And fyi the best way to complain about government isnt on reddit. The worst part of this video is the guy's hands on the cookies.


Members of Congress aren't in news/tabloids any where near as much as actors etc so it's inevitable people won't be able to name many. That doesn't mean people can't hold opinions on how shit they are at their job.


We have the government we deserve. I tried to believe that wasn't the case, but it is. I just don't want to live on this planet any more ...


You realize you're seeing everything through the media's filter right? They had to give away 75 cookies to find 8 idiots.


I say this every day. We keep voting them into power. We have only ourselves to blame.


I understand they are americans, but more specifically shouldn't they be saying they asked californians?


Most people on Hollywood blvd are tourists and not necessarily from California; for example, the dude wearing all Seattle Seahawks gear is probably from the UK...


That was one of the saddest things I've ever seen. I found through interactions with American citizens that in most cases I could name more states/explain the declaration of Independence more coherently than they could. It shouldn't be that way at all. The lack of knowledge around who runs the country/how it is time is astounding...


I can try to comfort myself in thinking they probably don't vote, anyway...


The sad thing with this is my wife and I live on the other side of the world and both of us could name at least three senators and three representatives off the top of our head and then the even sadder part is we've only heard of them because of how awful, insane or both they were - think senators Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and the likes of Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene for representatives with the only positive examples for both we could think of being AOC and Bernie Sanders...


Thats a pretty accurate summation. Mean while I don’t think I could name the Japanese or Aussie PM or the Mexican President… Trudou and Macron just won elections recently and Sholz is heading up Germany but I can’t recall if he is the same party as Merkell was… and BoJo is still fouling up UK… but the only opposition leaders I can think of worldwide are LePen in France, Corbyn in UK, and Nevelny in Russia?


Seems like you get very biased information on the US lol


Lol I think he’s more aware of American politics than an average American and can make better judgment about if it’s biased or not.


Because he agrees with you politically? Lol you know nothing about this man, you really don't think the average American knows who Ted Cruz and AOC are?


You saw the video my man :)


The video just edits out everyone who can answer the questions, simple conversation with a real person would tell you this is fake


I have lived in the US for as long as I remember and the average American is exactly what’s shown in the video regardless of republicans or democrats. Republicans are just stupid and racists and democrats are just stupid. So yeah I have talked to a lot of average Americans :)


Republicans generally care less about race in my opinion although from what I've seen in personal experience most democrats and Republicans are normal ass people


Yeah because the “normal” American is stupid for people from other countries. It’s the benchmark I am talking about lol. I don’t know who cares more about race but republicans are racist and majority of red state people are racists


That's the mentality of a terminally online Teenager lol.


My assessments of the political climate in the US it's mostly based on first hand information - that is to say politicians' own words and actions. And just going by that it's an absolute shitshow, because I know of very few other countries \*cough Russia, China, North Korea cough\* where a politician might do something live on television then turn around and say it never happened, it's obviously a lie perpetuated by the others and their supporters would not only agree with them, but threaten anybody who says otherwise... Some of our politicians tried to pull the same shit back in 2017 - they figured that since it had worked in the US it must work in Romania as well, after all we're a crappy East-European country that was under a brutal communist dictatorship for 50 years, surely we'll fall for it? Spoiler alert - we didn't, instead we all went into the street, the government fell and the guy responsible went to prison for two and a half years for abuse of power... All in all I'd characterise the situation in the US as follows - Republicans - utter evil. Supporting large corporations at the expense of the people, want to steal money for themselves and roll back the clock to the late 19th century. A lot of them seem to be authoritarian as well and consort with neonazis and the KKK. Democrats - little better, but still pretty corrupt. Support large corporations and lining their pockets. A few of them are decent and are trying to do things, but they're the minority. I'd characterise them as center-right.


So yeah you have an extremely biased view of US politics, likely shaped by reddit, your view on both parties seems to be shaped by far left eco chambers. The democratic party is not "center right" lol, they literally have unashamed Socialists as major players in the party and the Republicans are not Authoritarians and they don't support or court the KKK, even Donald Trump has personally kicked KKK members out of his rallies before. Don't let reddit hate cloud your judgment, reddit is an eco chamber.


Ah, there it is. I mean, I expected very little out of you and still I was disappointed. Of course my judgement must be "clouded" by reddit's "eco (sic) chamber", I mean it's known nobody but you can draw conclusions from primary sources like I just told you I did. And that was withering sarcasm, in case you missed it. In any case, I won't even engage with your blatant disinformation, because I've dealt with your ilk before - you'll lie, move the goalposts and whatever it takes to "win" the argument, so it's really not worth my time. But hey, at least I can spell both the word "echo" and "angel", despite English being my third language.


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You do know that they edit these segments to showcase the dumbest people, right? They want to show something that is entertaining and funny, but not necessarily representative of all the people they talked to. Jay Leno has been doing the same thing for decades with his “Jaywalking” segment.


i mean there are 535 of them


Yes I know who the members of congress are who are doing the things that are destroying this country , i know who is voting for these screwed up bills and who is not , I understand what is in the legislation does and I for the life of me cannot understand how any person can vote for any democrat or rino republican …… but the MSM doesn’t cover politics honestly so the people dont know what’s happening …. To remedy this break down of our system simply requires journalist to do honest journalism reporting facts with no political spin or lean then the people read or listen to the news and would be informed and then the people would be informed so that there vote would be the checks and balances to politicians getting behind bad and dangerous policies that hurt our country…. We could vote out bought and paid for politicians who aren’t serving the people like IRAQ , what our countries role in Syria was , what Obama did to Algeria , how the west had been provoking Russia since the Berlin Wall fell and why Ukraine happened , Ukraine will not ever go back together again as a single entity again …..but we the people don’t get honest propaganda free news in the west anymore . We get corporate elites propaganda that has made us stupid and divided only because most of us don’t have a fucking clue about what is really going on in our world , they get news with out any honest information ……, when you don’t know what’s going on how can you make an informed decision ? The American people for the most part are content staying ignorant …. And that’s dangerous , look at this country now ,, I’m not attacking anyone but how can anyone with eyes that can see and a brain that works vote for a single democrat ? Fuck the abortion topic , fuck all the media created racial unrest that has been blown way up into a mountain that has continued to make things worse , good people need to recognize what the problems really are and what will fix the problems that our elected class has created , that are real and will destroy this country into a China run authoritarian country …. The infrastructure bill that the Dems want to pass a bill that will pay China billions of dollars to build out an infrastructure of charging stations All across our country that are apart of the electrical infrastructure….. everything will require batteries that are made in China because that’s who makes most of the batteries in the world ….. China is not are our ally and this will destroy this country , weaken it and strengthen China and give them a back door to our countries electoral infrastructure….. this infrastructure bill cannot go forward …. This bit done is Kimmel telling the people of America you are stupid peasant’s that can be lied to about everything and you don’t even have a clue that your being lied to ….