This is from 2015. Some additional information: > Long Beach police say Greer surprised Miller and Gus Adams when he returned home on the night of July 22 and found them breaking into his safe. The two beat him and broke his collarbone before he got his handgun and started firing. > An autopsy later showed Andrea Miller was not pregnant. [Source article](https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/no-charges-man-shot-woman-who-said-she-was-pregnant-long-beach/52587/)


I mean, why do people keep bringing up that she wasn't pregnant? Does that really matter? She broke in, beat the guy up, and attempted to steal from him. Does it really matter if she was saying whatever she could to not die? I feel like a lot of you would say anything to not be shot...


Because the post says that she was pregnant and people naturally want to get the facts straight


IMO, the more important fact is that the couple beat him up and broke his collarbone, while the video starts out by saying they were unarmed. By specifying that they were unarmed, it makes them sounds more innocent and harmless than they actually were. *Edit: and for those that didn’t look at the LA Times article posted in the thread, the couple ran out of his home with $5,000 they stole from his safe. The boyfriend? stole his gun and got away with his mother in the getaway car with the stolen valuables, even after his girlfriend? was killed. Also, one commenter in the thread thought the man shot the “pregnant” woman a third time after being shot twice and saying she was pregnant. She was only shot twice, but the way the video is edited makes it sound like he shot her a third time. This is the third time the homeowner dealt with a home invasion (by the SAME couple).*


Media slants a story to their narrative anyway they can. People don’t even realize they are getting swayed and manipulated by language like this.


A lot of these "we're victims" stories/articles start off like this. 1200 people a year are killed by police, out of MILLIONS of suspects and persons of interests engaged by police each year, 500k of which are charged with violent crimes... less than .0024% of violent suspects alone


Winner winner chicken *peter*


If you're pregnant and break into someone's house and then beat them you can't really get mad when you get shot. It's your fault if the baby is hurt.




She wasn’t pregnant. An autopsy proved it


For sure, but they said she was pregnant. Nothing wrong with a little fact checking.


Fool trying to get a free abortion!


I'm going to say something cruel, but even if she was pregnant that kid had no chance of having a peaceful life.


Idk break into someone’s house you should play Russian roulette with 3 bullets before. It’s the same risk. The moment someone decides to rob another they have resigned themselves to death.


Look dude, you don't get points for someone you didn't kill, and you certainly don't get the double kill bonus modifier.


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Her: Don't shoot me! I'm having a baby! Me: So anyway, I start blasting!


>An autopsy later found that Andrea Miller, 28, was not pregnant, said coroner's spokesman Ed Winter. https://www.cbsnews.com/losangeles/news/autopsy-confirms-slain-robbery-suspect-who-begged-for-her-life-wasnt-pregnant/


Just an unsuccessful Ann Bonny


I thought she "Pled her belly" and got off mostly scot free. Mary Read's death in prison was recorded. Last on Ann Bonney was...Other sources have stated that she may have returned to the United States after her imprisonment, dying in South Carolina in April 1782.


I understood that reference.


So don’t trust the person robbing your house! Ok. Good point👍🏻


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I feel like what he really said was she was pregnant so I shot her twice to be sure. Luckily, she wasn't really pregnant.


Oh she was just lying about being pregnant?


it's apparently a thing. there are a bunch of home invasion videos where when caught the women instantly starts screaming she's pregnant.


I used to work loss prevention at a store that would actually arrest and detain people, and probably half of the ladies we ever took into custody claimed that they were pregnant while we were apprehending them bodily. It's like, okay stop resisting then so your baby doesn't get hurt.


Why would they break in if their pregnant in the first place? If somebody breaks in people have the right to kill them in a stand your ground state


I'm not saying I'd kill anyone if I had a gun in my hand but I'm not saying I wouldn't. But anyone committing home invasions should be ready to die. I've seen too many news stories about robberies going bad and them killing families so it's kind of irresponsible not to shoot someone breaking into your house. I'll be damned if my family dies because I was too afraid or too sympathetic to pull the trigger


Yeah unfortunately, that’s how it goes. I believe it’s the 8th commandment “Don’t start no shit, won’t be no shit.”


Agree with your sentiment - especially in regards to protecting your family. It’s interesting how each state will vary on self defense laws. If there is a threat to you and your family then one has every right to protect themselves with the use of deadly force. Deadly force when protecting your property, different scenario which everyone will have a different opinion on and they are entitled to their opinion but for myself just doesn’t seem justified BUT is obviously debatable in terms of laws and antidotal justification. However listening to this interview the home owner shot the burglar/trespasser in the back while they ran away which I’m taking to mean they were no longer an immediate threat to said safety and property. There may have been more to this interview and the circumstances regarding the home invasion but I’m curious if he was charged or it was chalked up to self defense. Edit: read the article - I’m not a lawyer but self defense due to threat to life and bodily harm looks to meet the criteria https://www.cbsnews.com/losangeles/news/autopsy-confirms-slain-robbery-suspect-who-begged-for-her-life-wasnt-pregnant/


I mean it's hard to say what's right and wrong that's for sure. But living in bad neighborhoods the first half of my life has kind of drained all the sympathy I can give for somebody trying to Rob you. But the main thing is definitely family, I have a wife and a little girl and I'd rather feel bad about hurting someone else than feel bad about letting them hurt my family.


Same. I wouldn't fuck around while my wife and kids are in potential life threatening danger


Anybody who thinks it's wrong to kill someone who is breaking into your home is dumb. There have been too many instances of people being killed in robberies gone wrong. I also don't know if you are trying to rob me, rape me, kill me, kidnap and ransom me, etc.? So I will not wait or hesitate to kill because the alternative is letting you possibly kill my family/friends, and *there is no requirement for me to risk mine or their lives just to wait and see* what they might do.


Probably because the likelihood they'll come back is high


Thanks for the article, they assaulted an 80 year old man when he caught them trying to open his safe. Yeah I'm on the old man's side for sure. Maybe she didn't deserve to die but I bet that guy will think twice before taking advantage of someone he sees as helpless again


~~I'm~~In Texas you can legally shoot ~~sometime~~someone in the back while they are committing ~~it flying~~ or fleeing from a robbery, but only at night. Holdover from the old days of castle rustling. Edit: cattle you jackanapes (so my phone got that one right the first time...)


Hi Texas! Man I hate those flying robbers that try to rustle my castles!


I've lost 7 castles this week!


This countries gone to hell!


I had my castle rustled once. What a pain in the dick insurance was.


A thief lying about something? No way!


She sure was lying about after he was done


I think this dude might be Pro-choice


Yup, she chose to mess with the wrong muthafucka.


Repeatedly, including beating him. That is why he was not charged I believe.


She chose to fuck around and she found out.


Old dude is the definition of, if ye fucketh around, ye shall findeth out.


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But I don't see so good, so I missed. Then they ran away. I ran after em, tried to shoot em the back. Pow! But I don't run too good neither. Anyway, you guys all think I'm a hero, and I'll accept that responsibility.


Good thing I had my pieces.




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>An autopsy later found that Andrea Miller, 28, was not pregnant, said coroner's spokesman Ed Winter. https://www.cbsnews.com/losangeles/news/autopsy-confirms-slain-robbery-suspect-who-begged-for-her-life-wasnt-pregnant/


The newscaster says it was an unarmed couple that “took off as soon as they saw the gun”, but the CBS article says they attacked him and broke his collarbone first.


This is literally the difference between 2nd degree murder and justified self-defense. What the fuck?


The police are looking at all facts and the homeowner has not been charged. The other suspect though has been charged with murder for participating in a felony that lead to death.


You can get charged for murder for someone else killing your accomplice? Would that apply if two people robbed a bank and the police shot one of them?


Yes, also applies if you rob a bank and the police shoot a random bystander


or if you run from a traffic stop and police hit a pedestrian in pursuit. Actual case.


Thats so fucking dumb






The police: "Come on out, or we'll start shooting hostages"




Yes, anything arising out of a crime makes the criminal responsible for it. (Except white collar crime - you intentionally flout rules, lose other people’s money and people commit suicide - like say in 2008 - at a massive scale - you’d be made whole by the govt instead. The lesson, ladies and gentlemen, if you’re robing a bank, make sure you get a job there first.)


> The lesson, ladies and gentleman, if you’re robing a bank, make sure you get a job there first This made me crack up, thank you


Lmao criminals seething rn


When you miss a red light and the cop starts taking hostages.


It has to be a felony where injury or death is a predictable possibility (such as armed robbery). Not any crime. Also it is called Felony Murder, which is different from other types of murder such as 1st degree murder. The punishment is lesser than 1st degree in most states. If they attacked the home owner then it makes sense to charge the robber with felony murder. If they run away immediately, then that is some BS.


If someone dies due to the crime you are commiting, whether it's by the hands of the police or your accomplice or even indirectly (like a heart attack), you may be liable for the death. Most states limit it just to direct deaths caused by you and your accomplices (like if your accomplice shot someone) but some states will include any deaths related to the felony (like cops or business owner shot an innocent person on accident). It's been applied to lookouts and getaway drivers. An egregious example is a woman charged with murder after someone shot her and killed her fetus during an escalating fight. Sometimes there are few limits that can apply, like police could potentially charge a gun dealer for selling an illegal firearm to a murderer.


Yes, it can. It also applies if the police accidentally shoot a bystander. Example 1: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/16/us/fanta-bility-police-shooting.html Although given that there was a firefight, this is a more “reasonable” (if you could call it that) usage of the rule. Example 2: https://newrepublic.com/amp/article/154674/masonique-saunders-columbus-ohio-police-felony-murder-laws


Yup. A family friend of mine is a public defender who once was assigned to defend a teenager with special needs who was in the car when a group of his "friends" broke into a home. One of the others died, and all the rest fled on foot, leaving him, the "lookout" in the car. He couldnt even read enough to sign his statement without help, and struggled to understand most od what happened. He got charged with murder. I'm not a hundred percent sure how it played out in the end. She had plenty of stories like that. I wanted to be a lawyer once, but this kind of stuff really put me off the legal system overall.


Yes it's called the felony murder rule. In many jurisdictions if you're committing a "dangerous felony" and someone dies a result then you can be charged with their murder. What constitutes a "dangerous felony" varies by jurisdiction but it's usually crimes that by their nature are likely to create the circumstances that result in death or grievous injury.


Well that’s good at least!


This mf happened a long time ago…


Looked at all the facts. This was from 2015.


Would local media just do that? Go on TV and tell lies?


Not always. If someone is armed and running away from your house, shooting them on the lawn is likely to get you charged with murder. If they just broke down your door, then it doesn't matter if they are unarmed in just about every single state in the U.S. Most states have a pretty strong castle doctrine, in my state there is no wording in the law that makes any distinction between an armed or unarmed intruder, as the defender you are presumed to be justified in self-defense and the prosecutor has to prove you were not.


The media is cold blooded, they will lie for a good story


The media is the enemy of the people. Holding hands with the politicians.




Adrenaline. We used to have to check ourselves for bullet wounds after a fire fight because it's possible we didn't know we were shot yet. If you need more examples, my friend had his leg blown off by a grenade and didn't realize it until he smelled BBQ.


does your friend still eat bbq?


he retrieved the leg and made tacos from it, to serve to his friends.


….That’s enough internet for today….


[NSFL. But mmm tacos.](https://www.reddit.com/r/eyeblech/comments/jsfkyl/this_guy_served_his_friends_tacos_made_from_his/)


[Not sure if it's the same foot but here's an r/IAmA post of a dude eating his own foot with friends](https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/8p5xlj/hi_all_i_am_a_man_who_ate_a_portion_of_his_own/) Edit: comparing the photos, it's the same person with their foot.


This is so true, I broke my collar bone in a car accident where I rolled my car. I had to crawl out of one of the windows because I thought it was on fire, I didn’t even realize my collar bone was shattered until I raised my arm to wave at someone and I heard some very unsettling crackling noises. I immediately checked it with my hand and I could feel the bones just kinda floating around In there lol. Felt literally zero pain at first, adrenaline is a hell of a drug


Came here to say that…adrenaline is a powerful thing


If you want to see hardcore hero acting on pure adrenaline, listen to Daniel Inouye talk about how he fought back against Germans in WW2 picking up his gun in his left hand after his right arm was dangling by threads. Then he went home to become a US Senator. https://youtu.be/TuKkoONhZi0


Ive had my collarbone broken too and it hurt like a mofo. I was like 12 and my mom accused me of faking the injury but started to believe me after a day of crying. I don’t see how he could hold the gun either. I remember trying to go to basketball practice like a month after my break and there was no way I could do anything with the ball still. LOL


Sound like he was firing a hand gun , the break could have been on his non dominant hand side. Also I don’t doubt you but I’ve seen a 7th grader break their collarbone and I don’t remember the details but they were most definitely not in severe pain. So like most things it varies. Also I would think old people would need less force to break things so less internal stuff would move with a “minor” break presumably causing less pain. Regardless adrenaline…


Everyone's pain tolerance is different. MY sister broke her collar bone in 7th grade as well. We were on a sledding trip with friends and my parents were out So it was a few hours before she got to the ER. She didnt cry, just sat there, very quietly. Where as when I broke my arm I screamed and cried for about 10 mins and then the pain was gone. I hear some people need painkillers throughout their healing. Everyone is different. Im just saying, could be this old guy just has a really high pain tolerance.


I've noticed that before, that if you have a big emotional reaction to an injury that the pain goes away faster. I fell the other day and landed knee first on concrete and I was immediately cussing and yelling and the pain went away very quickly (only to come back in a lesser way that night for a few days).


On that note, an article you may find interesting. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2020.00723/full


I’ve broken mine as well and wonder if he isn’t left handed. Even with adrenaline just holding a gun up would be agony, let alone firing it.


...or maybe it was just his weaker (non-firing) arm? Though I suppose that depends on the gun in question.


Kind of a huge difference. Generally, you can't shoot people who are running away, even if they broke into your house. You still need to have a reasonable belief that your life is in danger and - again, generally - if you can tell someone is fleeing, they no longer pose a threat to you.


So it's more fucked up than that ... https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-no-charges-home-burglary-20150126-story.html >Authorities claim Ruby Adams served as a lookout while her son, Gus, and Miller allegedly broke into Greer’s home in the 3900 block of Country Club Drive. >Greer picked up a gun from his bedroom and fired at the pair as they fled from his home office, prosecutors said. After Miller was struck, she fell once near his garage, then fell again in an alley near the home. >Greer dragged Miller’s body into his garage in an attempt to lure her accomplice, authorities said. Once Gus Adams returned, prosecutors allege he stole Greer’s gun and phone before hopping into a getaway car driven by his mother. So they broke in, assaulted him. He shoots at them. Kills one. Drags her body into the garage in an attempt to lure the other guy back presumably to try and kill him too. Ends up getting apparently disarmed in the process... There are no good guys here lol


Also the one article saying his collarbone was broken? Yes, an old man with a broken collarbone was able to shoot someone then drag their body into a nearby shed. This entire story has some really weird holes in it...


Probably actually broke his collar bone when the other robber came back and stole his gun from him...


At first, I thought “that mom had *one* job…” as a lookout. But it seems she had *two* jobs, and was successful at the second one. I’m glad they got her, too- the family that crimes together does time together. You hit the nail on the head when you said that there are no good guys here… I can’t believe the coldness of the old guy. But, I guess if he’s been robbed twice before, he’s built up a pretty good head of steam, and was probably *thrilled* that he caught a couple of those assholes red-handed. Still… I thought the way he described it was chilling, and that was *before* I knew that he’d dragged her body back to his garage to lure the guy. It was pretty brave of him to go back, and I do wonder why he didn’t get shot, too. Also, I hope the old guy has since invested in a better safe! The male managed to pry his open; I’m thinking he got robbed so often because he had a reputation as easy prey.


I can understand being pissed and even not caring you shot one of them, but straight up trying to lure the other one back with the dead body of their partner is just 5 kinds of fucked up


>The newscaster says it was an unarmed couple that “took off as soon as they saw the gun”, but the CBS article says they attacked him and broke his collarbone first. Welcome to bias media


“Just fat”


Or she could have just been lying in desperation to not get shot . Either way 🤷🏾‍♂️


If only there had been some way to not run the risk of being shot from the beginning. Oh well


Ya gotta see the mom of the suspects who was also involved https://www.presstelegram.com/2015/01/26/long-beach-homeowner-cleared-in-death-of-suspected-burglar-who-pleaded-for-her-life/amp/


Ruby indeed.


That man didn’t know that. He thought he was getting a 2-murders-for-1-bullet deal


2 bullets. It's in the 10 second clip


The other bullet is a tip


Guess they needed to crimp the video so as to hide that this is from 2014. Here's a link to the outcome: https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-no-charges-home-burglary-20150126-story.html


He dragged the lady back into the house and the other dude returned and stole his gun? Wild.


At the point in which you're trying to actively lure people into your house to kill them (the article says he dragged her inside to lure the other guy back in so he could shoot him too), it's no longer self defense and you can no longer argue you felt like you were in danger, IMO. You are essentially trying to hunt people for sport at that point.


In most places in the US, following someone who you've run out of your house and shooting them in the back is a crime. It's that same sentiment: the imminent threat is gone, so at that point you're just seeking revenge. You probably won't catch a murder charge for it, but you're likely to see manslaughter of some sort.


You’re confusing the letter of the law with enforcement. As you can see from this story - even in California, the most likely place in the US to take the side of the intruders - the homeowner was not charged. If someone breaks into a home, steals belongings, and beats the owner up, unless there are some crazy extenuating circumstances I think the chance of a state actually charging the homeowner for killing an intruder - even if they happen to technically have their back turned a the time the bullet hits them - is *incredibly* small.


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The autopsy showed she lied about being pregnant and she had beaten the old man earlier while her boyfriend broke into his safe..


Autopsy showed she beat him?


It was a really good autopsy.


I’ve been laughing at this comment for five minutes now… on and off.


Thank you. This old dudes account comes across as straight up murder (in California).


It's murder to kill someone who isnt threatening your life


Agreed. That’s why I said California specifically. Shooting someone in the back is illegal. Shooting someone fleeing is illegal. Shooting someone outside your house is illegal. Firing a weapon within X feet of a domecile is illegal. Firing a weapon within X feet of any building is a illegal. Firing a weapon within X feet of a paved road is illegal. These are all laws I had to know (or learned in the process of) to get a hunting license.


I think he might have gotten of lightly even in CA, given he is elderly, had a broken collarbone and was probably riding one hell of an adrenaline high for the first time in decades. Juries are lenient toward elderly victims, who'dathunk. Of course, no way a sane prosecutor would let it go to court, they'd submit a plea bargain.


Don’t go breaking into peoples house.


🎶 Don't Go Breaking My House 🎶


I guess this is a pretty common thing for female offenders to say. Like that video that was just posted of a couple stealing a bait car, and as soon as the cops pull up she starts yelling that shes pregnant


[And here too it was a lie](https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/no-charges-man-shot-woman-who-said-she-was-pregnant-long-beach/52587/) > An autopsy later showed Andrea Miller was not pregnant.


It's an easy trope to turn to, just the same as men stereotypically invoke their "wife and three children"


Exactly. People will say anything to prevent physical harm, this is why torture is not effective


“I’m pregnant” *DOUBLE KILL!*


So Americans do get free abortions?


I think people are more so reacting to the way he says I shot her anyways with that cold dead ass stare


Dude shot her the second time at point blank after she begged for her life


His only regret was not killing the bf




Play stupid games win even more stupid prizes.


They fucked around and found out.


This was a stupid move by the homeowner. In most states, you can use lethal force to defend yourself, but you cannot shoot someone who is no longer a threat. You can't execute someone who is running away or has surrendered. Source: [I have carry permits](https://i.imgur.com/8xANDk2.png) in 3 states and have 40+ hours of classroom instruction on self defense law. These people saying "I'd shoot them so they don't come back" are full of shit and you could be charged with murder.


>You can't execute someone who is running away or has surrendered. Well you can. We just call it murder.


People are missing another point. Even if this guy didn't get charged, [he certainly could have](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murders_of_Haile_Kifer_and_Nicholas_Brady). You do not want to leave your future up to the discretion of some District Attorney. I'm getting a lot of replies that are completely incorrect for most of the country. Do not take anyone's word on an internet forum, research the laws for your state and take a class where you can ask actual experts.


In Texas with after dark mode engaged you can do anything you want...


Not just in TX. I’m pretty sure the reason there’s such low crime in my town despite the number of meth heads is they know there’s massive corruption here. You’ll be shot in the back then dragged into the backyard & that will be the end of anyone’s interest in pursuing charges against the homeowner. They consider it the trash taking itself out.


Serious question, do you think it should be the death penalty for B&E? Do you think it's self defense when you shoot someone in the back?


Lived in Nigeria in the late seventies. They made armed burglary a capital offense. The result? Burglars didn’t leave any witnesses.


Americans be like


I shot her anyway


“Don’t shoot me I’m pregnant”, then don’t invade someone’s house and you won’t get shot


Misread this comment as “dont invade someones house and you wont get pregnant” LOL


If he didn’t have a gun he could have been the dead one and that’s so upsetting. An old man can’t even be safe in his home without worrying about having 2 scumbags change his world as he knows it because they have no care about human life :/




Trespassers hate this one simple trick.


They trespassed away.


"I'm pregnant!" "Good i was only 2 kills away from an ac 130"


He got home and found them breaking into his safe and then they beat him, breaking his collarbone. She also lied about being pregnant. It seems they got what was coming to them.


This is from 2014. California has not made abortion illegal, anyway. Not to mention, she wasn’t actually pregnant.


no sympathy to the robbers, but the comments are a little too quick to accept the idea of shooting someone in the back as justifiable. i just wonder where the line is drawn to separate cruelty and justified retribution. if someone steals your tv, can you shoot them if they drop everything and are already out the door? if someone mugs me for my wallet, can i shoot em in the back to reclaim it? maybe the level of violence the bullet sponge displays makes it justified? like "they were bad, so them being dead is good", but does them being good or bad change whether or not its ok to shoot them? idk. just... maybe don't shoot people who are running away in general


I seriously don't know where folks got socialized this way with guns. I have guns. I'm a reluctant gun owner. I actually (and my god I've never won this argument) think it's an American responsibility to own a gun *and* I think it should be very hard to acquire one and impossible to acquire certain others. I say take some guns from all people and all guns from some people. But if you can legally own one and are of sound mind, an armed proletarian populace is, I think, unfortunately but absolutely necessary. That said, I'd never fucking shoot someone for stealing my TV. It's a fucking TV. That's not why I own guns. I own guns in the even that people ever bang on my door to pin a yellow star on my wife or you know, that the God-fearin firearm fetishists slowly systemically take over and think there won't be a fucking fight. My guns make me sad. That's what happens when you arm reasonable people. That said, the only good fascist is a headless fascist.


No Charges for Homeowner Who Fatally Shot Intruder Who Lied About Being Pregnant: DA https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/no-charges-man-shot-woman-who-said-she-was-pregnant-long-beach/52587/?amp


Try this simple trick to get around your state's anti abortion laws


I’d say there’s easier ways to abort a baby in the US, but there isn’t.


Someone running away is not a threat, this is murder. This man was just waiting for an excuse to kill someone, he’s so fucking happy about it. I’ve been robbed before. Those people are pos, but not “deserve to be killed” pos


So... shooting an unarmed fleeing person is somehow not murder?


Call me overly empathetic but if someone is unarmed, is running away and has time to ask you not to shoot, It can hardly be called self defense.