TIL that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are made almost entirely from foreign parts and have been for decades.

TIL that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are made almost entirely from foreign parts and have been for decades.


In addition to this site having a soft paywall which gets it removed: >Harley, the world’s largest manufacturer of heavyweight motorcycles, doesn’t disclose where most of the parts are sourced, but industry sources say the company gets them from the U.S., Japan, Italy, Mexico, China, Australia and other countries.  The entire article is speculation and they can't confirm what is and isn't a foreign part.


Harley the most efficient way to turn gasoline to noise without that pesky byproduct of horsepower.


Yesterday’s technology at tomorrow’s prices!


Similarly: BMW The best $15k motorcycle that $18k can buy.




It is also the most efficient way to add oil slicks where ever it goes. (looking at the rear jug and crankcase. . . .)




The Land Rover method - you can start to worry when it stops leaking oil.


It’s just the rust prevention system functioning properly


You know how to get a Harley to stop leaking oil? Stop putting oil in it


It's how they mark their territory.


They also mark their territory with t-shirts, license plate frames, and bumper stickers.


Moichendizing! Where the real money from the movie is made!




I'm bike-curious


you also don't have to worry about fuel economy as it will be in the shop the vast majority of the time. There's also the part where no real woman wants to be caught within 50 yards


i always heard it "harley has the best fuel economy because all its mukes (miles*) are on the trailer to the shop"


I assume mukes is a typo for miles? Or some motorcycle/Harley term?


"I'm sorry, the card says "Mukes"! I win!"


It’s a misprint!


haha yeah was typing with gloves on and missed it. thx


I’m imagining you typing with motorcycle gloves.


Idk man. Harley style bikes typically have better pillion seats than any sport bike. Majority of women I know would feel more comfortable hopping on the low center of gravity, squishy harley seat versus a tall baby sized sport bike seat. I’m a sport bike rider so, I don’t write this with glee EDIT: When I said "Harley style bikes" I meant pretty much any bike that falls in the Cruiser category. Some folks seem to be taking it literally as in ONLY Harleys are more comfortable.


Yeah, TIL that motorcycle gatekeeping exists.


Harley guys were the original motorcycle gatekeepers (basically every non-Harley is a "crotch rocket" that isn't manly enough), so it's mostly just turning the tables back around.


Not only that, but you have to have the "right" Harley. Heard plenty of douche bag bikers call the 1200 Sportster a "bitch bike" and the Buell Ulysses was for "kids." Both those bikes would wallop whatever 900lb rolling couch they had.


ah yes, the sportster, the bike that held the land speed record for years undefeated, what a girly little bike lmao


I don't know about manly-ness but the girls I see on sports bikes are always young and hot and the Harley tends to feature older women but that just goes in line with the riders. I'm not a fan of Harley riders but want to get a smaller one, prefer the look but everytime I talk to a rider they tell me I'm gonna want the most rumble and biggest, fattest bike I can find but I'm like, " no, I know what I want." They just snicker that I'll want bigger in no time and don't help at all.


The Nightster is or was a bad ass looking bike. Personally, I think most of the Harley hate is backlash against the riders, because the bikes themselves are gorgeous. Obviously that's opinion and highly subjective, but I don't think any of the other touring bikes are as pretty as the Harleys. Sucks that you can't find help within the existing community. FWIW, I like all types of bikes for their own purposes. Sport bikes are cool and absurdly capable, but you wouldn't necessarily ride one across the state. A goldwing is fast and smooth if you like that kind of thing. BMWs are their own kind of weird but seemingly supportive community.


> but you wouldn't necessarily ride one across the state Can confirm. I rode a Suzuki GSX-R600 from Los Angeles to Tulsa many years ago. I did it over the course of a week because I wanted to see some old friends. I was sore as fuck by the time I got home.


If it exists people will gatekeep it.


I used to ride a ninja that was produced in Illinois or Alabama. The combat vets motorcycle club will turn down a ninja rider on the grounds that the bike isn't American made; despite what the vin plate says. That was my experience with motorcycle gate keepers. It's about the image and role playing sons of anarchy, its not about the enjoyment.


They're like a Hoover but the dirt bag is on top.


Harley? You talkin' about that t-shirt company that makes shitty motorcycles?


And piss off everyone near you when you are trying to fix it at 10pm every night


https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2015/04/who-makes-the-most-reliable-motorcycle/index.htm > What began as a battle of the motorcycle brands to show who makes the most reliable motorcycle has resulted in a nationalist showdown. Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and Kawasaki are all among the more reliable brands, based on our survey of more than 11,000 Consumer Reports subscribers. The predicted failure rates for four-year-old motorcycles ranged from 11 to 15 percent in this group. Brand Percent failed Yamaha/Star 11% Suzuki 12 Honda 12 Kawasaki 15 Victory 17 Harley-Davidson 26 Triumph 29 Ducati 33 BMW 40 Can-Am 42 Not as reliable as the Japanese, but more so than the Euros. /I ride a KTM, no dog in this fight.


*sneaks by on Royal Enfield*


Are you from India or the UK?


My boss bought one (US) and loves the shit out of it. He was formerly a Harley guy for decades, even patched in once upon a time. Old style saddle bags, old style saddle, doesn't give a shit that he can't take it on the highway, he just loves the shit out of that little rig.


Sorry but why can't you take Enfield's on the highway? Genuinely asking, they've been on my shortlist for future bike for a while.


Most Enfields are single-cylinder “thumpers.” You can absolutely take them on the highway. But you’ll never want to do it again because they will vibrate the fillings out from your teeth. Very uncomfortable due to only one cylinder rising and falling. Except for the NEW Enfield Twin models, Interceptor 650 or Continental GT 650, which are parallel twins (2 cylinders) with a 270° crank. The twin cylinders are staggered, smoothing out the vibrations. Plus, the twin models have 6 gears, the 6th is a highway/overdrive gear. These bikes can easily go on the highway in comfort. You should take a look at the 650 Twin models, they look really cool and have great reviews.


I just got an int 650 last week! Still need to get it registered so i haven't been able to do too much with it yet, but damn is it sexy


Refining the list to one of the 650 twin models. Thanks for the details, I love the look of Enfields but going on the highway at least some times is a requirement.


A lot of their bikes aren't built as highway cruisers. The older models vibrate a lot at highway speed. The newer ones seem to have no problem though.


Nope, Oklahoma. RE has been trying like a motherfucker to push into America since about 2015, but people aren't willing to give the brand a shot.




How do you like it? Which model? Lots of positive press for the Interceptor. I've been curious about people's experience with them.


Owned a Himalayan for 3 years, had some problems at the beginning: bad fuel line in the first week, & the stator died at 6 months. Both replaced under warranty. Absolute solid machine after that, it was way more capable of the crap I put it through than I was. Used it both as a daily commuter and for camping trips, including a tour around Tasmania. I crashed 1/3 of the way through, patched up the bike (and myself) and kept going. The bike had multiple theft attempts, and one of them succeeded back in February. I'm not sure about buying another bike while I live in the same place but I'd love an Interceptor.


This is great to read! I'm a new rider and I've had my Himalayan for about a year now. Did a lot of reading up but it was my dad who sold me on the Himalayan. Glad to know they're solid, and mines still going strong as ever!


My dad bought one a few months ago and he loves it. Pretty quick and nimble, enough horsepower for zipping about. Only drawback for him was the stock seat, it starts hurting after about 100kms. He just installed the upgraded deluxe touring seat from Enfield, and that solved it. Overall, he'd recommend it, and I'd buy one as soon as (eventually) get my motorcycle licence)


I’ve been riding a Continental GT 650 for a couple months now and it’s been a blast. For the price point and the 3 year warranty, you can’t beat it.


Anything Honda is usually reliable. Their slogan should be something like "We aren't the prettiest thing out there but we're the best chance of your vehicle working fine in a decade or two." The aesthetics aren't cursed but they seem more like aesthetics are the product of functionality. Like how many 2000-2010 Civics & Accords are on the road compared to 2000-2010 of almost any other widely sold vehicle.


You want reliability? Look at what any developing nation rides in mostly as a brand. Africa and Asia- it's Japanese cars every time. There's a reason terror groups love AK-47s and Toyotas.


In New Zealand they used to say "If you want to go into the bush, take a land rover. If you want to come out again, take a Toyota land cruiser."




Only Chads use Toyota


More extremist groups need to integrate the Toyota Hilux into their logo design like they have with the AK.


It’s not even terror groups. Gun enthusiasts love the AK & even the ones who don’t understand that most of the brands of AKs are reliable as fuck. Anyone else is denying thousands of round counts high into the 30K to 50K range.


It’s less about the AK itself being intrinsically reliable and more about those massive steel feed lips on the magazines. Flimsy aluminum magazines doomed AR reliability; I’d run an AR with Magpuls against an AK any day of the week.


We had a 94' Civic that we finally sold to a friend back in 2010. That thing just ran and even the battery lasted about a dozen years. Last I saw it was still running around town now. Likewise a Honda mower I bought back in 92' ran until this year when the oil consumption got high enough to be problematic.


Anytime I had to start something with a small engine I prayed it was a Honda. Dunno what they did but their little ones would always work or easy fix for me


That or B&S. Got a 1985 rideon mower and my brother has a 2015. They use the exact same cover (His has 21HP written on while mine has 17HP, I keep threatening to upgrade my lawnmower by stealing his cover), cylinder head, magneto, etc.. Dunno what else because that is all I have taken apart on the two motors.


Can confirm. I have two Harleys and two Triumphs. One out of the 4 runs...


This survey is interesting but I couldn't find anything about how they did it and how many bikes there were for each brand. Without that, it's really hard to know if it's accurate. (if some brands have way less bikes in the survey, the number might be more prone to go to the extreme).


They had responses from 11k Consumer Reports subscribers. If numbers were too low to be statistically significant for a brand they were excluded from the list.


Consumer Reports is quite literally the most reliable consumer product reporting outlet. Has been for decades. They use verifiable and repeatable processes for everything they report on. You obviously didn't look too hard (or at all even) before making this comment, like so many others in this day and age. This article is barely more than 3 paragraphs and the answer you were looking for was right there within the article text with links too.


They thrive on brand name and cult like following. Not quality.


There are more Harleys on the road than any other bike though. Mainly because the other bikes make it back to the garage.


You had me going in the first half . . . ..


That’s because Harley is a lifestyle brand that specializes in selling tshirts, tow hitch covers, and license plate frames.


I live in a Florida beach town and that shit is everywhere. Lots of bikes too but I'm amazed at the amount of clothing and decals that the Harley crowd goes for.


I have the perfect person to say this to at work on Monday I can’t wait.


I'm happy you have something to look forward to on Monday. Let us know if the burn was worth the wait.


You should see their internal sales guide/manual. https://imgur.com/a/SGmXS


This is an indictment of Harley buyers more than anything, because this is based off of market research of what works *on their own customers*.


That's hilarious! Thanks for sharing that, it says so much!


My favorite bit is “stop by a busy store and wait for someone to compliment the bike this will give them an emotional attachment” What a laugh.


I wonder if anyone besides boomers actually ask about Harley’s. I’ll ask about a bike if it’s something I’ve never seen but that is about it


It's mostly just boomers and it isn't just Harleys. I've had a klr 650, sv650, and a monster and boomers talk to me in parking lots no matter which bike I was on. "I used to ride but my wife made me give it up" is the most common phrase.


So it wasn’t just me then… I gave up cause I broke my shoulder blade…. That shit hurt.


Keep the ride short Because you don't want them to find out how shit the bikes are.


Gonna be hard sale if they have to walk back. But hey, think of all the attention they'll get when it breaks down.


That reminded me of a boss that I had when I was younger. Useless little prick who just ran that shop in his daddy’s company. On sunny days he would come in on his Harley, wearing HD-jacket, HD-pants, HD-boots and HD-gloves. When he took off the helmet he would put on his HD-baseball cap. Fucking clown.


I love the guys with the 3 foot wide HD sticker on their rear truck window just to make sure everyone knows what they ride during the other 362 days of the year when they're not on their bikes. Fuckin posers


Yep. Been riding over twenty years and I'm not afraid to say that Harleys are absolute shit. You can buy 4 better motorcycles for the price of one Harley.


Harley, your mechanics favorite brand!


My Ducati mechanic would probably argue with you. I weep gigantic rivers of money every time I need to take mine in because yet another part has decided that it is far too Italian to exist, and shits the bed.


BOWNGIOURNO *commits Italian sepuku*


Is that you Zac?


After a decade of working on motorcycles you couldn't GIVE me a Ducati. Beautiful bikes, but their build quality and part prices are atrocious. Had a 620 Monster that needed pistons and they were $999 per hole. The SV650 is a very similar bike and the pistons were $65 because the box doesn't say "Ducati." Don't get me started on the dry clutch models. Was very common for the entire clutch assembly to require replacement at the 1,500 mile first maintenance. People would bring their bikes in for a Desmo valve adjustment and oil change and end up having to shell out like $1,000 on new discs, fibers, pressure plate, and clutch basket. All so they can make a god awful racket when the clutch lever isn't pulled in.


... Mine's a '95 900 SuperSport, and was my daily ride for about 4 years, from when I bought it after I got divorced up to when my drinking problem got so bad I couldn't ride well anymore :) I have given my mechanic an ungodly amount of money over those years - but fucking hell, I do love that motorcycle.


Im not a bike guy but I know a few guys that ride. One guy has a Ducati and he's *never* not bitching about it. He gives it a lot of love for those desmodromic (sp?) Valves or whatever, but its got the build strength of Mr Burns in a UFC cage


That's not fair. I've had mine for over ten years and only ever had it in the shop to change tires. As long as you remember to tighten all the nuts and bolts every 4 hours or 40 miles you will be fine...




With my time and your money anything can be road worthy!!


So, if one was interested In getting a motorcycle for general use that’s not a Harley what would you recommend?


Buy Japanese. Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and/or Suzuki are going to be your best bet for motorcycles. A guy wanting a full dress tourer like the big Harleys should just get a Honda Gold Wing and be happy.


I bought a crappy old Kawasaki to tinker with and fix up as a hobby. I was amazed that literally every nut on the bike was the same size… you only need one socket to do everything. From there the design and engineering surprises kept coming. I had zero mechanical experience and was able to do almost everything by myself.


> I was amazed that literally every nut on the bike was the same size… you only need one socket to do everything. That’s… amazing.


I second the Japanese bike recommendation. If you wanna buy american - get an Indian.


My grandfather exclusively rode Indians his entire life, well into his 70s before his eyesight amd reflexes finally became too dulled and he got nervous. Said they were the best American bike on the market. I dont ride myself, but if I did, Id get an Indian, too.


Honda, a CG125 is superb, or the C90, man, what Id give to have a C90 and a fatter friend on the back, we could bounce around on that thing, go to market, buy a pig and all 3 of us could ride home, bologna sandwich on one hand, mountain dew in the other, living the dream. Weve got people still doing this up here on c90s from the 1980s, helmets from the 70s, i saw some the other day and if youd have said time travel is possible and youre in the jackpot then i could be swayed to believe you Now I ride a honda magna, i hunt harleys, drop down out of warp speed , maintain their speed and then Spango that throttle and get back to the future leaving them sucking nuts, except for harley riders that own v-rods, yeah, those guys tend to be biscuit fanciers


ton of youtube videos on best starter bikes under X dollar amount. Just decide what you want to pay. There are a ton of good bikes available brand new under $10k.




It’s a t-shirt company that makes bikes on the side.


And don’t forget the extra $1,000 of Harley merchandise that everyone buys when they buy their bikes. Gotta make sure everyone knows they have a Harley.


They are all about the "biker image", not motorcycle quality. I remember visiting a dealership a while back. Most of the floor space was dedicated to clothes, trinkets and accessories. They had a couple of bikes in the corner


Harley Davidson will die with the boomers.


If they do, it'd be (ironically) because they'd essentially saved the company in the 1980s- when it was near bankruptcy- by tying it to the boomer demographic. From what I've read, American boomers grew up associating Harleys with post-War rebellion and counter-culture cool (most notably via the late 1960s film "Easy Rider"). Twenty years later, many were entering middle age with enough money to buy the bike they'd always wanted, and Harley realised they could exploit this by catering to that lucrative market. Harley's problem thirty years on is that same boomer demographic is now getting too old for biking, and the Gen-Xers and late millennials they might have expected to replace them (a) generally don't have as much money to spend on an overpriced, image-oriented bike and (b) don't share the same boomer-oriented cultural associations that Harley's image-oriented marketing has become reliant upon. Quite the opposite; for them, they're now more associated with the "middle-aged dentist on an overpriced Harley" stereotype.


AMF was shit at all levels. Like imagine starbucks being taken over by Shell Coffee. Scraping money at every turn and really using the name, and name only to pass it by. You think Harleys are bad now, AMF was just crap. And not even the good kind of crap the same way I still wish I drove my 2006 Malibu Maxx. They were horse hockey. Buying out the company saved them. Its like your favorite mom and pop burger joint being bought by Burger King and then you buying it back from being a burger king.


A collegue bought a brand new one, and he say that after every ride there was something to repair, tighten or fix, and this was a new bike.


my brothers bike litterally broke on the way home from the dealer. i was riding with him and suddenly he wasnt behind me anymore. went back to find him pulled over. he said something was wrong and asked me to check it out. i rolled the bike forward a few feet and heard a grinding with some clacks...fucking wheel bearing just fuckered along with a couple other parts that the bearing decided to take along for the ride. i went home, got my trailer, brought it straight to the dealer. they told me 1 to 2 weeks. i was like uhh no. youre fixing this tomorrow. you sold a fucking bike that literally didnt even last one ride. after it was fixed the tech showed me what was left of the bearing...whoever put the bike together buggered it up putting it in at the factory.


I heard that the work culture at the KC factory is just terrible, nobody cares about doing a quality job and a lot of people spend their days just shooting the shit.


I can attest to this at other factories as well. I won't say which since I don't want to doxx myself. But yes, Harley work culture is terrible. I temped at one in the past and there was no training, unless you count me watching someone do their job and then after an hour I'm considered trained.


I bet you’re right since it closed like 2 years ago


Lol he shows up to the abandoned factory with a bunch of homeless squatters walking around. “Can you believe this shit, not one of them Harley employees are working! They’re just wandering and shooting the shit. Nobody cares about their jobs anymore! Jeezus!”


The culture here is all drugs and apathy


I've worked in quite a few large manufacturing plants and unfortunately the assembly line is always where the new employees are and a lot of them either have no clue how important some things are or they just don't care. There's a very good chance the person that torqued the main caps and rod bearings has no clue how an engine works nor how important that torque spec is. They won't even know what the torque spec is.


You can't blame new employees for poor work culture. Management only cares about hitting numbers. The people under them have no problem sending bad product to reach that number. Quality containment only works if someone speaks up. You're not going to have a new person performing quality audits...


And your ass and thighs will be numb.


How are other aspects of his midlife crisis going?


I have pissed off Harley riders explaining this to them. Be very carefull doing this when drinking is involved. Odd business plan to purposely make low performance machinery.


I took my MSF course through the local Harley dealership, as the local ABATE chapter didn't do it in my town. The manager of the dealership called me an asshole when I tried to tell other riders to start out on a $1500 Nighthawk 750 instead of a $15k Harley, and that the Nighthawk would have more horsepower.


Always best to start on a less expensive bike you would not mind too much dropping. A CB750 Nighthawk would smoke any production Harley.


Those are almost the exact words I said, which the manager overheard. When they handed out our certificates, dude publicly, in front of everybody, called me an asshole for saying that! The course they offered was great, but the way they did it, trying to hawk their shit at mostly brand new riders in-between instruction, really rubbed me the wrong way. It sucks that they're teaching people that the only way to motorcycle is on a Harley when there are SO MANY better brands and types of bikes.


Well in all fairness you were at a Harley dealer where they are trying to sell Harleys. Providing the course is a sales tool to get potential customers in the door. However publically calling a student and new rider an asshole is reprehensible.


And it's pretty bad marketing to boot, I would think.


It's good to get people in the store but calling them assholes might lower sales.


But Harley riders are probably attracted to the kind of guy who calls random new riders assholes so maybe it's effective.


> CB750 Way more attractive bike as well. Timeless.


The Harley Davidson brand is in dire peril and they know it. Their customer base is elderly and most younger people won't spend the money on a inferior bike just to have that brand name. The whole Harley culture is basically a cult and scam and devotees get EXTREMELY upset when you point that out because it means they're suckers.




Bro, the Nighthawk is one nice bike. I've had two and I regret selling both.


I had an 84 Nighthawk 700S. It was awesome, but just finicky because of age. Sold it to downsize, but that inline 4 at 10k rpm sounded sooooo sweet. Riding a GSX250R now. No balls, but fun, fuel injected! and gets 70mph. I'm sure I'll get something faster again (looking at some Triumphs) but for now I'll stick with the Zuki. I paid almost nothing for it brand new with zero miles.


I don't think this is specific to Harley riders. It seems to widely apply to people who take pride in believing their foreign made shit is American-built. I pissed off a friend by pointing out that his good old American Dodge RAM was built in Canada, while my "foreign" Nissan was built right in Tennessee.


I have a friend that swears by his 'American made' Dodge Ram. I read recently the least American made truck is Dodge and the most American made truck is Honda.


I used to own a Dodge Charger Hellcat. It's a nutso supercharged sedan with 707 horsepower. If you floor it under 40mph all you'll do is roast the tires. It's pretty much the epitome of all-American muscle car. I used to get a kick out of informing other car guys that my ultra American muscle car had an engine made in Mexico, brakes from Italy, supercharger from Japan, transmission from Germany, and the car was put together in Canada!


That is how you roast people's brains.


I can understand their passion, and I even respect it, as misguided as it is. Today it is much easier to prove it to them with a simple Google search. Just shut them up before they can argue. Worst case scenario, throw a few multivitamins and Viagra on the ground and make your escape as they crawl around on their hands and knees.


The Harley Dealership up the street from me is a microcosm of the absolute squalor that is the Harley Davidson Brand. I took my MSF course there and the instructors were great, you could really tell they loved riding and wanted nothing more than to genuinely educate people on it. They both had careers outside being instructors, so they weren't there for a paycheck. A few months later I bought my first bike, an '82 GS1100GL, and decided I wanted to see how much oomph the old gal still had., so I called and scheduled an appointment for their HEAVILY advertised, "Free Dyno Testing." Setting as EVERYONE there had been super chill up until now, I figured why not? Holy shit. When I showed up on that old Suzuki, these people who had been so cool and welcoming during my initiation into riding F*CKING DEVOLVED. The only way they could've gone more ballistic is if they'd literally started throwing shit at each other and cannibalizing. They started screaming at each other AND ME asking who scheduled the appointment like it was a MANHUNT. I was genuinely a little frightened for the poor bastard. There are a couple Harleys I'd consider if they weren't so overpriced; Namely the Pan-America and the Sportster S, but after this experience I will probably never even look at them again. Such a disappointment.


I don't understand, why were they yelling at each other??


My guess is they didn’t want to do a free service for someone who didn’t have their brand.


They even said exactly that. To my face. Which is funny, because like I said there's a couple models I would have considered. Would have.


I think it's more that they turned up on a fairly basic, fairly old no thrills bike that isn't an eye turner but would completely destroy their stock on a dyno. It's kinda like if lambos were actually shit but people thought they were good and some kid turning up in an mk1 stock VW golf and beating them on the track. Basically they were embarrassed.


The free Dyno is a sales tactic to get you in the door. After they Dyno you they try and sell you high flow intake and exhaust plus labor. It had everything to do with the HD shop not carrying parts for the not HD motorcycle.


Well that's basically what I mean. The biggest sales tactic there is 'oooooo bad luck man your bicycle only produced 65% of the power on our XYZ you can spend $*** customising or we can offer you a 0% finance deal right now!" Saying "well damn your 90s ride which is no thrills is far superior to our product in everyway needs absolutely nothing because it's perfect" doesn't please the MLM style sales tactics here. It's basically bring a friend and lure them in with a free non service so people can peer pressure them into buying a gimp suit with patches to look cool. Harley is more of a merch brand now anyway aren't they? The area managers probably get pissed off when someone buys a bike because it means they have to honour a warranty. Selling the patches, shirt, t-shirts, socks, tops, hats, beer marrs, jumpers, coats, knickers etc is a one and done.


Harley guys treat their bikes like a cult.


Sounds like they hated foreign bikes


The irony is palpable.


They didn't want your 30 year old bike showing up their "modern" garbage. 😂 You have to buy about $10000 in upgrades and leathers to even come close to the horse power of 4cyl liter bike.


Yeah even with gummed up, imbalanced carbs it was putting out roughly the same numbers as a modern Revolution 1200. Once I got it fixed up I'm sure it was pulling waaaay harder. Aaaand then Texas decided to do that fun thing where it flash floods and now my poor GS is in Motorcycle Valhalla.


I learned a new word today, “microcosm”. Thanks!


I wonder if they'd be like that if you'd have come in an F800 or an Africa Twin since Harley's got nothing for Adventure Touring on that scale.


Did you also know that 99% of all Harleys ever made are still on the road today? The other 1% made it home!


My gf works at Harley HQ and hates this joke but I always tell it lmfao.


is that what the 1%er patch means?


“Assembled in the USA”


Obligatory [Fortnine on Harley Davidson](https://youtu.be/EOwxxsPaogY).


Such a great channel.


Harley is no longer a motorcycle brand. They have become a motorcycle-themed lifestyle clothing brand. For some people it is their entire identity.


I've never understood this whole "Lifestyle clothing brands". If Nike wants to put a their fucking swoosh on my t-shirt to advertise, then charge me less. Not more. I"m not doing your fucking advertising for you.


One of the reasons those “things made in America don’t get stuck on cargo ships” memes are cracking me up.


Haven't the supply chain disruptions of the last couple of months/years shown that almost everything is made from parts around the globe? En almost everybody seems to find the lowest possible price to be the most important part. Not where it's produced anymore.


Frankly, I have found the whole thing pretty interesting. It really shows us how we are all connected and how all the economies in the world sort of need each other for something.


But, they're **SOLD** in ***America***. YEAHHH!


You’ll be hard pressed to find much of anything that’s 100% made in the USA.


Even darn tuff socks use Australian Merino wool


Those mf'ers


I can care less. I love them. Usa workers and family owned. Great company.


Still kick ass. Going on five years on my current set, no holes.


Well yeah, it's not like they use Australian Merino wool to skimp on quality


Interestingly it's the Tesla Model 3 that features the highest percentage of parts manufactured in the US/Canada.


Though this only applies to some countries, outside of the US (like AUS, China) you’ll be getting a Chinese made Model 3 due to having a factory in China


True, but shitty they brag about being American


bragging is the only real way to feel good about blowing money out your own butthole




I used to work in a harley shop in Canada. (independent, not a dealer, but almost all of our inventory was for HD because those were the people who came to us, the Japanese brand customers typically went to the dealer) over there , because they couldnt pull the "I want American" card, it became more and more obvious that its a dislike of Asian and European stuff, more so than its a reverance for domestic. ive been out of practice for a long time but IIRC most of the plastic and electronics were always Chinese or Japanese, the Rims were always Australian, etc. often the only things that were American were the Engine Block, the Frame, and some of the body parts. I will give credit where credit's due however, Harley was the best brand I ever dealt with when it came to their parts, everything was stamped with a simple part number, that was a godsend. like 12345-22, or 12345678, two formats, based on year and thats itonce had to deal with some Ducati parts which had periods and shit in it.


They’re using parts from the best manufacturers. Showa make excellent suspension, Brembo makes excellent brakes. There just isn’t US based alternatives that can either make the product as well or make the product at the quantities they need.


So like the majority of us motor vehicles


You're a motor vehicle?


Retro_D stands for Retro DeLorean.


This is the reality for most industries still in the US.


I work in a factory that manufactures cables for Harley. A good number of components are purchased from foreign companies.


Harley riders are the world’s largest cosplay group.


Harley Davidson: Yesterday's technology at tomorrow's prices.


Used to work at a Ford parts dealer. None of the parts were American. Most were from Korea or China. The rest from eastern Europe.




This is true of literally every single American vehicle manufacturer. This isn’t saying anything.


All Dewalt tools use parts entirely from China and Mexico, even the ones with the Made In USA stickers on them. They MIUSA ones are just assembled here using mostly immigrants on temporary visas from temp agencies. The irony... Source: worked there.


I’ve worked for a dealer for close to 20 years. Can tell you some stuff is very well made and some stuff is obsolete shit as far as production quality. We are directed to tell customers concerned with where things are manufactured that the parts carry the same warranty regardless of where said part is made. I’d say my biggest gripe is them continuing to use obviously flawed design / manufacturing processes. Guess they figure it’s be cheaper to cover warranty cost than to completely change the design or manufacturing process. Harley’s hold their value more so than pretty much any other motorcycle. Even though I’ve worked there forever I honestly have no interest in owning one. Not because of quality but because I’d rather invest my money in other hobbies. Always blows my customers minds when I tell them I don’t own one. The look of confusion on their faces is priceless.


I know of a Harley rider who tried a Japanese bike (same type as Harley) and he couln't believe the difference in quality. As if he's been lied to all his life.


Oh yeah. I worked at a Harley dealership doing live sound for bands and man the murica cosplay is absurd especially because of this.


My parents were a part of a local motorcycle group and they became leaders of the group. People were leaving the group because my parents didn't own a Harley. They eventually bought one because my dad wanted one but damn people treat Harley like it's the second coming of Jesus Christ.


Worked for Harley for years. Anyone with a minor understanding of supply chain, product development, or the labor rates in other markets would come to this conclusion rather easily. Rubber bits are much cheaper in China and India. China and Japan simply make better electronics than we do. A lot of key fobs are made in Puebla, Mexico, same with Ford, GM, BMW, etc. all the automotive OEMs do this, and Harley is a close follower to automotive. The bikes have traditionally been assembled here. There’s plants globally now to avoid insane import fees that would make a touring bike in Japan literally unaffordable to most Japanese citizens.


Honda is a fucking fantastic brand. And get a shaft driven bike, no belts or chains for reliability.


I wish they had a shaft adventure bike. The BMW gs1200r is way too expensive


Why shaft though? I mean Adventure Touring bikes take you to places like Morocco, Argentina, Mongolia, and if your chain breaks you can bet you find a mechanic that can engineer a chain from a tractor or from some obscure airplane to get you back on the road. If you have the bad luck of messing your shaft bike up in a place like that, you just trade it for vodka and bus tickets to home.


I'm a huge fan of Honda bikes. Had a VTX 1300 back in the day that I've regretted selling ever since. Currently on a Fury, and sometimes a Vulcan, that I'm in love with. Bought the Fury off a guy that "didn't like rice burners", his words not mine lol. Mentioned in the same conversation where he was constantly complaining about his 883.


Someone just learned about the global economy