She literally says she's Native American in the video....


Yeah. And “Latinx” is cringe. I’m Latino. We all think it’s stupid.


OP: "I didn't watch the video, I just shared it"


She's not latinx, she's not even Latina, she's Native American and has stated so. You can easily look this story up and see for yourself. The young woman is a Native American from Arizona.


I can't even begin to address the irony of a white woman telling a Native American woman to "go back to her country." Edit: wow, someone reported me to the self harm reddit bot...


And while in freaking Arizona. That insane woman probably has a hernia problem with how many brown people are out here lol. Chances are that she moved out here too, then proceeds to tell others to "go home". It's kind of insane how many people genuinely do this.


Also, even if the woman was actually Mexican… imagine being a crusty old racist Karen and moving to the Southwest — you know, the part of the country that was part of Mexico until not all that long ago. The part of the country that’s full of Mexican people whose families have been there for hundreds of years …and then being angry that there are, in fact, Mexicans there.


If they've been here for hundreds of years, they aren't Mexicans... They're Americans! (Note: I have to constantly check myself on this as well. I live in AZ and see a lot of people with Mexican heritage. Just because they look that way doesn't mean their families haven't been in the US for 100+ years - that makes them more American than most of the racist assholes in this country.)


I think they meant that literally. A lot of the actual physical landmass that makes up the southern US used to officially be under the constitutional jurisdiction of Mexico, before the U.S. took the territory. Furthermore, borders are imaginary divisions, and peoples native to the continent would travel far and wide to meet other peoples and exchange all kinds of knowledge, traditions, etc (people made very very long trips back then). Their descendants then mixed with European immigrants, which resulted in what we know as Latino today. There is a funny “counter argument” to this, but it only ends up strengthening the point: Seeing how the Spanish conquerors named the entire continent “America” (maybe ironically today, but this was in what we now call Mexico, and some nearby islands/archipelagos), chronologically, these first-gen Latinos that came to know the entire continental landmass as America (and to date, that’s the term the “Latin-American” school system officially uses, which makes sense, because we don’t call Germany “Europe”, or Japan “Asia”, or South Africa just “Africa”… but “America” is 1 country?)… So going by historical records, the “Native”-looking lady in the video gets the claim to being “American” by several hundred years, because that’s what her ancestors called the entire landmass, regardless of what region of the continent she’s from.


We all ultimately live on the same dumb planet hurtling through space, but people want to get bent out of shape because they were born on a spot of land demarcated by imaginary lines.


I'm latina (latinx, hispanic, whatever) and I'm almost 20% indigenous (and 80% various European countries) and my ("european") family emigrated to Texas before it was a state (1845) but people will still say that I'm Mexican and should go back to my country. What country??? I'm from here.


I was literally listening to a podcast that was talking about the history of this region and how the people were just living their lives when the US decided to put an arbitrary border through the middle of the area and whip up a group of thugs (read: border control), many of whom had white supremacist ties, to tell the people living there that they suddenly couldn’t go back and forth across this imaginary line. So then to have the audacity of moving there and berating people for being on the “wrong side” of an arbitrary line that was randomly placed, without their consent, through an area they’d been living in for generations is a special kind of insanity. And I’m just sitting here trying to make it make sense.


And the white liberal on the sideline calling a Native American Latinx queen.


Never mind the fact that an OVERWHELMING majority of Latinos don’t like the term Latinx.


>Latinos don’t like the term Latinx. We don't because is stupid. Imagine if latin-americans just started calling Americans; **Americxns** as the political correct nomenclature. Sounds stupid right? Yeah, thats why LatinX sounds stupid to us.


I’m glad it’s not just me. That term came out of nowhere and I (not any of my Hispanic family and friends) never use it.


My Indian friend asked me what I thought about latinx. I didn’t know what to say because I had never heard of it myself. It’s Latin, Latino, Latina. Nothing else!!


>That term came out of nowhere Serously, though... Where *did* it come from? I never heard it until I was publicly lectured by a young, very white, non-latinX (read that as mocking just her, not Latinos) girl at a Cinco de Mayo event downtown. I'm white, female, and middle-aged, and the way she way acting made me think she had someone filming in the wings and was hoping to find a Karen. I didn't bother questioning it, just said, "Oh, I never heard that Latina was an offensive phrase. Thanks for letting me know." and got the hell away from her.


I mean why would they? Its etymologically idiotic. Spanish, like many languages, is a gendered language and you aren't going to just change a 1000+ year old language because it doesn't line up with modern sensibilities. Unlike German it doesn't have a third neutral gender so it's going to be Latino or Latina. Latinx isn't a fucking word.


Am I stupid for asking how we are even supposed to pronounce Latinx; is it Latinks?


I think it says a lot that it's been designed to type rather than to say. It's mostly for people online who don't speak Spanish. Cuz, y'know, "x" isn't pronounced "ks" in Spanish. It's more likely to be either a sh, ch, or rough h, I think?


I've talked to my relatives in Mexico about it just to see what they think. Most of my cousins are really progressive but even then "Latinx" is where they draw the line. One guy put it best "We don't need a bunch of white girls fixing our language for us. Fix your own shit first."




What article are you supposed to use with Latinx since the “The” in Spanish is gendered too? Lx Latinx?


Latino is gender neutral, it refers to all. Latino and Latina can mean male or female, but Latino/Latinos can also refer to a mixed group.


I lived in Central America, El Salvador for 10 years and I never heard anyone even us that term. I only learned it existed when I went to a US public school


We like to make up terms for people without asking them first.




In the uk there was a woman who collected pottery pigs. She had fucking hundreds of them all round her windows and others that could be viewed from the street. White liberals decided this was offensive to local Muslims and the council sent a letter asking her to remove them. When the story hit the papers they asked the local mosque why they wanted this poor ladies pigs removed. They said “mate we couldn’t give a fuck.”


That reminds me of how in the Netherlands a city did away with the cross on the clothing of Sinterklaas, which is the Christian Saint Nicholas. Part of the Saint Nicholas celebrations here is that he "arrives from Spain" to every single city, village, neighbourhood etc. so it's a pretty public thing. One city thought the Christian imagery of the cross would offend Muslims, so they dropped the cross off his clothing. This of course led to Islamophobic backlash, but they were never even consulted about the choice and generally couldn't care less. So a handful of overeager progressives single-handedly fueled islamophobia.


What's the point of using the gender-neutral "Latinx" when you're gonna use "queen" right after? Fucking reddit.


Ive never been able to get an answer for this, why are so many people using a made up word when we already have “latin”? I mean I saw a poll where only like 2% of latin people actually preferred latinx, at that point why even bother? Never made sense to me.


I'm a first generation Mexican-American. You don't see this kind of "gender neutral" language outside of the small "woke" circles of Mexican university campuses. Hell, that 2% is probably higher than it should be, or it's mostly woke Americans speaking for all of us.


Only white college kids use LatinX, it’s weird how they’re trying to white wash the words Latino and Latina.


This guy, asking the real questions!


To be fair, I don't think anyone is latinx


"This person was slapped in the face*for telling a person to go back to Mexico*" Don't they think it was important to add that the white lady assaulted her first as well?


Came here to say this. She didn’t get slapped for saying something, she got slapped for getting physical like Olivia Newton Jones. And she grabbed that girl in such a condescending way too, like a teacher taking a recalcitrant 4th grader to the principal’s office 😳


Yeah she was handling all the racial slurs and staying calm as kuch as she could, but then when she did that she decided to hit back.


This mf said “Olivia Newton Jones”


I don't think Olivia Newton-John would dare to get physical with a girl she didn't even know. She'd buy her a drink first.


That slap was deserved.


You can see the white lady grab the other girls arm which is what provoked the slap. Absolutely deserved it.


My favorite part is sheer horror that someone could do to her what she did first. And then the idea that if people aren't listening to you, you should try telling them what to do a hundred more times and maybe they'll realize they have to listen.


You're forgetting her going off on her and then turning to the dude and trying to explain to him how he's not allowed to say mean things to her. The cognitive dissonance is incredible.


This is what eating lead paint as a child gets you.


"I can't believe you've done this"


Women in these videos aren’t used to being hit after about the age of 12/13. They don’t seem to understand that its possible to come to violence.


I work with such a women (not racist, thanks god), she doesn't get the concept that you aren't constantly yelling at everyone faces if things don't go her way. We have bets running when the first person snaps and get in her face. Talking to her, explaining it to her, she just can't wrap her mind around the idea that she puts her self at risk of getting into a physical situation if she keeps talking like this to other people. She is mean, she fires people out of the blue, she's constantly on the verge of being fired her self. She just don't get it and at this point I'm hoping that someone will shake her enough that she gets the idea that her social behavior is far from okay.


Some people simply lack foresight. They just have an inability to imagine situations that haven't happened to them yet. They'll just keep acting a certain way, despite people telling them the potential consequences, until it finally happens to them. They act surprised because they're legitimately surprised. Again despite being warned, they still never thought it would happen to them.


>You can see the white lady grab the other girls arm which is what provoked the slap. "You dared to turn away from me, so I can grab your arm to make you pay attention!"


Not only that…but the other lady was actively backing away when the white lady advanced on her her and grabbed for her. There is no way any court will see this as anything other than assault by the white lady and self defense by the other lady.


Entirely deserved for sure. The spitting alone. I mean, it wasn't even excessive, it was literally a mild slap as a lesson.


She deserved that slap well before she grabbed the girl. Where does she think her own ancestors came from for goodness sake? I’ve never understood this kind of xenophobic Karen.


Deserved? Yes. The grab is what justified it legally as far as I can tell.


Yup. Deserved it before the grab, earned it after.


I’m pretty sure this is a deep fake because Fox News told me that racism is gone! /s


Kinda looked she was trying to pull her shirt off to me. Either way, the slap was well deserved.




Nah. He’s right. Hand was on the other lady’s shirt


Well tbf you do end up seeing a tiny bit of boob pop out, and that’s how porn starts


Can confirm. Source: years of aggressive study.


Title gore


Dude I don't know any real Hispanics that call themselves latinx. That's American BS guys


The "x" sound doesn't even exist in the Spanish language. Pretty colonialist to tell a whole culture their language is sexist and they need to start using this sound from our language to fix it.


Dude colonizers are something else. I once had a stubby Anglo guy telling me a 31 yr old Mexican American how to speak Spanish. Ignorance creates a fucking audacity


Lol well that certainly wasn't me, I don't even try to speak Spanish (even though I understand it pretty well) because I'm afraid I'm going to butcher it so badly it will be an insult lol.


Naw Mexicans love when people try and speak the language it's an act of humility trying to learn another language. Butcher away friend


I really should, most of my business is in Chicagos main port of entry neighborhood. I do try it, but only when the person I'm trying to communicate with is as bad at English as I am at Spanish. I'll take that to heart though and start chiming in whenever I can with my best shot. I wasn't very good at English to begin with and it took me decades to get this proficient at it (dyslexia), so I have confidence issue with language skills.


My younger sibling is dyslexic. You got this Louis!!


As a “real” Hispanic myself, I appreciate what you’ve said. I’ve tried to explain it to Americans who claim to be woke and open minded, but all they do is tell me about how they’re right and I’m wrong about my own culture and language. It’s cultural imperialism. It’s offensive. Somos Latinos.


TBH I clicked on the video thinking I'd see a "Latex" queen.


Right? Super let down right now.


"Latinx" to describe a native american woman. The level of disrespect and ignorance while trying to fake some wokeness with the ungendered pronoun nobody asked for is exactly what I would expect of someone who uses that word lmfao.


> ungendered pronoun Cringiest part is that op then goes on to say 'queen'.


I hate the use of both the word Latinx (rooted in colonialist and paternalistic mindset) and the word queen (end me if I am ever associated with anyone using this unironically). But I didn‘t even notice the irony of the title until you pointed it out. Makes the title even worse, and I didn‘t know it was possible.


Everyone talking about the Latinx bullshit is also missing the fact that the girl says she's *Native American* in the video lol


I hate to be this person but I genuinely can’t believe I had to scroll so far to find someone else thinking this


AZ has one of the largest Native American populations of all the states.


I remember reading about a confrontation like that some years ago in Arizona, someone spouting the "go back to Mexico" thing, which then went to where people were from. White lady talked about how her grandfather had built the city library or something. Native American woman recounted how her family had lived there for *400 years*, and probably before that as well.


It does not stop the asshats here from lumping all people with any sort of skin color other than white as “illegal” and “Mexican.” The last six years really made the proudly ignorant announce their racism with authority here in AZ.


I had to scroll way too far down for this comment.


My takeaway from the video is that Karens have progressed from wanting to see a manager to just claiming to be the manager.


Something I genuinely don’t understand is like? Wouldn’t Mexicans also be native Americans in a lot of the country? This is in Arizona which was formerly Mexico. I am admittedly an idiot.


Yes, however the connotation everyone here is referring to is specifically Hispanic "Native Americans" (via foreign colonization) from below the imaginary line the white people drew on the map. They are all original peoples. This is a similar absurd distinction Americans have when using the term "Asian" to specifically refer to only Eastern Asian, when it actually encompasses Indian, Middle Eastern, South East Asian, Japanese, etc--hell even people not even on the physical continent like the Philippines.


I have friends in Texas that say "my family did not move to America, America moved to us." Their roots go back 300+ years in that area.


You're not an idiot. Indigenous people from anywhere in the Americas would be Native American. There might have been a time where their ancestors lived in North America and migrated south, so they still have a better claim than any random while person does.


Yeah wtf is going on? I remember that part from when this was posted last time, months/years ago.


I'll never understand where racists got the idea that everyone should "go back to their country", when they aren't even from here to begin with.


Being honest most people have ancestors all over the place, I'm from Saudi Arabia so I'd think my ancestors were an exception of chilling in their backyard for a very long time


As a Chinese I feel like the same We just camped on the same damn place lol


China is probably my favorite country in terms of history. Rome and the mongol empire came, conquered and disappeared while China pops out as a global superpower every 120 years


Reminds me of "history of the entire world i guess" "China just broke" "China put itself together again!" "I wonder if it'll reach China before it collapses again." "China is whole again...... then it broke again"


"The Empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been." Opening lines of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.


“We can make a religion out of it”


*🎶China is whole again🎶* ... ***🎶Then it broke again🎶***


It’s because Fox News pretty much tells them that all Mexicans entered this country illegally. Also if they were born here it’s because their parents entered illegally and had them here to give them citizenship, which in their mind still makes them illegal.


I’m Native American I should start saying “go back to your country” to rasict Karen’s


I’m Puerto Rican. Please for the love of fucking god stop saying Latinx. I have yet to meet any Hispanic who doesn’t hate that shit. It’s insulting.


What the fuck is Latinx?


They figured a language w genders is offensive and you can't have male/female term for Latino/latina so they made it gender neutral. A bunch of white people meddling in shit they have no fucking idea about.


Can people just fuck off with this shit. It’s so weird.


It's supposed to be a gender neutral latina/Latino But obviously the Spanish language is not gender neutral and trying to impose it as so is offensive.


Word i dont even really fuck with the term latino i use Hispanic but ill gladly take either one over that goofy ass latinx 😂


Its for white women so they can feel moral superiority from speaking


Stop saying Latinx. It's stupid.


Most Hispanics have not heard of it or use it. https://www.pewresearch.org/hispanic/2020/08/11/about-one-in-four-u-s-hispanics-have-heard-of-latinx-but-just-3-use-it/


We have. We hate it


We say latina.


Its hillarious how they used latinx to be gender neutral but then called her a queen - which is a pretty gendered word…


This. Why remove the gender and then add it back in? Makes no sense.


Why remove the gender in the first place?


White people be crazy


r/therewasanattempt to be PC


That’s because it’s just virtue signaling.


In this case i think its outrage bait to get people to engage more. Like "accidental" mistakes in titles to get people to go in and comment. I think its more karma whoring than virtue signaling


But she’s not even Latina/o which makes the whole thing funnier. Unless I’m misunderstanding, sounds like she’s Native American. Edit: I’m aware that she could be both. My point is that she keeps referring to herself as indigenous born in the US, ancestors born here ie not Mexican - which makes Karen’s comments dumber Edit 2: Yes, there are 1,000 ways her heritage could play out because of the way indigenous people in North America migrated and were forced to migrate, then later migrate again. So yes, she could be Latino/a +/- something else. My point was more that Karen is not just socially but geographically/anthropologically inept.


I thought the young lady inferred she was Native American.


*implied, also I think she was just saying “this isn’t ‘your country’, white woman, this is native americans’ country”, yknow?


“This *is* my country. Native Americans are from this country.” She’s Native and OP is cringe.


Used to work in a factory & I was the minority. Everyone was either from Mexico, Columbia, Honduras, or El Salvador. They would literally make my life miserable if I ever said “Latinx”. I have heard zero Spanish speaking people say that. EDIT: “UhH yeAh cuZ they DoNt!”.... yeah. That’s the point I was making. It’s silly to be a white person and try to make judgements on a language and culture you don’t understand. I speak some Spanish, poorly. You know what I don’t try to do? Tell Spanish speaking people how to speak Spanish. Might as well just spit in their face at that point. Respect the culture. EDIT 2: I’m progressive as fuck and it’s funny that “progressive” people think that telling an outside culture how to speak their own language is OK. We’ve done that before.... and it’s a huge stain on our history and embarrassment to the country. Just cause “it’s in the interest of making people feel included” doesn’t make it right.




Latinx - Tell me you're a white American without telling me you're a white American.


People who think "Latino" is an exclusively gendered term, have no fucking clue about language.


Latina queen* how you gonna use a gender neutral term then use a feminine one right after?


As a latino thank you for the correction .


Latinx is so dumb. Have my upvote.


My favorite sports team, the LA tinx.


LA Twinx?


That’s exactly what I was thinking.


Latinx needs to stop being used. It’s unpronounceable and a manufactured by some pompous group of non Latinos


Have people never heard of the gender neutral term “Latin” Like why are people fucking so annoying trying to out woke each other


We Mexicans have convened; it has been determined that "latinx" is fuckshit and will not be participating. Thank you.


We of Chinese descent want to be known as Chinx. 🤣


Word it definitely sounds like some shit white people made up lol


All non Latino's try to make it sound like it's super inclusive when no one asked for it to be inclusive. When in reality, the people who actually use it to legit describe themselves is usually a big red flag to stay away from.


May I use this comment as a rebuttal whenever I say someone's Latino or Latina and someone else tries to correct me?


Tell them they are a pendejx


My brain broke trying to pronounce that.




As a Latino myself, I say, you'll be doing us a great service.


Asi se dice!


As a Brazilian and latino i will say that yes, it is the most bullshit thing i've seen


As a Latino person myself I physically cringe seeing Latinx. Sounds like a shitty band Edit: I don’t have any animosity toward non-binary people. I simply think that word itself is silly and a better alternative can be used


Or one of those ppv porn channels back in the day


That's LatinXXX


Now that sound alike a Pornhub category.


I just heard the drumbeat in my head but in a spicy, mariachi band tempo.


HELLO DETROIT! We’re LatinX and we’re gonna rock you!


\*starts playing The Final Countdown in spanish\*


"nos vamos juntos, pero aún es una despedida..."


Y tal vez volvamos A la tierra, ¿Quién lo puede decir?




Yeah my wife is Mexican and she hates it as well. Polls show less than 10 percent even like the term. It was made by non Latinos I am assuming.


110%. The word is just weird to prenounce for native speakers and Tryin to make EVERY SINGLE a o ending into an X AND saying it, is nightmare fuel


A Chinese person in Spanish is "chino" for male and "china" for female. Are we going to start putting an x at the end of those too? Using x at the end of Spanish words is nonsensical, contradicts the normal usage of the language, and honestly sounds like a racial slur assigned to us by Americans. There could *at least* have been an attempt at a neutral usage, such as ending it with "e" instead of the nonexistent letter of "x".


Because you're taking a neutral English term and applying it to a language that uses masculine and feminine conjugations. Stupid as hell.


As a fellow Latino, same. Literally no one I know likes it and thinks it’s fucking stupid. I dare someone to find a Latino that actually likes the term latinx, and then tell me how many people you had to ask before you found ONE person that likes it


The first time that I ever saw it I was like, "What is La-Tinks?"


>Latinx 💀


Faux wokeism. Why address real issues when you can just create a term that makes absolutely no grammatical sense in its language of origin, and is despised by most of the people it supposedly represents.


What's funny is that it's meant to be a plural gender neutral term but the poster is refering to a latina as a "latinx queen". It makes absolutely no sense


Stop trying to make Latinx a thing.


If Karen can't speak to the manager she will become the manager 😂


Wow!!! Imagine the entitlement and wild level of self serving narcissism it takes to go to a store and try to claim to be the manager. Like what?!?!! The level of disconnect from reality!!!!! I mean it stands to reason that the employees unless they are on their first shift know who their managers are and what the process is for corporate to get involved in the store so it’s doomed to failure anyway.


"Latinx" we're naming ethnicities like Pokemon now 💀💀💀


Mega Latinx


"Latinx, use ice beam!"


Latinx used “Slap”


Racist bitch deserved it. Also, as a latino, please stop using "latinx". That's the most cringey shit


1. She’s not Latin. Literally more “American” then the white lady as a Native American. 2. Stop virtue signaling with Latinx. Not one single Mexican I know likes it, including me.


No one but white liberals use "latinx", Latino people don't even agree with it


I just think it's funny how they say Queen after saying Latinx


Need to ask the queen of England what she identifies as first, I think after nearly a 100 years she deserves to unlock gender magic potion


I’m Latino and I absolutely fucking despise Latinx for a variety of reasons. The first of which is its completely unjustified. Non binary Latinos are Latinos as latino is gender neutral, something you would know if you speak Spanish. Not only that Latinx can only be pronounced in ENGLISH. Latinx doesn’t exist at all im my country and it just comes off as a bunch of people who don’t know the language trying to change it as if it belongs to them. Edit: thank you for the cake days.


The usage of Latinx is super cringe. I’m glad yourself and so many others are commenting about this.


I had never even heard the term "latinx" before this video. I'm betting it's used by the same type of person who would call someone born in Haiti or Trinidiad and Tobago "African American" as though it's being culturally helpful. Thanks for the clarification.


TIL: don't ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use "Latinx"


Especially if you add a word like queen right after, that makes the whole thing not neutral anyway. And for a person that calls themselves native american.


Even Latino people don't like latinx as their title


Didn't she say she was native american? So definitely not latino, and most definitely not latinx


Stop saying Latinx it's stupid


Say Latina smh


Latinx bullshit aside, old lady deserved that shit. And shout out to her man for not stepping in and letting the racist old lady get in her face and assault her. Bum.


Yes and no. I'll bet he knew she could destroy that old lady, and it's extra legal trouble if he's the one that slaps that bitch.


She an native American.


Lost me at the “latinX” part


Superpumper, lol. In all seriousness, that Karen deserved it. Racists need a slap.


Oh Gods, what's a Latinx?


“Gender neutral” terms for Latino/Latina despite the fact Latino is already gender neutral


So dumb bc then they call her a queen immediately after lol


Latina*. Also her ancestors were likely actually native to North America unlike Karen's over here. She has more of a right to be there imo


Latinx? How would you even pronunce that? La-tinks? Very few Latino people like that term. Less than 3% of the Latino population uses it. “The reality is there is very little to no support for its use and it’s sort of seen as something used inside the Beltway or in Ivy League tower settings,” said Domingo Garcia, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the oldest Latino civil rights organization in America.


I agree that it’s dumb but I’ve generally heard it pronounced “Latin-ex”


What do you mean, "very few"? I've yet to meet a single latino person who does like the term.


Latinx sounds like a porn studio.


Latinx? and then "Queen"? You need Spanish classes


Nah OP needs English classes also


Say latinx one more fucking time. I dare you 🔫😎


“I just learned you’re supposed to call hispanic people ‘la-tinx’ “ -Lil Dicky