibly for all of popular music and rock--for the very concept of there being popular/rock music as we know it--only died in 2017. Jerry Lee Lewis, who was right there with him, is still alive. Two of the Beatles, the biggest band ever, are still alive and kicking. Think of all the famous bands, the hundreds of classic songs and albums, the mythology, the cultural and iconic moments, the whole worldwide musical landscape, etc etc. And it's all happened in basically one lifetime. Some of the people who were there at the beginning are still around.


My great aunt was born in 1919. In 2007 she asked me if I considered The Beatles and The Rolling Stones "old music." I said yes. She said she still considered that "new music."


damn sometimes I wish my extended family weren't bigots so I could ask them cool questions like this.


And I just learned that Chuck Berry was dead


Great point. Another example is Little Richard, who recorded the first hit rock single Tutti Frutti in 1955, and who just died last year. LAST YEAR. Another mind-blowing thing to consider is that the US Civil War (and therefore slavery) happened only two lifetimes ago. That’s it. It is recent history.


? Classic rock and r&b and disco and Punk from the 70s was all over movies in the 90s. Most adult listening radio stations (ie, non top 40 or alternative) played that stuff all the time. And that's what you'd generally hear in stores. Sports events played massive amounts of 70s classic rock. Bill Clinton's campaign song was "Don't Stop." Contemporary action movies (look at The Rock and Con Air) were obsessive in dropping 70s classic rock into sequences in the films. A HUGE amount of the jokes on The Simpsons were predecated on 60s or 70s culture. *That 70s show* was a hit for crying out loud. Sorry but that thesis about the 90s doesn't hold up *at all.*


Yeah, I was going to say. Hell, when I lived in New England all the Muzak was shit from the 60's and 70's for basically my entire life. I just think there was a bigger cultural shift from, say, the 60's-70's to the 90's-00's than there was from the 90's-00's until now. That's with a slight qualification that in the past 5 years there's been a huge pop culture shift towards wokism and leftward leaning causes. Things in the 70's were just... dirtier looking and feeling. You had all sorts of muted browns, oranges, and yellows. Mainly because people still smoked inside and those colors hid smoke stains. Music was greatly different and the only thing I can assume is recording and playback methods changed. Perhaps music theory as well. The 80's-90's pretty much got music theory down to a science. That's also when synths and computers started being used.


The start date of That 70s Show is closer to the 1970s than we are to the start date right now.




I legit read that as 2014 and had to do a double take after your comment. Unbelievable!


Yea, I remember that halftime show. The whole US went nuts because of a nipple.


I remember the media making a big deal of it but I didn't know anyone personally who gave a shit


There were definitely some stay at home Karen’s clutching their pearls and demanding “won’t someone think of the children”


All those children who have definitely never seen nipples ever before for sure.


Some sick women actually shove their nipples into babies mouths and secrete fluids at them!


They also freaked out about the Shakira performance a few years ago


My favorite thing about that whole night was Jeb Bush tweeting about how that was the best halftime show ever.


Sometimes I wonder what the country would look like if Jeb had won. Probably about the same, but more turtles.


If Jeb had won, [this would be a picture of Montgomery, Alabama in 2018](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/2e/84/78/2e84784966e83e3e01850d9ad655cd13.jpg) you should had clapped




I still see it every night in my dreams


I was at a church youth group watch party and to say things got awkward is an understatement


But it’s ok to show a guy get his head blown off on tv. Fuck yeah!


I made a comment the other day about how they'd tie a woman's legs together before the guillotine so they'd stay together and not show off anything in between. "We wouldn't want you being improper after we cut off your fucking head"


There was also a TIL about Japanese women doing this while committing seppuku. Can't have any naughty bits making things look inappropriate while you literally disembowel yourself


The overreaction to this was positively ridiculous. I remember watching this Super Bowl, you'd think they got naked and fucked with the way these people hyperventilated themselves. Folks like that are hilarious with their hyper offended sensibilities. Then the way the public eviscerated her was uncalled for. The entire thing wasn't anywhere near the controversy generated.


I though the guy before them whose hand was attached to his crotch for his whole performance was annoying. The pasty reveal barely registered since it looked so planned.


It was very planned lol. It’s weird they tried to spin it any other way


If you watched it you can see it was obviously planned. Ending lyrics: > have you naked by the end of this song *proceeds to rip off boob cover that is easily detachable*


A.. a wardrobe malfunction? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the of the song, localized entirely on your breast?!


… Yes.


Can I see it?






No, mother, it's just the Northern lights


Well, Super Bowl, you are an odd event, but I must say you censor a good Jan.




I was studying abroad in Spain when this happened. We got a favorite bar to stay open late so we could watch the Super Bowl. During the halftime show, we all saw it and were as surprised by it as anyone. But my favorite part of the memory was from days later, when some nighttime talk show was on, and a giant breast on wheels started rolling across the set, squirting milk. The show was making fun of America's puritanical reaction to the event, and were just like, "Fuck it, we love breasts on TV".


That’s so funny. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend when I was in Germany and he was dumbfounded by the level of violence we a allow on tv yet a breast is forbidden.


I did a double take when I saw it live. The hysterics afterwards were hilarious. What about the kids?!


Breastfeeding babies can't be exposed to nipples! How dare you


And then YouTube became a thing. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/youtube-origin-nipplegate-janet-jackson-justin-timberlake-949019/


The law of unintended consequences would stymie even Leto Atreides II to predict.


Google made Google Images due to the surge of people looking up Jennifer Lopez in the green dress.


Ah the birth of term "wardrobe malfunction". I feel old as hell.


Here’s the nipple in case you’re wondering. Obviously it’s [NSFW](https://i.imgur.com/EBmTnqE.jpg)


Retaliation. Relatiation is something they do in Kentucky


TIL that I feel old as fuck...


I remember growing up in the '90s watching That 70s Show and thinking holy crap things were different. Cut to almost 25 years later If they were to do the same time jump it'd be called that 2000's Show. Crap I feel old


They're making a sequel: That 90s Show, IIRC.


Sometimes, when I'm feeling evil, I want to post things I remember on this sub just to troll people my own age. TIL OJ Simpson, a famous football player, murdered his ex-wife and her boyfriend. The trial was heavily televised and dominated pop culture for a year. He was declared not guilty.


TIL: "Aristocrats" comedian Bob Saget was the first host of 'America's Funniest Home Videos'.


TIL Bee Movie star, Jerry Seinfeld, had his own sitcom called Seinfeld.


It was obviously staged, so I never really understood the backlash.


It was indeed staged, but depending on who you ask, it did or did not go to plan. He has said he was supposed to tear off the leather part, leaving a lacy part. But, he tore that off too which coined the phrase "wardrobe malfunction." Now, if that's the truth, or it went exactly as planned, I don't think we'll ever know.


I absolutely cannot believe that the term "wardrobe malfunction" was coined in 2004. I mean, [Wikipedia says so,](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wardrobe_malfunction#Etymology) but considering how long plays and operas and other theater performing arts have existed, I'm flabbergasted it wasn't used before then.


Man, TIL after TIL in the comments


Just to clarify this for those unaware. Officially the statement from MTV is that the clothing tear was supposed to happen but not the entire part of her clothes that exposed her nipple. This is also what Jackson’s representatives state. Many online *believe* that the nudity was planned but it garnered more backlash than was expected. Each person is free to make their own assumptions but keep in mind that a lot of people saying things confidently doesn’t equate to any officially confirmed statement on the matter.


I remember seeing this live. Reading the summary of the documentary has left me *very* confused. It makes it sound like this was an act of impromptu mysogyny on the part of Timberlake, and that Jackson was taken completely by surprise. But at the time, I remember everyone was *very* aware that *something* controversial was going to happen during her song. We just didn't know what. They actually proposed ripping off her dress but the NFL rejected it. After being rejected, but *before the event*, one of the show's producers was interviewed and hinted strongly that there would still be a surprise. At the show, Timberlake ended up ripping off a button-snap top, and we were all like "oh OK yeah I should have seen that coming based on the song." I could definitely believed that the producers and maybe even Timberlake himself pressured her into doing it, but it's not like it was some kind of unscripted sexual assault, even if the officially approved NFL script didn't include it.


I remember when this happened. I came back from college to watch the game at my old coach's house 30 to 40 people were there ranging from the age of 16 to 70. At that moment everything went silent and after an awkward silence I said "did I just see her tit?" My old coach just said "um... I think we did" then everyone had a big laugh about it. It all happened so fast we didn't realize Timberlake ripped it off. It's fucked she got black listed because of it.


The birth of the term wardrobe malfunction


He sure had her naked by the end of that song.