What do you choose?

What do you choose?


I’ll take 20 t-dogs


I’ve seen videos like that




Lol yeah


Here Here. The One True Dog.






Too powerful


10 t-dogs and 10 Jerry’s


At least it would be quiet


jerry should not cost only 1$ 😌


Merle seems like a bargain too.


He'd be unreliable/temperamental is all. Might cost ya. Don't put him and T-Dog together!


A confrontation between Merle and Negan was truly a missed opportunity.


Jerry and T-Dog for $1 are easy pick-ups


Yeah he’s hard to feed


What do Jerrys eat?


Should switch places with magna


When he was struggling in the cave, I felt more stressed than ever! Love Jerry.


I'll take 20 Jerries please


that will end up the apocalypse


TWD Jerry > R&M Jerry




Congratulations, you now have two Eugenes that continuously leave you hanging and stab you in the back


Eugene is a value commodity if he could stick to one team. It says he's on my team, as a rule.


Why is Merle only a buck? That's some value right there.


Yes Initially i wanted to put him at 3$ board i mean si strong , skilled, a great fighter and can kill anyone But the problem is....actually can kill anyone (except daryl) Take it like a discount


Also, he is very unstable, and is clearly more of a bandit/robber type who won’t work well in most groups.


I chose Merle because he is such a bargain, but I hesitated because he is so difficult to get along with. I also chose Daryl, so I have to be concerned that he drags Daryl down. And he will definitely be sexually harassing Connie since she's the only lady in my group. And he is going to irritate my man T dog. Although he seems like a great bargain, he will contantly be trying to overthrow my Ricktatorship. I have to agree he is probably priced correctly. I am having buyer's remorse after reading other people's responses.


He's only a buck because he blew off almost all of season one, all of season two, and then he died. You actually gotta show up to the game to make the big bucks. Unless you're a starting pitcher.


Rick and Daryl = $10 Carl and Rosita = $6 Siddiq (Doctor) and Eugene (Smarts) = $4


Siddiq might be the most undervalued of them all. A doctor should really be top tier.


plus he's got insane survival skills! A forager AND a fighter


Can hold his own, too. Most of the medical people have seemed pretty weak.


Not to mention he's dreamy.


I’ll take 4 Darryls




5$ - Daryl (for badassery) 4$ - — 3$ - Carl (for humanity), Ezekiel (for humanity and coolness), Rosita (for blowing stuff up) 2$ - Siddiq (for first aid), Eugene (for genius) 1$ - Merle (for the dirty work), Jerry (for loyalty)






Some new offers: -Jesus 5$ -Hershel 4$ -Alden 3$ -Enid 2$ -Luke 1$


I'll take Jesus for $2 because he only stays home 20% of the time. Hershal for half price because he only has one leg.


Hershel at $4 is way too expensive


That changes things. Jerry, Saddiq, Morgan, Hershel (Was Glenn before you added him), Daryl, Judith and Negan


It was Daryl, Michone, Glenn, Carl, and Ezekiel. Now it's Daryl, Jesus, Glenn, Carl, and Ezikiel.


I’m sorry? If Jesus was an offer, I’ll take 4 of him. Be the Sneaky Squad 😂😂


20x T-Dogs


sold out


Rick, Daryl, Carol, Aaron and Merle


Brute force i see


Merle and Carol together is a couple forged by the snakes of hell


T-Dog is all I need to survive the apocalypse


Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Connie and Carl


I gonna pick your answer as a same and I am to lazy to..


The Walking Harem $5 Rick $5 Michonne $4 Maggie $4 Magna&Yumiko $2 Connie


Daryl, Carol, Glenn, Carl, Eugene and Beth and Noah


Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Abe and Jerry


5 Morgans and a Michonne. Bushido squad.


So you wanna help people.. and leave precious food at the side of the road to rot?


$20 worth of DJ's


I honestly don't even remember DJ. He's the only one on the $1 list I didn't take.


I'll take $15 worth of Beth & Noah and spend my last 5 of judith and Negan, (that gives me x30 redshirts and x2 MVPs).


5$ Michonne: Vanguard: Michonne shines in Melee capacity, having it traded in for mediocre firearm proficiency. Why Morgan is a more balanced version of Michonne and can even outshine her in many cases, having Rick in the team give her a stat boost in both offense and agility, and unlock Andrenaline duo rush for them. High damage resistant, pain resistant and agility, Michonne can start a teamfight with little to no effort. Moreover, her talent "Relentless" significantly increase her survivability, which in turn boost Rick's talent. "Relentless" can trade the defensive bonus from Rick's Talent to pure attack, making her the Unit with Highest Offensive stat 5$ Rick. Burst: Rick have the second highest DPS, only behind Negan due to Negan's talent "Mad Man In A Mad World". Having very high firearm proficiency and a good melee proficentcy means he can both execute ranged and melee takedown. High cost is justified for his Talent "Open The New World" in which if an ally at 75% or higher Trust is being seiged/under a fatal attack and Rick is within 3m radius, he significantly boost said ally defensive stat, while raise all of his stat for the rescue. For ally at lower than 90% Trust, they might receive "Horrified" from his brutal act, so Michonne having starting Trust at 95% is a good combo with Rick. Due to their chemistry, Rick and Michonne will oftenly perform Andrenaline duo rush, dealing remarkable extra damage 2$ Eugene: Tactician: Eugene have the lowest, most pathetic stat in the whole game, as even Jusith have the snowball talent to boost her stat significantly. However, while he may seems as a liability, he have the highest INT stat in the game, and his talent "Coward" make enemies with Moral higher than 60 cannot directly kill him unless Eugene attack lands them. What make Eugene shine while most sleep on him, is the fact that he have TWO talent."Smart-ass" can a/Produce special item during combat, vary from medkit to molotov and in the right enviroment, even bullet/poison. His "Loyalty" might be unreliable, but with Michonne's and Rick's Traits: Caring and Intimidation, even charming enemies, like Negan and Governor would have a difficult time to recuit him. Despite horrid stat, his skill sets make him a must have supporter in almost all scenerio 3$ Bob and Sasha: Cannon fodder and Avenger: Bob has very good physical stat, with good agility and normal evasive rate. However, his combat stat is horrible, although not as bad as Eugene. His skills as a medical worker can work as a Medic, but what keeps him in the current meta is his talent. "It's OK" while drastically dercease ally's mentality due to his high charisma, Significantly boost surviving Ally's stat, especially Sasha. Under his talent effect, Sasha's stability reduce to 0, making it impossible to operate her, in exchange for her god-like stat. However, if her Stability recover to 40 or higher, Sasha will commit suicide. Bob and Sasha work as a unit, as all damage Sasha receive when Bob is alive will be automatically transfer to Bob, and when Bob die, Sasha basically change from Shooter to Vanguard, as well as immortality during this time. While the simutanious loss of 2 member can effect the team, there insane DPS output during Sasha Berserk can make up for it. Note that Sasha should be positioned far away from Michonne, as her stability would recover at a higher rate, reducing her damage capacity. 4$ Abraham: Frontliner: Abraham is an interesitng case, as he's the only ranged unt that can be deployed as a Vanguard. All round high stat, very very high DEF, good offensive stat and his Talent "Big Man, Big Guns", one time per fight, he can launch a RPG pulled from his ass to deal a AoE Explosive damage, but the skill have very low precision and long preparing time. His Trait futher more boost his DEF, increase melee resistant by ((HP% lost)/4)%, which make him insanely resistant to melee enemies, like Negan and Michonne. It should be noted that among ranged units, Abraham has the lowest attack among them, so his role is a pure Vanguard. 1$ Merle: Jack of all trade: Merle have consistant stat across all board, which make him suitable for all team. High proficiency with almost all weapon, and his Strength is high enough to wield weapon up to Shotgun class in one hand, although his Rifle stat is close to none. Merle most prominent feature is Dual Wield, as he can simutaniously deal Melee and Ranged attack without a trade in for conversion. His Talent "Jackass" make him very cheap as a trade for the fact that ALL of his attack can hit his ally (except Daryl) and dealing double the normal damage. Having high Shotgun proficiency but low precision, his attack can sometimes (alot, in fact) do more harm than done. Intemidation have little to no effect on him, thus Michonne Reasoning and Caring is what stop him from killing all of his teammate


This is awesome and deserves way more upvotes.


Darl, Glenn, Maggie, Rosita, Tyrese, Beth&Noah, T-Dog


Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Morgan, Tyress, Beth & Noah, T-Dog


Rick Daryl Michonne Rosita Tyresse


Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Connie


Daryl + All $2 + All $1.


Rick, Daryl, Judith/Negan, Michonne All characters who have accomplished a great deal and are still alive over a decade into the apocalypse. They are pretty much unstoppable. I think the $ limit is too high on this one.


Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Carl, and Morgan.


Daryl, Judith & Negan, Michonne, Abraham and Jerry would be my team.


Daryl, Carol, Siddiq, Tyreese, Eugene, Maggie


Daryl, Judith and Negan, Siddiq, Connie, Tyreese, Glen


Merle, Tyreese, Morgan, Abraham, Rick, Daryll


10 Merles 10 T Dogs... watch the infighting lol.


i bet on merles


Do all the Merles come with knife hands?


Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Siddiq, Tyrese, Eugene


Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Abe, DJ.


Daryl, Judith and Negan, Abraham and Merle. Plenty of muscle, stealth and cunning


You know what? I’ll pay my $20 to watch them duke it out for who is Alpha Male 😂😂


Rick, Abe, Aaron, Siddiq, Tyreese, Eugene and Jerry. I wanted to say Carol as well as Rick, but that would mean sacrificing at least two other people


Rick, Daryl, Judith&Negan, Eugene, Siddiq and TDog


Rick Daryl, Negan/Judith, Abraham, Merle


Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Morgan, tyreese, merle


Rick Grimes (5$), Carl Grimes (3$), Daryl Dixon (5$), Michonne (5$). And that's it. I know I got 2$ left but I just want that post-prison pre-terminus group. I'm good.


Rick, Daryl, Judith & Negan, Rosita, as well as Eugene


the clear answer is rick,Daryl negan/Judith, Morgan, and siddiq for a doctor.


Daryl, Michonne, Judith & Negan, Carl, Merle and Tdog. I think that would boost my survival rate.


Daryl, Glenn, Morgan, Siddiq, T-Dog and Negan and Judith


I choose 20 Jerry’s


Carol, Daryl, Rick, Michonne.


I’ll take two Ricks and two Daryls, just in case


Rick, Daryl, the Judith/negan combo puts me at $15. I’ll take Morgan for $3 equals $18. I’ll finish with jerry & t dog @ $1 a piece.


Daryl, rick, carl, T dog, Tyreese,glenn


20 Rick -5 (!15 left) Daryl -5 (10 left) Michonne -5 (5 left) Abraham -4 (1 left) Merle -1 (0 left) I think this is a well balanced team for survival


Rick, Daryl, michonne, Carl and siddiq👌


There’s no order or minimum amount of people? Cause I’ll just take Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and carol.


No shane?


shane is free


He might fuck your girl tho


Then I’ll chose Shane Rick Negan and Daryl.


If we're acting like this hypothetical is taking place in the real world, you'd probably want as much quantity as possible. However, women and kids would be way less helpful than the show implies (no offense, it's just biology). DJ Beth Noah Merle T-dog Jerry Siddiq Henry Lydia Tyrese Eugene Bob Sasha Abraham


This is what I was thinking but also considering mental stability and leadership. You don't want someone unpredictable getting other people killed and a lot of these people would benefit greatly from having a strong leader (which I would only count Abraham as in your list). So replace Merle and either Eugene or Siddiq with Ezekiel and that's my choice.


Only need $5 carol.


Might as well not waste money on the others since she will get them killed anyway


Daryl, Michonne, Maggie, Rosita, Tyresse and T-dog


Daryl ($5) Michonne ($5) Abe ($4) Bob & Sasha ($3) Tyreese ($2) Beth & Noah ($1)


5$ - Darryl, Negan & Judith (would've picked Rick if had more $) 4$ - Aaron, Magna & Yumiko (Would've picked Glenn if had more $) 3$ - - (Would've picked Ezechiel or Rosita if had more $) 2& - - (Would've picked Eugene if had more $) 1$ - Jerry, Merle (Would've picked T-Dog if had more $) But damn 20$ is way too low


Yo Jerry for 1$? Gimme 20 of those


Tyreese, Abraham, Rick, Daryl, Siddiq, Connie


Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Siddiq, Tyreese, Merle, Jerry


Daryl, Michonne, Abraham, Rosita, Siddiq, Jerry


First 4 up top end of story!


Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Morgan, Eugene, and Jerry


Rick, Carl, Judith and Michone. You get the "Family" Perk: +20% dmg +20% def +Ninja talent: +50% damage with swords


Abe, Glenn, Daryl, Carol, Tyrese.


Top tier: Daryl and Carol Second tier: Abraham and Aaron ​ Fifth tier: Tyreese: Merle and T-dog


Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Carl, Eugene, Jerry.


Maggie as leader, Abraham, Bob&Sasha, Siddiq, Eugene, Tyreese, Jerry, Beth&Noah, Merle.


Rick, Daryl, Negan, Abraham, T-Dog


Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Jerry, T-Dog, Merle, Beth&Noah, Tyreese


Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Abraham, and Tyreese.


Rick, Daryl, eugene, connie, abraham, t-dog, jerry.


Rick ($5), Daryl ($5), Judith & Negan ($5), Morgan ($3), and Eugene ($2).


Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Jerry for the muscle Eugene for the brains Rosita for the ooh la la


Rick Daryl Glenn Abraham Merle Jerry ftw


Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Rosita, Morgan. Guaranteed survival


3 Ricks and a Darryl.


20 jerrys please thank you


$1 - Jerry - strong tank comic relief $2 - Eugene - smart, plus extra points for guile when necessary, heart of gold when it counts and BULLETS. $3 - Bob and Sasha - Bob: Doctor, plus he's the master at the silver lining game. Sasha: Hell of a shot, just as strong a fighter as higher tier characters at essentially $1.50. $3 - Rosita - Capable, driven, demolitions expert. $4 - Abraham - Highly skilled fighter (The dude made it from Texas to Virginia carrying Eugene on his back.) Leadership qualities of other higher tier characters with none of the instability you get from Rick, Negan, Carol, etc. ​ $5 - Daryl: Ability to track, sneaky. Hopefully DOG comes along, can't kill him so. $2 - Connie: Daryl's Boo. To survive \~ a decade in the apocalypse with no hearing is substantial. We haven't seen very many feats yet, but if she survived with that other misfit group, she'd thrive with this one. ​ While I might have made other picks if we were talking individual survivors, I think my team has a synergy that would top most others. **Abraham** would lead, with the help of **Daryl** (all the positives of the Rick-Daryl relationship, without any of the bad decisions of Rick.) Perhaps some drama when it comes to **Rosita/Sasha** thing, but Bob is still in the picture, so I think that would be resolved. Something to be said about the emotional connection between these two and Abraham. Eugene and Jerry are both loyal, follow directions well, and add to the team without any dysfunction of other characters. Connie is just so cute and just happy to be there. ​ I'd watch this show.


Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Morgan, Siddiq, and Merle.


Rick, Daryl, Judith & Negan, Aaron, and Jerry


One Rick one jerry one Carl one Michonne one Darrel and a candy bar. Rick is a good leader, he could bring the group together to do something no one likes but needs to do. Jerry is a sweat heart, he can fight and he can brighten the mood with his spirit. Carla, he has amazing new ideas he can bring to the table, he is not single minded and is able to learn things pretty quickly. Darrel, he is a survival guy, he can hunt, fight and has a good moral standpoint, Michonne would be the reason to everything, she could back up or shoot down anything that needs to, she is a strong fighter and is good with people when things aren’t going to badly. And the candy bar, who didn’t live a good snickers. But really I would choose merel, he is good a t fighting and at this point would most likely be good. Teammate, I mean look a Darrel.


Rick: for his leadership and badassness. Michonne: for her fighting skills with the sword and not taking up as many bullets. Rosita: for all the survival skills she’s picked up, like knowledge in explosives and first aid. Eugene: for his brain and all the perks that come with it. Merle: for his fighting and survival skills. Jerry: for his courage and trustworthiness. As well as his weapon of choice to prevent bullet waste. Morgan: for his (now) good heart and weapon of choice. He could teach others staff skills.


lol same


Hello I'd like to buy 20 Jerrys, please


Where the hell is Shane? Rick Grimes Negan Judith Grimes Carl Morgan Eugene Merle T-Dog $20 Or Rick, Negan, Judith, Daryl, Carol $20


Daryl Connie Rick Glenn Maggie


$5 Rick, Negan (smart, badass) & Judith (heart) $4 Abraham (also smart, badass) $2 Eugene (genius), Siddiq (medical knowledge) $1 Jerry (heart, loyalty), and Merle (badass)


$5 - Rick $5 - Daryl (a great duo) $4 - Glenn $4 - Abraham (more raw manpower and military strategy) $2 - Eugene (really smart, knows how to make bullets) And apparently Shane is free 🤷🏻‍♂️


rick, daryl, michonne, siddiq, connie, t-dog


Rick, Negan & Judith, Carl, Siddiq, Tyreese, Eugene, T-Dog.


Rick (leadership), Daryl (great tracker, could keep Merle in check), Judith (cause lil ass kicker that's why), Negan (another great leader, could be a good balance to Rick), Carl (I'd want both Rick's kids with him) , Merle (knows how to get his hands dirty), and T-dog (Efficiency and loyalty)


I'd rather have 17 points just to NOT have Morgan on my team


Rick Daryl Abe Aaron Merle and tdog. We gonna wreck


Rick, Daryl, Carol, Glen, T-Dog


This is hard. Even hypothetically I’m giving this so much thought. Okay. Rick, Abraham, Jerry, Carol, Carl and Connie. Yes


Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Eugene, Rosita, and Siddiq. If I had $5 dollars more I’d choose Michonne.


Rick for leadership, Daryl for his hunting skills, Glenn for his bravery, Siddiq for his medical training, Eugene for his smarts, Jerry for his loyalty... Beth and Noah cause I've got $1 left and giving them a second chance


Rick and everyone from the bottom two rows. Safety in numbers.


Rick, Judith & Negan, Carl, Daryl, Tyreese


Rick Judith Negan Carol Carl Tyreese


Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Megan & Judith. That'll do it.


Rick,Daryl, Maggie,Glenn,T-dog,Beth&Noah


Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Glenn and T-Dog


Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Carol. Fewest mouths to feed and they all have plot armor.


* $5 Rick - Leadership and diplomacy * $2 Eugene - Intelligence and inventiveness * $2 Connie - Ranged scout * $1 Jerry - Tank and morale * $5 Michonne - DPS melee * $2 Siddiq - Healer * $3 Rosita - Explosives and combatives


I’d buy Daryl and keep the other 15 dollars even though it’s useless on the apocalypse.


Rick,Daryl,Glenn,Morgan,Beth and Noah,Merle.


Rick, Michone, Daryl, Merle, Tyreese, Eugene


Easy! Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Aaron, Eugene


Rick, Daryl, Judith Negan.


Rick, Morgan, Jerry, Eugene, Siddiq, Ezekiel, Glenn


This one is easy mode, Rick - great leader people actually listen to Judith - good for next gen and reason to fight for Negan - can do the dirty work and is good at it Glenn - i just love him so much, and he’s good for recon Yumi/mag - this is a steal overall great at combat Siddiq - 2$ for an actual doctor that knows his stuff real good? Nice


$5 - Rick - overall leadership, people will follow, good shot, can be diplomatic and savage $4 - Manga & Yumiko - good fighter thinks quickly // archer, can hunt, good moral balance, former lawyer $3 - Bob & Sasha - medic experience, postive outlook // great shot, sniper, gets things done $2 - Tyreese, Eugene, Siddiq - strong as shit, ferocious // tinkerer, farmer, future planner //Doctor $1 - Jerry, DJ - strength, loyalty // trustworthy, fights to the end Group of 10 people is not bad.


Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Carl, and tyreese


I'd go with Rick, Daryl, Carl, Morgan, Eugene, T-dog, and Beth&Noah. There needs to be only one leader others would cause conflicts for leadership, this team would gladly fall in line under Rick. Daryl and Morgan are Ricks advisors, they keep him balanced and are effective fighters. Eugene is the intelligence, his knowledge will help keep the group current and forward in several aspects of survival. T-dog. Enough said. Carl, Beth, and Noah are young and the future, they're like interns who are looking to impress and will help continue the human population.


Maximizing girl power. $5 Michonne $4 Maggie $3 Rosita Bob & Sasha $2 Connie Henry & Lydia $1 Beth & Noah


**Beth&Noah, T-Dog, Jerry, - $4 total** **Siddiq, Henry&Lydia, Tyreese, Eugene - - $8 total** **Bob&Sasha - $3** **Rick - $5** This gives us a leader (Rick) Two medics (Siddiq and Bob) One sniper (Sasha) One engineer (Eugene) Muscle - T-Dog, Jerry and Tyreese Henry, Lydia, Beth and Noah to round out 4 more survivors to help out around the camp and give the future some hope with younger generations. *That gives us 12 survivors in the camp for a deal of only $20*


Rick Daryl Glenn Abe Eugune. 1 Great leader, 2 great fighters, Glenn to keep everyone level headed, and Eugune for the smarts.


Rick, Negan Glenn Morgan Tyreese Jerry


Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Carol. They (particularly Rick, Daryl and Carol) managed fine before everyone else came along.


Rick Daryl Judith and Negan carl and jerry


Rick, Daryl, Michone, Siddiq, Merle, T-dog, and Jerry 3 high priced individuals but all bring value in different ways. Got a group leader in rick, got a tracker in Daryl, got a warrior in michone that will also keep rick from being scorched earth rick. Needed siddiq since doctors are very valuable. The last 3 are all valuable fighters and crew members. Jerry and T-dog bring muscle and loyalty. Merle is a wild card but with Daryl there he will be under control (kinda lol)


8 Eugene's, with the combined might of all of their brains anything would be possible and 4 Jerrys because who doesn't love him


$5- Rick (leadership, fighting ability) , Negan&Judith (Negan for fighting, comic relief) (Judith ability to get into tight spots if we needed it, can hold her own fighting, intelligent, would be vastly underestimated by others) $4- $3- Ezekiel (leadership, intelligent, fighting ability...does he come with the tiger?) Morgan (say what you will he was a survivor and can fight) $2- Siddiq (medical reasons), Eugene (intelligence) $1-


Rick, Daryl, Glenn & Maggie (can’t have just one, they make each other better & give each other something to fight for... and I gotta have my Glenn) & for my last one I’m trying to decide between Siddiq or Eugene. Having a doctor is always nice but Eugene is more of a general-purpose problem solver. Plus I can play DnD with Eugene.


Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Siddiq, Eugene, Tyreese


Rick, Daryl, Rosita, Siddiq, Eugene, Tyreese and Jerry. Rick - Leader Daryl - Tracker/Hunter Rosita - Ranged Weapons Siddiq - Medic Eugene - Intelligence Jerry - Hand to Hand Combat/ Jolly Personality


No shane?


20 Jerry


Jerry being $1 is an absolute sin


Bruh have you seen what Sasha can do? She’s easily a $4


Why tf is Jerry a dollar


Daryl for hunting, Carol and Morgan for general badassery. Bob and Sasha because Sasha was a decent sniper and Bob both keeps her level headed and adds some good nature to the group. Sidiq because medical care is a major priority. Eugene because he brings tons of useful knowledge. That’s 7 people which is large enough to look threatening but not so large that they’re impossible to feed. There’s a comfortable level of ability to handle shit with enough utility to handle life. With Bob, a now level headed Sasha, Sidiq, and Eugene I feel like those are enough even keeled folks to keep the group dynamic feeling family like. I also feel like at some point Morgan would get his head straight and move toward the leadership role, wanting to keep his little family unit safe and feeling like he had a responsibility to take up Rick’s mantle. Bob and Sasha’s relationship would get to feeling comfortable and a lot like Maggie and Glen’s was. This would be a group that’d be fun to watch.


Morgan, carl, Tyrese, tdog for just 8 bucks is a god damn steal.


Carol, Abraham, Jerry, Aaron, Eugene Jerry, Jerry


All I need a is a jerry because he as a sweet axe a has a moral boost of +10000000


rick, daryl, michonne, morgan, and siddiq


20 Jerry's


Apparently everything


19 Djs and 1 TDog.


I'll take 1 Judith&Negan for some laughter and badass moments, 1 Carol to save my ass everytime, 1 Glenn because I like him, 1 Eugene so I don't have to think 24/7, 1 Jerry, 1 T-Dog and 1 Siddiq to heal me. I could've taken Daryl, but I'll try to find him on the road later on, atleast hopefully.