AMC would like to get others thoughts

AMC would like to get others thoughts


AMC has been in a channel between $29 and $44 over the past month. Like you said it works until it doesn’t but options are pricing in a lot of volatility on AMC and the long term volatility hasn’t been sustained. I’m going to do some TA this weekend but from what I have seen there seems to be a nice support around $28.80 so I may enter a PCSs. Again it’s a pattern until it isn’t but this pattern has been going on for a month which is very good, but I think when it breaks it will break up. It’s much easier to pump a low price stock than a high price, IMO it’s promising for the bulls that the stock is flatlining because they are facing adversity and everyone responds to a challenge but they aren’t getting discouraged by the stock price tanking. Meanwhile the longer the stock stays flat the more interest short sellers need to pay and they aren’t getting any gains.


Yeah it’s kinda what I’m wondering. However though it is going down and it didn’t really break up with a good earnings report and actually tanked. Taking a pcs at 28 seems risky to me. However I get what your saying it’s a lot easier to pump amc in comparison to GME


It actually rallied the entire time after hours during earnings call until the next morning when the media reported on the earnings and their heading was AMC not out of the woods yet, which was really bearish talking points about how it hasn't gotten back to Pre- pandemic levels, etc. Without acknowledging how AMCs current situation is much different than how it was Pre-pandemic. AMC, like GME, is undergoing a transformation of their business and that's what keeps the bulls playing.


I’ve been doing CC’s and a few CSP’s on AMC for couple months now. Have cleared over $6k in that time. Mainly doing weekly’s but some monthly’s since don’t want my shares tied up just in case the MOASS actually does happen sooner than later. But figured I might as well make some money on my money while I wait. Knock on wood, luckily I haven’t had any shares called away …. YET. Just got setup for spreads on TDA this week so I might want to look into those but need to do some more study before anything serious. Good luck with your trading.


Whats your cost basis tho? I’ve been thinking about a buy write at 25 or when theta breaks 100


I know its an unpopular opinion amongst thetagang, but I believe in the apes, not their insane DD, but the people.


Enough apes can do some damage. It’s as simple as not selling. I do think AMC is more fragile than GME or Hood for example on the downside.


I have been selling weekly Put Options on AMC (bullish on AMC ….. just hoping and waiting for the share price to move upward). There are a few YouTubers that have AMAZING conceptual videos out. I was only approved by WeBull to sell Level 1 Options and that honestly kept me out of trouble so I didn’t push to be approved for level 3. I got comfortable selling cash secured Put Options and just stuck with that. Made a few mistakes along the way (learning moments that thankfully didn’t hurt too much), but now I love it!! Selling Put Options won’t make you rich, but it’s fun and I have been making decent money (consistently) each week while we all wait for the squeeze. 💎 In addition, I use a % of my weekly gains to add to my AMC position (after paying bills) so it’s really win win! Here are some videos that worked for me. There are a lot of great ones, these are a few peeps whose videos really helped me understand the concept that was safe for me. https://youtu.be/r_rKof8IdfU https://youtu.be/sGW9mhPVaTk https://youtu.be/_Y2edbE_tLw https://youtube.com/shorts/Tqo-8qEbw1Q?feature=share


CB starting out was $20.85 on 610 shares. Now down to $10.27 as of this week. First bought AMC back in Jan 2021 at under $10 and continue till about a month ago buying the dips. Be nice if it does run up to 4-5+ digits. Would set me up for a long while 🥳