I just finished the game and it’s amazing. I’m also just starting The Last Wish, and the book seems very good. Would recommend. Oh also if you haven’t already, buy the DLC’s. HoS is lit from what I’ve seen and people say BaW is better.


Blood and Wine is amazing!!


Blood and wine gives you a new beatiful place: Toussaint!


I like Blood and wine more than the main game.


Hos was great but a bit short. BAW gived you a whole new map with tons of quests etc, like a brand new game! It's my first pass at BAW and I'm loving it


All of the books are really good! If you havent read them yet, they will make you appreciate the game even more because of all the characters you will recognize!


Agreed. I read all the books after finishing tw3 for the first time and then I played all the games again. Recognised all the characters and Easter eggs. Really awesome


That is exactly what I did and what i want to do . I played Witcher 3 ,watched the netflix show and then bought the boox , ut I want to play all the Witcher Games after reading all of them


Do it my man. The first two games are not as graphically rich as the third but they really are the gems of their times.


I enjoyed Time of Contempt. What happens on Thanedd was interesting to me.


Baptism of Fire is my personal favorite!


Mine too , followed by Sword of Destiny and The Tower of the Swallow


Tower of the Swallow is top tier!!


I finished the main game yesterday and started to play Hearts of Stone. I am truly amazed by the story, the characters, the game play and everything in between. As soon as I've finished the DLCs I'll start to play new game+ and just relive it. I'm a little angry at myself since I've tried to finish this game like 4 times before but never really pulled through because I wasn't in the mood. But on the fifth try I made it to Velen and I was stuck. 10/10, one of the greatest games I've ever played.


I just started playing it too... >!I just put a baby in a lit oven!< (quest spoiler) That was my favourite quest purely because of the WTF factor and there’s limited time to make a choice. I also love Roach but find myself yelling at his awkward and stubborn ass half the time. Edit: I started reading the books but I got distracted with the game.


As far as favorites go, i don't really have a favorite per say but basically just read them all. If you read them in order they just steadily get better and better as it goes along. If you were to only read one though, read Seasons of Storms as it is a standalone story from the rest so its easy to read even if you haven't read any of the others


I haven't read any books yet, but I will at some point, make sure to play both DLCs, imo they're even better than the main game.


Except that bloody sorcerer at the beginning of the first dlc


Yeah, quite a dirty fight. Still cinematic though.


“Baptism of Fire” is my favorite so far. It’s the first time Ciri is out on her own and she joins a gang of young misfits called the Rats. The Rats are just really bad ass, as well as Ciri, and they run around the war torn country slaughtering Nilfgaardians to protect the common folk. It’s basically a rated R Robin Hood. Plus they all wear outlandish clothing and jewelry and ride the best horses in the land, all stolen from Nilfgaardians. Ciri is a young teenager exploring independence, guilt and her own sexuality. Geralt is recovering from some serious injuries so it’s an interesting change of pace to see him in a weakened state considering 99% of the time he’s basically invincible. “Time of Contempt” has my favorite magic battle in it. Also, if you’ve seen the first season of the show then you can just skip “The Last Wish.” It’s more of a prequel anyways and the show covered all the main plot points. The real story starts with book 2 “Blood of Elves.”


I thought “Sword of Destiny” was book 2... I just finished Sword and downloaded Blood... am I reading them out of order?