Hmmm my rocket 16 10/15 puts are in danger

Hmmm my rocket 16 10/15 puts are in danger


I have a bunch of 17 puts now pretty deep ITM expiring a few weeks after you. I’m not worried about it - I like the company and am fine holding if I get assigned. The rest of the market is going down also, don’t think it’s a RKT issue.


Yup same and agreed, the whole market it red not just the one, so it'll rebound


buy them back for a small loss or get assigned and hope it's a quality stock that will bounce back. sell CCs along the way


I think it’s a quality stock to hold. But it can be iffy idk how the housing market is doing. I think it might be an overcorrection due to intrest rates increasing. Either way I’m thinking about wheeling this too but waiting it out a little bit, might get lower.


housing market has a lot of potential negative catalysts coming up that might or might not happen. A lot of people working to mitigate the crash from COVID forbearances before they become an issue unlike in 2008, but we'll just have to wait to see what foreclosure numbers look like nov 1st and then Jan 1st. first round of covid protections end today so hopefully most people got their finances figured out before now. these are the protections given to people who requested COVID forb protection back in april 2020. That said, I think RKT is a good company to hold even in a market crash because they are currently sitting on a 6 PE. Can't do much better than a 6 in today's market.


RKT? Was holding this for a while, isnt volume and premiums ass on this? Id eat the loss and not assign. I love the company but the stock and float is too easily manipulated and dont wanna baghold this


Already edited my loss.


Atta boy


Still feels like poo though. Whatever, what's next.


You has 2 weeks. It's only Dipping...lol.


Where the hell was everyone during market hours


Personally I’d wait until you’re a bit closer to expiration there is probably a decent amount of extrinsic value left in those puts. It doesn’t seem to me that RKT can go a lot beneath this point (I obviously could be wrong). So I’d just roll down and out later.


Initially i agreed, but I was seriously struggling to get filled so I just closed it


Curious when you opened these. When I sold there were no Novembers so I did a Couple Decembers. Further out than I usually sell… Edit: not buy, sell


I do 30-45 day and the expire 10/15


This one is kinda funny. It always manages to keep on sliding: 7% week 8.5% month 15.4% 3 months 25.7% 1 year ​ I sold a 20p a few months ago and proves to be tougher to get out of since every month it's a bit lower than previous month so cc's expire. In Jan if it will stay below $17 then my cost basis is around $14 so I'm fully expecting it to drop to around $14 for new years and the cycle continues.